2007-04-20: Tom Waits and a Blindfold


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Summary: Peter finally stops by for his training lesson with Cass and they practice mind reading through distraction until he has a headache.

Date It Happened: April 20, 2007

Tom Waits and a Blindfold

Cass' Apartment

It's not /quite/ the crack of dawn this time… but it's still pretty close when Peter approaches her apartment with a distinct white puppy in his arms, it's still fairly early. The sun's been up a short time, and the air retains the cool quality of early Spring in New York, and the puppy in his arms squirms quite a bit, before he sets her down outside the door. She has a leash, and a collar, but doesn't try to stray far from her owner, looking up at the fabric of his black coat — which has more than a few white furs clinging to it — and wags her tail intently. Where we going? If he could hear her, that's probably what he would hear. Raising his hand, he knocks on the door.

As she's expecting Peter, Cass is up. Sort of. She's already had a cup of coffee and more is brewing so that she can keep supplying herself with caffeine. Notebook of her own as well as Elena's notes are laid out on the table and her own apartment has been rearranged in a weird sort of way. The furniture has all been moved into a sort of maze in the living room. A trap for shins. Her limp is mostly gone now, as is the pain from the carbomb, but she's slow to answer the door. When she does, she's got a smile for Peter. "Good morning!" As is expected, she does look tired, but happy to see the man. The puppy on floor is given an even bigger grin and she drops to the floor to put out a hand to pet it. "And good morning to you, too! I didn't know you had a dog, Peter."

Said bigger dog is not present in Cass' apartment at the moment. Bonnie's still with Lachlan while he's trying to figure out moving plans and jobs and the like. She can't deprive him of dog company that she knows he loves so much. "Does she have a name?" Standing up, she pulls the door open and waves for him to come in. "Don't worry about it. I know how puppies can get. You should talk to Lachlan. He's a professional dog trainer." She smiles, happy to throw him some work, too. The last part makes her raise her eyebrows. "So, is that something you can do now? Talk to dogs?" She did tell Lachlan she'd ask him if Peter had absorbed his powers next time they talked. Then, she adds, "Can I get you anything? I've got coffee brewing."

Once inside, Peter puts the puppy down, but leaves the leash on, so she doesn't go wandering everywhere and deciding to chew on stray books. He won't tug on the leash, but he'll at least try to lead her around. "Her name is Snowy. And— Elena mentioned that. Getting Lachlan to train her. I probably will, but I don't know him very well. I'd like to try on my own, but…" He trails off. Saving the world doesn't leave much time for dog training? Probably not… "I couldn't after meeting Lachlan, but— there's someone I might have you meet, when you're set up. A young woman. I ran into her at the pet store while picking up a training book, and— she can talk to animals. This rabbit was sick, and— we both heard her being upset over it. Not sure if I still can use the ability— but I think I heard Snowy a few times after meeting her. It's not as… loud as telepathy with people, though. Lachlan can do that too, then?"

Smiling at the enthusiastic puppy, Cass moves to the kitchen table - which has been pulled out from the wall into more of the middle of the room. It's where her notes are. And her coffee. "You can let her roam. I had Bonnie here for awhile, so everything should be out of puppy range. And as for Lachlan, he'd be only too happy to train Snowy. He loves dogs. I think they're the only creatures he thinks the best of first." Which isn't meant to be mean, just the way that he thinks. "A young woman? I'd only be too glad to help her. She speaks to animals, too?" As for Lachlan's ability, she frowns. She said she wouldn't tell anyone about him. But she doesn't want to lie to Peter. "Well. Lachlan can't talk to any animal. We've never really talked about it at length, so I'm not entirely sure what it is that he's capable of. He doesn't like people to know." She smiles. "Speaking of what people can do, I was hoping you could tell me everything that you knew you were able to. So I could start coming up with what we could do to try and train you. I've got a couple of exercises for today with your mind reading. And I wanted to take your blood and get some basics done…but maybe that should wait until I actually get my lab?"

