2007-10-19: Two For One at Target


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Summary: At a local Target, a few people do some shopping and wind up bringing down two villains.

Date It Happened: October 19th, 2007

Two For One at Target

A Target store.

Ah, the American Department Store- Target, this time. A place where all sorts of people are able to convene for items of all different manners. Jeremiah Richards is here for a few things, most notably just more cheap clothes for Mandy. He's shaved what beard he possessed in all of his pictures or statements, and has trimmed his hair short, as well as dyed himself into a lighter brunette under his faithful fedora.

In Jeremiah comes, in a jacket and jeans, looking apart from his usual stuffy nature. He heads right for the clothing departments, hands in his coat pockets and looking innocent enough to someone that might look twice. He doesn't really look much like his pictures any more, right? He may or may not also have gotten some sleep recently, it appears.

Apartment shopping is always fun. Claudine is doing some redecorating at her apartment and so she's looking through the furniture section. She's dressed in a pair of snug fitting jeans and her Columbia sweatshirts, sighing a little as she hrmms for a few moments, looking around for anything cute and girly.

Kitty Hanner has come to buy some DVDs and she is dressed in a pair of jeans with a red tank top and wearing her leather jacket over it. She still wears bandages over her face where Mandy burned her. Kitty's pistol, which she carries everywhere she goes now, is in her waistband but hidden by the jacket. Her fingerless gloved hands run through her hair and she tilts her head as she walks out of electronics with a few DVDs in her hand.

Mandy can't always be the Bad Girl. When she's in need of services, she can forgo melting the hell out of a place and actually act like a normal citizen for once. Sure, that's hard when your picture is in the papers, so she's being careful, keeping her head down, with the hood of a brand new (stolen, probably) sweatshirt pulled over her head. She's looking at the jewelry… It's been a long time since she's actually had any. It's hard not to just melt through the case and take what she wants, but that would give her away. Alas.

GAME: Orion has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.

Sometimes you have to take a break from work and do something else. It helps to refresh your ability to search, to hunt, and to parse information, such as is needed for capturing escaped villains with super-powers. For Orion Granger, he also hates Christmas shopping at Christmastime with a vengeance. As a result, the tall man is strolling through Target and casually picking out items he apparently thinks are good Christmas gifts while dressed in business casual attire.

And then something catches his attention in the corner of his eye. A familiar sound, a familiar sight, and perhaps even a familiar scent in the air as he passes the furniture department on his way into electronics. Granger twists his head around to spot Claudine's backside as she examines a… A… What the hell is that? It looks like one of those doilies his grandmother always used to scream at him about touching, but it's enormous. Is that a doi- OHSHI- She's turning around.

Granger never actually stopped moving, so it's but a small feat to twist his way into the far edge of the clothing department. By the time Claudine looks up, Orion is hidden by racks of bargain basement pajama pants and athletics jerseys. Whew. Orion just dodged the bullet of having his Christmas shopping exposed.

Target. It is very red-and-white. Normally, one would not find Namir here, much less Namir carrying a bunch of baby supplies. Yet here he is, arms full of diapers, some hastily grabbed clothes, and a couple of pacifiers. This is what happens when Zaina goes into labor while she and Fahd are not at home: Uncle Namir gets to run and do some emergency shopping. Sigh. The Israeli starts past the jewelry section carrying his bundles of joy, speaking swift Arabic into a cellphone pressed to his ear. It would almost seem that he's too distracted to see anything beyond Not Bumping Into People, but even the best of people can't dodge a cart that's suddenly shoved right into one's path. There is a collision and baby things go flying, some over toward Mandy. Muttering apologies, Namir begins to scoop them up again, hanging up the phone in the process.

Like any good shopper, Jeremiah heads for the clearance racks first. The ones he stops at are about thirty feet from Orion, though his face is mostly obscured by most of the racks that he plucks things from. While he tries to remember the rules of girls, most of the stuff he ends up with slung on an arm is simply cheaper than everything else. She just ruins it all anyway! Ah, the banes of villains! Laundry for Jerry must be a daunting task. All that blood. Goodness. The man tries his best to keep his eyes open, wary and on edge even despite the nonchalance he looks to be exuding. A glance here, a squint there, a second look back there.

