2009-10-02: Trustworthy



Date: October 2, 2009


All Snitches Don't Get Ditches.


Senator Office of Wynn

Meetings. Meetings happen all day every day in the world of the United States Government. Especially when the world is in a place that's not quite as savory as it used to be. Right now, though, the man that's in charge of restoring peace and tranquility to a rapidly growing volatile nation is sitting in his office, going through more paper than Ferngully's Rainforest being cut down and processed on Mr. Rogers. There's the occasional glance at his expensive watch, just to see how much time he has left before his next appointment is thrust through those doors. Sigh. Time's up.

Novak has been waiting for at least a week or so now to be fitted into the schedule of Senator Wynn. At first it seemed like he wouldn't be able to get onto the schedule at all for at least a month or two or seven, but then Novak made mention that he had previously worked for Pinehearst Research, and suddenly there was an opening in three weeks. He waited in a hotel with a companion of his, a Buddhist monk, for another week before he decided he was done waiting. He called up the senator's office, and told his secretary that he had confidential information on a number of terrorists and their locations, and that he needed to turn the information over before something terrible happened. When he asked the secretary if she wanted to be responsible for the deaths of innocent people, that pretty much sealed the deal. He was scheduled to meet Ivory Wynn the next day.

So now here he is, dressed in a crisp charcoal-gray suit, clean black shoes, and pristine white undershirt. What little hair he has these days is combed back, and the eyeglasses he has worn most of his life are nowhere to be found. He does have his odd eye-shaped wristwatch though. In one hand is a brown leather satchel, which has been through at least three different scans for concealed weapons or anything else that might be hazardous, and found to be bereft of such things. As the secretary waves Novak through, the man nods to her, and enters the office, once he has knocked on the door. Putting on a smile, though not a large and insincere one, like Ivory is probably used to, but more of a pleasant, relaxed smile, Novak Garbaldi takes in the entirety of the office's interior in an eyeblink, noting where everything is, any decorations or placards or what-have-you that might be there, the scent of the place, the acoustics, and other things which there may potentially not even be words for in English. Novak nods to the man behind the desk. "Good afternoon, senator," he says calmly. "Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to see me."

Being one of the more unorthodox and stylish Senators of the Senate, Ivory Wynn just kind of gets himself up from his seat and reaches across the desk to offer a handshake to the one that is known as Novak. It won't last long and won't be particularly firm as Ivory has issues with trying to be all Alpha Male. Instead, the quick shake will be followed up by a motioning towards one of the chairs in front of his desk and the dropping down of Wynn into the seat.

"I will always have time for America." Ivory says, cracking a smile. He steeples his fingers as he twists slightly back and forth in his seat. "So. You'll forgive me if I don't slide into small talk. You said you have some information regarding a facility that's no longer of consequence, yet, is connected to this rise in terrorism? What exactly do you have to show me?"

Novak keeps smiling as the hand is offered, and steps forwards to accept it from his side of the desk. He picks up from the quickness and lack of firmness in the handshake that the man is not a fan of trying to out-man other men. Yet Ivory himself does not seem to be timid or lacking in confidence… He'll need to observe more if he wants to get a detailed profile of the senator. But he's not here for that. Instead as he relinquishes the senator's hand, and seats himself, he places his satchel on the desk — careful not to scratch it, as it is likely worth more than he is.

"Pinehearst Research was a facility and company which was working on a number of humanitarian ventures. Or at least I joined that company with that understanding. What I discovered when I worked there, was that the management of that company was primarily interested in genetic research, for the purpose of awakening heightened human potential."

He shrugs and gestures with his hands as he says, "Things like… Enhanced intellect. Enhanced physical strength. Healing faster. Maybe even reading minds. Some of these goals may seem a bit ludicrous, or something from a 'science-fiction' novel… And yet they developed a working formula, which, combined with an adrenaline-based booster drug, successfully enabled these abilities, and many others, in otherwise normal human beings."

He holds up a hand, to forestall comment, and then says, "I won't ask you to take my word for it. Instead, I will let you look at the evidence yourself. Documented chemical formulas, the entire process for the 'serum', how it was produced, scientific notation of the effects on various test subjects… And files on these 'mutants' and 'artificial mutants' who are among the threat that I mentioned." He opens the satchel, and withdraws a thick stack of folders, apparently with the personal files on various 'terrorists'/'mutants' who came in contact with Pinehearst, and what is known about them. Residences as of the printing of the files, full names, work history, and their ability, if known. He places these all on the desk, right in front of Senator Wynn.

Ivory Wynn just seems to look at Novak as he explains all of this. He doesn't twitch or move at all, really, since he's just listening. All it takes is his ears to do such a thing. And right now, when the folders are placed on his desk, he just kind of glances down at them and then back up to Novak. He doesn't even reach for the folders. Instead, he just kind of tilts his head in a curious manner. "Well. That was one of the more thorough introductions I've ever heard. Which brings me to my dilemma." He pauses for a moment and brings his fingers down to a less Bond Villain style, drumming them idly on the arms of his expensive chair. "You see, this is America. And as much as I love my country and the people in it, you're not here to blow the whistle on Pinehearst and all of these people… because it's the right thing to do." Ivory smiles. "You want something."

