2007-08-19: DF Truth and Lies


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Cass and Lachlan discuss the state of their union.

August 19th, 2009

Truth and Lies

Phoenix Towers

There have been a lot of things for Cass to do lately. Though she's taken the past two days in order to sort of take as personal 'get back into the swing of things' days, she's got to get back into the routine. And start getting everything ready for their trip out of the country. Though she told Elena that locking Lachlan up wasn't the way to go about anything, she didn't trust him to not go right on a search for Nathan and lose his temper. And she had things to do. Hence the handcuffing to the bed. Not the good kind, either. However, when she returns, there's no Lachlan where she left him. Her breath catches in her throat. Oh God. Where did he go? Tensing, she darts forward to see if, who knows, he's hiding under the bed or something like that. Stranger things have happened.

Stranger things have happened today, though Cass does not likely know about them. The man she's searching for isn't actually too far away. In fact, he's right there in the doorway, in which he appears not long after she's moved forward to check under the bed. The handcuffs that had previously secured him to the bed have been picked. They still dangle off his wrist. Probably would've been a good idea to chain both hands to the bed, but ah well. The Scotsman looks a bit worn, but uninjured at least. Spotting Cass, he utters, "Lose somethin'?"

Jumping up, Cass let's out that breath that she was holding. Scanning Lachlan's form in the doorway - the handcuffs dangling from his wrists, the weariness - she doesn't move forward immediately. "Where've you been?" When you handcuff someone to a bed, you expect them to be there when you return. There's a lot of panic, fear, suspicion in her tone of voice. She's pretty sure she knows, but she really really wants to believe that he didn't.

On the opposite end of the scale is Lachlan, who sounds actually rather tired and calm. "Doesna matter," he states as he enters the room and heads for the bed to pick up the implements he had used to pick one end of the handcuffs previously. He immediately sets to work on the other half and has soon popped it open without a care. "'M no' hurt. Ever'thin's fine."

"I don't think I've ever been to 'doesna matter,'" Cass tells Lachlan matter-of-factly. She's getting that Mom tone down for when Abigail is old enough to know what that tone means. Tracking Lachlan's movements with her eyes, she watches him sit down on the bed, but doesn't make a move to join him. Or move away. There's no blood on his shirt, no rips, no real sign that he might have beaten the life out of a President, but there are guns and gas and so many other ways for him to have done so. "You went to find him." It's not a question, of course it's not a question.

Lachlan tosses aside the handcuffs. They land with a clatter on the floor, and then he turns his attention fully on Cass. "Nah, dinna go ta find 'im," he replies truthfully, "I did find 'im." He knows she hadn't wanted him to, but he did. And now he feels better. "He's fine. Just talked ta 'im s'all." Its … almost the truth.

There are no loud alarms ringing, Saints and Flock members scrambling to try and cover tracks or call emergency meetings, so Cass believes that Nathan's still alive. For now. But, he's so calm and collected and…okay with it. Is…wow. Is Nathan really that good of a liar? "Talked to him." No way in the world is she buying that. Not after she had to drug him to stop from storming around in a rampage and trying to kill him. Is that her disbelieving? Yes. Yes it is.

"Yeah. Talked ta 'im." He can tell Cass isn't buying it, so he comes totally clean with a small shrug: "Roughed 'im up a bit, but I gave 'im some bandages an' some stuff ta clean up with. He's no' gonna get an infection an' die 'r anythin'." That's not really important, though. Lachlan extends his arm toward Cass, beckoning her over. "C'mere."

Not really important? Not really important? Okay, so, maybe Cass isn't one to talk about roughing Nathan up. She had her own little session of doing that. It's quite therapeutic. However, if he talked to Nathan, she can't see why he's being so calm. Does he know? Did Nathan lie? Was it Logan? So many questions are whirling around in her head, that she's kind of frozen in place at the beckoning. No no, she won't go there quite yet.

He's so calm because he talked to Nathan and got the anger out of his system. It truly is therapeutic. Granted, Lachlan's brand of roughing up, in this case, was to almost succumb to the temptation of rats eating the President alive. The fact that he didn't actually go through with it is a sign of how much he's changed over the course of two years. When Cass still refuses to come over, he beckons again a little more insistently. "C'mere," he says again with more force.

It's true, Cass was sure that if Lachlan found out anything or even just talked with Nathan, it would end up in death. Most likely Nathan's as he was the one behind the cage. So, to hear that he went to talk to the President and everyone came out alive is a big step. As strange as that may sound. Hesitant, she steps forward, beckoned over.

Once Cass is close enough, Lachlan reaches out a hand to take her by the wrist and, unless she resists, gently tug her over and guide her to sit into his lap. Once there, his plan is to wrap her up in a tight and comforting embrace and bury his face into her neck. He didn't understand before, why she would act that way toward him. Now he does. "Wha' he did ta ye," he murmurs, "we're gonna werk through it, a'righ'? The two o' us're gonna werk it out."

Not knowing what Lachlan knows is enough to keep her on a bit of an edge. Tense though she is, she allows him to guide her to sit on his lap. There's no resistance when he wraps his arms around her, but she tenses even more at his words. Now there's no guessing about what he knows. It should be a relief to know that he knows, that she doesn't have to hide anything. But, instead it makes her feel…she's not even sure what the word is. "Th-there's nothing to work out." It's a lie, true, but it's the same lie she's been telling to everyone.

"Cassie." It's uttered in a long-suffering sigh, and Lachlan closes his eyes. Why is she still trying to hide it? It's not going to help things. "I know wha' happened. Ye dunna have ta lie ta me anymore." He'd prefer if she didn't. It's not as though he's going to ask her to go into detail. The fact that it happened is enough knowledge for him.

It's really just a huge defense mechanism for herself. It's not a show for Lachlan. Detail, no detail, the very idea that it ever happened is what she'd like to deny. Forever if she has to. "You don't," she says softly. Because he can't really. It's the closest thing she's come to any sort of confession or admission of what has happened to her.

Lachlan pulls his head back and raises both arms to cup Cass' face, trying to turn it so that he can look directly into it. "Yeah, I do." Of course he doesn't on an empathic level, but he knows that it happened. He doesn't take her statement to mean anything other than 'you don't know it happened'. "I know wha' he did ta ye. But s'no' gonna happen again, a'righ'? No' ever. No one's gonna touch ye tha' way again."

There's this long long moment of silence while Cass is all but forced to look at Lachlan. It's so much easier to deny and lie about everything when she doesn't have to look right at him. Then, because she doesn't trust herself to speak or to not just try and deny everything more, she just nods. Once. It's her acknowledgment of what he's saying.

Good, there's a nod. That's good enough for Lachlan, who releases Cass' face and returns to holding her instead. It is, perhaps, as much for his benefit as hers. "C'mere," he mutters, and then quietly adds, "I love ye."

Finally, Cass starts to relax. The talking about all of this seems to be over, which is really the important part to be over. Draping her arms around him, she rests her forehead on his shoulder and just snuggles in there. "I love you too."

And hence Lachlan is more than happy to hold Cass there, cuddle her, and try to make the rest of the world go away. He'd heard about some operation involving nuns and such, but that can wait. Right now, it's just his fiancee. They'll get past it, and they'll get out of the country soon and leave it all behind for a while.

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