No. There were no doilies. Claudine grabs a nice throw pillow for her futon and starts heading in Orion's direction. Of course, she has no idea he's Christmas shopping, and it's kind of early after all, so she has no idea what's going on. She wrinkles her nose and runs her fingers through her hair as she sighs softly, grabbing a few more things, like a box of cereal. Mmm, Golden Grahams. She sighs a little and stretches her arms into the air while still walking down the hallway. Wheee.

GAME: Orion has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Fortunately for Jeremiah, he is well hidden by clearance racks /AND/ Orion is distracted by keeping racks of bargain clothing between him and Claudine's direct line of sight. The tall man also casually snags a baseball cap, slipping it onto his head to disguise his head from sight. It wouldn't do to be identified due to his distinctive hair color.

Oops! Well, things happen. Most people don't think about burning said happening with acid, of course, and Mandy is certainly thinking along those lines as diapers collide with her rear end. Picking them up, though, she surprisingly doesn't destroy them. Not even a little bit. Not Namir's fault, after all. "Watch where you're going," she snaps at whoever pushed the cart into his way, while she hands over the diapers. "Honestly, stop apologizing, man," she says to Namir. "It's not your fault people are morons. Here."

GAME: Kitty has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Namir has rolled PERCEPTION+PROFESSIONAL and got a result of GOOD.

As Kitty is walking down the aisle and she sees Namir and his baby supplies falling everywhere. Her eyes drift over to that section and she walks over, "Hey, you're the officer from the tra-" Kitty stops as she hears Mandy's voice and she knows that voice everywhere, it has been haunting her in her dreams every since the Walgreens incident. Her eyes narrow and she drops the DVDs on the floor. "Bitch" Kitty says quietly and eyes the figure that is Mandy. Just her luck! She only wanted to buy some movies!

Apologies are Namir's specialty. He's just an apologetic guy. Having gathered most everything else, he pauses to take the diapers from Mandy. "Thank you," he utters — then pauses a moment, hesitates when he sees her face under the hood. That face is familiar. He's seen it before. It only takes him a moment to realize where. As he's withdrawing his hand with diapers in-tow, considering his options as to what to do, Kitty approaches and blows whatever menial cover he might have had. No sense in pretending to be a civilian anymore. Taking a few steps back from Mandy, the man drops his armful of things (again) and reaches back under his overcoat to grab for the gun tucked into a holster at the small of his back. "Hold it right there," he intones to Mandy. Though authoritative, his voice remains fairly calm, level.

Jeremiah finishes his job with gathering the acid-woman's clothing on an arm, turning once around another rack before making for the space between departments in order to cross it. While he is doing so he also looks back at where he had come from, lazily and almost with a bored face. Unfortunately for Jeremiah, that means he also is crossing unknowingly into the path of Claudine, even though she is still a few strides down the aisle.

GAME: Claudine has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Orion has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of AVERAGE.

Oh snap. Oh snap. Her eyes widen as she spies the familiar face and hrmms for a few moments. She wrinkles her nose and swallows nervously. This is not good. She knows that guy! He's evil! Mandy's evil! What does she do? She pauses and grumbles a little, pulling out her cellphone. Like a good Company agent, she texts people, or rather lots of people. As many as she can. Oh snap!

And so the higher ups and Orion would get: Target. Jeremiah. Oh shit! Advise.

And Mandy only wants to look at jewelry. She doesn't want any trouble today, since, after all, trouble must be planned and neatly executed in order to do any good at all. They're not in any position to start something in here. So the escapee gives Kitty a weird look as she hands the diapers back to the 'officer.' "You dropped your movies," she says, also leaning down to help pick those up, too. This is purely amusing for her; she doesn't seem to care that she's been called a bitch, and merely goes on to ask, "Do I know you?"

When Namir seems to blow a gasket, she sets the DVDs down and stands slowly, raising her hands. "I think you both might have me mistaken for someone else," she states calmly.

