Tracy Strauss
Tracy Strauss
Portrayed By Ali Larter
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 24th, 1974
Age 36
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Linda Johnson
Place of Birth Beverly Hills, California, USA
Current Location ???
Occupation Political lobbyist, consultant, advisor
Known Relatives M. Strauss (father), Rebecca Rosenthal (mother), Niki Sanders (triplet sister; deceased), Barbara (triplet sister; ???), Micah Sanders (nephew), random strangers.
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Water & ice control
First Appearance Not the Mama (Volume Three), A Year Later (Volume Four)

K-Street Ice Queen Tracy Strauss is a political lobbyist, consultant and advisor whose last job was with Senator Nathan Petrelli. That she happens to have an extraordinary ability isn't a coincidence.

After being a fugitive for many months, Tracy has to figure out what to do now that she's not.


On August 24th, 1974, three children were born. All three girls were meant for greatness, but it was through human intervention, not fate in the strictest sense of the word, that they would become something more.

Playing God, scientists — particularly one Dr. Zimmerman — administered a formula to the identical triplets via after the birth parents died. It would alter them at a genetic level, manipulating their very DNA to give them extraordinary, if synthetic, abilities.

Tracy Strauss was one of those sisters. It's true that she had a strong desire for greatness, but it had little to do with a heritage and genetic intervention she never knew about. As far as she was concerned, her were parents M. Strauss and Rebecca Rosenthal, and to be extraordinary you had to work for it.

And Tracy … Tracy had the drive for it. She had the smarts and the determination to pull it off. Her means of being extraordinary, as an adult, was through her passion for politics. Ivy League educated, she was on the track to success. And to Washington.

Tracy had a good eye that lead to a knack for backing the right people. A woman (a pretty one, at that) in a world that, according to some circles, is a man's, Ms. Strauss nevertheless built a strong background for her political career. Her hard work with small firms lent them some fame, and in turn, gave her a name. Fame of her own. She gained a reputation for being nothing but hard-working, sharp-eyed, knowledgeable and savvy lobbyist — and by God, she earned that reputation. She started out with the goals any good lobbyist-to-be has, to fight the good fight from the inside out and all of that — "to protect the civil liberties of the everyday American" — but somewhere along the line…



Tracy understands how the world works. She's sharp, intelligent, and bold. She sees things for what they are: the good, the bad, and the ugly. She knows how to make the world work for her — social, business, it all comes down to people's drives, their ambitions, their flaws. Tracy has a drive to be on top — to be on the winning side. If finds herself caught up in a losing situation, she's the first one to abandon ship… or captain it to turn it into the one who wins the race.

She's not beyond manipulation to get her way, but she wouldn't call it that. She doesn't see it as underhanded. Lying? No, more like spinning the truth. In fact, she's a straight-talker. A political spin doctor no matter what venue she's in, Tracy tells it how it is to people who need to hear it, and she gives them another angle if that's what she deems best for them to know.

Coolly stepping on the little people and not looking back, when she has a goal in mind for her boss and ultimately herself, Tracy is selfish. She's out for herself. Look out for number one.

Vindictive, Tracy can't let something go if she feels like she's been unfairly wronged. She has a hard time accepting things that veer from her predetermined view of how the world works (ie. crazy, deadly abilities) and the laws and edicts she knows well. She started out passionate about civil liberties, and it holds true that if she sees them being seriously abused (especially to her), she won't stand for it.

She's long since cut out guilt from her emotional repertoire when it comes to her political manoeuvrings, but she's not free of it if something knocks her out of her safety zone. She would initially have a tough time reconciling hurting someone, for example. She has a conscience.

But Tracy knows that, to survive and come out on top at the end of the day, you have to use what you have to your advantage.

More recently though, she's had a lot more to think about.



Tracy has the ability to freeze objects with her touch.


Volume Five: "Humanity"


June 1st

June 11th

  • Julia Thorne —> Tracy meets an advisor for a research group who buys her coffee in gratitude… but Tracy happens to have things on her mind besides making new friends. Still, she and Julia Thorne happen to have a few things in common…
  • Haunted —> An alarming dream-turned-nightmare of sorts about Ivory has Tracy considering the real-world voicemails she's been getting nonstop from an unknown caller with a recording of her voice from a time past.

June 23rd

  • Relapse —> Tracy gets a surprise when she encounters none other than Ivory Wynn. The elevator they're in is stopped from becoming an ice box when his enthralling ability threatens to send her into a relapse … and then she wakes up.

