2010-06-26: True



Date: June 26, 2010


The Truth is What You Make It


Ivory's Office, Therapy

It's the early hours. The customers have been cleared out. Employees are packing up and leaving. And then there is Trina.

She's taken most of the evening, gearing herself up for this moment. When she stomps into the office that has served as her bedroom, she is in a fine mood. Wrapped up in a robe to cover her near-nakedness, she teeters in her dangerously high heels but that only seems to add more violence and aggression to her sway. She is a thunderstorm, fury rolling off of her like thick and dark clouds, expanding into the furthermost reaches of the room. Her expression is dark, her teeth bared. "Ivory Wynn," she demands in a hiss, blue eyes wide and dark curls falling about her face to shadow them, refusing to accept anything but his full and immediate attention. "You tell me it ain't true."

"It ain't true."

Ivory responds fairly quickly because he's not sure what he's responding to, honestly. He has no idea why he's being screamed at and the fact that he's in the middle of counting huge stacks of money has a lot to do with the fact that he hasn't even looked up from where he's sitting to even see who that is that's decided they wanted to come and be angry at him. After all, people get angry at him all the time. He's pretty much used to it by this point.

The next few bills are tossed up onto an already large sack, complete with a smile at how much cash there is. With that done, he finally looks up and immediately smiles at the female that's destined to be angry at him. "Trina!" He grins. "You look cute this morning. Just get off?" Wink.

Trina's head tilts oddly, and her eyes lose some of their rabid width. But still she persists. "You tell me that you didn't do this," she demands again, finger lifting up to point in his direction accusatorially. "That… that you didn't make me… That you didn't make me feel something for you that ain't real. That… That there ain't other girls that you…" A tremor to her jaw. A shake to her voice. "How did the government use you?"

Ivory looks up at the ceiling, realizing exactly what's going on right now. He sighs for a moment, before he just shakes his head. It has become pretty obvious that he's going to have to cross this bridge. He pushes up from the seat, stepping around the desk and leans back against it. "I can honestly say, the only thing I want to do is help you, Trina. You're free to go anytime you want. I don't exactly know what 'this' is, that you think I've done, but I don't think I've done anything but try and help you. Maybe that's why you're feeling whatever it is you're feeling…"

Ivory offers a small shrug, before he takes a couple of steps off in the direction of where Trina is standing. "The government had a program. It was called Alpha Protocol. It was supposed to hunt down certain members of our society and obliterate them." Ivory doesn't sound happy to be recounting these events. "I was the guy they chose to put in charge of it. When I found out it wasn't what they told me and everyone else, I quit. In turn, they spun the whole thing as my idea." Sigh.

"Your government program destroyed my life," Trina says simply, face scrunching up as though she's about to cry, fury ebbing away to something else entirely. Her arms cross protectively over her chest. "My fiance's life! Everything we'd built! And I wanted so badly to believe that you… That you were something different. That all you needed was a second chance. But… But… But Pete said that this was your ability. To do this to me. To make me lo— To make me care for you."

There's a pause, and then there is a pleading look in Trina's eyes as her voice is nearly nothing at all but a whimper. "Please. Please, tell me you weren't just usin' me. That this wasn't just a game."

"Pete?" Ivory's not quite sure he understands, but he's definitely going to do some cross-referencing with the security logs, that's for sure. Just in case this 'Pete' was in the club. "Look. I don't know what whoever this is told you, but I'm not plain' any games. You needed a job and I needed another girl. The way I see it, it was a good deal between the two of us." Ivory offers a little bit of a shrug, definitely trying to make sure that he's coming off as innocent as he is. He doesn't know anything about what she's talking about! "I'm not happy bout what I've done. And I can't go back and take it all away. The only thing I can do is try to make up for everything I've done." Ivory shrugs a bit more, looking down at the floor. "If that's wrong, or if you can't handle that, then I guess there's less hope for us than I thought." Sadness.

"Us?" Trina stares at Ivory for a very long time, every minute bit of the inner conflict playing upon her features, too honest for their own good. Then, at last, her cosmetic caked face is buried in her hands as she tries to clear her brain and find clear thought. "I dunno what to think," she confesses, mumbling into those hands.

Ivory just kind of stares at Trina for a long moment. He can't believe that this girl is doubting his affections. He takes another step towards her, hands up and stretched out to touch her hands. ANything that will make sure that he touching is happening. "Hey. Don't think." Ivory is trying to be both confident and comforting at the same time here. "Just do whatever your heart tells you to do." See? Advice.

There it is again: That funny twinge in that heart of hers that seems to only fully find life when he touches her. Trina lowers her hands and then lifts watery eyes eyes to take him in. "'m sorry," she whimpers, before promptly pushing herself forward to wrap her arms around him and bury her face in his shoulder. "'m sorry I was so jealous."

Ivory doesn't waste nay time at this moment. He brings those arms of his up to wrap around her and makes sure they are keeping her nice and close. Anything to help make her feel like she's actually getting somewhere. Or getting something from someone. "Shhhh. It's all over now, hm? I've got you right where you should be." Under his spell. Ivory grins, before pulling his face back to look at her more head on. "With me."

Looking like a raccoon, for tears have ruined makeup, Trina sniffles a little and then she tries once more for a little smile, her arms crossing over her chest and hands balling up under her chin as she nods. "Yeah. I… I don't know what came over me. Pete didn't know what he was talkin' 'bout. I… I'm just gonna get some sleep. And everythin'll be better come sunrise."

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