There's hesitation, but then Peter reaches down and undoes the leash. Snowy doesn't immediately leap away and bounce around the room with her hyper puppy gait, but she does start to sniff around when he settles down near the table. What's this? What's this? "Since we both knew the rabbit was sick— apparently there'd be no way anyone could tell at that point, she was hiding it that well— but— she thought I had her ability. And talked about how confused she was when it first started. She seemed really nice, but… in kind of a 'why me?' stage. She didn't have any marks on her neck, so I don't think the Company knows about her, yet." Sounds like he'd been relieved, and he must have /actually checked/. There's a nod, "I won't mention it. But— I guess it was one of his dogs that got killed the night I escaped?" Something he'd heard of, but never gotten to find out much about said dog. Now he knows… "Best to wait until you can test the blood quickly. But— I have more abilities than I'm sure I can list again. I should start carrying a notebook and write them down," he says, shaking his head and laughing. Snowy ends up near his feet, sniffing at his shoes, as he tries to think of the ones he could mention. "Recently I got… the ability to teleport small objects and healing. I can read the past of objects when I touch them— but that knocks me unconscious every single time… Can throw lightning, or… control electricity." He thinks a little more between each one, as if it's hard to remember all of them sometimes, "Enhanced strength… flying… invisibility… painting the future… moving objects. I'm not sure how many I told you about…"

Blinking, Cass grabs a pen, opens her notebook to a blank page and then just slides it over to Peter so that he can write what he can remember down. "Well, you did have her ability," she smiles. "Or, well, do. Still. I'm not quite sure how your power discriminates what it can absorb and what it can't, but that's definitely one of the things I'm going to try and figure out. And then maybe we can figure out a way to control it. Elena mentioned biochemicals from her own power and I think that's a good idea, too." This is all coming out in a bit of a rush as she finally can vent out some of the things she's been thinking about lately. But, then, she pauses. Right. Take it slowly. Explain things. "We'll figure it out. And until then, we'll try and see if we can control everything." As for Lachlan and his dogs, she looks a lot more sober and thoughtful, looking back down at the table. "Yeah. Padfoot. He died on my desk at Enlightenment after the break in. Tried to help…but…I'm not a vet." She sighs and runs a hand through her hair. Now that they're back to talking about the Company, she lets the subject drift that way. "So that's what they do? They mark people on their neck? I'm…honestly, I don't know much about their procedures other than the kidnapping and making people forget things. And holding people against their will." As for his list. She smiles. "Looks like we've got our work cut out for us."

"There's some abilities I've only ever used once," Peter admits softly, looking down towards his hands for an instant as the puppy starts to hop around near his feet. She wants to play, but after a few moments she decides to look around for something to attack or try and chew on. Surely an apartment that had a dog would have chew toys. "Elena's… I haven't really used it yet. The only ones I tend to use often would be moving objects, or turning invisible— used that a lot when I thought the Company would come after me." The dog's name seems to be put into memory, a sad expression on his face as he glances towards his puppy, who's found /something/ to chew on and nudge with her nose. Or try to chew on. She has quite a small mouth. "It's right around here," he explains, touching the back of his neck. "They never did it to me, and… I've heard they don't do it anymore these days, but— I know they used to. Not sure what it's for, but… Jane has them. Isaac had them, when he was working with them when they were trying to find me. And yeah— yeah we do," he adds with a hint of a smile. "Wish I could say there won't be more to add to that every few weeks, but… the rate I keep meeting people… Won't be surprised if this puts me in another coma before we figure something out."