Orion receives a text message on his cellphone. As he's lifting it, Granger spots Jeremiah. It's only a flash of a profile 'shot', but it sends a twinge of recognition through his mind. Then Orion reads the message and a chill runs down his spine.

The tall man discards the baseball cap that he donned. Orion moves away from the bargain racks, his shopping cart cleverly stowed /WITHIN/ a rack of clothing. Just in case he can come back and buy what he needs. He shifts toward the aisle where Jeremiah is, preparing for just the right moment to strike.

Well that and pulling his tranq pistol from somewhere behind his back. He checks the clip, turns off the safety, and pulls the slide to load a round into the chamber. Granger must be One with the Universe. He must live in the moment and accomplish the great task by a series of small tasks. He must accomplish his Work without truly working at all. He must be Mangaverse Spider-Man.

Jeremiah disappears again into the aisle across from the clothes, out of immediate sight of both Claudine and Orion. While he is not making a run for it(he doesn't know he's been spotted), he is still in a brisk hurry to do what he needs to do and get back out again. Better start following him, guys, or he'll pass through the next aisle too soon!

GAME: Orion has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.

"Don't listen to her, she did /this/ to my face" Kitty says quietly to Namir and points at her face. The young woman then goes to staring back at Mandy and her head is tilted at the other woman. Her expression is hard to read. For the moment she is quiet and waits to see what Mandy will do first.

Okay. This definitely goes against her better judgement but she starts following. She spotted him, and there's no point in just standing there gawk-eyed and all. As she follows, she grabs a few ceramic plates, cups and even knives. What? that's a rather interesting combination, but she can control ceramic, just in case. Hopefully she'll get into the same line or something like that. Unfortunately, she hasnt spotted her beau and has no idea he's in Target either. That's what he gets for Christmas shopping this early.

Namir withdraws the gun from behind his back and holds it pointed levelly at Mandy. His cellphone is flipped open again and a few numbers dialed, all while his gaze remains on the woman in question. "No, I am afraid I don't," he states, his voice continuing to remain flat. The cellphone goes up to his ear again. "This is Officer Namir Dayan." He rattles off his badge number, then proceeds to inform the operator on the other end that he's found one of the fugitives and begins to request backup.

GAME: Mandy has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Namir has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Mandy has rolled ACID TOUCH and got a result of GOOD.


Mandy grits her teeth before reaching forward for Namir's arm. All she wanted to do was GO SHOPPING. In reaching for Namir, she doesn't grab the gun, but instead, takes his arm and squeezes, the acid eating through any cloth and skin, and, should Namir not pull away, will leave a rather severe burn. This done - and hopefully serving as a distraction, Mandy takes off at a dead run for the nearest wall. Doors? She don' need no stinkin' doors! She can get out of this her own way. And besides, the doors will be guarded.

Without contact with Jeremiah, she can only hope that he's making his own way out. Ducking into the womens' clothing section, right into the nearest clothing rack, she ditches the hooded sweat shirt and puts on another, before making her way to the dressing room.

GAME: Mandy has rolled DEXTERITY+STEALTHY and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Kitty has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Namir has rolled PERCEPTION+PROFESSIONAL and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Orion has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of GREAT.

Jeremiah turns down an aisle of kitchen appliances, looking in passing at the knives as if they were his long lost brothers. Oh, my kin! My blood! My friends! My faithful frien—oh hey, is that lady following me? Jeremiah only sees Claudine in the reflection of a silver toaster, but he did just pass her in the aisle. He moves on again, turning around the next side of the shelf only to speed up and circle around the next one again. He is very weaselly.

GAME: Claudine has rolled THE SCULPTOR'S TOUCH and got a result of GOOD.

As if getting ready, Claudine looks down towards the ceramic and plates she has in her cart. She wrinkles her nose and presses her palm against a few of the smaller plates and soon the once smooth edges become sharp and serrated, rough as if the ceramic was never fired and sintered. She swallows nervously as she still follows Jeremiah. Hopefully he doesn't notice.

You know, Jeremiah, you are making it tremendously difficult for Orion to be the Scion of the Spider Clan.

