2007-07-15: Twins, Good Hair, Fathers, And The Seeds Of Peace


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Summary: Encountering each other for the first time since she caught him with twins, Jane and Jaden talk things over. Nadia happens along and the conversation takes an unusual tangent.

Date It Happened: July 15th, 2007

Twins, Good Hair, Fathers, And The Seeds Of Peace

Times Square , Manhattan, NYC

Somewhere between two or three in the afternoon she arrives in Times Square and visits her favorite musician's supply store, finding what she needs without much trouble. A new pick or two, some spare strings, a few other odds and ends. While collecting these items her eyes settle on instruments she hasn't played before but has considered learning from time to time. In particular, they're flute and alto saxophone. One of each is selected, top of the line quality instruments. Her debit card is used to pay, and a few minutes later out Jane goes.

Once back out in the Square the ex-girlfriend of Jaden Cain opens her umbrella and starts walking toward the Petrelli campaign headquarters with the bought items in cases and carried by her non-umbrella hand.

Whether it's raining or not, Jaden Cain is traveling through Times Square the easiest way possible… by skateboard. Definitely much easier than dealing with the whole traffic thing. Which means he can bob in and out of the people that are in his way. "Move! Excuse me! Rich kid on a skateboard comin' through!" More random phrases are coming from people as he bumps into them or what not, but comes around the corner to head towards the Petrelli HQ… not on purpose though. He's just trying to skate past so that he can get to wherever he's going. Wherever that is. He doesn't even know.

Her eyes and ears detect the commotion up ahead as people move to not be in the path of the insanely rich corporate CEO and his skateboard. She, however, doesn't do the same so much. Jane continues on her way, watching to make sure she doesn't get run over, and thinking this has a touch of deja vu. Recording studio, man on skateboard, collision. It reminds her very much of him, and for that reason she anticipates it being the man himself. Her jaw sets, the image of him with twins in his bed fills the mind's eye, and she stops walking. The ex is waiting for him to get close.

Not that he's remembering anything, Jaden just keeps on with the skating. Because skating is fun to do. He's too busy doing that thing where he's skidding to a halt because of a hot babe that's across the street. And he definitely doesn't want to run into a pole… like the last four times he did this. As the skateboard comes to a halt, he looks off across the street and is about to do a whistle over there… but his Spider Sense may or may not be tingling about the person that he's rolling up towards on his skateboard of happy doom.

She isn't intending to injure the man. There's no design to stick her foot out and cause him to go flying off the board as he passes by. Jane Forrest doesn't work that way. But she does intend to be seen and speak with the… person for a bit. There are questions in her mind, most of them have been present off and on since the Fourth. When he comes to that halt, his eyes focused on the female across the street, she's walking again. "Jaden," she begins, with her voice kept calm, "it's interesting to see you." Not good, not bad, just interesting.

Twisting his head from the hottie across the street, Jaden ends up having to deal with a Case of the Ex or something. He manages to catch sight of Jane as she returns to walking and just offers a small shrug. "Uh… interesting?" He's not really sure how to respond to that, so he just does that thing where he plants on a goofy smile of sorts. "I guess uh… well… hi?" He has no idea how to deal with this kind of thing. He's not really good with the whole aftermath of being a bad person thing.

"Yeah," she replies in a voice she hopes doesn't sound subdued. Jane so much wants to not sound like she was hurt at all by what happened, to project being entirely over it, but it doesn't quite happen that way. There's an edge to her voice which hints at the lingering wound and the residual anger. But she does speak in tones calculated not to draw attention from other people. The first question on the list of many emerges seconds later, as her eyes seek to meet and watch his. "Why, Jaden? Why would you do that?"

"What? She's cute. I was just lookin'!" Jaden's pretty much the opposite of Jane. He sounds like he's not even close to being hurt or what not. Not to mention his tones are loud enough for anybody to pass by and listen in. He's just being himself. He doesn't really feel like he needs to explain himself or anything. He's a billionaire. That doesn't lend itself well to being explanatory.

Her eyes close for a moment, as she realizes she needs to be more specific, and that fact slices into her. Cuts like a knife, baby, edgy and dull, cutting a six inch valley through the middle of her soul like the line in that old Springsteen tune. Not to mention part of that being title and in the lyrics of a Bryan Adams tune from that same era. She steps back closer to a building for better privacy. She isn't out to embarrass herself or him with this conversation. "Cheating, Jaden. You remember. I was your girlfriend, I came to do what girlfriends do, and found you in bed with twins."

"… Listen. About that…" Jaden's not really sure what to say. He slides his hands into his pockets, amazingly managing to stay balanced on his skateboard for a moment or two. "… I'm not going to say sorry. Because, well, it wouldn't fix anything. And it wasn't like planned or anything. I didn't have some kind of secret plot to find a pair of twins, sleep with them and have you walk in on it." He looks down towards the ground, not really sure of where he's going with all of these words. "It's just… when you're out and about and the Doublemint Twins want to go home with you? As a man? You, y'know, just don't say no…" At least he's being honest.