Though she's committing this all to memory, Cass takes back her notebook to jot down some quick notes. The pouncing puppy isn't forgotten and she absently weaves her way around the furniture to the bookshelf where one of the toys she hadn't given to Bonnie still rests. Waving it for Snowy, she then tosses it, hoping the dog will go fetch and amuse herself with it. "Well. I think that's one for a later down the road. Her's is a much more complex power. Though we'll step it up if we can find out the biological complex part of those pills you were given." Pause. "Elena told me about them. I hope you don't mind?" This is all medical and strange and she's not sure what he's comfortable with other people knowing. "Hm. I'll keep a lookout for that, then. It's helpful to know." She smiles and shakes her head. "We'll do what we can to help you not do that. But I can't promise a quick fix, like those pills were. It's most likely both physiological and psychological." Frowning, she moves back to the table and picks up a knitted scarf. Something her mother made her awhile ago. "But, until then. I think we'll work on specific powers so you can strengthen and control them. And maybe, by getting those under control, your body won't be so stressed out by new powers that get introduced to your system. I figured we could start out with mind reading." She smiles faintly. "And I don't mind doing extra work if you don't. We'll just keep up with it as best we can."

Snowy does indeed chase the toy, though hasn't gotten the idea of bringing it back yet. Putting her tiny mouth around it, she picks it up and drops it, then picks it up again, and then proceeds to lay down and chew on it contently. If nothing else, at least she's quiet. Peter waves a hand at her near apology, "It's fine. I don't mind the two of you sharing things with each other. I trust you both more than I trust a lot of people." He could go further into that, but… "I don't know when I'll be able to get my hands on the pills. I'm— going to ask for a couple doses worth of them, as a stand-by in case something goes out of control, and then give you a set. There's five of them. Four different, two of one," he explains carefully. "Taken once a day, around the same time. Not with food. Worked pretty fast, within a few hours of taking them, and took about a week after I stopped taking them for the effects to wear off." Running a hand over his hair, which has grown a little in the last month since he escaped, though couldn't ever be considered long, "I do want to start with mind reading, yeah, and… I'll try my best. I want to be… better."

Seeing that Snowy is taken care of and happily chewing away, Cass smiles and turns her attention back to Peter. "Okay. I just wanted to make sure. I don't want to overstep boundaries or anything. I'm glad you trust me, Peter. It's funny, but I trust you more than a lot of other people I've met during this whole ordeal, too." She's fine with the change in topic because, well, that's what she's here for. "That's fine. I won't really be able to do anything with them until my lab space is worked out, anyway. When I finally get those rooms, it'll be great. I won't feel like I'm helping people out of my garage any more." She grins. Not that she has a garage. "Hm. That's interesting, then. I'm curious as to what they put in there and how those actually dampened your ability." Closing the distance between them, Cass holds up the scarf. "Okay. I'm going to blindfold you and then I'm going to try and direct you around this furniture filled room with my thoughts. Nothing too serious, just bruised knees if you go the wrong way. And don't worry so much. Take deep breaths. You'll be fine. I know you can do this, Peter. Reading thoughts is nothing compared to growing a hand back."

That he's trusted makes Peter smile, but the rest just makes him nod. It's the plan that makes him stand up and take the scarf. "That sounds like a good idea," he says, nodding with a smile tugging on the corner of his flawed mouth. "Just— warn me outloud if it looks like I'm about to step on Snowy, okay?" That's going to be his only request, because otherwise… he turns around so she can tie the blindfold tightly around his eyes. They're /almost/ the same height, which would make such a venture easier.

"Of course. I wouldn't let Snowy get hurt." Cass gives both Snowy and Peter a reassuring smile. No animals were hurt in the making of this Peter training session. Once Peter turns around, she carefully ties the blindfold over his eyes, making sure that it's tight but not /too/ tight. "Tell me if that hurts," she warns him. And then, she places her hands on his shoulders to guide him slowly to the corner of the room where he should start. "Okay. If you can see, then you're cheating and I'll have to tie your blindfold tighter." She's grinning and, though he can't see it, he can probably hear it in her voice. Once they're in the proper corner, Cass turns him around the proper way and then lets go of him. Softly, she pads over to the opposite side of the room. There's a myriad of furniture like mine between them, though. "Alright. Ready." Then, she tries to project a thought at him. (Take two steps forward.)

