2007-03-12: Twisting Words


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Summary: A brief discussion over the Company at Noodle Haven. Maybe the non-non-date wont happen? Sadness.

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

Twisting Words

Noodle Heaven, New York City

What? Everyone has to leave? Awww. Claudine nods and smiles, giving Scottie and Stefanie a cheery wave as the two head off, "Well, it was nice to meet you both, even if it was really brief.." she says with a bright smile.

Her attention then turns to T.C.,her cheeks flushed a bit. "So um..it's just us two huh.." looking around furtively as her sandwich finally arrives.

"Yeah," T.C. says with a slight blush of his own. He lifts his hand to wipe again at his lips — just in case! — and is more careful when taking bites of his sandwich, now, not to get mayonnaise all over his mouth. "Just was — grabbing some quick food. Before — class, again."

"Yeah..I just came in for a bite to eat before heading to work and all.." Claudine says softly, doing the hair flippy thing while smiling brightly as she looks him over. "So um..have you given thought as to what our non-non-date will be like yet?" she asks curiously while canting her head to the side.

"Work?" T.C.'s head tilts, a tinge of uncomfortability in his expression. He takes a large gulp of his soda, ice rattling in the cup. "No," he admits with a puzzled frown. "I mean, I — yes, but I don't — know. Yet. I'm not good at this."

"Yes..work. Like actually filing papers and stuff.." Claudine says, definitely not wanting any sooper seekrit agent-ness today, at least if she cant help it. "It's actually a real company ya know, and lots of things need to be done to keep it running.." she continues before catching his expression. "And I told you..I'm not doing anything bad.." trying to reassure him as she gently pats his hand. "And well..let me know if you want help in planning. The burden doesnt have to be all on you ya know.."

T.C. fidgets awkwardly, and his hand instinctively pulls back; he glances apologetically towards Claudine and is silent for a moment, both hands curling now around his soda cup as he sucks at the straw. "I'll think of something," he mumbles, straw held between his teeth. "Normal college students work at Starbucks, you know."

"You know..I really wish I was a normal college student sometimes.." Claudine says with a slight sigh as she looks down at his hand moving away and shakes her head. "Do..I know I've asked you before, but are you really that uncomfortable around me?" she asks softly.

"Then be one," T.C. answers, with a twinge of sadness. "You were when I met you. You were until —" He exhales a laugh, head shaking. "It's insane how much changes in a matter of — weeks." Her question isn't answered. He picks somewhat disconsolately at his sandwich, nibbling crumbs off it now but hardly really eating at all.

"I..still am..kinda sorta.." Claudine says softly, definitely noting that her question wasnt answered as she sighs and pouts once more. "I know you think what I'm doing is wrong, but I know that I can make the Company do good things.." she whispers while chewing on her bottom lip. "Some people are Heroes because they stop bad things from happening..maybe I can be one if I prevent them from nhappening as well?"

T.C. continues to pick at his sandwich in awkward silence, lip catching between his teeth. "I don't think," he says at last, slowly, "that it quite counts, if you're complicit in making bad things happen at the same time."

Well,he's got her there. Claudine sighs once more as she just leans on the table and looks him over once more. "Then..what do you suggest I do? It's women like Rihanna which is why I willingly joined. She uses her powers in an irresponsible fashion, reading people's minds wantonly and getting the information she wants. What should be out about the people who abuse and misuse their powers? Have the regular cops handle them?" She's not upset, she just wants to know his opinion.

"I can't blame someone for things they can't help," T.C. says with a shake of his head. "She can't help being able to read minds anymore than I can help —" His hands spread in a shrug. "It would be hypocritical for me to call her immoral because she was born with a different set of genes than most people. — And, yes. We have a legal system. If someone is hurting someone on /purpose/ with their abilities, treat them like anyone else who hurts people. If someone does it by accident — well, the laws cover accidents, too."

"Rihanna Johanssen has complete control over her powers." Claudine says matter of factly, not believing that the woman just 'accidentally' read her mind. "And she can help not reading people's minds all the time. And you can control your abilities too.." she says softly this time. "I'm calling her immoral not because she has the ability to read minds, but because she uses it to find out things that she shouldnt know. And you're right..we shouldnt be treated differently..we're still human. But sometimes..well..how would you suggest the cops handle someone who could explode?" Yes, she's going backto Peter Petrelli.

"I don't think it's any of the cops' business what he /could/ do," T.C. replies with eyebrows raised. "It's only their business once he's hurting people. He isn't a /criminal/ because he got the short end of the genetic stick."

"He already blew up in the New York skyline! I dont know how he got up there, but imagine if he did it while riding a subway..or if he was sitting in one of our classes.." Claudine whispers once more, sighing a little as she looks down at her sandwich, not having taken a bite since it arrived. "I dont know..so you think it was wrong of me to seek out their help so I could control my powers? To stop causing earthquakes when I felt scared or angry or stressed? I mean..what if I didnt do that and destroyed campus by accident during finals week?"

"And if he blew up way up there, that just makes me /more/ inclined to trust him," T.C. answers with a sharp edge of frustration. "Not more inclined to think you people have to right to lock him up and decide what's good for him. He went somewhere nobody would get hurt. How does that prove anything except he obviously — didn't want to hurt anyone?" He snorts abruptly, head shaking again. "And you're twisting my words. I've never said it's wrong for anyone to seek help. Only that it's wrong for someone else to decide to force their ideas of who needs help on everyone else."

"I..I dont know. I believe in gun regulations and that people who have them should have their backgrounds checked and all that. But what's going on here is that we, ourselves are pretty much weapons. I can destroy New York City if I get angry enough, and you can blackout the city, if you really wanted to. I..I guess what I'm saying is that..maybe just like people with guns..there should be some sort of regulation..so bad things wont happen.." Claudine says softly, sighing as she definitely sees herself as a potential weapon..

"You don't /regulate/ people to /live/," T.C. replies tersely.

"I..now you're twisting my words. Maybe some sort of registration or something..they can go on with their lives, but..I dont know. " Claudine says with a sigh as she facepalms and puts her head down on the table. "It's like getting a driver's license, cept it would be like a you have superpowers license..so you can use it to help people. I mean..I wouldnt want a telepathic cop destroying the constitution by reading a criminal's mind to coerce a confession or possibly get info illegally.."

T.C.'s eyes narrow sharply as he listens to Claudine. "I don't need to twist your words," he hisses through suddenly clenched teeth, though there's fear, rather than anger, in his eyes. "They're pretty twisted all on their own." His hands are shaking as he pushes himself out of his seat, the legs of his chair scraping loudly against the floor with the abrupt motion. "I have to get to class," he grits out. "Have a nice day at — work."

"Yeah.." she says softly and just puts her head down on the table. This didnt end up going that well.

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