2007-07-12: Tripped Down Memory Lane


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Summary: Sometimes the best weapon we have is the past.

Date It Happened: 12th of July, 2007

Tripped Down Memory Lane

Hartsdale-PrimaTech Cells

The sounds of high-heeled shoes clicking against the concrete floor echo throughout the corridor. The sounds of the cell door opening muffles the light laughter coming from the scarlet lips of the raven-haired agent as she enters. "Good evening Miss Neal," Jordan says as she enters the room. She leans up against the door with a crooked smile and asks, "How are we doing?" as she pulls out a notepad from her jacket pocket.

The telekinetic Andrea is lying across her bed and making circle motions on the wall beside her. Her hair is over her face and she blows out hard repeatedly to make it fly off her face and then it falls back to her face. Being in a cell sucks and Andrea is getting dangerously bored. Havoc always seems to occur when the young woman is bored. "I was wondering when you would be coming back for another ass beating."

Jordan shakes her head, "That would not be in your best interest," she says with a singsong tone, "If you assault me in here, you'll just end up counting down the rest of your days from this cell." Jordan isn't stupid and knows for a fact that there isn't much Andrea can actually do to her in her current state. "Besides, I haven't come here to fight with you. I'm here to see if everything was explained to you, like why you are here and why you are too dangerous to be out on the streets." Jordan unbuttons her jacket to show the de-powered telekinetic her pistol as she takes a few steps closer to her.

"Bitch please. I'm dangerous? If I was carrying my little knives in my pocket when you met me, then I would have been dangerous. I just threw you around a little. Don't be so bitter Miss Bonham," Andrea chuckles and rolls her eyes at the sight of the gun. While she knows how to use a gun, she prefers to use her hands and feet and well, anything else on her body as a weapon. Don't forget her knives as well. "But any who, explain to me Wise One."

Jordan flips through her notepad, "Telekinesis is one of the few abilities that has limitless potential," she starts to say then narrows her eyes on Andrea, "But when that potential is given to a, what's the word I'm looking for, umm, gutter snipe, it becomes incredibly dangerous." She tilts her head slightly, "Am I going to fast for you?" she asks with the most condescending tone she can muster, "You have no real control over your powers and therefore threaten to expose all of us." She flips over to the next page on her pad, "Of course we are willing to help you gain control over your ability and help others like us."

"Listen, I've been using my ability since I was eleven years old and while you caught me on a extremely bad day. That does not reflect my overall use of my ability. Mohinder has already talked to me about 'practical tests' that will be done to measure what I can do. And you are going at a nice pace, grandma," she cocks her head to the side and studies Jordan. Something about this woman just makes her so pissed. Maybe it's the fact that she shot her with a tranq gun, but she is also sure that if they had met under different circumstances then she still wouldn't like her. "You have real nerve. Calling me dangerous with your damn gun slinging ass" she mutters and gets up from her lying down position. Leaning her back against the wall.

Jordan glares at Andrea, "Watch who you are calling grandma, besides does the good Doctor know how emotionally unstable you actually are?" she asks as she pushes back a lock of hair, listening into the sounds of the past and filtering out the unnecessary information. The next thing out of her mouth is one of the main reasons why the Company keeps her around, "Shall we talk about our little accident?" she asks as she wriggles her wrist in the air. The tilted grin across Jordan's face stretches out into a smile, "Surely you don't think that you can handle all of that power when you can barely handle life itself." The demeanor of the dark-haired woman changes some, if you didn't know any better you would think that she actually feels compassion.

Andrea sighs and closes her eyes, "You Agents just know all the buttons to push. First Agent Swan bringing up my father and now you bringing up the fact that after my father died I got suicidal! I wouldn't expect somebody like to understand how it would feel to have someone ripped away from you," She laughs softly as tears leak and run down her face. Andrea runs a finger over her scar on each wrist and she looks at Jordan. "Don't ever bring up my past again. You've already brought me here. Just leave me alone" She closes her eyes and sighs inwardly. Why can't she only just talk to Mohinder and Dr. Aldric? They are the nicer bunch, oh and that kid Marcus.

Jordan shakes her head, "You know it all, don't you?" she asks, judging by the grim tone in her voice and the on-edge body language one could deduce that Jordan has her own family issues. "Poor Andrea, lost her father and took the lives of two other men. Did it ever occur to you that they might have had children as well?" Jordan returns to her position against the cell door, pressing her back into it, "Miss Neal, it's our pasts that shape our futures are you really prepared to keep running from yours?" Jordan doesn't seem to look like she is leaving anytime soon as she jots down a few notes in her notepad, "You're just a scared little girl, who by some fluke has been given an incredible gift. But fear breeds anger and anger breeds malice and with that in mind ask yourself, honestly, do you belong out there with the rest of the world? What happens if you have another bad day and someone innocent get killed in the process? Would you resort to trying to end your life again?"

"Those men. They got exactly what was coming to them, whether I meant to do it or not. I haven't used my power in the way that you saw in the park, since that day. But like I told Mohinder, I could use some more training. It wouldn't hurt" Andrea glares at Jordan and shakes her head, "That part of my life is over. I'm not running. I've moved on"

Jordan taps her pen against her notepad, "How can you say you've moved on, when anytime anyone brings up your father or your accident you behave in a manner fitting a two year old that needs a nap?" Jordan takes a deep breath, "This Company can offer you things that you would have never imagined, like a place to belong." Jordan tucks the notepad back into her jacket pocket, "If you truly have moved on then you wouldn't mind discussing what happened to dear old dad," she quips, tapping her fingernails against the door.

Andrea looks at Jordan strangely, "I just do not like to discuss that Miss Bonham. Do you not have things that you would not like to be discussed or mentioned? My father was murdered in cold blood and I freaked out and killed those two men. That is all there is too it."

Jordan smiles, "There are parts of everybody's past that are uncomfortable to discuss and you really don't want to play the daddy-issue card with me, dear." Jordan brushes her fingers through her black locks and grimaces over at Andrea, "But that's not why you are here. You are here because you are a threat to all of us and until you gain better of control over your gift and your emotions you can consider this your home." A cheerier look washes over her face, "With that in mind, have you thought about a permanent job?"

"You look like you have daddy issues and if that is the case well I guess I should have more sympathy shouldn't I?" she looks at Jordan and smiles faintly. "I've been looking for a steady job. Being a temp isn't really what I figured would be my job forever but then again. I didn't think that I would be here in a cell" she lies again on the bed and closes her eyes. "Hope you had a nice visit with me Miss Bonham."

Jordan smiles as she puts her hand on the door, preparing to leave, "Learn to behave and follow orders and we can set you up with a wonderful job." Just as she gets half of her body out of the door she turns back and says, "And if you ever call me grandma again, I'll paint your cell with your brain matter," with a chipper tone. Not only does Jordan lack the necessary skills to make friends, she insists on having the last word and locks the cell door behind her.

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