"You do say no, when you've told a woman you love her, if that was true," Jane replies softly. Her head shakes a few times as the words he spoke registers. 'What was I thinking?', she wonders. It's not as if she could have expected much different from him. But she still just wanted to hear it directly, and ask something else that nags at her. "I… I confessed to you what happened, and you said I was forgiven, there wasn't anything to forgive, then I find you. With them. Was that a lie too, just like you saying you loved me?" Yes, guilt over her own weakness, the failure to resist Lyndsay's commands, remains and she can't help connecting the whole answering her door naked with Jaden's infidelity.

"Ummmm… not that I know of? It had nothing to do with you, honestly. It's just… y'know… they were twins." Jaden's not trying to make light of the situation, but he's literally going through the process of his brain. And his brain stopped thinking about anything else when the twins whispered in his ear. "Twins are like Kryptonite. Even Clark Kent himself would skip out on Lois for twins." He holds his hands up at that moment, "Not that I'm justifying. I was wrong. I know that and I accept that. But…" And here it comes again. "… /twins/."

"You're right," Jane admits quietly. The pain in her voice is becoming more noticeable now, she fails at hiding it. Inwardly she curses herself for not having seen that whole thing coming, given who he is. But she believed, and trusted. "You are who you are, Jaden. You're not a monogamous guy. Maybe you thought you could be. I thought you could be, and there's no fixing any of it. Just… be honest with yourself, don't try to be something you're not with anyone else." And she pauses. "This isn't the worst thing I've faced. I'll recover. And I'm not vindictive. Secret things about you stay secret."

Jaden Cain is Jaden Cain. He tries not to smile, but figures he might as well see where he stands. "That's cool. Mad cool of you." He looks around the area for a moment or two, before he gets himself back into the position of having a serious conversation. "I wish it could've been different. I really do. I guess… I'm just like, y'know, not too good with this whole One Woman Man thing. Considering, well, I'm not exactly a 'single' man, myself." There's a wink! For he must be talking about something other than his relationship status.

Nadia steps off a bus at the closest stop to the Petrelli HQ. She's out and about, and is curious. She's not very politically minded, but since Jaden popped into Vito's.. well.. who's this Petrelli guy? Italian name, can't be all bad. Let's look into this shall we? She she walks down the sidewalk, approaching the HQ, her stride is a little off. As if she's uncomfortable as she walks. Looking up at the campaign headquarters, she lowers her designer sunglasses a little, peering for a closer look.

The brunette speaking with Jaden has a guitar case slung over one shoulder, a backpack across the other, an umbrella in one hand, and the cases of two other instruments in the other hand. The pair aren't so far from that same HQ as they speak. Jane's twenty-something, about five feet eight inches tall. Today's clothing is a red t-shirt featuring Pat Benatar's face, dark shorts, and athletic shoes. She may possibly be remembered as someone who visited Famous Vito's once with a gothling female.

"I gave my word on that, and I keep it. I… don't hate you. I just don't like myself so much right now." Because in the internal analysis, she believes she too committed a betrayal in falling under Lyndsay's influence and she can't be certain those Doublemint Twins don't have a similar Evolved ability.

"Hey. Don't not like yourself. That's just dumb. You're still awesome. And you look mad hot in Jessica Rabbit's dress." Jaden rolls a bit on his skateboard, back and forth in his position. Not wanting to get too close to Jane, in case this is a trick or something, but not wanting to be too far away from her either. He's mostly just trying to keep the peace and space at the same time. "Which you're always welcome to come model for me at any time." There he goes. Being all Charming again. "I guess somethings just aren't meant to be."

Nadia can't help but overhearing. Ears trained to zoom in on gossip. Turning around, brown locks swing over her shoulder, she raises a hand and smiles in the woman's direction. Heeeey.. yeah. She remembers Jane. Must be the guitar case.. and oh jeez. The gajillionaire is here too. Thanks to him, Vito's saw more legit money in one day than they see in a week or two! "Heeeey… you again," to Jane, then to Jaden, "And if it's not Mr. Cain. How you all doin'?" Something's amiss? Not her business? Not a clue. She walks right on over to the pair.

The comment about the Jessica Rabbit dress causes her to laugh a bit despite herself. "I still have it. But I won't be modeling the dress again. That's part of the choice you made, Jaden. I thought about cutting it into ribbons and sending it back, but… I didn't. The jPhone, though, I stomped on it. Hard. I was pissed at the time." On her hip, as evidence of having destroyed that instrument, is the iPhone she bought to replace it."

