2007-12-03: Travel Companions


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Summary: It's too late for shopping, but not to make a new friend.

Date It Happened: December 3rd, 2007

Travel Companions


Having been held back by illness, Tyson is only now getting onto tournament business and that included getting some specific tech to help out with things. Himself pondering whether or not he could get a discount since it's for a business, technically. At any rate, he is out this late looking for one such store, and if it happened to be open now, even better.

While Fenton doesn't like walking the streets uptown so much in the daytime, it certainly is a different experience to do so at night. Times Square is more enjoyable for its nightlife and lights, for one thing. But when you want to actually get somewhere, it's easier to take the streets flanking the main one that leads up to the famous tourist spot. This area still holds its popular spots and names, but it's easier to get around, especially at this time. So much more that Fenton's actually dropped his skateboard and is now cruising along the sidewalk, easily weaving his way between what people do come along this street. If the upper crust wants to complain about a skater on their streets, they'll just have to deal with it. Besides, Fen figures he's causing no more commotion than the lines of cabs that go by.

"Sidewalks aren't for wheels, Kid!" Somebody calls out a little ways down, catching Tyson's attention as he sees Fenton coming towards him with some speed apparently floating-

"No,… skateboard…" He says nodding with awareness of the situation. "Yo, Fen-…? Fenton?" He calls outs, not sure if that was the guy's name, but calling out just in case.

"Tell that to the people using those stupid segways," Fenton snorts, throwing a glance in the direction of whomever had shouted at him, but not long enough to actually spy out the person since it's a bad idea to keep your attention off what might be in front of you, especially when you're skateboarding. Perhaps in a small act of defiance, he skips the board halfway off the sidewalk to skid alongside the edge of the curb.
And then someone calls his name. He's pretty sure he doesn't know enough people to be getting into any trouble, but then that sure didn't sound like some was upset with him. The wheels clatter on the sidewalk as he hops it back onto level ground again, and he twists it to a stop, stomping at the back end so that the nose tips up. Fenton looks around and then sees Tyson not far off. Oh yeah, that guy from… the fight club thingy. What was it again? "Tyson. Hey," he waves a hand.

They weren't really friends or anything, but even acquaintances are allowed to call each other out when they recognize each other. Such was the case and Tyson heads on over to the skateboarder. "What's up, guy? How was life on the outside, assuming you weren't cooped up with that Gemini Virus." He shrugs, that having been his circumstance.

Gemini Virus? Oh. Fenton nods, recalling the name of the mysterious sickness that had been plaguing people- he'd caught the headlines of the recent cure found. "Ah, not much, just the same ol,' same ol,'" he admits. "Just been around town, or the school thing." He smiles lopsidedly, shrugging. "What about you? Still doin' that brawl thing?"

"The brawl thing?" Tyson chuckles a little, "Yeah, I'm still on doing that. Right now I'm supposed to be getting cameras and stuff for the tournament that's starting up. I've only got so much time during the day with school and being in the family, I'm up now." He shrugs, "At least nothing serious has come up, I was a little worried…." At that though, Tyson takes on a curious expression, "You haven't seen anybody running around calling themselves 'Aces', have you?"

"Oh, I see. Sounds like you're keeping busy," he grins. Fenton nods, although he gets the feeling something's been left out of that. He doesn't know that he should ask, let alone know enough to know -what- to ask. Direct questions are easier though, although not so much when the answer is obviously negative. Quirking a brow at Tyson, Fenton slowly shakes his head. "Nope, sorry."

"Oh, okay…" Tyson smiles and nods, satisfied. "Good, though I assume their boss just got sick after-…" He catches himself, "… coming to the BHQ the day of the outbreak. I'm telling you this, we're going to be scrutinizing our food supliers more, now. But still, they're a gang and last I knew they were active."

After…? Fenton tilts his head, but it's apparent that Tyson isn't going to let himself slip twice. He nods after a moment, deciding he'll have to accept that explanation. Leaning forward to pick up his skateboard between the front wheels, he glances down the street and then back at Tyson. "So, you said you were gonna pick up some equipment. Need any help with that? You'll be heading back down that way after, right? I'll have to go the same way anyway."

"Sure," Tyson affirms the offer of help, almost back up to 100, but even if that weren't the case, any loadsharing was awesome. "I'm thinking about heading to Frontier Electronics, but if they're just going to gouge me, I'd like to at least check out my options, you know?"

The London-boy hasn't gone shopping around here yet so he doesn't have much say for suggestions of where to go. Still… "Doesn't hurt to take a look," he agrees. Personally he isn't sure that he'd choose to go looking for anything to be cheap around this area, but like he said, it doesn't hurt to look. Right?

"All right…" Tyson says starting to head over towards the Electronics building, before quickly discerning that nothing was going on within, from what he could tell. "Oh… well…" He turns back to Fenton, just a little annoyed. "Unfortunately I don't think any store of quality is going to open right now. Do you want to save the shopping for another time and just head on Bronxways?"

That's one way to cut a shopping endeavor short. "Eh well…" he echoes, glancing past Tyson at the store before looking to the other boy himself. "…you still have time before you'll actually need them though, right?" If so, then waiting another day or so won't hurt any. Fenton nods at the suggestion- it's kind of late to be hanging about here anyway, especially if they need to head all the way back down to the Bronx. "Yeah, sounds like a plan."

"You've got a point about getting back to the Bronx, too." Tyson thinks on that for a moment, "Well, since we're going around the same place we could always snag a cab? It doesn't really matter to me. Either way we get a chance to become best friends, right?"

Ah, a good old taxi ride, both the city's renowned service if not its bane. While Fenton is not too keen about cab rides (or any rides in an automobile around this city, at least), he supposes it'd be a nice change from the subway. Hopefully traffic won't be as bad around this time either. "Sure, let's do that then." He grins. Friends, huh. In a big city like this, it doesn't hurt to make a few.

"Cool." Tyson says, heading over to the street and attempting to hail cab; something that happens to take only a couple minutes for one down the street to see the young patron. "So… do we start talking again once we're inside the taxi or are we free to keep on discussing things as he have been in public?" He's joking, and it appears obviously so with a humored smile.

With the plethora of cabs down a single street Fenton would think it impossible to not be able to get a ride so quickly. He trails after Tyson, arching a brow at him. "Whether we took the subway or this, it'd be pretty awkward not to say anything the entire trip. Although I'm really hoping traffic is actually moving." He smirks at the jest. "Not to say I don't want to talk," he laughs, tucking his skateboard under an arm.

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