2010-11-29: To Have an Act



Date: November 29, 2010


Life in the circus can be both magical and hard. Not everyone is up to the task of having the bright spotlight of attention cast upon them. Two carnies, one living the dream and one with a dream, meet up and discuss the wonders of being an attraction.

"To Have an Act"

Sullivan Bros. Carnival

The carnival at night is even more spectacular than in the daylight hours. Why? That could be obvious. The sparkling lights. The glittering atmosphere. Thing seem shinier. Newer. More … mesmerizing. It seems as if even more people come in the evening hours, and tonight is no exception. It's busy. Men, women, and children meander the fairgrounds, giving up their money for carnival games and amazing shows that leave them speechless and begging for more. Percy has been kept busy, having shadowed the burly Jeff, custodial manager and maintenance guru, all day. Extra special attention has been kept on each and every ride, not wanting any further mishaps on such a busy day. But now, Percy has slipped away and has made his way towards the show tents, namely the one belonging to his newfound friend, if not acquaintance, Jamie, in hopes of either catching a bit of her show, or finding her in a moment between acts. He peeks in.

Jamie actually works out of the *big* show tent. The 'big top', as it were. (Though, it's much smaller than the big-name circuses of a few decades earlier.) Jamie's currently doing her act, music playing as she does contortions in time to it, on a ring which is swinging high above the floor of the tent, with no net below. She's *good*, too, sometimes balancing on the bottom lip of the ring with just one hand supporting her. Then, as the music fades and the ring slows to a stop, she moves to standing on it, back to the top of the ring, holding on with her hands behind her back and feet holding her on the bottom. Then, she just dives, eliciting a gasp from those who haven't seen the performance before. There's a splash as she would have hit the ground, and if you look closely you can see her costume sitting in a puddle. But, in just a moment the costume's lifted up as the puddle rises into the air, so fast that hard to get a good look at, and she's back in human form, bowing to the audience. As the next act comes in, she steps quickly for the back entrance of the tent. If Percy runs around he should be able to catch her.

It's his first time seeing the performance, and Percy is impressed. He slips into the tent, standing just within the entryway to watch from a distance the act that unfolds above. Yup, that's Jamie. He recognizes the costume easily enough, and his hands clasp idly behind his back as the crowd oohs, aahhs, and collectively gasps as she dives down to, seemingly, her death. His brows rise up and his jaw hangs slightly agape as down she goes. He's too far to see the puddle of water she's turned into, but as she reappears in one piece, he applauds with everyone else before grinning and ducking out of the tent to run around its perimeter, dodging people and stakes as he makes his way to the back. "Yo, Jamie!" he calls, catching a glimpse of her costume as he squeezes by a burly man who's carrying far too many crates than should be possible.

Jamie has made it all of a few steps from the back of the tent. She smiles brightly on hearing the call, though, looking up and waving to Percy, "Hi! Did you see the show?" This last is asked hopefully, excited that perhaps Percy saw.

"Woah.." Percy sidesteps a tall and lanky man who seems to grow at least two feet taller before he disappears to the front of the tent to begin his rounds around the circus fairgrounds as a "stiltman". Percy smirks to himself before returning his attention to Jamie, strolling up to her. "Uhh…maybe I did, maybe I didn'," he answers cryptically, pausing a few feet away from her. But his act doesn't last long, and he soon grins. "Yeah, Idid. Saw the las' part. That was freakin' cool. I mean, jumpin' from that high? Aren't ya scared that you're gonna mess up an' like…" He makes a whistling sound, like a bomb dropping, then, "Splat!" he smacks his hands together, as if squishing a bug. What a confidence builder he is.

Jamie's face falls a moment at his first answer, but she brightens immediately as soon as he confirms he did. "Thanks," she says happily to the praise. Then she shakes her head quickly, "Nope! I never have a problem changing, except when I try to change just part of me. It's keeping myself from changing by accident that I have trouble with. And changing back, but I hardly ever mess that up."

"Lucky you. I'd feel sorry for anybody who was there watchin' you an' you went splat instead've splash," says Percy, sounding amused. "But yeah, that was cool. An' all those people clappin' for you an' cheerin'?" he grins as he looks back at the tent a bit wistfully, shaking his head. "Man…I wish I could do that. Y'know what Jeff thinks /I'd/ be good for?" said suddenly, looking at her with a quirked brow. "Fixin' stuff. He says I could use my power to power broken rides an' games an' stuff.. Pfft. Lame, right?"

Jamie giggles and nods quickly. She's not scared enough of going splat to lessen the humour of it, it seems. Then she smiles and says, "It's the best. I love being in front of an audience, it's the best thing ever hearing them clap." She looks curious at the talk of fixing rides, and shrugs a bit, "Well, it'd be cool, that's how Charity fixes the rides. But her power's controlling and fixing machines, not lightning, so I dunno. But, it does sound kind of boring. Bet you can get a really good fireworks show going, by using the different materials like the cotton candy last night."

Percy bobs his head in agreement with her. "Yeah. An' I've been workin' on this thing.." he says as he looks at his hand, fisting and unfisting it. "I can't show it to ya cuz…well, I might blow ya up or somethin', I dunno. But I call it the Electro-Blast. It's like, shootin' out lightning from my hands. Like a… a lightning gun or somethin. Or missile." Hie eyes glitter excitedly, though he soon exhales a breath of defeat. "But it's not ready. But /that'd/ really get me an act, huh? That and the fireworks thing? Maybe you can help me practice sometime, since, you know…you already know how to control your power."

Jamie nods quickly with a smile, "Sure! I just… won't get too close," she says with a grin. More seriously she says, "For me, my power works best when I'm excited. Scared, especially. Only ever been shot at once where I didn't change, 'cause if I had there I woulda fallen off the bridge I was walking across. Wouldn't have hurt me, but I woulda been totally lost." Then she adds in explanation, "Being shot at's the only thing I'm scared of. Oh, and being trapped." The only things she'll admit to being afraid of, anyway.

"Shot at?" Percy echoes, his mirth fading from both his voice and face. He watches her with a slight contemplative frown. Though he's known her for only a short time, he's gotten the gist that her life has been far tougher than his own. Tougher than anything he's ever imagined. "Guess anybody'd be scared've beein' shot at," he says reasonably, offering a faint smirk. "But uh, yeah. Practice! You'n me. After close or waaaay before open is best, huh? I'll find ya, or you find me." His grin returns and he glances to the big tent again. "I'd better go. I'm supposed to be "usin' the restroom", and not even I take this long to pee."

Jamie gives a slightly confused look at the frown, and says, "It's alright. Only one bullet ever hit me, and I got in the river and healed up just fine, don't even have a scar. Not much at all can hurt me for good. Just electricity. And nobody's shot at me since the Amazon." Then she nods emphatically to his mention of practice. "Yeah, for sure! Um… early morning's probably best. Hard to sneak out of the trailer late at night." She giggles to his last comment, nodding quickly.

"Jus' electricity huh? Then I guess you'd better stay on my good side right?" he jokes he jokes, and for effect, he causes a spark to flicker from his finger…though it flares up and hits him in the face. "Oops." He squints his eyes, briskly swipes a hand over his face, and grins crookedly. So much for looking cool. "…Yeah, I'll see ya later," he says with a wave as he turns to head back around to the front of the tent.

Jamie nods seriously, or seriously as she can while trying to suppress a grin, "I'll be careful." Then, grinning, she adds, with less joking in her voice, "Your my friend, 'course I will." Then, though, she can't help but giggle again as he zaps himself, and waves as he runs off, turning to run towards the trailers herself.

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