2007-02-17: Twenty Questions


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Summary: After finally serving her original purpose here in NYC, Desiree sees something familiar in Marcus and confusion ensues.

Date It Happened: February 17th, 2007

Twenty Questions

Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City

A few floors up, a woman wearing a pair of obtrusively purple scrubs and a "visitor" clip on her collar is in the maternity ward, looking through a pane of plexiglass at a sea of babies. Okay, so it's not a literal sea of babies, but Mount Sinai is a huge medical center in a huge city, and that means lots and lots of little new people being born and put into these tiny cribs. Desiree has a reflective smile on her face as she watches one newborn in particular, a little girl in the middle of the not-quite-sea-of-babies. Eventually turning away, she walks down the hall, her white sneakers soft on the floor. She stops in the doorway of a hospital room and looks in on her exhausted friend lying in the bed. Smiling fondly, Desiree snags a sweater that's draped over one of the room's chairs, then heads into the elevator down, down to the floor emerge is on, where it's busy as always.

Bekah is dressed in a pair of scrubs as well, though hers are green with a lab coat on top. A hospital employees badge is worn with the name Dr. Morgan on it. She's leaning against the counter of the admissions desk joking dryly with a nurse sitting there. The doctor has a chart in front of her that she's jotting notes on as she jokes.

Marcus is sitting in the waiting area, reading a paper waiting as he was told to, before his appointment with some of the hospital administrators for some records. The girls at the desk are kinda giggling amongst themselves about something as they watch him. He just sits there and takes it not sure exactly what is going on but doing what he has been told.

Desiree is in the process of zipping up her sweater when the elevator door eventually open into a hallway that branches off of the ER's waiting area. "Stupid zipper…" Tug tug TUG— "Mmmmeh!" It's staying where it is, halfway up. No big deal-except now the elevator door is closing, prompting the woman to dive toward it and scramble out into the hall before it shuts on her, nearly colliding with a cart of lab results in the process. The glass vials wobble dangerously and Desiree flashes their porter a sheepish smile. "Oh Jesus! Sorry, sorry. I was tryin' to… the elevator was gonna eat me, see—" Yeah. Works every time, Desiree. "I'll get outta your way now." Clearing her throat, she smoothes down her rumpled sweater and wanders into emerge. It's a shortcut.

Bekah looks up at the collision and leans down to make a quiet comment to the woman beside her. No doubt it's something very flattering about Desiree. She leans back to her notes to make another mark before she straightens up to stretch. "Did the lab results come in yet for the kid in room 3?" She asks the nurse in a more normal tone of voice.

Marcus glances up at Desie's near collusion and smiles a little in her direction. He looks at his watch and begins rising to head toward the window.
Desiree gives a pleasant smile here and there to anyone who looks her way, namely the nurses station. She's been here enough in the past couple of weeks that she's gotten to know some of them in passing, namely because she's… well, really, really talkative. To anyone who will listen, and many who don't. As she starts to wander past the rows of seating, Marcus is one of those who she smiles at, but he face takes on a sudden, more serious veneer immediately afterward. Her eyes narrow on Marcus on him; she doesn't mean to stop, but her feet seem to make her. She doesn't even mean to stare. But for whatever reason, she /is/ staring at the young man - and pretty obviously, too.

Bekah looks up from the chart as the other two come closer. She is distracted for a moment though as the nurse she's with offers out some papers. "Here you go, Bek." The nurse says, passing over the lab results.
"Yeeah… oh, I'm fine, yeah," Desiree says distractedly as she continues to stare at Marcus even though she's been found out, as it were. Glancing around the ER, she wraps her arms about herself, the sleeves of her sweater too long for her arms (surprisingly) dragging down over her wrists. Somehow, it makes her look a lot younger than she is. Biting on her lower, unpainted lip, she steps toward the young man, squinting. "You just look… real familiar. Can I ask you a question?" Of course, it sounds more like 'axe you a question' with her accent.

Marcus says, "axe away, anything you want" he smiles a little putting a hand out toward her shoulder to make sure she’s steady on her feet. His accent is different than the one Bekah heard before, instead it almost seems to match Desie's.

Bekah quiets down on the joking as she pours over the lab results, grabbing another chart off the rack to make notes from them in. She's doing it a bit slowly though, taking the time to listen to Marcus and Desiree as she does so.

Desiree quirks an eyebrow at the young man's accent, but gives her head a little shake. Indeed steady on her feet - very steady, in fact; she's all but planted in place while she has her little staring fit - and frowns and looks from side to side before pinning her hazel gaze back on Marcus. "Who d'you work for?" It's a sincerely curious question, nothing that's about to turn into an interrogation.

