2007-09-18: Tripped Up


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Summary: Sharon is on another one of her runs. Persi trips Sharon. Discussion occurs after brief snark.

Date It Happened: September 18th, 2007

Tripped Up

Central Park

It's late afternoon, and Sharon is out for a run. This is pretty common for her around this time of day, as she doesn't have any clients she's seeing, and she's got a couple projects that don't really need a lot of active management right now. Central Park is a pretty common place for people to be doing such a thing, so the woman has her iPod headphones hooked in as she runs along one of the paths, keeping aware as best she can of what is going on around her. She's moving at a fairly decent clip, but she's not running all out. It's marathon-pace running, not sprint training that she's doing today.

Persi sits, as she usually does, against the base of one of the statues spotted around the park. She seems to have terribly little interest in what's going on around her, but she does look around now and then, when she isn't reading the little novel she's got spread open in one hand. When she sees a runner coming her way, she does what she usually does — she sticks her foot out a bit to see if she's paying little enough attention to be tripped.

Oh, there's a foot sticking out. Oh, crap. Sharon doesn't see said foot today, as she was just thinking about something that one of her coworkers told her about a meeting tomorrow morning. Early morning meetings aren't that bad, but you kn…"OW!" Sharon is jolted out of her revelry by tripping over said foot and going to the ground with a loud THUD, landing on her left arm, which currently has a medium-sized bandage on it, with a wince.

Persi doesn't jump up to help or anything — she doesn't try to play the good samaritan, despite causing the accident, as she's done in the past — instead, she just kinda draws her foot back to where the other one is and snickers a little while burying her nose back in the little paperback novel called "The Anomalies." Persi's obviously not in one of her talkative moods, but is certainly in one of her 'annoy the crap out of someone' moods.

Sharon pushes herself up and sits up, pulling back the bandage on her left arm, where there's a nasty burnmark that looks fairly recent. Yep, landed right on the burn. The woman turns at the sound of the young woman snickering and frowns at her. "And thank you, New York's finest," the tall woman says as she stands, reattatching the bandage. No, there's no sarcasm in her voice at all.

Persi lifts one hand to give Sharon a little salute without so much as looking up from her book. However, after she finishes the paragraph she's reading, she lets the book shut with her thumb stuck in to keep her place — with that, she looks over and up at Sharon, "C'mon. You can do better than that. Is that all the back-bite you've got in ya? No wonder you managed to get tripped."

"I'm sure I could, but I don't like to expend unnecessary effort on a waste of time," Sharon responds to Persi as she finishes readjusting her bandage before leaning over to brush her legs off from the spill. Nothing broken, nothing that feels torn. So, Sharon is feeling decently. "Really though, what's the point? Just to see how people react to being tripped?"

Persi shrugs a little and puts on a big grin, "Kinda. That, and it amuses me for about two seconds. Really, though, a lot can be told from the simplest actions and reactions, and, well, I like to learn things about people when I first meet them. It's only polite to be inquisitive, wouldn't you think?"

"Might be careful about that policy. Sooner or later you're going to get one of those professional racers and put someone's career out for good with a torn ACL or something along those lines. Then you'll find yourself in a whole mess of trouble," Sharon says. Plenty of professional athletes in New York. "Though there are probably better ways to find out something about a person. Like the book you're reading there," she points out. She very well may think Persi is just being cheeky about the inquisitive and learning things angle, but she'll roll with it for now.

Persi looks down at her book for a second, then back up at Sharon, then back at the book, "…I'm pretty sure you're not in here. Unless you're, like, a grown-up version of Ember or something. Which I find highly unlikely." Persi shrugs once again, and then waves the novel back and forth a little, "'s'called The Anomalies. By a guy named Joey Goeble. It's about a punk rock band. What's that tell you about me, oh oracle of subtle personality cues?" Persi puts on an even bigger grin, with that, more than happy to challenge Sharon's claim of its relevancy.

"That you want to put on a public image of enjoying an obscure punk rock band, regardless of if you enjoy them or not, though you likely do like their music, and that you would welcome the chance to discuss them with someone who knows about them and the punk scene in general," Sharon responds. "I didn't say it'd say a lot about your personality, but that does say something about you. Though I'd have thought it more about genetics myself, but that's what studying biology does to a person".

Persi chuckles a little and tips he head toward Sharon a bit before responding, "Now, see, I like that — you actually tried. Most people don't work on these little indications. I mean, you're totally off, considering it's a novel — meaning it's fiction, and about a totally ficticious band, but your logic was pretty good for what knowledge you had of it. Personally, I like to believe folks don't know things about me, which is one reason it's so fun to find things out about other people — always nice to have the advantage."

"Can't say punk is my thing," Sharon responds, shrugging lightly at that. "And knowledge only helps you if you're able to affect the outcome by knowing it and acting on it. You knowing, for example, that I studied biology, isn't a particularly large advantage, except for conversation topics". Sharon stretches one of her legs out a little as she talks with the younger woman.

Persi shrugs once again, as if it's some compulsive motion she'll just keep doing no matter what, and responds with a lessened grin, "You're right, doesn't help me terribly much, but, then again, I've told you my game and revealed my purposes to you — what does that tell you?" The last few words are spoken with a raised eyebrow and the sort of exaggeratedly sly expression you'd expect to see in a cheesy movie sooner than on a real person.

"That your game is a way of starting a conversation without grabbing a drink at the local bar and letting the other person initiate the discussion," Sharon suggests. That's her impression of the woman's game. The woman switches legs and continues stretching. It's good to make sure that nothing is too badly damaged, and it keeps them loose.

Persi waves one hand a little and puts on a more genuine smile, "Good enough. That just skims the surface, but at least you're willing to keep up a decent conversation about it instead of just dismissing me as a weirdo, which I'm sure you've done, but at least you haven't done to the extent of most people, who simply refuse to listen to anything I say. Kudos. If I had some cash, I'd buy you a drink or something."

"Well, most people are pretty put off by being tripped, and you're not more strange than half the people in this city as far as I can see. Can't say I think it's a terribly great way to start a conversation, but you'll usually get a response from someone, I'll grant you that much". Finished with her stretching, Sharon straightens up once more. "Anyway, I should go finish my run. See you around".

Persi simply inclines her head for a moment and goes back to her reading — as she does, she rattles off what just so happens to follow the paragraph she was on, "Nice quote; Robert Penn Warren wrote, 'If you're an idealist, it doesn't matter what you do or what goes on around you, because it isn't real anyway.' …smart guy." Apparently Persi's not opposed to spewing random quotes at people instead of farewells.

Sharon laughs. "True enough," the woman says as she takes off running, apparently content to just continue on her run for the time being. She's got things to do, and people to see. Or at least she doesn't feel like getting tripped up anymore today.

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