June 24th

  • What Doesn't Add Up —> Tracy is feeling out of sorts from the previous night. And, despite changing her phone number, she's still plagued by the voicemail recordings. When her emotion gets the best of her, the resulting shattering of her phone draws the attention of her newest neighbour: Julia. Then, she gets an alarming e-mail that makes her question whether or not her dream was a dream and might make "Julia" think she's crazy because of it.

June 27th

  • Straight from the Source —> In New York, Tracy tells the press that Ivory Wynn framed the former Governor. George happens to be there when she does, and gets more information than the press when she catches up to him. After trying to garner his support, he's accidentally privy to an photo her phone receives (taken after a dream that wasn't).
  • On Call —> Determined to get control of her situation back and not let history repeat itself, Tracy calls on Peter's know-how on what to do about their old benefactor who seems to not quite be dead, Ivory Wynn.

Volume Four: "Convergence"

For Tracy's Volume Four history, click here.



"You don't pay me for sex, Governor, I give that for free. What you pay me for is my advice."

"Okay, I'll bite, Senator, but let's get one thing straight. No one tells me what to do." — to Ivory, You Can't Wynn

"I haven't worked my ass off in Washington and been a political consultant — a good one, by the way, for years, just to be eye-candy to some bored politician. If I were to work for you? It would be because I am more than capable of doing the job." — to Ivory, You Can't Wynn

"I'm nothing if not resourceful." — to Ivory, Hardly Working

"I'm not Niki. Whatever it was you thought you saw? It wasn't me." — to Kitty, Business Unusual

"I guess there's no rest for the wicked." — to Gene, Burning Bridges (and The Eclipse: Part One)

"I spent the last year trying to forget… this— thing… that I can do. Whatever it is, this ability. I just need to know why. Why… me?" — to Gene, Gene Codes

"If you made it happen, then, you can take it away. I'll get you out of here and— you need to take it away!" — to Dr. Zimmerman, White Queen

"There's somewhere I need to be, Congressman. Walk with me if you have something important to say." — to George, When the Other Shoe Drops

"Miss me, Senator?" — to Ivory, Deluge

"Threaten me one more time and I will destroy you." — to Bert, Jockeying for Position

"Your information is off the mark. Look, you get visions. I think your head is wired wrong. Give me proof. Give me proof, and maybe? I'll stop thinking you're crazy." — to Kitty, Cold Hard Proof

"You're missing the point! That's exactly why you need to play up your strengths. They'll have a harder time blaming you for the state's problems… or the world's, if you're saving babies on volunteer days. Hell, try to stop global warming while you're at it. All I'm saying is: preventative measures." — to Ivory, Full Access

"…I didn't know that it was you." — to Micah, Let Me Give You A Hand and Where Democracy Has Failed

"Not everything is black and white." — to Micah, Where Democracy Has Failed

"How'd you pull it off, anyway? Last I checked, they didn't teach Rebel Leadership 101 in junior high." — to Micah, Where Democracy Has Failed

Micah: "I thought I knew you. I thought… I thought you'd be like her. Like she was. She's really gone, isn't she? I'm supposed to be smart. Turns out I'm stupid. And gullible. And stupid." (sighs) "And now Cam's caught because of me. I can control technology, but I can't think right."
Tracy: "…I heard… what happened. When I met Cass she told me. I am sorry, Micah. I can't imagine… how…unsettling… this must be for you. I look so much like your mom. But you're right. I'm not her. I hardly knew her." (pause) "You were trying to play Spartacus for people like us but— you were in over your head. You were optimistic." — Where Democracy Has Failed

"You know what side I'm not on? The side of being thrown in here without any rights and being treated like less than an animal! I guess you and your beloved President have really extended the reach of the Patriot Act." — to Ivory, The Choices That Define Us

"If you think for a second that I'm weak? You don't know me. I know exactly what you can do with your pity." — to Max, Nerves of Steel

"If I see even one boots coming after me I won't hesitate to send 'em into the next Ice Age." — to Erin, Very Thin Ice

"Slow down, Boy Wonder." — to Peter, Cold Shoulder

"I don't actually have any faith that you're the one to pull it off, I just have nowhere else to go." — to Brayden (Nathan), Pooling Resources

"Everything was so much easier when our conversations were about martinis." — to Erin, Missing Martinis

"You better be telling the truth, Dawson, or I swear to God you're going to regret it for the rest of your career." — to George, The Building of Alliances

"Perfect. You know I never pick up hitchhikers. It figures that the one time I do, he thinks I'm a stripper." — to Kasey, The Hitchhiker's Guide to a Very Cold Hell

