2009-10-05: Tracking the Tracker



Date: October 05, 2009


As Charlotte prepares to find Gene, Gene finds her first. Massive gun duel across the world ensues. Except not really.

"Tracking the Tracker"

Charlotte's Apartment - New York City

Charlotte's new home is a far cry from her fancy old one. Situated in a small apartment building, bars on the doors and windows and covered in graffiti, it could almost be missed among the convenience store fronts and warehouses. Still, the inside is worn, but all the furniture is beautiful - relics from her days as a Pinehearst rep. Charlotte is just in the bedroom now, looking over herself in the mirror. Seh has a busy orange, black, blue, yelow and white minidress on, with leggigngs, black heeled boots. Her hiar is pulled up in a ponytail. She's just about ready to go.

Tracking down people has become almost second nature for Gene. Find a doctor here, find a killer here, and now? Finding someone he knew at Pinehearst. Gene's muscle car pulls up, still lacking a passenger side door… the gap is mended by NASCAR netting. The blood stains are still in the back seat, the lasting memories of heroic getaways long past.

While the techie Camaro is in bad shape, Gene is not. His complexion is good, and he even seems to have gained a little muscle and height. The young man wears nice clothing too, a simple black short sleeve collared shirt and a pair of relaxed fit jeans. He still wears the old sneakers though. Taking his laptop from the car and throwing the messenger bag it's in over his shoulder, Gene moves into the stairwell, beginning to make his way toward her apartment.

One last look in the mirror and Charlotte knows she's ready. She quickly throws a scarf about her shoulders, closes her eyes and fizzles away.

She reappears just outside of the door to the stairwell, nose pressed against the metal mesh. "Ow!" She calls, loudly, loud enough so that Gene, a few feet in front of her and the person she was looking for, can probably hear her. She, in the meantime, hasn't seen him - she's too busy rubbing her nose.

"Charlotte?" Gene questions with concern as he hears a familiar voice so close. If he was able to find her, perhaps there were others from Pinehearst trying to tie up loose ends! "I'm coming!" he announces proudly as he tries to get through the door. If it opens he might plow on through. If it's locked, there may be some banging on the door as the determined young man tries to see if he can force the door.

"Why are ya howlin?" She asks, but indeed the door is locked. She pulls it open easily enough. "Gene? What…we're still in my building." She murmers, looking around. That was creepy. Maybe he dind't see her teleport. "Hi," Her eyes finally settle on him and she smiles, opening her arms for a hug. "Oh golly, hi. You look…you look fabulous!"

While Gene blushes at the first question, he decides to ignore it for the other comments. "We are… Were you 'looking' for me?" Gene states in confusion. He doesn't get much time to really add to that as he sees the hug being offered. After a short hestiation, he moves in to hug. He wasn't really used to this hug thing, but in getting two from ladies this week, he's just might get to be. "Yeah, not sick, long story, can'ttalkaboutit," he says, the last part as fast as he can and under his breath. "Glad to see you were alright. When people were talking about attacking Pinehearst, was worried you were gunna get caught up in all of that."

Charlotte offers the man a tight hug that lasts a moment at least. Leaning back, she looks over him, squeezing his arm. "You feel so strong!" She comments, though she's hardly hitting on him. It's more of a comment on his health. "And you're better?!" She asks, grinning a dimpled grin. Leaning in, Gene gets a huge smack on the lips. "Come on upstairs, let me get you some tea!"

"When I got better, I could start working out… Got a sensei and everything teaching me how to fight," Gene announces, a little shocked at the kiss. Of course, it's the good kind, clearly happy to be around nicer people than he's been with for other parts of the month. "Tea would be nice… So, what do you do now… I take it you aren't working for Pinehearst anymore."

Charlotte shakes her head as she leans against the door after inserting the key, falling hard against it to force it open. She enters, tossing the key aside and waiting for Gene to follow before closing the door. "Uhm, no, I'm not. You remember the work I was doing in Kenya? I found out Pinehearst intentions there were less than honorable. I relocated the orphans, which took at least a year when you think of how many orphans, and now I'm a waitress again, at the Oldcastle pub. It's a cop bar, can't find a safer place, really."