Marcus raises an eyebrow, "I work at a research hospital across town, just came over to pick some files up….does it matter" He is looking kinda confused, and still talking with the southern drawl.

Bekah gives Desiree a quick curious glance at her questioning then goes back to her labs, muttering under her breath about white blood cell counts and other things as she makes a quick note.

"It… it /miiight/," Desiree replies, worrying at her lip for another second. "A research hospital. So you'd be around laboratories," she says, trying to make sense of something, clearly - but whatever she's trying to make sense of? That's not so clear. Her brows shoot high into her forehead as she pegs Marcus with that hopeful, expectant look of hers. All of a sudden, she jabs her hands into the pockets of her sweater; nothing. Next stop, the pockets of her scrub bottoms. Nada. "Uh, hey, miss?" she calls out to the station where Bekah is, striding toward her and holding out a hand as she asks, "Can I borrow a pen and paper from y'all?"

Marcus hmmms softly, reaches into his pocket to remove a small pad of paper and a pen, "I have one right here, what is all this about, Ma'am?"

Bekah turns to grab a piece of paper and a pen, but she stops midway through with a shrug as Marcus pulls one out. "Seems you don't need one from me then." She notes, taking the chance to watch them for a moment.

"Oh, thanks," Dezi says with a bright flash of a smile as she takes the pen and paper. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to act all /weeeird/, it's just that you look like someone I saw…" She trails off, creases inching into her brow, her smile fading; but she plasters it right back on again. "Just a sec." She scribbles something on the paper, looks at it, hesitates, looks at Marcus, hesitates some more… "You know what, never mind, I should leave—" She turns away, stops, spins around with a whirl of dark, curly hair. "Do you know a girl, prob'ly about fifteen, talks like a poet in pretty metaphors?"

Marcus blinks "Tamara? HAVE you seen TAMAra?" His voice actually squeaks a little as he asks, face paling some.

Bekah is definitely interested in what they're saying now, and neither she nor her nurse friend are really bothering to hide that fact. After all, if something happens, she needs to know about it, right?

"Is that her name?" Desiree, utterly nave. "Is she missin' or somethin'? How come you're—" The woman backs up, turning her head away from Marcus ever-so-slightly and eyeing him sidelong, suddenly suspicious. The paper she scribbled on crumples in her hand as she clutches the pen. "How come you wanna find Lil' Miss Poet?"

Marcus says, "Because she’s my sister, she’s 15, she’s sick and she’s run away from home and living on the streets, please if you know anything…..""

Bekah looks over to Marcus for a moment before she looks back at Desiree. She sets down the notes and exchanges a quick look with the nurse beside her before she turns back to watching them, ready to intervene if she needs to.
"She did look sorta… well… like she'd been sleepin' anywhere— but she was okay though, aside from bein' a little— well, I like her, she's special." Desiree considers Marcus long and hard, but given her suspicion a few seconds ago, she folds pretty quick. The look in her eyes softens and turns sympathetic. "I don't know where she is though. Saw her at a church in Manhattan, Central Park before that… that was, gosh, a week ago? Maybe more? Ain't seen her since."

Marcus says, "She’s ok though? Why did you ask if I knew her?"

Bekah relaxes a little bit as the conversation continues. She reaches out to grab a forgotten cup of coffee and take a sip, making a face then. "This stuff is bad enough when it's hot, let alone lukewarm." She mutters to the nurse.

"'Cause…" How to explain this one? "…'Cause." So Desiree isn't the best liar in the world. Shocker. After a few moments of doing a stellar impression of a deer in the headlights, she moistens her lips and blurts out: "She told me about you. Yeah. She was real descriptive. Said you looked like a real cute boyscout and… that little thing, with your chin… anyway it's nothin' and I don't know where she is, but if she's supposed to go back home safe, I'll tell her if I see her again!" On that note, she starts to walk briskly past Marcus. /Fleeing/.

She gets as far as the door before she turns around with a squeak of her shoes and jogs back to Marcus, giving him a bright, but undeniably awkward smile. "Forgot your pen," she offers, handing it off to him before she resumes her… smooth… getaway, pushing at the door hurriedly.

Marcus stands there watching her go not sure what just happened.

Bekah watches Desiree go with a shake of her head and then leans in to whisper something to the nurse about another one off her rocker. She doesn't look overly concerned though as she turns to finish with the lab results.

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