2007-11-09: Twice By Curiosity


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Summary: Having become too curious about the building, Tyson enters one day.

Date It Happened: November 9th, 2007

Twice By Curiosity

Midtown, NYC - Rianna's Office - Foundation Building

It's a calm Sunday afternoon at the Foundation. Not as much hustle and bustle in the Lobby since it is the weekend, and the receptionist seems to be somewhat bored when Tyson would come in. There are a few folks in the waiting area, some waiting to be seen, others talking with folks who seem to work for the Foundation. The elevator dings as a young man steps out and passes by Tyson on his way out.

"Can I help you with something, hon?", the receptionist says, a closer look over the oak reception desk offering a glimpse of her filing away at her nails.

Since his first day in the city, Tyson has passed the Foundation building countless times; and, after having caught its mission statement on ads and the building itself, he decided… maybe… this would be a good place to go since was starting to question things. Not just existential questions either, just ones that to him didn't even seem possible. Now though he was standing before the receptionist who had asked him if she could help. "Yeah, um, I was wondering who if there was someone I could talk to about an assessment test or something. I'm a little interested in what this foundation could do for me-" Then realizing he was sounding a little to malintented, quickly added, "What I could do for the world…" He smiles weakly.

The receptionist offers Tyson a smile. "I think I can find someone who would be willing to help you out.", she says. "Lots of promising young people come in here every day. One second…", she says, picking up a phone. She doesn't say anything, but after a few moments, she nods and sets down the receiver. "Take the elevator over there to the fifth floor. First office in front of you when you step out.", she says, gesturing over to the elevator.

The trip up would be a quick one, and just as the receptionist, a glass wall separated the hallway from a rather large office right in front of the elevator. Once inside, a pair of double oak doors would lead into an inner office where an older woman sat behind a large desk with a stack of file folders sitting in front of her, making some notations on a sheet of paper. She looks up as he would enter, and gestures towards a pair of chairs sitting in front of the desk. "Please have a seat.", she says politely.

So Tyson had never been inside some wealthy building like that, maybe that was making him so nervous, but as he took one of the offered seats he felt the feeling even moreso as he felt the woman examine him. "Hi." He began simply, a little uncertain of what was going to happen now that he was actually here. Him recognizing that was his dillemma prompted him to ask, "All right, so… how does your foundation mean to guide and empower children of the future? Cuz, there are a lot of ways to do that and frankly… the vague vastness has got me stumped and curious."

Rianna looks at him carefully over the frame of her glasses that rest on her nose. "An interesting question from someone young like yourself.", she says after studying him for a moment. "This foundation provides assistance in a wide range of situations from helping children your age attend school, find employment, things of that nature.", she says, taking off the glasses and setting them down on top of her paperwork and leaning back in the chair. "We help people realize first who they are, develop their potential, and then set them on the path to realize that potential."

"The real question is why you are so curious. The young folks who come in here are generally looking for assistance with paying for college tuition. You are not.", she says, her eyes locked on him.

Tyson shrugs sitting back in his seat, he isn't defensive, just internally pondering the woman. She was very inquisitive and direct almost like she knew why he was there to begin with. "I'm curious because I don't really care about school, I have a job, and I still feel like I'm getting all I could be getting out of my life, you know? I mean, you must've have had the same feeling when you took up the mantle of running this place, right?" Questions aside, she had managed to expand on what he knew about what they did and he was still intrigued. "So, in terms of potential, what do you see in store for me?" It was a question asked in jest but still carried a certain gravitas that made it worthwhile.

"You don't care about school, you have a job, and you feel as though you're getting all you could be out of your life. Yet you walked into my building. You were curious as to what I mean by guidance and empowerment.", she says, her eyes narrowing a bit. "If you're satisfied with your life, why don't you tell me why you came in? Obviously you don't need tutoring for college entrance exams or money to continue your education that you're satisfied with.". She crosses her arms and waits for his response.

Especially now, Tyson was getting the feeling that he was being watched and it wasn't something he enjoyed, even moreso when he started being questioned even harder. He looked around a little first to see if there was anyone else around, not wanting to divulge too much information when too many people were in the room… Nonetheless he started answering some of those questions, overall thinking that since he first saw Ling spitting on the building, he had been curious and was now wondering if he had made the right choice. "I came in because there seem to be a lot of people with all the answers and I'm wondering just who does and who else is spitting crap. What do you have to offer?" He sits forwards in his seat challengingly, more than happy to just leave if things weren't going anywhere.

Rianna continues looking at him directly. "I have different things to offer different people, young man. But you have to consider your situation from my perspective. You came to us. You told my receptionist you wanted to know how you could help the world. You have a lot of questions you want answers to, but you aren't ASKING them.", she says. "Tell me why YOU are here, and I can tell you whether I have the answers you are looking for."

Tyson was getting frustrated, obviously. "Well then," Then he remembered himself and sat back once more, calmed by anger. "How do you feel about that Activating Evolution book? Because I'm curious if that's the kind of thing you mean by helping 'empower', I'm all ears, because that'll be two points of light originating from the same source. If not, then I guess I don't need to be here any longer because you're kind of a witch and suck for company… Because, the fact of the matter is, I don't, apparently, even /need/ to be here, I was just trying to see if there's anything I can do for anybody. Blame my father, he's the /nice/ guy that taught me that."

Rianna continues regarding him for a moment before she bursts out into laughter. "You're frustratenow that you're finally done skirting around the subject do we come to the heart of the matter. You're unique, and you're trying to find what your role is in a world in which you can't be open about who you really are.", she says. "There is a lot you can do. Not only for yourself, but for other people like you as well. And yes, I am kind of a witch. However, for the sake of people like us, I have to be very careful about what I say to certain people.", she says, and she remains silent after that.

Tyson gets up to leave once the woman starts laughing, only to be halted by her assessment and announcement, "What?" was his question to the situation before going on with more questions about what had confused him. "First you say I'm unique and then you say 'people like us'… what do you mean?" Thinking about his own question a while longer, he begins to suspect what had been meant. "Are you saying we're like the people in that book? Because I've written to Dr. Suresh and he's suggested it's definitely possible for that kind of thing to be hereditary just like any other biological thing…" He shrugs, sitting down, but not taking his eyes off the woman.

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