Tracy's Timeline


Volume Four: "Convergence"


April 2nd

  • A (Not So) Modest Proposal —> Tracy and KeLyssa come upon Nathan, who is now staying at Tracy's safehouse as well, after he's had a rough night. As Tracy and Nathan plan, KeLyssa completely bewilders both of them over coffee with her remedies and marriage proposals.
  • Sins of the Father —> Inadvertently (?), Tracy further cements Nathan's distrust of his family when she explains the origins of her synthetic ability.

April 4th

  • Resurrection —> Touching down in Washington, D.C., Tracy and Nathan secure the help of Congressman George Dawson to arrange an important press conference.
  • We Have to Go Back —> Tracy and Nathan brace for what's to come. Nathan reveals that KeLyssa had been tracked back to her previous safehouse and they hurry back. Tracy is unenthusiastic about the possibility of telling the residents of the house they have to leave if it comes to that.
  • Ice Cold Intervention —> The attempt by Tracy and Nathan to talk to KeLyssa about keeping the safehouse safe doesn't go well.

April 5th

  • Surprise Peter —> In the morning, Peter teleports directly to Nathan, but Tracy happens to be there also. She eavesdrops; he ignores, until she talks about the safehouse they happen to be in.

April 8th

  • Genetic Lottery —> Neither able to sleep, Nathan reveals to Tracy that he learned his ability is also synthetic, like hers, thanks to the Company. Another thing they have in common.

April 11th

  • Corporate Theft —> Tracy lends her assistance to Micah, Cody, and Mark — who she meets again after their unusual first encounter — at Lane Industries. After leading the way inside the area they need to steal some sort of device relating to the Protocol's collars, she leaves them behind.
  • Life, Or Something Like It —> Tracy returns to her safehouse to find Nathan in the middle of trouble between two of the youngest residents; they take care of it as best they can. She sees a message from REBEL on her phone asking for help from earlier and deletes it. She isn't okay.

April 12th

  • Tracy Wears the Pants —> Tracy and Nathan are surprised to get an unexpected visitor to the safehouse: Noah Bennet, who has been on the run after Alpha Protocol kicked him to the curb. Onto their curb.

April 13th

  • All Lined Up —> Tracy checks in with George to make sure all is well with scheduling Nathan's press conference. She also learns about the Protocol's/Emily's failed attempt against the President.

April 15th

  • Convergence: The Conference —> At the United Nations Headquarters, Tracy hangs back with Hallis and encourages Nathan as he prepares to address the press. She looks on through his speech and witnesses him being struck by a weapon mid-sentence.
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