2007-03-28: Too Late


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Summary: Detectives Parkman and Damaris investigate Mohinder's lab, only to discover Gray's way ahead of them.

Date It Happened: March 28, 2007

Too Late

Reed Street Laboratories

The somehow unlikely detective duo of Matt Parkman and Mara Damaris approach the door to Reed Street Laboratories, the latter on crutches and in obvious pain. Damaris gets obviously edgy as they near the door, remembering her first face-to-face encounter with the monster they're going to attempt to head off at the pass. She stays quiet, listening intently for anything out place. That, and there's really no need to speak when your partner can just read your thoughts.

Parkman hates that assumption. All the same, when they reach the door to the loft, he turns that metaphorical volume knob in his own head up so that he will be able to pick up on Damaris' thoughts. He stares at the knob, then looks to her. "Does it work on anything?" he asks. If they're going to come here, assuming that Sylar hasn't found an alternative lab for his purposes, shouldn't she be able to tell by the door alone?

"In theory." Mara stares at the knob, and then glances up at Matt. "But I need to get in there. To look around. If he's got any samples of Claire's blood, and they haven't been here yet… We should take the liberty of removing them." With a frown, she takes another step forward, toward the door. "I can try and get a vision here, or we can go inside first. Your choice."

Inside the lab that was formerly known as an artist's loft, all is still and dark - that much is obvious through the windows that look down upon it from where Mara and Matt stand. Getting inside, though… that may be trickier. The door is locked — and then double-locked by the security keypad by the door.

But Parkman holds up his hands and shakes his head. "I won't force you to do anything you don't want to." At least right now, in this situation. Is there a Code of Ethics in the works? "I don't have a key." So if there's no other way in, Damaris may /only/ get the vision the door has to offer.

"Come on, then. Get behind me, brace me. Because I'm gonna drop like a bad habit." Once Mara's certain Matt will catch her, she reaches out. "I want to see…" she whispers to herself before she brushes her fingers over the keypad.

Let it never be said Parkman doesn't do as he's told. He quickly positions himself behind the other detective and even lifts his arms so as to catch her easily when she inevitably falls.

Mara falls back heavily just as soon as she makes contact with the electronic lock. She's still and unmoving, but after a moment, her breath and her pulse both quicken. It's so close. Just a little longer now, and everything will fall into place.

And Parkman is ready. After only a few seconds, he glances around just to make sure that no one who might think the two detectives look suspicious is around. Once he has determined the cost to be 'clear', Parkman adjusts Damaris in his arms so that is simply looks like…well, a hug. Hug time! But it also gives him the chance to close his eyes tight and focus on trying to hear, or even see, what Damaris is. What's going on in there?

When Parkman invades her thoughts, he sees brief glimmers of what Mara sees. Mohinder opens up the lab and steps in, urged on by a gun-wielding Gabriel Gray. It's a rush job. The two are in and out quickly. They get what they need and then they're gone. Come on, come on. Hurry it up, Suresh. My destiny is waiting. While the thoughts are clearly not her own, they're in Mara's own inner voice, so to speak. Soon, I'll have everything I need and I'll show them all just how special I really am.

No. /No./ Matt grits his teeth, and his eyelids wrinkle further as the muscles in his jaw tighten. His hugging grip on Damaris also becomes fiercer. /No./ They could be dead by now. Sylar could be back to his old ways, and Mohinder. Molly…

The thoughts subside as Mara's vision finishes and leaves her in dreamless unconsciousness. Once she awakens, quite startled, she immediately starts to punch in the code to get into the lab. "Go get the car ready. I'll just be a minute," she promises. She's hit the ground running. Figuratively speaking, at least.

While Damaris is already on the go, Matt is still rather shaken. He stands there a moment, his eyes already slicked with tears before he chokes them back and turns to go to the car, moving slowly at first but soon getting faster. The sleeve that's wiped across his eyes and nose helps.

Dark, dark, dark - but at least there's a light switch. Even then, it's a dim place at night. A singular turned over table and some strewn papers are the only indication that anything out of the ordinary may have occurred here. If one were to look closely, though, they might notice a few empty spots - but only if you know what used to sit in their place. Namely, there's a notable lack of Mohinder's trusty laptop. An empty square where a microscope used to be. An open drawer where /something/ used to be. Blank spots in rows of syringes in a cabinet.

Everything Sylar would need for Dr. Suresh to fix him a cure. They were in, they were out, and they did not waste their time.

Tick. Tock.

"Oh… Oh no. No no no no no." The panic begins to rise as Mara makes her way into the lab, careful not to step wrong and injure her leg further. She closes her eyes tightly when she stands in the middle of th lab. "Think! Where would he have gotten it from? C'mon, Mohinder. Where do you keep the good stuff?" Her eyes fall on a refrigerator and she makes her way quickly toward it, looking for anything and everything labeled 'OMD.'

Cha-ching. There is one, singular vial in the refrigerator, marked 'OMD', fully prepared as if waiting for Detective Damaris.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. … Voicemail. Inside the car, Parkman curses under his breath and hangs up, only to punch up Mohinder's number again. His other hands returns to the steering wheel and grips it far too tightly.

Mara takes the vial and looks at her arm. No. She'll call Peter up tomorrow. Make sure it's done right. She makes sure she collects a syringe and then heads for the door, and the car. "Don't you die on me, Mohinder. You've got a whole lot more to scold me for."

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