Katrina Mah
Katrina Mah
Portrayed By Megan Fox
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 13, 1985
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases Trina, Sally Strumpet
Place of Birth Atlanta, GA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Dancer, Therapy
Known Relatives Adelaide Mah (mother; deceased), Nancy Mah (maternal grandmother; estranged)
Significant Other eNTHrAllEd
Known Abilities Forcefield Generation
First Appearance Upon Cars We Both Agree

An on-again-off-again bartender from the Den of Iniquity in Brooklyn (as the bar tends to be on-again-off-again), Trina is a big-mouthed girl with a love of fast cars, big motors, scotch, the occasional pack of cigarettes, and silver-tongued bad boys.

After a crazy few years, she seems to have ended right back where she started from after her rough arrival to Manhattan: homeless, penniless, friendless, and clueless how to get even a little closer to fine.



The birth of a baby is supposed to be a joyous occasion. Somebody must have forgotten to give that particular memo to the Mah family.

When Adelaide Mah went into labor on the twelfth of January in 1985, there was a whole lot of cursing. She cursed 'cuz it hurt, and her jobless baby daddy cursed because he had to turn off his porn to take her to the hospital. Neither of them was ready for the responsibility of a baby, and they both knew it. After a long labor, Adelaide named her beautiful baby Katrina and promised to always look after her.

The problem with promises is that no one ever seems to be inclined to keep them.

Two hours later, due to unforeseen complications, Adelaide started uncontrollably hemorrhaging. Six hours later, she was dead. Surprise, surprise: Dad had left as soon as Adelaide was checked in and his identity was carried to the grave with her. That left little Katrina Mah in the hands of her grandmother. Riddled with guilt, Nancy Mah dutifully took on the burden left behind by her daughter and never looked back.

Katrina, or Trina as she came to be called, was nothing if not a problem child. It wasn't that she was bad per se, but from the age of four she was constantly finding herself in scrapes with older kids in the rundown Atlanta neighborhood where she grew up. It's not that she wanted to get beat up or picked fights; she just had a fast mouth and never seemed to have it in her to back down.

Trina's fights with older, bullying boys eventually became Trina DATING older, bullying boys and she learned how to work on cars to prove herself worthy of their attention. She got pretty good at it, too, earning their respect. Everything was cars and boys, and Trina began consistently failing out of her classes in the eighth grade. She did this all without Nancy's knowledge… until seventeen year old Jason Neel came to their tiny apartment to pick Trina up at 11 o'clock at night. Nancy chased him off with the rifle from the closet and by the next week had found a job working as an administrative assistant in a jarring factory in Glenville - a town that prided itself on having just installed its first stoplight in the center of town. Packing up her pretty fourteen-year old granddaughter, they moved to the Podunk Nowhereville Georgian countryside.

In a year, the trouble-attracting Trina seemed to calm down enough that even Nancy joked of doubting it was her own granddaughter. To fit in, cars had to — at least temporarily — give way for chorus classes and dance lessons. For her grandmother's sake alone, Trina even fought her way into a bottom slot on the cheerleading squad. However, there's only so far that good intentions will take you.

It was only a matter of time before the roar of the motor called to Trina again in its beautiful, powerful language. Soon, it was all she could think about. Trina asked her grandmother if she could take shop classes in her sophomore year of high school, Nancy initially refused. However, soon a deal was struck. Nancy would allow her granddaughter to take auto tech classes if she agreed to continue to take two dance classes a year. And so it was that she became the first cheerleader in the history of the school to be enrolled in the auto tech class by choice. She became the black sheep of the squad. She had their disdain; they had hers.


Furthermore, unlike in the city, her estrogen was unwelcome in the high school grease monkey circles. That meant she was now firmly stuck in a social limbo with no friends her own age. Even the geeks and so-called losers called her weird and would have nothing to do with her. That left an embittered Trina with nothing to do but her homework during the week, work on her grandmother's junker of a car on the weekends and learning to actually act like a girl in dance shoes. For her grandmother, she tried to maintain appearances.