And that's about the time Nadia arrives and draws Jane's attention. Recognition is quick on her face and in her eyes. The pizza place, the first time she ran across the Devil herself, otherwise known as Lyndsay. "Famous Vito's, right? You guys make good pizzas." A smile of greeting is flashed when she returns to silence.

"Ouch." Jaden sighs and throws his hands up in the air. "What if I promise not to touch? Or maybe if I do like a modeling show or something?" He's not begging, just trying to show that he's all good with everything. But he's just the man with the plan and holy shit there goes fine ass Nadia. "Oh hey! I remember you… I think." Jaden pushes on the skateboard a bit to slide closer to Nadia and definitely looks right at her chest. "I remember them, at least." When Jane's words about the pizza place catch him, he puts two and Ds together and comes up with. "You're the pizza chick! How was small sausage the other night?" Was… that a Leo burn?

Nadia waves a hand, "Yeah, that's the place. I don't work there though. But I helped the other night, cause this guy here.." she gestures at Jaden.. "Dumped a huge order on us last minute." There's a rolling of her eyes behind the sunglasses as Jaden points out what he remembers of Nadia. No big surprise, given how the guy was in the shop. "Not so small, but thanks for asking," she quips with a wide grin.

She laughs a bit at the interchange between the pair, adding things up herself. "Huge order. Of course. I did hear about him sending out free Petrelli pizzas not so long ago. That's a unique campaign move, I have to say." Jane glances aside for a moment, toward the HQ, then turns back toward Nadia. "It did seem like the place is in your family, and you help them sometimes. Anyway, Doctor Petrelli will be a splendid Senator."

"Touche." Jaden remarks before rolling back on his skateboard and out of Nadia's personal space. He might as well stop pressing the matter, since he's going to end up having to do nothing about it. Everybody wants to be all monogamous and what not. Which is so not how things are supposed to be in 2007. The whole thing about this year is that it's the year of Sleeping Around. Or something. "Yeah. The other dude? Frasier Crane, whatever his name is? His hair sucks. So I thought I'd hook the other guy up."

"Never heard of anything like it before. Then again, I never pay attention to elections." Law. Order. Those things? Nadia's family doesn't exactly keep in step with them, unless it suits their purpose. "Please. Papa doesn't want me working. It was a one time deal." Old fashioned, her daddy is. "… Wasn't Frasier Crane a TV character?" She's not politically minded, again, but shouldn't things be based on more subjects than hair?

"He was," Jane supplies. "I think. I remember Dad watching Cheers a few times when I was ten years old. Then there was this thing called Frasier the character moved to." Another laugh is drawn out by the mention of hair as a voting rationale. "Jaden's perspective is… unique." Having spoken of her father and hearing Nadia mention her own pulls out some other memories. "Parents. Mine insisted I go through law school, so I did. But it's pretty obvious what I really wanted to do."

"The way I see it… if somebody's got good hair, they can run the country. Or whatever it is that Senators do. I mean, his hair's nothing like mine. But then again he doesn't have Le Goop!" Which is definitely something that he uses to make sure everything comes out to be nice and unkempt in that stylish way that keeps him looking fine for the ladies.

"I can see…" As to Jaden having a unique perspective. "No shit huh? My dad doesn't want me hitting law school. Flat out hit the roof. Anyway, you two look like you were in the middle of somethin'. So Imma go check out this Petrelli's campaign issues." Nadia can't help but simply laugh and shake her head at Jaden. What a character. "Alright you two, take it light," pushing her glasses up her nose a bit further, she turns and gingerly walks on into the campaign HQ.

She looks a bit confused by what Nadia says. "Wait, what? You wanted to go to law school? Wow. How would he be about you becoming a musician? Because if he'd be good with that, we could switch fathers, you know?" Jane's joking, the laugh following her words is evidence of it. "I'm not sure about the sanity of wanting to be a lawyer, but if that's your dream you should be able to chase it down."

"Oh, we were just talkin' about how I screwed up our relationship. But I think we're going to be friends again. Eventually." Jaden just shrugs a bit, not really sure of how to explain things. And that's why he's looking at his watch again. "Ugh. I gotta' go. Got a meeting I'm late for." he remarks with a frown. "Guess I'll be seein' both of you ladies, later. Just… with your clothes on." Pause. "Unfortunately."

Nadia turns and looks over her shoulder.. and just laughs at Jaden. "Oh man, you're a card." To Jane? She just grins, "I wouldn't trade my papa for the world." She loves her daddy, see? Again, another wave and she scampers off to check out this Petrelli.

"See you, Jaden," the non-Italian brunette answers quietly, not elaborating on his transgressions. With both other people departing, the focus of conversation ended, some of her melancholy settles back in, but the seeds of peace have at least been sown. "Take care, you." Even now, after what he did and hurt as she still is, Jane still finds it hard to stay angry with him. She watches him walk away for a few moments before turning away and heading somewhere to work on learning her new instruments.

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