GAME: Peter has rolled TELEPATHY and got a result of GOOD.

"It's fine, doesn't hurt." Peter says, reaching up to touch it for an instant anyway. Kind of a habit more than anything. At her mention of cheating, though, he laughs softly, a genuine sound of amusement, before he says plainly, "I don't cheat." No matter what his brother would tell anyone! While she moves, he takes in a slow breath and tries his best to focus his emotions in particular. That's the hardest part of all… but he catches the whisper in the back of his mind, soft, but definitely there, and takes two steps forward. Some tension begins to show along his jaw and forehead, though.

Not quite sure who this all may work, Cass is pleasantly surprised when Peter follows her unspoken command. Excellent! That worked better than she expected. Now that he's taken two steps forward, though, he right in front of the table. And it wouldn't do much good for him to keep going straight, would it? (Great! Okay. Now, turn to the right and take five more steps. This feels like Mother May I.) Unfortunately, too, that Cass has said right when she really means left. Being opposite of each other has messed her up slightly. So, even if he /has/ gotten the instructions correctly, he's in for a rude moment of running into the wall.

GAME: Peter has rolled TELEPATHY and got a result of AVERAGE.

The tension on his forehead inceases with each sentance he catches, but Peter manages to hold onto the emotion and hears her next words. He even laughs a little, some of the tension soothing out, showing that he did indeed hear, and opens his mouth to say something while he turns to /his/ right and starts his five steps. "Kind of…" is as far as he gets, until he smacks right into the wall and rebounds. It's so shocking that he actually falls backwards and lands exactly where he started, making a startled sound and reaching up to touch his nose. "…ow." Did he totally mess up and hear the wrong thing? Yes, he'd blame himself first, before blaming her. He did turn /right/ right?

Since he laughed, Cass can assume that he heard her right. But, he's turning the wrong way. Did she…oh crap! Left! Right! They're opposite to people facing you! "Oh geez! Peter!" Immediately, she's moving forward from her corner and reaching out to make sure he didn't hurt himself. As well as help him up from the ground. "I'm so sorry. Right and left are opposite for you. I got too caught up in the whole you can read my mind thing." Whups? "But, hey, you were doing really good with it until I messed you up. Maybe we should step it up a notch."

GAME: Peter has rolled STAMINA and got a result of AVERAGE.

"Oh— okay. I thought it was my fault," Peter says, sounding stunned, but not in any real /pain/ anymore. Reaching up, he runs the back of his hand under his nose, and then pushes back to his feet. "It's okay. No harm done. Just… surprised me." Though he's lost his consentration. No longer does he hear thoughts coming from her. Taking a deep breath, he tries to soothe some of the tension out. "We can do whatever you think would be best." He still trusts her. Even though she ran him into a wall.

For Cass' part, she sounds extremely sincere in her apology. And sheepish. "No no. That was all mine. Left and right confuse me sometimes. Sorry. I didn't hurt you, did I?" This is so reassuring, she knows. "Let's do this like meditation. Take even breaths in and out counting to ten. That might help get out the 'Cass just walked me into a wall' jitters. I won't do that again. I'll even keep my hands up with Ls so I remember which one is which." Once Peter is in position again and she feels like she's apologized enough, and she's sure that Peter isn't permanently injured, she makes her way back to her own spot. "Okay. Well, I think we'll kick this up a notch. I'm going to put on music to try and distract you." And as she's explaining, her stereo comes on, playing an old Tom Waits CD. It's not too loud, but it's loud enough that she has to raise her voice a little to make sure that she's heard. (Ready? Two steps forward again.)