Somewhere along the line, Trina stopped caring at all about being reformed. She became desperate for human interaction, and that led her back to her old ways. Her grandmother, working late hours at the factory, didn't realize that her granddaughter wasn't coming home until well after practice and wasn't really spending the night at her girlfriends' houses. It was the perfect opportunity for her to find her way into the local college parties in nearby Savannah and more than her fair share of trouble. Older boys viewed her as a toy. A novelty. As long as they told her nice things, she gave 'em everything she had to give.

By the time senior homecoming came around, Trina looked every part the lady on the arm of a strapping young man her own age. Her grandmother thought she had won a major victory. Funny, ha ha. Trina did her very best to keep her grandmother happy and entirely unaware that her 'escort' was her boyfriend's younger brother and they were actually skipping homecoming to go to a big street race featuring her college beau's new pride and joy — a gutted, rebuilt, and altogether beautifully turbo-charged 1976 Monte Carlo.

Unfortunately, Trina came home in cuffs that night. Long story short? Illegal street race with some stolen foreign cars plus police raid equals juvenile arrest. While Katrina and five of the other kids present escaped the ordeal without charges, that was the final straw. Nancy kicked her daughter's only child out of the house.

Without a place to stay and not wanting to tell anyone at school about it, Trina ended up crashing in a series of her older boyfriends' houses until the last seven months school were up. Some boyfriends were nicer than others, Trina having a sick habit of being suckered in by anybody with a sweet word for her, a place for her to sleep at night, and any sort of promise of something better. The sweeter the words, the easier she fell for 'em. She celebrated her eighteenth birthday with a bottle of vodka, a jackass named Steve White, and not even a call from her grandmother. In June, she graduated and then left that night with her drag-racing ex's best friend, Tony Macchiello, for New York City with a fake ID, twenty bucks in her back pocket, and a duffel of clothes on her shoulder.


By the time they got to New Jersey, they were ready to kill each other. He much more literally than she. Trina was used to beatings, but something else happened that night that would stick with her for the rest of her life. She found herself going from being half-naked and bloody in the back field to hearing him yell as he was ripped away from her by some invisible force and then the sickening crack of bone as he split his skull in half on a tree behind the rest station. She blacked out before she could understand what happened.

When she came to in the tall grass, it only took looking at him to realize that Tony was dead. Thus, Trina did the only thing she could think of to do: she ran. Stealing his keys and then his car, she took it to the City, ditched it outside the city limits and hitchhiked the rest of her way in. She tried to leave behind the whole ordeal and she stopped trying to figure out how it happened.

By a stroke of luck, the chain-smoking performance artist who picked her up on the city limits knew of a local battered women's shelter. She drove Trina there. They gave her a place to stay, a job, and the means to get herself onto her feet. The cook at the bar where she waited tables gave her boxing lessons. A guy from her neighborhood taught her handguns and knives. When she turned 21, she got her chance to trade her waitress apron for a bartender's shaker. Not only that, but the crew chipped in and bought her a 1965 Ford Mustang V8 convertible in need of copious amounts of love. Love she was more than willing to give. Bit by bit, she started to get her life back.

Then, of course, someone had to go and try to ruin it. A group of gang kids with something to prove dragged her into a back alley in hopes of taking her tips and a free ride. She was outnumbered, and then it happened again. That same overwhelming surge that felt like it was going to explode within her, pushing the boys away and into the brick walls with such concussive force that it left a couple of 'em looking pretty close to dead. That left her with one course of action: she ran home, trying to forget it ever happened.

Now she's just trying to get by, trying to come to terms with the fact that she's got powers and no clue how to use 'em, all while praying to God that no one ever realizes that her hands are stained with blood.



Trina has the ability to generate a field of protective psionic energy. She currently only can access the power by accident, and it surfaces as a protective dome brought on as a subconscious reaction to extreme physical threats to her person. They are uncontrolled exertions of energy and completely draining; it's a struggle for her to maintain consciousness after constructing a field.

