Portrayed By Gemma Arterton
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 24, 1987
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases T0RR1D, Duff
Place of Birth Twickenham, England
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student/Thief
Known Relatives Fiona Duffy (mother), Ian Duffy (father), Ethan Duffy (brother), Nigel Duffy (brother), and Dennis Duffy (brother)
Significant Other none
Known Abilities Psychometry
First Appearance Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


After her power and trusting the wrong person got her almost murdered, Tori is starting over in NYC as a grad student at Columbia University. She will still use her power for her own personal benefit, but she intends to do it a bit more carefully in the next chapter of her life.





Tori can access the history of an object by touching the fingerprints left on it. There are layers to the information, the deeper of which she has yet to truly delve into, though she has strong control over the more shallow ones. The fingerprints do not have to be “complete prints”; as long as the item has not been wiped clean, the prints exist for Tori, even if the smudges and partials would be useless to law enforcement. She cannot gather information from an object handled by gloved hands or anything that does not leave a print, as the fingerprints are what leave the trace to the objects’ history for Tori to access.

A quick touch will give her simple information based on the freshest set of prints. A longer touch and more concentration can either access older prints’ information, or give her insight into the emotions and thoughts of the users, as well as flashes of the memory. Tori so far has avoided the emotional and flashback aspect of her power, due to the trauma caused by the first times she did so, but the ability is there when she chooses to access it. See her stunts for a further explanation of each level.

This level is accessed at all times, automatically, instantaneously, and almost unconsciously. Tori can glean information from the object based on the freshest set of fingerprints with just a quick touch of her own hand to the object. If it is a keyboard or a keypad, she can sense what was last typed into it. For example, if the last person were to have gone online and purchased an item with a credit card, she can easily gain that information. If it is a book, she can tell which were the last pages read; a phone, the last phone number dialed, etc. She cannot gather emotions or feelings attached to the actions, nor will she be able to tell who the handler if she doesn’t already know (unless the information she gleans provides her with the name or clues to who the handler was).


02/14/2010 Snarky Cupcakes Now a grad student at Columbia, Tori finds out her friend Brayden is a senator, and in some kind of trouble, and irritates Tracy Strauss in the process. Tracy
02/27/2010 Musical Scholarship Fund Shopping for a keyboard, Tori comes across a new use of her power as well as a little orphan who pulls at her heartstrings. Trent
02/28/2010 The English Job Tori is offered just what she wants — a clean slate and freedom from her past — unfortunately, she's blackmailed into a job she won't get paid for and isn't sure she wants. Cody
03/18/2010 Old Friends, New Foe Cody's mysterious gift of a phone number leads to a conversation between Tori and Nathan. The two are happy to reconnect and Tori agrees to help his cause. Nathan
04/1/2010 Brandy's Manly Tori and Brayden get drunk. That's all that happens, perhaps to Tori's dismay. Nathan
04/4/2010 Mission From Medusa Tori is called in for an unusual task by her unconventional boss for a job she doesn't really have — but a cute boy with a bad smoking habit keeps her from having to get her hands dirty. Or bloody. Devon and Cody
04/8/2010 Monkey Poop Tori visits Cody and confronts her on the other woman's lies, though she agrees to help her in the end anyway— on her own volition. Cody
04/9/2010 Keeping a Low Profile … is what people with powers should be doing, but a random group of almost strangers use various abilities to keep a woman from being kidnapped. Devon, Kitty, Lyndon, Isabelle
04/10/2010 The Good Twin Tori is visited by Devon, who asks her to look into the past of his slain brother's planner. Devon
04/12/2010 Ask Me To Stay Devon visits to ask for something altogether different, and Tori complies. Devon


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