If Orion were the talkative type, that's exactly what he would be yelling at Jeremiah. As he is not the talkative type and rather fond of not being cut to ribbons in public places, Granger holds his tongue as he loses sigh of Jeremiah. Instead, the tall man gives chase. His pistol disappears under an arm a moment before Orion himself disappears into the sub-aisles of the clothing department.

Moments later, Orion darts out of the clothing department and into homegoods. The tall man catches sight of Jeremiah as he passes into another aisle and Granger disappears into one that runs parallel to it, darting past Claudine the middle background as he moves with startling, almost bounding swiftness down an aisle full of crystalware toward the next perpendicular aisle where he can, hopefully, get a shot at Jeremiah. If he figures out how to roll such an interaction.

GAME: Namir has rolled STRENGTH and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Jeremiah has rolled SIR CUTSALOT and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Mandy has rolled STRENGTH and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Namir has rolled PIN DROP and got a result of GREAT.

An S-shape route, and that cart is still coming? Jeremiah knows it is there now, so it's obvious. Unfortunately, Orion comes ALL OF A SUDDEN down the aisle in front of him, so the smaller man's first instinct is to pounce into the shoe department across the way. CLUNKSHUFFLEBUMP! Shoes start falling down everywhere. From above, bouncing around down the floor, into passerby, into employees, et cetera et cetera. SHOES. Oh my god, Shoes!

Fortunately, Namir is not keen on having his arm grabbed. He doesn't manage to get away from Mandy thanks to the cart still at his back, but he does manage to twist his arm away before he gets damaged. The same cannot be said for his coat and the shirt beneath it. It's distraction enough, however, for the Israeli to lose sight momentarily of Mandy, but it doesn't stop him from following her as far as the women's clothing. As he moves, he fishes for his Bluetooth headset, tucked away in his coat pocket. This is soon fastened into his ear, the phone switched to use this mode of communication, and the phone put away to allow hands-free maneuvering. Then, he begins to comb the aisles, scouring the area for Mandy in roughly the same spot that she disappeared into the coat rack. Finding no one who resembles the woman — or at least no hoodie — he scowls. "POLICE! EVERYONE FREEZE." He wants to be heard, so what if his voice is given a little extra oomph from his latent abilities?

GAME: Mandy has rolled DEXTERITY+STEALTHY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Namir has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GREAT.

Kitty breaks into a run and follows after Namir, she looks behind her shoulder and then comes to a halt not to far behind from Namir. Her breathing is deep and she scans the area, looking for the acid woman.

And there's Orion. Her eyes widen as she wrinkles her nose and blinks blankly as she spies her beau. "Orion! How'd you get here so fast?" She asks a little at the shoes as she wrinkles her nose and reaches down to grab a few of the ninja plates now. She isn't exactly sure what's going on, but hearing that the popo is around definitely makes her duck under the aisle.

GAME: Orion has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Mandy has rolled ACID TOUCH and got a result of SUPERB.

Mandy's still hiding inside the clothes rack, waiting for someone to get just a little too close. As Namir stops near her, she reaches out through the clothing for him, but with her vision impaired, she can't get hold of him.

GAME: Orion has rolled CYBORG'S ARMOR and got a result of AVERAGE.

There is Claudine. Orion points back the way Claudine came, eyes narrowed. It's unspoken communication, but it should be explicitly clear to her what he means. Granger doesn't look at her long enough to see her duck into cover. He is much too busy trying to keep track of Jeremiah through the shoealanche.

Talk about hard jobs. Orion grunts more than once as he stumbles and shoves his way through the shoe aisles. Shoes pound into his head and shoulders, one or two catching him in the face but shoes are typically non-damaging when not propelled by anything more dangerous than gravity. The tall man's head bobs and weaves about, barely managing to keep track of Jeremiah's altered profile, just slightly blurred by the shoealanche.

As he moves though, the going gets somewhat easier. Underneath his clothing, something like molten steel seeps out of his flesh causing the fabric to tighten as vital portions of his anatomy are covered in the flowing metal. Fortunately his black clothing is in the way, so all anyone sees is Orion seemingly bulking up, easily attributed to stress. Right? Right.