Her fields are established in one of two ways: either centered about herself or focused about a particular target. The first application is best suited to protecting herself and those near her. However, when centered about her, her fields currently can only be stretched to six yards in diameter before they dissipate. As her power grows in maturity, however, she will slowly begin to see her fields reach a ten-yard diameter. When aiming for a target, her fields experience a reduced diameter. Even at the height of her ability, she will only ever be able to target a person up to thirty yards away, and a dome's range would be reduced to a mere seven-foot diameter at that range. With a couple of years of training and practice, she will be able to control the power and duration of her fields as well as creating tighter seals so that even gases like oxygen cannot penetrate, but that's years off.

She will soon find that her protective domes are not her only power. Rather, she has the power to bend and shape her fields, able to use them in order to help shield her hands as she punches or briefly handles things that might otherwise burn or harm her… or to simply gain a harder surface as she rams headlong into people. Lastly, several years down the line, she will find that by concentrating her field as a column beneath her and expanding it, she will be able to lift herself up to thirty feet in the air.


  • February 3. Peter finally tracks down Trina after the Big Break Up. (Heart of Stone)
  • February 4. Someone else finds Trina. Someone who knows things. (Accidents Happen)
  • February 7. Jack finds Trina at her new job. It's a short-lived career. (Couples' Therapy, Stay)
  • February 16. Jack finally comes back to visit. (Anything For You)
  • February 20. McAlister finally makes contact with Trina. It's not clear if that's a good thing. (Two Girls, A Bed, and an Orangutan)
  • February 21. While Trina's packing up the last of her stuff from the hotel, Peter visits. (Good Timing)
  • February 24. While Trina's trying to make sense of the destroyed homestead, Nathan visits. (Worse Before Better)


  • "There's two kinds of people in this world: those who are gonna let you down, and those who already have."
  • "No, I came up with the idea, fair and square. Hookers wanna send their hooker panties to my man, they pay the price: hooker panties go on the hooker wall." (Regarding the string of panties hanging in the Den of Iniquity, Trouble Comes in Twos)
  • "Careful, Pete. Folk tend to trample anybody when they're runnin' scared." (To Peter, Heart of Stone)


  • Unbeknown to Trina, a member of the gang responsible for attacking her and triggering the second manifestation of her powers died hours after the encounter and another was left paralyzed from the waist down. This has left his crew hankering for revenge, should they ever find her again.
  • An enthusiast for classic American cars, Trina's pride and joy is her 1965 Ford Mustang V8 convertible. It's the only thing of value that she owns. She's dropped almost all of her free cash and spare time into restoring it, trading favors whenever she can to get what she needs. Below, see her baby as purchased and after eighteen months in her doting care in front of the shop who put on its first fresh coat of paint in twenty-nine years. Hurt the car, and she'll hurt you.
  • Trina cannot cook to save her soul, with the exception of several Southern staples. Baaad things happen when she attempts anything else.
  • Unaware of what the true nature of her powers is or how to use them for fear of hurting anyone else, Trina is terrified to use her powers. She mostly pretends she's normal. Sometimes, she even fools herself.

Friend & Foe Guide


Because of her past experiences and betrayals, Trina doesn't make friends easily. Not real friends, anyway. She's friendly enough and certainly not shy and she gives initial trust easily, but that is never to be considered the same thing.

She is not, however, beyond giving forgiveness. For the right somebody, she'll forgive a hundred times over. And, for her friends, she is fiercely and violently loyal.



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Gotta leave. Gotta bleed.
You've gotta stop lying still 'cause this is no kind of life.
You don't need guarantees.
You just want something to build before you turn to the knife.
Hope on Fire by Vienna Teng — ListenLyrics

In a world that keeps on pushing me around, I'm gonna stand my ground. And I won't back down.
Won't Back Down by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers — Listen

I'll believe all your lies; Just pretend you love me.
Make believe. Close your eyes. I'll be anything for you.
Anything for You by Evanescence — Listen

And then she'd say, it's okay. I got lost on the way, but I'm a supergirl, and supergirls don't cry.
And then she'd say, it's alright, I got home late tast night, but I'm a supergirl, and supergirls just fly.
Supergirl by Reamonn — Listen

Might as well be cheerful, there's no use being tearful, if he's giving you the sack.
Cuz' if your kisses can't hold the man you love, then your tears won't bring him back.
If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love by Rasputina — Listen


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