GAME: Peter has rolled TELEPATHY+PENALTY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

"No, I'm okay now," Peter explains, taking the instruction to do slow, even breaths, counting mentally to ten while she works up her plan. There's no sign of injury on his face, and he doesn't stand as if he's been hurt. If he had been, it likely would have healed by now, but most likely… it only stunned him. As the music comes on, he tries to hold onto the proper emotions and reach out towards her mind, but no words whisper in his head besides the song, his own inner thoughts repeating the lyrics back at him. The fact he doesn't hear can be seen when he doesn't move at all.

Hm. Alright. Cass gives it a couple of moments and then when it's obvious that Peter didn't hear her thoughts, she tries again, trying to think as 'loudly' as she can. While she's not sure how it will really work out, it's something. (Two steps forward, Peter.) She's hoping that thinking his name will be much like it is when spoken aloud - something to catch his attention.

GAME: Peter has rolled TELEPATHY+PENALTY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

The song, apparently, is a very good distraction. Or bad, in his case. Peter keeps his eyes fully closed under the blindfold, and all he can really hear is the music. Again, it echos in his head, unable to keep from thinking along with the lyrics. Mental singing, as it were. After a few moments of missing out on any thoughts besides that, he finally speaks up, "The music… is a really good distraction."

While Cass did mean for this to be a distraction, she didn't quite expect it to have quite this much of a downturn on his ability. "Well, Tom Waits is pretty awesome. Can't say I blame your brain for concentrating on him rather than me." Now that they've tried it cold, she decides to give some advice. "Instead of trying to block out the song, just kind of acknowledge it and push it to the side. The more you fight against it, the more your brain is going to try and listen to it. It's human nature. It's like when someone tells you not to look down, you have to look down. Keep breathing in and out evenly and just try and pick out my voice. It's just like how you're doing it now that I'm speaking, but mentally." She pauses, waits for Peter to process everything that she just said and then tries again. (You can do this, Peter. I sound nothing like Tom. Take two steps forward.)

GAME: Peter has rolled TELEPATHY+PENALTY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Tom Waits is apparently the household cure for telepaths. Peter continues to consentrate, trying to accept the music as just background noise… but again, he doesn't hear anything remotely similar to her voice after she stops talking. A few slow breaths follow, and then there's a new movement in the room. Snowy's decided to abandon the toy she'd been chewing on and moves over across the room towards the music and sits down to look up at the stereo. There's a source to that music, and she knows it, but she's just interested in looking at it for a moment, ears lifting up and tail wagging. Again, the young former nurse doesn't take any steps forward, and he lets out a frustrated sound.

When Peter once again doesn't move forward, Cass frowns. It's not something he can see, obviously, but that's all for the better. Snowy gets a distracted look, but she's not going far, so she doesn't have to be watched too closely. She debates turning the music down slightly, but that defeats the purpose of using the music. Even before he makes a sound, she can tell that he's getting frustrated. "Even breaths. Don't let this get to you. The more you concentrate on how it's not working, the more energy you waste on actually doing it. Stay positive. This is what we're here to do. We're trying to push you so you can do this in any circumstance you need. Now." (Let's try again. Stay calm and take a step forward. Remember to breathe. And I think your dog likes Tom Waits.)

GAME: Peter has rolled TELEPATHY+PENALTY and got a result of GOOD.

"I know," Peter murmurs softly, outloud, trying his best to keep from getting frustrated by these failed attempts. Unfortunately, sometimes he's his own worse critic. Stay positive. Easier said than done with this one. At least with himself. It's easy to keep faith in others. A few slow breaths later, and finally, through the mental echo of music, he makes out her voice, a soft sound much like her own spoken one. Almost so much that he thinks she's still talking. Until she gives the instruction. She wouldn't say that outloud. Finally, for the first time since bouncing off the wall, he takes a step forward.

Aha! Progress! Even with the distractions. Grinning, Cass nods. But, then remembers that Peter can't see that. (Good!) she thinks at him, trying to keep up with the triumph of before to propel him forward into hearing her thoughts again. It's strange for her to think of encouraging someone to read minds, but, she trusts that Peter will actually use it for good rather than for shadier prospects. (See? You're getting it! Now, another step forward and five steps to your /left/. No more walking into walls). This time she remembered, at least.

