Thomas Benedic Masterson
Portrayed By Ben Browder
Gender Male
Date of Birth That's for him to know, and you to find out
Age 40
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases TBM
Place of Birth That's his business!
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Landscaper
Known Relatives He's got a mum, a dad, and four siblings. Somewhere. He doesn't talk to them a lot.
Significant Other Hah!
Known Abilities When he knows about them, he'll let you know.
First Appearance Magic Technique

Tom is a restless, troubled man who has never managed to live in the same place for long. He is searching, constantly, for place and purpose, but his readiness to use his fists rather than his tongue has tended to hinder rather than help his quest. A landscaper by trade, Tom once used to aspire for far greater things in life.


It was never a secret in the Masterson household that Thomas was, to put it tactfully, 'unplanned'. The third child born out of an eventual five, Tom came at a time when the family was having a hard time making ends meet, but his parents were the sort who would sacrifice everything to see that every child was raised equally. However, it was possibly being raised during tougher times, always hearing his parents lament not having followed more highly-paying careers, that set young Tom on his goal of becoming a surgeon. Or a fighter pilot. Or an astronaut. He never really could make up his mind, and so throughout school he was as academically studious and physically active as any parent could ever hope for their child to be… with the purpose of keeping as many options open as possible.

Between sports (in a variety of teams, though he developed a particular fondness for the more adventurous activities of rock climbing, kayaking and orienteering), studies (advanced mathematics and physics, though he grew to loathe them, he never stopped working deathly hard at them), and a stint in the school debating team (where he always did rather well, and seemed to be the main source of any sort of 'popularity' he might have enjoyed in school), Tom never really found time to pursue relationships in the same manner as the rest of his schoolmates. A couple of youthful romances would always be looked back upon with fondness, but for the most part 'girls' were just not amongst his motivations.

Everything changed a few months into Tom's first year of tertiary study. Involved in the carnage of a terrible car accident, Tom was never to be the same; surrounded by deaths, months of therapy, and eventual explosive arguments with everyone he used to care about saw the young man push himself further and further away from the life he had once pursued. His studies faltered, his friendships broke down, and when he left home it was with dark feelings toward his achingly worried family; and no small amount of fear and confusion toward himself.

And so, Tom set off to make his own way in the world, striking out alone, full of fear, anger and determination that his past would not rule or ruin his life; he was going to -live-. Except that, for a while, 'living' involved a rather long stint off the beaten track. He took a job as a bartender in a dodgy part of town, and started getting involved in some rough crowds. He found himself taking any opportunity to get into a fist fight, and started developing a bit of a reputation. When it all got too much, when he could no longer work a shift without being threatened over the counter, Tom packed his bags and hightailed it away to a new state. Only to repeat the process a second time. After his third move, Tom found work at a landscaping place, and found a certain amount of solace spending most of his days moving dirt and rocks about. Inevitably, trouble started chasing Tom to work again, but his new boss (one Clyde Moroney) was a rare breed; one who would not only recognise incoming trouble, but help his employees. He recognised in Tom not only the spiral of self-destruction he seemed to bring with him, but also his potential, in particular a bit of a flair for creative landscape design. Moroney organised for Tom to be transfered to work for an old friend of his in New York City, taking a part in a number of grounds projects that promised to keep Tom busy enough to, hopefully, stay out of trouble…


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