Looking around, Gene is a little blunt, but he hasn't gotten THAT far in his social training. "You need to find better digs, Charlotte," the young man states, even though he's smiling a bit. "You can go anywhere in the world, find anyone you want… And you're working as a waitress and living here? That just isn't right."

Charlotte chuckles as she moves into the small half-galley kitchen, putting the teapot on the stove and lighting it with a match. Yes, a match. "I'm a good waitress," she counters easily. "And I can afford this place on what I make. What's wrong with that?"

Gene frowns faintly. "Just I dunno. Had a friend that could replicate himself and all he wanted to do was party. You can find anyone in the world… Go anywhere. And you waitress? I know it's your life and you can do with it what you please, but-" Gene shakes his head as he sighs, figuring there are likely reasons for Charlotte's choice. "I dunno, forget I said anything."

Charlotte laughs, motioning for Gene to sit at the small 2-chair eat in table she has. She settles in across from him. "Well, waitressing is what I've done all my life. I'm good at it. I like talking to people, getting to know them. I like serving food, pouring coffee. Its' a lively, fun job. I don't see what anyone can ask out of life more than having fun."

"I'd tell you what you could ask, but I guess after coming out of Pinehearst, might look at the matter with jaded glasses or something." Gene takes a seat with a small smile. "I mean, I've been preparing for the next challenge. I spent most of my life living in fear because I was different. It's important to stand up to the evils of this world and that's what I intend to do." He gives a shrug, trying to make the matter light with a small smile. "Of course, I don't mind taking time out from all that to chatting with friends."

Charlotte raises a brow, naturally curious. "Oh? An what's the next challenge for you? I'd love to hear about it." After Pinehearst, it's not like they can't be honest with each other or anything. "Is it more involved than pouring coffee for strung out cops?" She's teasing, clearly, laughing at herself as much as anyone else and she seems perfectly at ease with it.

"No idea. I mean as I was telling a good friend of mine, trying to keep an Evolved killer from killing more humans because 'she's higher up' than humans, but I haven't been able to get in touch with her. Hopefully, that doesn't mean she isn't going back and killing more people." Gene pauses for a moment as he looks back at Charlotte. "…I likely should have waited until the second meeting before saying projects like that, huh? Sorry, used to telling people important information right off the bat," Gene announces with a nervous laugh as he rubs behind his head.

Charlotte offers a little laugh too, but hers is hardly nervous. "No, Gene, you never have to be afraid of telling me anything. I hope you know that." The tea kettle whistles and Charlotte stands, pouring out two cups and saucers with sugar and milk and everything set aside. They are delivered on the table. With little cookies. She's such a mom. "A killer, you said? Is there any way I can help?"

Taking the tea with a "Thank you", Gene begins to put in a bit of sugar and a lot of milk. "I might need to go looking for her. Apparently, she can possess people and uses that to make them kill other people. It's really messed up. I'll try and see if I can get a hold of her. If not, we might have to go looking. Give me a couple more days to figure it out. If she's back to her stuff, I don't even know WHAT I'll do. Jail wouldn't work, judge wouldn't even take the case on the evidence… And killing her just seems so-" Gene shakes his head. "I'll figure it out."

Charlotte settles down across from him, tea in her hands. No milk, no sugar. Just tea. "Does she have a name?" Charlotte asks, easily. "I mean, I can find her for you, if she has a name, and put her somewhere, or move her, or something…I mean, it's not right to incarcerate her without a proper trial." She sips her tea, now looking worried, but it's more for Gene than anything else. "You are in a difficult situation."

The final sentence causes Gene to chuckle slightly at first and then he just begins to laugh almost uncontrollably, as if Charlotte told the funniest joke in the world. He doesn't speak, he's just laughing and laughing, using the table for support.

Charlotte just stares a moment, but she does let out a soft chuckle and a laugh. Not a nervous one - if she said something dumb, she'll laugh at herself. "When you can breathe again, I hope you explain."