GAME: Namir has rolled MARTIAL ARTS and got a result of GOOD.

As he's on high alert, the moment Namir feels any sort of limb on his person, he reacts instinctively and immediately. The gun in his hand is brought around in a flash, not to fire, but to pistol-whip. His aim is to disable Mandy — in this case, it would mean either knocking her out with a swift hit to a certain spot on her neck, or to at the very least stun.

GAME: Mandy has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.

Jeremiah has found…the bathrooms? Well. Not the best of places. He manages to get inside the men's room and lock it before something comes up behind him; but, now he is locked in the restrooms. Luckily there is nobody else in there to deal with, but still! Urinals and potties. Some sinks. No windows. He also has no idea a metal man has been following him. Oh, dear.

Claudine does not freeze. However, she notices Orion's look and seems to understand the unspoken communication. However, when does she actually listen to things like this? She wants in on the action. She wants to help. At least she thinks she can.

Since she's ducked behind the aisle, she starts crawling towards Jeremiah, hoping to place him between a rock and a hard place. However, it seems that Jeremiah has headed into the bathroom, and damned if she's going in there. So she'll wait by the door until Orion is there. Right. There, that makes more sense. Hopefully.

Even though the clothing rack didn't allow her a clear grab at Namir, she's able to twist out of the way with some difficulty, the weapon hitting her squarely on the shoulder and causing a bruise which might be deeper than just the surface. It hurts like hell, but with her cover blown, Mandy turns and runs. There has to be a way she can get around their sight without being spotted. Not willing to trap herself, she changes tactics and heads away from the dressing room, weaving back and forth so as not to give anyone a clear shot. Ramming into a divider with her shoulder, the acid eats right through it as if it weren't even there. The wall thusly weakened, she races through and into the back room of the store.

GAME: Orion has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GREAT.

Granger follows Jeremiah at a semi-discrete distance until the Lancer disappears into the men's room. He steps up in front of the door and pauses as Claudine arrives. The tall man frowns, the expression distinct and unpleasant on his features.

"Go. This is not a safe place for you."

This is quite clearly levied at Claudine, although taken out of context, one could argue that he sounds like Orion is talking to Jeremiah. For the moment, just the moment, Orion waits while he scowls at Claudine. In that time though, Orion takes it to take note of all of the security cameras in the area and their exact periods of observation.

"I can help. Please let me help.." Claudine says softly as she hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip. She knows it isn't safe, but she doesn't want Orion to go and face the emo cutter all by himself. She hrmms as she looks around for a few moments, idly running her fingers through her hair and takes a deep breath.

«I'm going to make a distraction. You take care of him, but you better be careful,» she tells Orion in Tagalog. All those lessons payed off, at least she's hoping so as she starts looking around for a fire alarm. Should she find one, she's pulling it.

GAME: Namir has rolled IT'S LOUD IN HERE and got a result of SUPERB.

When Mandy makes another break for the back room, melting through a divider as she goes, Namir is not far behind. He's careful to keep a certain distance to make sure she doesn't whip around and harm him with something far more substantial than a little melting through clothing, and her zigzag pattern coupled with the fact that they're whipping through a crowded ladies' clothing section prevents him from opening fire. As he moves, Namir is keeping the 9-1-1 operator (and thus, police forces) informed of the situation via the Bluetooth headset. He follows Mandy into the back room, keeping his eye on her up until he too breaches the wall. Then, he begins to concentrate. For Mandy, every sound in the entire room is about to get extremely loud — deafening, even. "FREEZE! GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR, HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD!"

GAME: Mandy has rolled STAMINA and got a result of AVERAGE.

What's that, under the door? Oh, look, it is….toilet water. There's a flood coming out all of a sudden. Ew. What's Jeremiah even doing in there? It's not really possible to tell unless someone goes in. There's also the rushing noise of water grinding dully against a wall. Or ceiling, even.

The ceiling! If someone does bother breaking down the door, they'll find a flood of water, spurting pipes, and in one stall- a ceiling tile pushed aside. He's now up there, somewhere. Probably still in the restroom, but the crawlspace around the back is liable to be a big one. There is lots of noise up there, too. Good god.

