2007-08-04: Train Job: Derailed


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Summary: Petrelli's terrorist organization launches an attack against the Acela Express Amtrak line. There's a complication in the form of a train which was not on the schedule. But they get a lot destroyed.

Dark Future Date: August 4th, 2009

Train Job: Derailed

Safehouse and the Acela Express Amtrak Line

The sun's set. The digital clock at the safehouse reads 8:56.

The room is empty of people, except for the one called to wait. The one needed for this mission. The information she'd been given was limited. A destructive mission, hopefully without actual confrontation. Property damage, then, rather than an actual fight. But nothing's been said about where the attack would be, or anything. Only when. 9:00.

The clock shifts from 6 to 7 and then Peter dissolves out of nothing into the room. He's dressed as he usually does, in dark clothes, a trenchcoat, and a stern look on his face. "I sent Kara ahead. She's in the sky keeping an eye out. Keep your radio tuned to channel 27 in case of emergencies," he motions to the radio that should already be in the woman's ear. Combat gear and the radio would have been waiting for her. Bullet proof vest and kevlar included in most of it. Looks like he's taking precautions.

"We're destroying parts of a train line. I'll give you instructions on what is yours to destroy, and I'll handle the rest. Clear?"


In her battle gear and her long leather jacket on. She winks at Peter as he appears in the room, "Got it" Dextris says and is playing with Lips while she looks at Peter. "Pedro, can I bring the grenades? I know I might not need them, but you never know right? I mean they can be useful. They make things go BOOM. BIGBADABOOM" the telekinetic says and then smiles hopefully. She looks up to Peter as an older brother. Has since the day they started working together. Dex gets up from leaning against the wall and stands with a hand on her hip. Her usual weaponry is on her, but you wouldn't be able to see it.


There's a hint of a smile in the corner of his mouth. "Yeah, bring the grenades. We might get company— never know," Peter moves closer and waits until it looks like she's all ready, and then he puts a hand on her shoulder. It's interesting, seeing the entire room dissolve and reappear onto empty tracks. The tracks stretch through a city area, with buildings on either side. A town at least. Most of the buildings are in moderate repair, not ravaged the same way as the buildings around New York. Some even have lights shining in them still. But there's relative quiet. For the moment.

On one side is tracks, rails and gravel— on the other… a large bridge, also with rails. "Radio silence until we need it," he adds to the woman who travelled with him. "Call out any resistance. Your job is the tracks. Rip up the rails and destroy them as much as you can. Avoid the residentials. I'm handling the bridge. Work fast. I expect to see all that track gone when I finish with the bridge."

With this said, he starts to move away, towards the bridge itself.


Smiling since she already had the grenades with her Dex nods and closes her eyes as she travels with Peter. She likes it. Even though the first time she went traveling with him, she was a little sick afterwards. Cocking her head to the side, Dextris grins at Peter as he gets ready to leave, "I gotcha Pedro. This will /all/ be gone by the time I am done with it. And do be careful ok?" After saying all of that, Dextris walks off and comes to a little hill and turns around to face the tracks. She can see her work and the bridge and also any people that come towards her.
Ruffling her hair and cracking her knuckles, "Let's fuck some shit up" Grinning from ear to ear, Dex lifts her hand and tilts her head as the first bit of the track shakes for moment and then wrenches free. Dust billows out around the track and she then concentrates and the tracks bends into an impossible shape that nobody would be able to use again. She telekinetically rips off a huge chunk of it and throws it over her shoulder to which it SLAMS down behind. Her pupils have gone very dark, but they usually do whenever she uses her telekinesis for more than just lifting a pencil.
There is a slight creepy look to her right now, as the wind rustles her hair. She isn't even breaking a sweat as she proceeds to tear up the rest of the track and ball it up and bend it into unusable parts. She is working fast and at the halfway mark pretty fast. Nobody is rushing out to get her yet, so she figures she is on a roll. She makes another large piece of track slam down behind her and gravel explodes around the area. Luckily she didn't slam it down near any residentials. "And the boss said tear all that shit up" she sings softly to herself and laughs as another and another piece of the track is ripped up and thrown out of the way. She is making good progress.


While she's tearing the tracks up, she'll hear a loud sound of concrete getting crushed. No explosions, Peter's way of making things blow up wouldn't be good for the residentials, or his partner in crime. Instead, he's doing something else. Whatever he's doing… it's ripping the concrete apart. The rails for the train rip up much as hers do, flying up into the air when he gestures and then slamming down into the concrete as well. This hammering continues for a few moments, creating loud noise, clouds of white dust, and… attention. Specifically in the form of curtains opening and people looking out their windows.

Cars on the street stop, people get on the phone. But he doesn't stop. After one more slam, the stability of the bridge has been compromised. New sounds begin to emit, and he raises his hand and lets the rail stay aloft for a moment, watching, waiting…

There's a moment of silence from his side, until he raises his other hand… and the entire bridge begins to shutter, as if he's trying to lift it. It doesn't raise more than a fraction of a foot, but when he releases it… it goes crashing down into the water below, the section he ravaged first, the following sections follow in suit like a domino effect.


