Tracy's Relationships


Governor Robert Malden


Tracy: "You don't pay me for sex, Governor, I give that for free. What you pay me for is my advice."

… Or not-so-strictly business. Tracy was Governor Robert Malden's political advisor. She worked with him closely for a number of years through various key points in his career as the governor of the state of New York. She was an asset to him in more ways than one — until she left her position to work for Senator Wynn, she slept with him on a regular basis. Up until then, she was loyal to his career despite some of his less-than-redeeming qualities.

Soon after she left, he was arrested on suspicion of moving money meant for a charity around, as well as the murder of his accountant. Tracy knows it was a frame job, seeing as she was responsible for the murder. She hasn't spoken to the (former) Governor since.

Clarence Mayberry



Tracy was acquainted with Clarence when she worked with him briefly on Capitol Hill devising speeches for Governor Malden, work which she oversaw since his position in doing so was temporary.

Congressman George Dawson


Tracy: "There's somewhere I need to be, Congressman. Walk with me if you have something important to say."

Congressman George Dawson is known by Tracy from traversing political circuits in D.C. and N.Y. While Tracy was working with Senator Petrelli, she discovered that they were, under the radar, working toward some of the same causes (against Alpha Protocol).

Helen Muth



Helen is Senator Petrelli's publicist. Their first meeting was a little bizarre — Helen, Tracy and Nathan were in an alley, and Tracy inadvertently caused the publicist to trip and fall. Their relationship is rather weak at the moment and Tracy seemed, when she was actively working for Nathan, to occasionally question Helen's ability to do her job from time to time. She did rescue a drunk Helen from making a fool of herself at the Van Cortlandt Christmas party in front of the rich and influential.

Anais Frazier



Anais worked as an advisor in Nathan's office as well, though their expertise were quite different. However, Tracy first met Anais by nearly falling in her window one night (long story). When they later worked together professionally, they didn't quite see eye-to-eye.

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