GAME: Claudine has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of AVERAGE.

As she's looking for a fire alarm, she becomes distracted by the water going through the door. "What the hell?" Claudine asks, looking towards Orion with raised brows. This is not good and she chews on her bottom lip as she goes back towards the metal man, now a bit curious as to what is going on…

GAME: Orion has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.

Fel is…getting it in both ears, from legit law enforcement and the Company. In a fashion. The dispatcher will let Namir know that there's a Fed on the scene, volunteering to help. And Fel's heading right for where Namir and Mandy are, since Claudine and Orion are dealing with Jeremiah. Personal vengeance can come later. At the moment, he's dashing for that back room, badge in one hand, tranq gun in the other. The sound of him banging through that door is lost in the general cacophony Nam's just unleashed on Mandy, though.

GAME: Mandy has rolled ACID TOUCH and got a result of SUPERB.
GAME: Kitty has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of AVERAGE.

Kitty follows after Namir and Mandy. When Namir enters the back room, Kitty stops and does here Namir's very loud voice, but when Felix barges in, the young woman slips in as well.

Seeing the metal stock door in the distance, Mandy heads for it, knowing for sure that she'll be able to corrode her way through it with relative ease. Of course, she's not counting on the fact that every noise in the room will suddenly become deafening. Cursing something that's lost in the noise, she stumbles and leans against a wall, hands going to her ears in an attempt to shut the noise out. She's no longer running away, at least, but that might not be a good thing.

There are shelves above the wall she's leaning on, all the way to the very high ceiling. As she staggers along slowly, an imprint is left by her shoulder, eating rapidly through the wall, which cracks, crumbles, and with a thunderous noise, all the shelving and backstock begins to fall.

GAME: Mandy has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Kitty has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Orion has rolled IRON FIST and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Orion has rolled STRENGTH+BRAWL and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Namir has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Namir has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of GOOD.

Water starts flooding under the door. Granger frowns even more severely as he starts hearing noises from overhead. The tall man twists around, metal pours out over his right fist as his pistol falls into his left hand. As the metal coats his fist, it hardens into something not unlike steel.

"Claudine. Get yourself out of the way. Now."

And then Orion's steel fist plows through the men's room door. Wood splinters around his fist and the door knob actually careens through the door before crashing into the wall on the far side before splashing into the water on the ground. Granger enters the bathroom, sweeping his gun back and forth to officially clear the bathroom.

No, Namir was not expecting things to come a-tumblin' down, and so when it does, he's not too prepared to get away. He is, however, far enough away that he's only on the brink of the collapse and, though he takes a box to the shoulder that sends him staggering back, his focus does not let up on the enhanced sounds. Mandy is still getting an audio onslaught, making the sounds of the collapsing shelves even louder than they would be normally. Add to that a cry of pain from Namir and it's quite a din. He keeps out of range of any further projectiles, trying to keep his eyes on Mandy amidst the entire fiasco. "ON YOUR STOMACH, HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD."

But she just wants to help. The young Filipina looks hurt for a few moments and just nods as she chews on her bottom lip. With everything that's going on, she might as well get all the innocents out, so she finally finds the fire alarm and pulls on it. That should get people out of the store. Oye..

Kitty flinches at all the noise and holds her hand to her ears as she dodges out of the way, because she was only by the door of the back room. Her hand goes to her gun behind her, but she doesn't pull it, "Namir! Be careful not to touch her!" she yells and hopes Namir can hear her.

Jeremiah is very much a weasel in nature and in being. By the time that the crash of the bathroom door comes around, he is already cutting his way out of the ceiling of the employee lounge. It's just a table and chairs, though, and as he cuts himself an exit, he has no choice but to make a rough, rolling landing on the table. Compared to the rest of that ruckus? It's barely a noise. But it hurts a bit, as it should.

As far as Jeremiah knows, the people following him still think he is in the bathroom, and so he pauses in the lounge just as the fire alarm starts to go off throughout the store.