Nope, nothing dumb… Gene's just odd. "Nothing… Just after thinking I was going to die in a few months, what I had to do to get cure, dealing with everything I have…" Gene finally pulls himself together, wiping a few tears from his face. "It's just too much that figuring out if I have to kill someone really isn't freaking me out as much as I thought it should. But yeah, I have her name. In a couple of days, if I don't hear anything, we'll go. It might be dangerous, but as long as we cover our skin, we should be fine from powers."

Gene takes a drink from his tea, reaching over for a cookie before explaining more. "Just in case I need you, get some clothing that's easy to move around with, but hard to rip off. And some sort of face covering too. If she touches your face, it should be the same deal."

Charlotte nods kindly. "I'd appreciate that. Listen, if you do go to her, at least bring me along? If things get bad, I can always get you out of harm's way." She reaches over, touching Gene's hand in a friendly manner. "I mean, we don't want anything bad happening to you, espeiclaly not after all that you've been through." She smiles a soft, dimpled smile.

The hand is moved around, so that Gene's is resting on Charlotte. The cookie is set on the table. "The same goes double for me. This is something I am trying to do because I choose to. Last thing I'd want is someone to get hurt because I dragged them into it. You deserve a peaceful life too, if that's what you want. You know yourself how bad some people can be when they have abilities." Gene pauses as he takes back his hand and his cookie, taking a small bite to eat before going on. "I mean, you know what I'd want, but don't feel you have to do this because of your gifts."

Charlotte takes Gene's other hand, and kisses it in a bright, friendly way. "Gene, you and I have been in a very bad place before, and we both came out of it so much the better. Besides, I promised I'd help you with your illness, and you got better in spite of my abandoning you. I just don't want you to think I'd do that again. Ever. I can help, and I will help. That's all there is too it, so don't argue about it with me anymore, alright? You go to meet this girl, you bring me with you so that you have an escape exit no matter what happens, alright?"

The smile on Gene's face seems to break from the surprise at the second kiss, but he doesn't pull back the hand. However, one word seems to sneak out from Charlotte's lips and seemingly pierce through Gene's up and growing strength, tearing right into the heart. "Everyone abandoned me when I was sick. When Elena first found out about it, she said she would help. Then she got distracted with some super flu that threatened to wipe out the human race and then went to school. Hiro promised to get the blood of a cheerleader that was kept in the lab, my only request after getting information on Pinehearst for him to help him save the day. I haven't seen him since the day I asked. I had to get the cure on my terms, through my own dealings and it-" Gene withdraws the hand as he shakes his head, his eyes to the table. "I'm sorry. You're trying to make amends and I'm getting all caught up in the past. It's just… Hard for me for a lot of reasons."

The blue eyes of Kensington look up to Charlotte. While there is the pained side of them, he is trying to put on the smile. After all, you can't get out of the mire unless you start waddling out one mud bogged step at a time. "I'll be sure to keep in touch. Tomorrow, I'll drop off a watch. Just keep it on you at all times. I'll have some instructions on how to use it. It will bring help if you need it." That said, he tosses the cookie in his mouth, chewing it up and drinking it down. "Any sort of watch you'd like?"

"Oh no," Charlotte says, shaking her head and waving her hand as she sits back to enjoy her sip of tea. "Whatever's easiest. Just…know that I really am sorry for abandoning you like I did. I really am." And she is, too. It ate her up, but…it's what she did and she has to face it now.

"I know you are… It's just hard after everything." Gene shakes his head, merely finishing up his tea swiftly. While he tries to shake it, Gene seems troubled and rises slowly. "Thanks for the tea and the cookie… I'll take a couple for the road if you don't mind." Gene reaches out to get something to munch on while he's driving. "Unless there's anything you need to talk about, should likely get heading back home. A lot to do these days."

Charlotte shakes her head. "No, no you go on ahead. Take as many as you like." She stands, intent on giving him a hug before he leaves. "Just stay in touch, alright? Like you promised?" She offers him a friendly smile, stepping back to collect the empty tea things.

Taking the cookies before taking the hug shortly there after, Gene moves toward the door. "I will, trust me. If you need any help at all, just let me know. If I can't solve it, these days, I almost always know who can." Either it is the hug or his own banter, but he seems content once more, merely opening the door to let himself out. He turns to give Charlotte a nod of the head before he makes his way back toward his car.

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