GAME: Peter has rolled TELEPATHY+PENALTY and got a result of POOR.
GAME: Peter has rolled INTELLIGENCE and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Peter has rolled BLUFF and got a result of GREAT.

One bit of progress, and then… nothing. It might have been the triumph of success that knocked him off balance, but as the last words fade out of his mind, Peter no longer hears her voice. Neither the mental, nor the spoken one. Step forward? He takes a slow breath, and decides to finish what he'd been told before, when this first started. If he's wrong— he could be walking back into a wall, or bouncing off of furnature, but he'd rather there be some progress, than none. One step is taken forward, and then he actually moevs his hands, as if trying to figure out which side is which. He went right last time and bounced off a wall. This time… he goes left. How many steps was it again? One… two… three… four… five… that sounds about right.

GAME: Cass has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.

And he moves again! This is going well. It doesn't even enter Cass' mind that Peter's bluffing. After all, he's trustworthy. And he's done it before. So, she grins when he stops right where he's supposed to go. Now that he's moved five steps to the left, he's mostly in open space. "You're definitely getting it, Peter." She says it out loud /just/ to be sure that he hears it. And then it's back to projecting her thoughts at him. (Now that you're away from the table, move forward a couple of steps. Five or six oughta do it.)

GAME: Peter has rolled TELEPATHY+PENALTY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Well, in some ways… it's not as if he didn't get it /before/… Still, Peter gives a mild flinch, as if from frustration or guilt, when she says those words outloud. Not enough that he opens his mouth to explain what he'd done, but still there. A deep breath and— still nothing. The music may not overpower her spoken voice, but it's definitely still messing with his ability to catch her mental thoughts. Once again, he doesn't move, reaching up to mildly rub his forehead. "Sorry…" he feels the need to apologize for his failure. But the whole point would be to learn… and he knows that. Taking a slow breath, he goes back to trying to make the music just fade into the background.

Cass gives Peter a sympathetic smile. "No, it's fine. Sorry. I didn't realize how taxing this would be on you." She should have realized, but she didn't /really/ know what this all would entail. "Maybe we should take a quick break so you can rest up. And so you can adjust your eyes." However, she doesn't turn the music off. She'll keep it in the background so that when they return, maybe he'll be more used to it and it will be easier to pick out her voice from Tom's raspy one. Just for the hell of it, she decides to just toss out a thought at him. (I've got some Cokes in the fridge, too.)

GAME: Peter has rolled TELEPATHY+PENALTY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Peter has rolled STAMINA and got a result of GOOD.

Taxing would be one way of describing this moment. Peter's still standing there as she talks outloud, trying his best to listen, but not so much to her voice. At first he opens his mouth, as if to protest or respond, but then… he slowly nods, reaching up towards the blindfold with a sigh. It's then, when he's /stopped trying/ to pick out her thoughts… that he hears her again. The voice whispers in the back of his head, through the music, and as he finally pulls the blind fold off, blinking through lines of tension on his forehead and around his eyes… he asks, "Did you— did you say there's cokes in the fridge? Sometimes it's hard to tell— what's spoken and what's not." But either way, he looks pretty tired at this point, breathing changed mildly, eyes reddened by more than just adjusting to the light.

Already moving forward, Cass holds out a hand to take the scarf they've been using as a blindfold from him. She can put it somewhere so that he doesn't have to worry about it. It's also possible that she'll use it as a toy for Snowy to play with it. Beaming at Peter, she shakes her head. "I did not, Mr Petrelli. I only thought it. But, it's true. I have Cokes in the fridge if you want one. I know it's early, but it's caffeinated and cold." The joy that she feels for him hearing her again is tempered slightly by how tense and tired he looks. "Sit down. I'll grab something for you. I should have realized how exhausting this would be on you."

