2007-10-19: Trap Or Coincidence?


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Guest Starring: Nameless vendor

Summary: A clue to Dorsey's whereabouts and activities just might have been found.

Date It Happened: October 19th, 2007

Log Title Trap or Coincidence?

Tourist Trap, Australia

So, what does one do when they're undercover, in Australia and hunting down a dangerous individual? Blend in of course. Benjamin is having no trouble playing the part of the tourist, or at least passing off as an American cousin of Yahoo Serious. Dressed casually, he's not standing out amongst the crowd as he browses silly souvenirs to take home to folks. He's not goofing off, this is work. Sometimes you just have to look and act normal to blend in and do the job. Several cartoony shaped magnets for the country are looked over as he keeps an open ear and eye out.

There are souvenirs everywhere on the beach, as well as other types of salesmen hoping to leach off the tourist crowd to sell their stuff. Fruit vendors of all kinds, some selling tabloid-like papers or home necessities - even toilet paper, for those really looking. Those who can't afford a stand are walking along with backpacks full of their items. One of these approaches Benjamin - maybe he looks gullible, or perhaps it's just a random selection.

"Hey, there, Mate. You look like you're lookin' for somthin' to sink yer teeth into. Somethin' you can't just get in stores. 'Ere, take a look." The boy isn't young, but he's not old, either. Well-tanned, muscular, and, well… Somewhat tired. And it's no wonder. he's carrying around a bag full of paper. "I rep'r'sent Doctor Mills. Can't get 'erself published, but take a look at this, eh? What part o' Australia you from?"

While Benjamin can't advertise fully where he was and why, he can't play tourist without looking through the vendors. Being a New Yorker has its advantages. Like being used to vendors like the man with the backpack. He turns to face the man who's addressing him and smiles cordially. "I can't say that I'm looking for anything medicinal or a doctor… and I'm not from Australia. Sorry."

Pulling out one of the paper-bound and stapled books, the boy looks almost disappointed. He hasn't sold many today, and it's no wonder why. These things certainly don't look very professionally done. If Ben takes a look at the cover, he'll find the title reads 'Alzheimer's Disease in the Young,' in bold Impact font, with the name 'Doctor Joy Mills' below that. "It's local," the boy tries with a sigh, before putting the book back into his bag and moving on. "Well, thanks for your time anyway, mate. Gotta get a few o' these sold today." And he starts to move on.

Benjamin has no use for anything on Alzheimer's. His mother is in full charge of her faculties and probably will be until the day she croaks. Heaven forbid that's anytime soon. There's also no history of it in the family, but I digress. "Excuse me though.. I do have some questions about these books and the doctor.." It just seems odd to Ben that someone's hawking these in a touristy area. Plus.. Alzheimer's and the young? It's too coincidental. "Does this Doctor Mills specialize with Alzheimer's? And where is her office?"

"The Doc noticed a string of young people showing symptoms," the boy explains, somewhat heartened by the fact that Benji's showing a little interest. "Right 'round this area r'here. Few in Sydney, but it seems more like in the Cairns area." He holds out the book again, indicating with that hopeful expression that Benji can look at it if he wants. "She specialises in neurological disorders. No one seems to really be lookin' into this other'n her. I jus' work behind the counter, if y'wanna be perfectly honest. Why? You got someone, too?" Maybe he's not from Australia, but maybe it's why he's here!

"I see.." Benjamin doesn't have to feign interest in the situation. This could very well be related to just who they're hunting down. He takes the book and slowly flips through it, looking for things that might jump out at him. "Hmmm.. well it's not exactly like this.. it's more like ADHD. How much for the book? I think I'd like to look through this fully.. and maybe even see this Doctor." Could this be a trap? Possibly. Coincidence? Possibly too!

The book isn't huge. Enough so that there's a good deal of information in it without being unbearable. There are even a few illustrations. "Seven dollars," the boy says. Sounds like an arbitrary number, but it pretty accurately describes the printing cost, plus the small profit the doctor's hoping to make with the sale of the book. "Doc's address is just inside the back cover. You can visit her anytime - or, well. When the clinic's open, I guess. She works out of a family practice. Pretty much nine to five." It could be a trap, yes. But when you're dealing with a man who causes horrible brain trauma, and you run into someone selling books about the same, you might just be on the right trail. Who knows?

Benjamin nods his head as he flips to the front of the book for the address. It's all too neat and coincidental. Trap? Or maybe Dorsey is the cause behind this.. if he has a thing for preying on children.. the sooner he's taken in the better. "Only seven? Okay." The book is tucked under one arm as he fishes out his wallet to fork over the money. It's a small price to pay for the information. He's almost tempted to head straight for the doctor's office, except he's alone. One of us, one of them.

Hah! He sold one! The boy's genuine happiness is evident as he takes Benjamin's money and leaves the book with him. It's almost a miracle. "There's a lot of good stuff in there," he says. "I've read it, and— It makes sense and all…" Yes, he's trying to sell the book after he's already sold it, or something. "Just… thanks, this really means a lot. Thank you!" And he rushes off to go find another buyer!

As he trundles off, Meryl appears, with a huge ice cream cone in her hand. Wearing khakis and a tank top, she offers an odd look in the retreating kid's direction. "Huh. What was that about?" she asks.

Benjamin looks just as pleased as the boy about the purchase. "I believe you. I think this is just what I've been looking for.. and thank /you/." He pulls the book back out from under his arm to find a spot to read through it a little more in depth just as Meryl appears. He flashes her a mild yet triumphant grin, "A stroke of luck," and he holds the book up for Meryl to see. "Alzheimer's in the young. Enough case studies for this doctor to try and raise awareness with a book."

Her attention turns from the boy to the book, and she squints at it. LOOKS BORING, her mind says to her, but she'll read it. After a game of KEEP AWAY!!!! Reaching forward, she plucks the outstretched book from Benjamin's hands, and takes off running. This makes reading much more entertaining, truly, and once she loses him - and she will, because she is an expert at this, she'll sit down and read the book. He can have his turn later! "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!" she calls over her shoulder.

Boring? How can this be boring! It's a lead! Benjamin blinks as the book is snatched from his hand and Meryl takes off running. A noise of exasperation escapes as he takes off after the woman. He's /not/ playing keep away. Goofing off seems to be okay at other times, but right now? This is serious! "Son of a beesting! Get back here!"

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