Novak nods. He sees no reason to hide anything. Not that he couldn't if he wanted to. He's a good actor, but not now. "Actually, I would like three things. Two of them are actually in the best interests of this country. The third is in the best interests of the entire world. I just happen to benefit from all three." He smiles and holds up a hand, with three fingers raised.

"The first thing I request, is that I be granted full access to a research facility and equipment which will permit me to use my knowledge to develop the opposite of the power-granting formula. I would like to work on an 'anti-power formula', which could be used to turn these dangerous individuals into harmless, powerless citizens, either temporarily or permanently." He ticks down one finger.

"The second thing I request is that one particular young woman, whose file I have printed out myself, as she was not affiliated with Pinehearst, have a priority placed on her to be taken to that research facility. Her inhuman power enables her to cause death and decay in anyone and anything she desires. If it goes out of control on a large enough scale, it could easily match some of the most potent nuclear weapons in the United States' arsenal. An entire city, rendered lifeless. And it wouldn't necessarily end there. We are fortunate, then, that I have spent years teaching her how to control that power, and have made sure she has no desire to use it. She was simply born with this unfortunate and dangerous capability, and has no malicious intent. I would like to be able to try to cure her of this malignant ability of hers, and enable her to live a normal life." He ticks down a second finger.

He then waits.

"Well. I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. I can't grant you anything without talking to the President first. This is his operation. I'm merely a glorified facilitator. However, what I can do, is make sure that I speak very highly of you." And this is the first time Ivory plants his hand on the folders. "That is, if these check out, of course." Ivory's not wasting any time to make sure that everything is in order in terms of this possible arrangement. He smirks just a bit more and leans closer onto the desk, making sure to keep an eye on those already ticked off (haha) fingers. "And the third?"

Novak nods. "Absolutely. I want this to be completely official. There is no reason for normal human beings such as ourselves to work behind the backs of each other. Those are just the personnel folders. I have all the research data on a laptop, which is also in the satchel, along with a half dozen flash-drives." He then says much more seriously, "The third item I request, is that every possible effort be made not just to capture, but to ELIMINATE one particular mutant. His birth name is Gabriel Gray, but he calls himself 'Sylar'. He can take the abilities of other mutants, by killing them. He has murdered many, not just mutants, but also normal human beings. He can and will kill again. And if he is not stopped… He could become unto a god. He already possesses cellular regeneration, which allows him to heal almost any wound. Telekinesis which can be used to slice open skulls and take more powers from brains… Many other abilities, I'm sure. He is too dangerous to simply contain. He can undo restraints, resist drugging, shrug off tasers, and pop bullets right back out of his wounds. He needs to die." The third finger goes down.

Placing his hands in his lap, and leaning forward a bit, he shrugs and says, "To be fair, he did try for a time to stop killing. But then he went and did it again. The head of Pinehearst Research himself. Apparently, he's only 'good' when it's convenient for him to be such, and the moment he wishes to kill, all his penitence, all his pretend-morals, simply no longer apply. Removing the young woman I mentioned from his 'hunting grounds' would be another reason she should be brought in. No one wants to see what a serial killer can do with the ability to make people simply fall apart. He has the motive to do what the poor girl does not."

Ivory's eyebrow is the next thing that raises as he listens to the description off Sylar and all of the bad news that comes with it. Eyes are even narrowed in a way that suggest he's not going to be too happy about dealing with this individual, but that doesn't really matter. What's most important is that this could turn out to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship of platonic and professional means. "Indeed. I see your point." Wynn pushes up from his desk to stand behind it. "I'll need a few days to check all this out. Not that I don't believe you, it's just that I don't trust you. No offense." Ivory is all about being as honest as he possibly can right now. There's no reason us Humanity cannot survive in the wake of this coming war, right? "I will, unlike most job interviewers, be in touch. I trust your contact information is in here somewhere?"

Novak nods and raises to his feet as well. "I understand completely. Trust is hard to come by these days. It was difficult for me to bring this all to your attention in the first place, since I have been dealing with these people most of my adult life. I thought they were mostly harmless, but a year ago, I finally saw the light — so to speak. One of them stole ten years from me with a touch. I thought they could be taught to control their abilities… To work together with humanity… But they are simply too dangerous. They need to be cured before they can be trusted. And yes, I have my apartment address in New York City listed in the laptop, as well as in the file of that young woman I mentioned. I also have various other locations I habitate temporarily, which are listed here." He pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket, with various phone numbers, and addresses of hotels, and room numbers. One in particular up at the top, is circled in red ink, with 'Washington D.C.' written above it.

"The one at the top is where I will be staying for now. I won't be leaving until this is all resolved, and possibly not even then. My cell-phone number is 283-1313, and is also on the paper." He smiles tightly. "I believe in being thorough."

Ivory takes the final piece of paper and drops it on top of everything else. Just to make sure it all stays the same. "An asset we could use around here. Definitely." Ivory even takes the moment to smile, making sure that he's being more human and less politician. Nobody ever believes a political smile, after all. "I'll definitely be contacting you as soon as I check all this out." And then he's stepping around the desk to escort Zee Novak off towards the door.

Novak nods and follows to the door, exitting as directed. "I look forward to it," he says simply. "Have a good day." Then he is off to tell his friend at the hotel the good news.

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