As soon as she takes the blind fold from him, Peter starts to rub his forehead, still visibily tense. "Something cold would be good. I'm getting a bit of a headache," he admits softly, nodding at the final bit. Instead of sitting down immediately, though, he squints around the room until he finds little white ball of fluff with ears and a wagging tail. He walks over and picks her up, pressing her against his chest, before he walks abck to the couch and settles down. "I'm okay. Just— yeah, exhausting. Guess I can only keep it going so long before it starts to overwelm me."

After Cass takes the scarf from Peter, she drops it onto the table where they can use it again later should Peter's headache get better. Then, it's off to the kitchen. The fridge door opens and closes and then, so does the cabinet. When she returns it's with a can of Coke and a couple of aspirin. The coffee table isn't in front of the couch where it normally is, so she takes it by the edge and drags it over so that it is. Then, she puts the can and the aspirin down for Peter to drink and partake in at his leisure. As for herself, she heads back into the kitchen and comes back a little while later with a steaming mug of coffee. Tea just won't do so early in the morning. "Well, I can imagine. I think it'll be like working out or building muscles. As you work at it more and more, you'll be able to go longer concentrating on picking up other people's thoughts. When you're up for it, we'll try distance, too. See how far you can hear someone's thoughts."

In the meantime, while she's in the kitchen, Peter spends the time petting his very enthusiastic puppy. She likes being back in his lap, and doesn't try to hop out immediately, wagging her tail and breathing loudly in his direction. There's even a hint of a bark, but it's almost more of a cough-yip than a bark. She's still submiting to pets when Cass returns with the coke and the aspirin, both of which he's thankful to have. The aspirin he actually holds onto for a minute, because he chooses to press the cold can against his forehead to start. "Sounds like a plan. One time I caught Sylar's thoughts in a crowded street… Never even saw him. No idea how far away he was. I just… heard him watching us. Thinking about his target. What he wanted… But that's the only time I've ever heard anyone I couldn't see…" And picking up a single thought on a crowded street?

Cass smiles at the attention Peter is giving Snowy. And how attentive the dog is to the petting. She's a good dog, that's for sure. Settling on the opposite end of the couch, she sets her mug down on the table to cool for a bit before she ventures to take a sip. Peter's insight into his telepathic power makes her shiver slightly. "That's terrifying. Though, I'm sure useful. Maybe we can figure out a way to help you hear people you can't see. Maybe by just focusing on them you'll still be able to hear what they think. Though we'd have to make sure it's something you could turn off if you'd like." Loathe to use idle time to just be idle, Cass stands up again and goes to grab her notebook. "Here, let's just take the time real quick to see if we can go over what powers you have and what you've been able to do with them so far. That'll help me think of more exercises we can do next time." Sinking back down onto the couch, she looks more like a reporter ready to write down juicy quotes. Even if Peter went over a couple of them before, this is something that's important for her to know!

With the coke still pressed against his forehead, and the aspirin in hand away from puppy mouth, Peter leans back into the couch and tries to relax. Said puppy, as she's no longer getting petted, starts to move around on the couch, looking for something to do, and ends up laying down, front legs spreading out and head lowering against the cushions. No petting means she'll rest a bit too. "All right— we can do that," he says, not sounding annoyed at explaining his myriad of abilities. Again, like last time, there's many repeats, but he starts to list them off slowly, one at a time. This time, starting at the beginning. With the first dream, the night of his brother's accident. By the time he gets to actual flying, he lowers the can away, opens it one handed, and downs the aspirin and a drink of coke. And he doesn't stop there, going further and further… until Cass learns more and more about his abilities, and some of the people who also have abilities. The only noticable omission would be when he mentions people she doesn't know, who are still alive. The invisible man is simply called the invisible man. The name of the animal talker isn't mentioned at all. His niece is also omitted, merely… the cheerleader…

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