2007-07-09: Toying


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Summary: Mohinder comes to Mara's apartment to take the evidence she's gathered to the Company labs in Hartsdale. Scene immediately follows Leave Me Cold.

Date It Happened: July 9, 2007


Mara's Apartment

Mara paces the floor between her living area and her kitchen, wondering just how many times she can pass in the same line before she wears a rut into the carpet and the tile. She's only snuck back into the bedroom long enough to retrieve her gun. Not that it will do her any good. She's placed a couple different phone calls, and now she's just waiting for the rescue unit to arrive.

When the rescue unit arrives, it's not exactly what one would have in mind. Having received Mara's phonecall, Mohinder arrives at her residence as soon as he can get there. He shows up as prepared as possible with what he thinks he might need contained in a bag that's slung over his shoulder. At Mara's door, he knocks swiftly upon it with an air of forced patience.

Inside the apartment, Mara whirls and trains her gun on the door. Can't be Gray. The door would have just flown off its hinges or something. Or, at the very least, he wouldn't have knocked. A quick glance through the peep hole reveals Mohinder and the detective opens the door. "Thanks for coming." She absently tugs down her shirt, still dressed in her pajamas. Feeling the need to explain, she shuts the door behind the geneticist with a shrug. "I didn't know what counted for forensic evidence, so I didn't get dressed. I didn't want to touch more than I have to." She waves at the counter in the kitchen. "I've got blood samples, photographs, and I tried to lift a print off the knob. I'm calling the police after you've left so I can get one of their teams in here. Hopefully we can get a full print and nail that son of a bitch."

Mohinder's attention rivets on Mara once the door is open and he's inside. "Are you okay?" Obviously she's not harmed, so he's concerned for the woman's mental state. "As a detective.. you're more qualified than I to know what constitutes as forensic evidence.. you did the right thing." He carefully ventures further into the apartment, ready to take in what Mara's gathered. Expression grim, he looks at the mess left behind. "You know who is reponsible.. and that a print analysis won't assist the authorities in capturing him any faster. He consistently succeeds in evading us.." And it's a bitter pill to swallow, that. "Not that I wish to repeat myself.. When did this happen?" It seems Mara already has her bases covered, and the geneticist finds himself wondering.. just whose blood is that?

"I came home last night. I went to bed." Mara stands rather conspicuously outside of the bedroom, so she doesn't have to see again. "I woke up this morning, and there it was. I started gathering evidence, and then I called you." That's all true. Just… there's an omission or two. Nothing important, of course. Just a couple of phone calls. "He was here. He was here and I slept through it."

Mohinder trusts that Mara has not tampered with any of the evidence that she's gathered, so makes no move to gather any of his own. A pair of surgical gloves are withdrawn from his bag and are slipped onto his hands. "I see," he utters as he walks past Mara and looks into the bedroom. His gaze is immediately drawn to the message on the wall with horrid fascination. He wants to tell the woman not to beat herself up over this, but it won't do any good. "Mara.. you know as well as the next, if he doesn't want to be heard or seen, he won't be." Sylar's a slippery bastard of the worst kind.

"He was in my bedroom while I slept." Mara leans against the wall, on the living room side from the wall the bloody message is scrawled on. "This is why I haven't been sleeping. So that this wouldn't happen!"

Mohinder exits Mara's bedroom and gives the woman a firm expression. "And if you refuse to sleep, you only give him a greater advantage." Unfortunately, where Sylar's concerned, things tend to be a lose-lose situation. The firm expression softens, and the geneticist looks worried. "Mara.. and if you had of been awake.. he might not have showed. He would have found some other way to torment you. This is what he's doing right now. Toying with you."

"You're right. I know you're right." And still, he can hear the light sound of her head hitting the wall. Thud. Thud. Thud. "Shit." After a deep breath, Mara rounds the doorway and slips into the room. "I can't believe I slept through it. My God. He could have… done far worse." That in itself is the most unsettling part.

"Stop that," Mohinder says insistently at Mara banging her head against the wall. "Yes. He could have done far worse.. which doesn't make this whole situation any less worrisome." Frowning some, he says, "Let me take what you've gathered back to the lab.. I'll put in the report. You call the police on this end. I'll be at Hartsdale.. where you will rest.. and no arguments about it. Otherwise Mr. Swan might take it upon himself to have his new friend see to it that you sleep."

"I'll join you in Hartsdale after the police have finished here," Mara confirms, staring grimly at the vandalised wall. "Who do you think it is?" she voices the question, finally.

Mohinder nods as he collects the evidence in his back, stowing it carefully away. "I'm not sure… but I might have an answer to that all too soon." And it's not a pretty prospect either. A gloved hand is clapped to Mara's shoulder as he prepares to leave. "I'll see you shortly."

"I need a favour…" Mara still walks Mohinder toward the door, resting her hand on the knob. "Those pills you give to people. The ones that take away their abilities. I need some. Safety precaution." She presses her lips together and shifts her weight restlessly.

Mohinder looks a little surprised by the request, and curious. He can make a guess that it's not for her. "No promises. We'll discuss this later when you get to Hartsdale." Because if Mara wants them for herself.. that's going to be another story. "Take care of yourself, and I shall see you in a bit."

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