2009-11-03: Tracy Eat Your Heart Out



Date: November 3rd, 2009


Bert gets her man. For now. Or does he get her? It gets confusing when there's cheating involved.

"Tracy Eat Your Heart Out"

Washington D.C. — Ivory Wynn's Apartment


On the other side of the door is Bert. This isn't exactly take 2 of the last time she was at this door, knocking upon it. Not exactly because she's fully clothed, even if her skirt is unprofessionally short. She's steeling herself for another run-in with Tracy Strauss. That tramp. She better not be here again, since Bert's managed to get her hands on a tazer and it's tucked under her jacket.

Senator Wynn is half-dressed at this particular hour. He wasn't asleep or anything, but he has a tendency to walk around without a shirt on. Which is what's happening when he passes by the door. Of course, there's a knock and the Senator wastes no time in reaching for the handle, unlocking and opening the door. In his free hand, he's carrying a small tumbler of Scotch that he was about to partake in. He stands there for a moment, peering out at the Bert that has shown up and he smiles at her. "Well. If this ain't a pleasant surprise." Wink.

"Senator Wynn! You are h — ome." That would be Bert needing to catch her breath at the sight of Ivory opening the door as he is. She actually looks as if she were going to swoon, or attack the man. Which is odd, because she /was/ so calm before the door opened. ANYWAY. "I.. I thought you'd like an update." Despite her not bringing any files with her. The woman leans in past the doorframe, as besotted as a tween at Jonas Brothers concert.

"Come in. Please. You know I love your updates." Ivory turns to leave the door open and waltz his fine self over towards where the bar is and he slides behind it. "Drink?" is asked in a way that suggests he just wants to know what she'd like rather than if she wants one or not. Apparently, the Senator likes to get his drink on while listening to good and bad news.

You know how over-emotional tweens get at concerts? All shakey, on the verge of tears and ready to grab anything with testosterone? That's the look Bert's giving Ivory as she follows into the apartment. When he slides behind the bar, she follows suit and reaches out a hand to his chest. "I.. well.. it's not so much as an update.. as a warning," Bert says as her eyes start to rove over Ivory's chest, same with her hand. "That skank Tracy? She's bad news… she's.. one of /them/. She attacked me.. tried to freeze me solid." Does she sound distracted? Why yes, she would be distracted.. cause.. O M G .. Ivory. Mmmm..

"I know." Ivory remarks, not really sounding like he's too worried about it and Tracy. "I'm handling the situation as we speak. She won't be bothering you again." Ivory says, as if he had been expecting this topic to come up all along. He's just that kind of an awesome Know It All. Or something. He pours a drink of So Drunk Will Not Remember and slides it to Bert, only to find himself being accosted by her hands on his chest. Hmmm. Interesting. "You didn't really come here to tell me about Tracy, did you?" His own eyebrow is raising suggestively.

"I," Bert begins a bit breathlessly as her eyes finally look up and at Ivory's face. She /did/ come to talk, but dammit, it happened again. Whatever needed to be said just went right out the window at the mere sight of the man. Fingers splayed, she keeps her hands where they are since they haven't been removed, so obviously, it's okay. "We were fighting, in your room. You weren't home." Obviously! "She grabbed me, and.. well.. good.. it's good you know about /her/ and she's locked up. She is locked up, right?"

"Tight." Ivory says with a nod, making sure that Bert believes every word that comes out of his mouth. He just kind of grins at that statement, before he realizes something. An opening. "Wait. You were fighting in my room?" And that's when he puts down his Scotch and suddenly reaches for Bert's hands, making sure the skin to skin contact is even more intense. "Show me."

Show him? SHOW HIM? How do you show someone a cat-fight without the other cat? "Well.." Bert says, swallowing before a deep breath. "It was like this." Her shirt comes off, same with her skirt, until she's down to well, what little she was wearing for the fight. "It was about you!" There's just.. something Bert can't explain. She's had crushes before, and of course intense likes for those of the opposite sex but this.. this.. It's like she's drowning in the deep end. Like she's crushed under the weight of something she can't stand.. and then.. she's launching herself atop the Senator. "I just wanted to tear her eyes out! She can't have you!"

Whoa. This is pretty intense. That's the look on Ivory's face as he goes down. He wasn't quite ready for the attack of the Bert, but he's making sure to hold onto her as he goes to the floor, behind the bar. "Owww." is whined from the Senator's lips, as he's just trying to play up this whole pain thing. Could lead to Bert playing nurse. "Well, it looks like you've got me instead of her, now doesn't it?" Griiiiiiiin.

If Ivory's playing up the pain thing, Bert's totally suckered into it. "Damn straight. Now shush and I'll help you make it better." Too late, she's already playing nurse it would seem. Throwing one leg over Ivory, she's straddling him within moment and is attacking in other ways. And most definitely not to apply CPR either.

Bert does have other things to discuss with Ivory, and maybe she'll remember what it is later. Y'know, other than her spat with Tracy over the Senator's affections. Important things like the wiretapping she's in charge of, Gene still in prison, and this whole thing about figuring out about abilities. Damnable man! He makes it so hard to think!

Ivory can't do anything but grin as he's sure he's about to get taken care of all night long. And he doesn't even mind that it's on the floor of his living room. But there's only one problem that he's having right now and that's the fact that the lights are so bright that he's not even sure this is going to be a fun night. So. He peels his hands from trying to undo Bert's bra and kicks it old school for a moment…

Clap clap!


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