Barely noticing what Pedro is doing, Dextris continues to rip up the track and then with one final push of her ability. The last of it comes up and she throws it all together and wraps it so tight around itself that nobody would be able to undo all of the debris. Taking a cue from Peter after she sees what he has done, Dex picks up all the debris and throws it into the water as well. It makes a very big splash. But she dusts off her hands and quickly stands into the shadows. Her eyes are arched and she is breathing a little fast but not much. She flexes one hand and rests her other hand onto Lips at her hip. She presses her body against a near by building and looks up to where Peter is, "Whenever you are ready Pedro" she mumbles and smiles faintly. That was /fun/. Too bad she didn't get to hurt anyone.


All in all, the destruction took a few minutes— the sound of sirens can be heard approaching. There's a few flashes of light from the windows, possibly people trying to take pictures to be turned in to the government later. Peter turns around and surveys her destruction and nods. "Good work." He doesn't seem to be in a hurry, despite the sounds of sirens. They won't be here fast enough, unless they happened to have a speedster in this town. Stepping forward, he puts his hand back on Dextris and says one last thing, "We have more stops."

The world around them dissolves, and they reappear… in another area. This one shows a stretch of factory buildings, none of which seem to be in use, and a highway in the distance.

"You can toss it onto the factories if you need to, they're clear."

The destruction isn't swift, but it happens. After a little over ten minutes, they start to hear the sirens and they regroup and move on. The next area is much the same, miles away, but it has residentials and highway on either side. "More careful this time," he instructs, and they are. They stay less time this one, because the sirens approach.

Stop number four. 9:27pm.

They teleport into a far more open area than before. Fields on either side. Only thing they have to worry about is a cellphone tower and powerlines. 9:28pm.

"Get to work."


Dex nods her head and starts to destroy this other batch of railroad. She quickly rips it up and throws it into the factories. Knocking off bits of the wall and such. "Oops" Dex says in a mocking tone and she continues to work on the tracks. She licks her lips and ruffles her hair as she destroys some more track. Taking down the Empire, one track at a time.


One track at a time. There's a situation, though. Specifically in the form of— well— a train.

They may almost miss it in the sound of their own destruction, but Peter does hear it and looks over. There's a sudden curse. Even in this day and age, he doesn't toss fucks out that often, but this time? He does. Interupting her work, he reaches over and grabs her shoulder, and they teleport into the field… and then he lets go and teleports right back. She'll see him standing on the tracks right before the destroyed portion, and he raises his hand… and stops the train.

Or more accurately, the front of the train. As soon as he does, it derails, cars slipping off the tracks, slamming into each other, and rolling over, and coming dangerously close to still hitting him.

He teleports right back, though, blood trinkling down from his nose, a sight which they don't see often, but he's rarely done quite this much in one night. Already. He looks furious.

"There were no trains scheduled for this area." Apparently the schedules he procured? Didn't include this one.


Looking at concerned at Pedro, Dex walks forward to lay a hand on Peter's shoulder. "Hey Pedro, looks like someone didn't give you accurate info?" she raises her eyebrows and looks over to the stopped train. "Well, what do you want to do? Finish this or stop?" She knows he never stops on an assignment but she can ask right? "I hope the people on the train aren't Homeland, or we might be in for some action" Dex grins, since Peter /had/ to take her away from the train, which she could have helped stopping but if there are goons in that train? Well that makes this day even better.


"I hope they are Homeland," Peter mutters, reaching back to touch her arm again and teleport them closer now that it's mostly stopped. There's some sturring inside, but very little. "Rip it open. I want to see what's in there." And the way he stands, he looks ready to protect her in case it is Homeland.


"Gladly" Is Dextris' simple reply. She flexes her hand and rips a side of the train off easily and then throws it off to the side, away so that it doesn't hit her or Peter. Before taking a look inside, "Let's get cut some bitches?" she asks and draws Lips from her hip sheath and thumbs the holster of one of her Uzis in her leather jacket.


As she rips off the side of the train, there's no real sign of people at first. Until suddenly, someone leaps out. They are bleeding from the head, but they look as if they have powerful legs. Maybe that's their evolved gift, jumping. Black clothes cover his body, but there's signs of smoldering, fire… the clothes of a Homeland Security Evolved agent, without weapons. He's not too hard to take out, jumping into the opening like that. The contents of the train… are beginning to burn. Leaving the leapfrog to Dex and her weapons, Peter reaches up and brushes the blood off of his nose and looks deeper into the hold.

There's bodies. Lots of them.

And only a very small amount are in the uniforms of Homeland Security. All the others… are in prisoner orange garb, handcuffed together.


