Chiyume "Beatrix" Mimura
Chiaki Kuriyama as Trixie.
Portrayed By Chiaki Kuriyama
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 18, 1985
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Trixie
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Street Performer
Known Relatives Naomi Mimura (mother), Daisuke Mimura (father)
First Appearance No Damsel

Trixie Mimura is a street musician in New York City on a neverending quest to find her place in life and beat every Final Fantasy game ever. She works the graveyard shift as a waitress part-time to supplement what she makes playing her guitar. A self-proclaimed geek and a first generation Japanese-American, she's proud of her parents' heritage and doesn't care who knows it.


Chiyume “Beatrix” Mimura's parents immigrated together from Japan two years before she was born, after her father was transferred to the New York branch of his firm. He's helping to develop new technologies to aid in the study of human genetics. Though which companies are making use of what he's helping to create he isn't privileged enough to know. Though he makes good money, Trixie's mother teaches Japanese at a local community college, saving the money for her daughter's education.

As a young girl, Mr. and Mrs. Mimura had their daughter choose a sport and an instrument. She chose rock climbing and guitar, respectively. In middle school, she took up fencing, but does not get regular practice anymore. Much to her parents' chagrin, she took up parkour in high school. More than once, she's been brought home in a squad car after being found trespassing – usually on the roofs of buildings to practice her jumping, or because she jumped the wrong person's fence and got caught at it. While she's never been formally arrested, she's been given more than a couple warnings. Her stunts don't always go as planned, but she knows how to fall without injuring herself. Not too badly, at least.

Two years out of high school, Trixie is making an attempt at finding herself. She considers herself a full-time musician with a part-time waitressing job. She lives in a modest studio apartment plastered with posters of musicians and films. What she saves on renting a one-room apartment she spends on her art and her hobbies. While her great passion has always been for the guitar – she owns an acoustic as well as an electric – she also is a self-proclaimed geek, being heavily into video games and comic books. She has her PlayStation 2 from home and a Wii her parents bought her for Christmas. Her mother secretly maintains an account for Trixie at the local video store so her daughter will never be lacking entertainment. It is her hope that this will continue to serve as an anti-drug for her only child. Weather permitting, Trixie spends her mornings outside playing her guitar for tips in various locations. Her “set list” consists of traditional Japanese songs, as well as popular Japanese and American songs from the sixties on that she's been able to obtain the sheet music for. Despite years of study, the girl has never quite gotten the hang of playing by ear when it comes to more complex songs. She does surprisingly well as a street performer. Though she's only just making ends meet (when you consider her list of “needs” includes feeding her comic book addiction) she still earns enough to keep herself to only a part-time waitress, working overnights at the all-night diner.



  • "Gotta get the power up! Gotta get the good ending!"


  • Chose her American name, Beatrix, when she was four years old. She named herself for Beatrix Potter, having a fondness for "The World of Peter Rabbit" series of books.
  • Still referred to as Chiyume by her parents. Their nickname for her is "saru" or "monkey." She has a collection of stuffed monkeys for this reason.
  • Did not speak fluent English until the second grade and she still has a lingering accent that becomes more pronounced when she's excited. Japanese is still spoken exclusively in her parents' home when no guests are present.
  • A huge fan of the late Isaac Mendez's comic books.

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