Kasey: "I'm from Cali, I don't do cold good. I think maybe you need to learn how to control the whole freeze ray thing…"
Tracy: "I'm from Beverly Hills. Tell me about it." — The Hitchhiker's Guide to a Very Cold Hell

"If this is fate, it's not exactly providence." — to Kasey, The Hitchhiker's Guide to a Very Cold Hell

"Some people'd call this coincidence. Personally, I'd be more tempted to call it stalking." — to Tiago, Alike and Different

"Anyone who thinks they can fix this nightmare without sacrifice are kidding themselves." — to Tiago, Alike and Different

"This is America, you can't— overthrow the government. But what you can do is make it better." — to Tiago, Alike and Different

"I'm gonna make it cold up here. But you have to get off this roof and keep running." — to Micah, When It Rains, It Pours

"Don't let anyone ever stop you, Rebel." — to Micah, When It Rains, It Pours

"When has steering someone in the right direction been a problem when I'm on your side, Governor?" — The Right Choice

"My life used to be so normal. As normal as the Hill can be. Maybe a little restrictive… all I had to worry about was my doing my job, the silver-tongued world of politics, dinner parties and overpriced martinis. The Beltway Insider life. Can I still be that person? I felt myself shatter into a million pieces on that roof. Now … I don't know what I am." — Sink or Swim (voiceover)

"I do know this: for the first time since I actually had something to lobby for, I feel like I have a goal I can accomplish. No rules. No restrictions. When all of those pieces me came back together in the East River, I knew what I had to do. They took everything from me. So I'm going to take everything from them." — Sink or Swim (voiceover)

Tori (re: Nathan): "Do you know him?"
Tracy: "Not well enough." — Snarky Cupcakes

Max: "It would appear that the rumors of your death have been greatly exaggerated."
Tracy: "The rumours of your death won't be so exaggerated." - Hard Pressed

"Doing… what we can do, Erin, it doesn't make us … less human. It makes us … more than." - Weren't You Dead?

"I was given this ability without any say. I wasn't born with it, I dunno if anyone was. So I've been used from the start. When I found out what I could do, I ignored it until I killed someone, 'n' then? I wanted to die. I used and manipulated by someone — Ivory — who I thought was on my side, I was held captive, they did everything in their power to make me feel less than human too and I'm sure they wanted to turn me into a tool too, but you know what, no, these abilities might come with a lotta problems but we have an edge on everyone. So try harder. You just hafta snap out've it 'n' realize you're better than that. You're helping people. You're saving their lives." - Weren't You Dead?

"I don't buy it. What happens, happens? That's a quitter's motto if I ever heard one." - Dead and Alive

Tracy: "Remember, this is a cakewalk. You don't have to go in with the speech of the year about saving the world."
Nathan: "Who do you think I am, Peter?" - Resurrection

"You did win the genetic lottery. It was just rigged. For both've us." - to Nathan, Genetic Lottery


~ Previously, Tracy was very rarely seen without her pearl necklace, but since her last one was given to her by Ivory after losing the original when she was taken to Building 26, it's no longer a 24/7 staple of her wardrobe.


~ Tracy drives a Nissan 350z roadster, the exact make, model and colour Jessica rented in Run Through, before Tracy's car appeared on Heroes in "The Butterfly Effect".

~ Mr. Muggles was suspicious of Tracy.


1. To Let Myself Go by Ane Brun <Play> (video)

2. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring <Play> (video — by player!)

3. Little House by The Fray <Play> (video)

4. Closer by Kings of Leon <Play> (video)

5. Human by Carpark North <Play> (video)

6. Viva La Vida by Coldplay <Play> (video)

7. Bad Body Double by Imogen Heap <Play>

8. Exo Politics by Muse <Play>

9. Angels or Devils by Dishwalla <Play> (video)

10. Shattered by O.A.R. <Play> (video — by player!)

11. Find a Way by SafetySuit (Tracy/Nathan) <Play> (video — by player!)

RP Hooks

  • Politico: The political world and anyone in it. Tracy's been working Washington for awhile as both an advisor and lobbyist. She has a lot of contacts, D.C., NYC and more.
  • Inner Circle: Colleagues and associates of Governor Malden, former Senator Wynn, and former Senator Nathan Petrelli.
  • Consultant: Tracy sometimes worked as a consultant to organizations, big businesses and firms. Has she worked with yours? She was once on the Pinehearst Company payroll as a consultant for a couple years before it crashed and burned and also consulted for Hanner Enterprises.
  • Familiar Face: Tracy looks exactly like Niki Sanders. If someone has met Niki in the past, they would definitely recognize Tracy!



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