Dex throws three knives at the man at the same time with her telekinesis and then shoots the man in the head, before throwing his body away from the two. She then gets to look into the train also, "Oh shit Pedro" she mumbles and shakes her head. Damnit! That was not apart of the plan! She scratches her head and rubs her hand along Lips while stepping closer to the train and then walking away back to Peter. Yeah those are definitely not just Homeland Security guys.


There's a tightness in his jaw and Peter moves away from this car, and starts ripping the sides off all of them. Passanger cars all. And the same results as they walk down them. Dead bodies. Homeland Security spattered among detainees. A few of the detainees stur, but it's the Homeland Security ones that he pays the most attention to. He grabs one with his mind and begins to strangle him. A second one moves out, her hands crackling with a hint of frost. The train starts to freeze— along with a lot of the people inside. This one has something sticking out of her shoulder, a piece of the train, bleeding, injured.


"Damn cyros" Dex mutters before she literally rips the skin off the face of the Evolved woman. Dex is clearly taking her anger out on the woman, "You guys are so fucking ridiculous!" she yells as the woman screams in agony and Dex shoots her in her foot and arm before mentally dragging the woman out of the train and putting her foot to her neck before taking Lips and leaning down to finish the Evolved woman's screams. She shakes her hand, it is /very/ cold but not frozen. She looks over to Peter as she wipes the blood off her face.


The ice has spread to some of the bodies in the train. Peter looks around in frustration, realizing just how bad this is. At this point, he hesitates. "We can't get them out of here." There's not enough time, there's not enough manpower. "I can't teleport even the living ones. We move on to the next goal." The clock on his wrist, which he rarely wears these days because it's an analog and his wife hates analog clocks, reads 10:23. They spent a lot of time ripping the trains open to see the contents— and kill some of them. Far from highways, they heard no sirens. But, vefore the surrounding area dissolves, they hear a set of helicopters approaching.

He reaches to grab her again, not bothering to ask her to put her knife away, and teleports her to the next location… Train tracks. Again. Same as before. This time in factory-heavy areas.


Dex sighs and looks at Peter as they arrive to the next spot, "Hopefully they will be alright" she says and begins to destroy more of the track. She doesn't like leaving the people, but nothing else could be done. This is for the greater good. Dex guesses and she continues her work. In deep thought.


While she takes one side, Peter takes the other, ripping up tracks. By this point, there's sirens fairly fast. They know they're after the line. They can't call guards to every single piece of the track, but they can be on alert. Within a few minutes, he returns to her side, grabs her, and they move on. The next stop— they get unlucky. There's a group in an armored car just in sight— This could go badly. But Peter sees them first.

The two freedom fighters dissolve from sight almost immediately, before they can see them. Not teleporting this time, but invisibility. He starts to pull her off the tracks. "How'd you like to try flipping an armored car, Dex?" he whispers close to her ear.

There's men on top of it, a woman in the back, all manning heavy weaponry. And they're probably evolved— doesn't look like any of them are blessed with amazing eyesight or extra senses, though.


"Go for it. You take care of this section. I'll make sure they're finished with," Peter says, stepping away from her and allowing her to come visible as he walks the rest of the way over to the flipped over armored car. There's something so… angry about his walk. He must still be pissed off about the situation— and who can blame him. He just killed a couple hundred human detainees.


"You always take the risky parts" Dex mocks complains before grinning and continuing to destroy the track, humming as she goes. "Lala la la la lala" she sings gibberish and sounds damn good while she does. She throws the debris all over the place but sure not to throw any in Peter's direction. She keeps a eye on Pedro. Can't have anyone surprise attack him on her watch.


"That's because I don't stay dead," Peter explains, before he finishes them off one by one. She can't see exactly what he does, and occassionally he steps out of sight entirely, but when he walks away, he sends a spark of electricity back behind him the armored car's tank explodes. There's a helicopter approaching again. This time? He doesn't step right to Dex and teleport them out. He moves one of his hands… and suddenly the helicopter starts to wobble, and crashes towards them. Now? Now it's time to go. He moves quickly back to Dex and grabs her shoulder again. They're gone right before the propeller impacts the torn up tracks.

When they reappear, they're back in the safehouse. The digital clock now reads: 10:54. Peter looks visibly winded.


Dextris looks at Peter as they arrive to the next destination. "Action is picking up Pedro. Hope your ready" she says and rubs her arms. She itching and she scratches the arm hard before looking around where they landed. They are back in the safehouse. "Success Pedro?" she grins at Peter and grips his shoulder before backing away a little. To yawn. She is a little tire. "And listen, Pedro we didn't know there was a train coming" she says and looks Peter in the eye. She doesn't want him to blame himself.


The safehouse is about as safe as they can possibly get. Peter's jaw is tight. But there's a nod, "Enough of a success." Not a happy victory, but they met their goal… for the most part. "The train was unfortunate, but there's nothing I can do about that now." It's done with. "I need to pick someone up and then I need to get home and sleep— you're right though. Things are picking up." And they can't do much about that, either. "Get some rest and stay in as safe a location as you can."

There's that dissolving again. Mission complete.

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