2009-09-25: Too Easy



Date: September 25, 2009


Ivory and Tracy finally discuss the terms of her employment.

"Too Easy"

Senator Wynn's Office

Straight to the point, Tracy gets down to business. She has to focus and stay that way, particularly around Ivory, otherwise— well, never mind. Maybe this is why she's been so very busy in the last few days, and why she now breezes directly into a topic she deems pressing, even if the Senator doesn't. Already seated on one side of the lavish couch inside the private confines of his office (read: away from his damn assistant and whoever else), hands folded over one crossed knee blow the hem of a dark, navy blue pinstripe skirt, she watches Ivory.

"I've been thinking about the files I went over the other day. From Ms. Sachs. I researched some of the terminology and designs, and— I have to say. I'm intrigued. Correct me if I'm wrong, but— it's a tracking system." Correct her if she's wrong. Tracy doesn't seem to think she is.

Trust. Trust is something that Ivory doesn't have for anyone… much. Except maybe his parents. But beyond them, he's always been a quite paranoid individual. Comes with being stalked a lot. Anyway, he's off in the corner, doing up his tie in the mirror and just kind of listening to whatever it is that Tracy's running off at the mouth about. He does, however, listen closely and smirks as he peers over his shoulder at her. "You're not wrong." is quipped very quickly, before he slides away from the mirror and off into his big ol' chair. He gets nice and comfortable and doesn't volunteer anymore information about it. Instead, subject change.

"So. How's Robbie? You cleaned out your desk there yet?"

Always with the subject change. "You're changing the subject." Always with the pointing out that he's changing the subject. Tracy's smile doubles as a dismissal. "I don't expect to be let in on everything on my first week, but this operation of yours is obviously an critical part of your career." She unclasps her hands, stands up with a quick smooth-down of her suit. "That makes it part of mine."

"I'll take that as a no." Ivory smirks and shakes his head. "You'll know everything you need to know in due time, Tracy." After all, he can't have Governor Malden knowing about everything he's doing in this office. He has to wait for loyalty first. That's all. Still, his smirk fades into something close to a pleasant grin as he leans back into the cushion of his huge seat. "It is a very critical part of my career. But right now, there are bigger fish to fry. What I'm doing for the President is a favor. When you've actually decided to join the Wynning Team full time, I'll be sure you get everything you need. Until then, let's keep my public image intact."

"I've been with the Governor for a long time." The key word there is with, but there's nothing in the political advisor's voice to suggest she means her words as anything other than professional. Tracy makes her way to Ivory's desk, gesturing with one hand. "You have to understand," she explains in that same measured, professional voice. She walks all the way around the wide desk to stand near Ivory's chair. "It's a big decision to leave all that behind on a promise and an expense account."

"Because it was so easy to give up your prior past when you went to work for him." Oh, the sarcasm just comes rolling off Ivory's tongue. Raising an eyebrow, though, he finds himself turning to look over his shoulder, noticing the new chosen place to stand that Tracy has decided to taken upon herself. Mmmm. Legs. "But. If you need more time, I suppose I can be a bit more patient. I would hope you'd see that I was serious by now. I mean, I practically handed you a check for ten grand. Without -really- knowing if you would show up or not." He /does/ have a little point.

"I can't be a bought woman, Senator." Tracy starts to smile. "Well." She steps behind Ivory's chair, slowly pacing around to his other side and offering up a considering tip of her head. "Not quite so quickly." Her more casual air slowly fades, replaced by a calculating, more serious expression; still, she lays a hand on the back of Ivory's seat. Optimistic in her determination, Tracy suggests, "I think we can meet halfway on this."

"That makes one of us." Ivory responds quickly, just to make sure that she knows he's not the type to budge so easily. "I'm not trying to buy you, contrary to how that may seem. I just want to know that I can count on you. That's all." Ivory's attention turns to the piles of papers on his desk. Not that he's actually going to do anything about them. But it's easier than trying to keep track of the wandering and waltzing woman that's behind his chair. "Asking for anything else would be too much. I'm sure of it."

"Look, Senator." Tracy pushes the undoubtedly cushioned corner of Ivory's chair so that it spins just enough to face her. She stares down hard at Ivory, unwavering. "I want to work with you." The look in the woman's eye, just then, is nothing short of do-or-die determined. There's a fine line between rock solid and desperate at a moment like this. "Sometimes, I ask myself why, but the fact is, we both know we'd be an asset to each other. Shine a favourable light on Governor Robert Malden. Make the public remember what he did for you. Then?" She lifts an eyebrow and smirks. "I'm all yours." Tracy doesn't budge easily either. Even for Ivory.

As his chair is spun slightly, Ivory somehow manages to have his fingers steepled by the time he's facing Tracy. He's definitely going to be doing whatever he possibly can to not look like he's not in control. But then again, he can feel that he's the one controlling this conversation. And that glint in his eyes could perhaps make that more obvious. "Deal." is all that Ivory has to say in response. After all, if she wants her man to be on top… well… Ivory's just the man to put him there.

Deal. Deal? That was too fast. Too easy. Tracy's eyes narrow on Ivory, but soon, a decisive smile follows. She's not one to be dissuaded from an opportunity when she sees it, and despite her loyal past (and comfortable present) with the Governor…

There's something about Ivory.

"Deal." Tracy lets go of the chair and holds her hand out between them for a close proximity handshake. "Let's make it official."

Ivory's grin becomes much more sinister as he reaches out to take the hand of Tracy Strauss. He simply keeps smiling and shakes her hand. His grip is oddly firm, but he's not going to let go until he finishes locking eyes with Tracy. No words. Just a sinister glare that could be taken in a variety of ways…

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