The entire shelf crashes down with a thunderous noise, but when you've already been deafened by the loudness of one man's voice, there's not a lot you can hear anymore. Pulling her hands away from her ears, they come away bloody, and what's worse, is that she's being pummeled by a whole lot of boxes falling on her. She can't get away from all of them, but the thought that there's an Insurance Plan at home keeps her from giving up. This is why they have Claire.

She has the headache from hell, but she's not going down easily. Once she re-orients herself, she's running again, weaving back and forth, in and out in the large stock room, still heading toward that metal door. On her way, she knocks things over, hopefully making it harder for her to follow.

GAME: Felix has rolled STOP RIGHT THERE and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Mandy has rolled STRENGTH and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Fel's only now caught up with Namir. Coming up on the cop, he says, simply, "Namir, if you can, shoot to kill." It's a soft, privy comment, even as he reaches him, and keeps pace, picking his way among the fallen debris. He reaches out with his power, trying to steal the acid generator's speed.

GAME: Orion has rolled DEXTERITY+ACROBATICS and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Orion has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Granger really doesn't have much in the way of leads. Especially since someone had to go and set off the fire alarm. The tall man darts into the ruptured stall and runs about two steps up the wall before leaping. His arms catch on the insides of the space where a ceiling tile should be and he bodily hauls himself into the cramped crawl space.

Orion promptly starts army crawling through the ceiling, following Jeremiah's trail toward the break room. It is somewhat slow-going though, due to tight corners, hugeness, and metal-based inflation… Somehow that sounds Internet-dirty, doesn't it?

And right on Mandy's tail is Namir, weaving through the debris she flings in her wake. Felix's comment earns him a sidelong and quick glance. Shoot to kill? Namir is a by-the-book guy, and he's never killed an unarmed person in his life. Mandy, Evolved and dangerous as she is, is unarmed. He's not comfortable shooting to kill. He's not even comfortable shooting. Hence why he's focusing on using his own abilities and not his gun. Gritting his teeth against the buzz that is starting up in the back of his head, the Israeli growls, "I am not going to put my job on the line again." It's been only months since he shot Viola; he's not keen on getting suspended again for a breach in policy. "Where is the rest of the backup?"

GAME: Claudine has rolled DEXTERITY + ATHLETICS and got a result of GOOD.

And that's when she goes into the bathroom. Claudine is going to follow Orion as she wrinkles her nose, sighing softly as she's smaller and a bit more flexible than him. "I can follow him. I'm smaller and more flexible.." she whispers towards the tall metal man while going through the walls as well. "I'll stall, you get him in the end.." She's stubborn, isn't she?

GAME: Jeremiah has rolled SIR CUTSALOT and got a result of GREAT.

Kitty inches closer as well, if Namir and Felix cannot do the job then Kitty will have to. She looks to Namir and then to Felix as she comes to their shoulders and then the woman looks to Namir again, "She will keep killing, nothing can hold her back. Look at what she did to that shelf and my face and your clothes. She must be stopped."

Unfortunately for Mandy, she's unable to resist Felix's ability, and finds that she's moving extremely slow, like one of those dreams where she can't get away fast enough. And she's so close. Dammit!

Let us see where this exit goes! Leaving the empty break room behind, Jeremiah takes his pause to regain himself before taking off again, appearing at the far edge of the stock room, and really only able to see where the shelves have fallen from his view there. Curiosity killed the cat, but will it kill the Jerbear?

He takes off for where the ruckus is, swinging his hands to slash away at the shelves and boxes around him. Oh! Look! A distraction! And noise!

Fel doesn't argue. "On its way, but not here yet," he says, calmly. Though Mandy is never unarmed, really. He stops just long enough to level the tranq pistol at her, and squeeze off a shot, before hurrying again to catch up.

GAME: Felix has rolled FIREARMS and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Orion has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Claudine has rolled DEXTERITY + ATHLETICS and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Namir has rolled IT'S LOUD IN HERE and got a result of GOOD.


The crawlspace under Orion disintegrates with a terrible noise just as Orion was opening his mouth to, probably, scream at Claudine. Granger plummets into the space between the men's and women's rooms before ricocheting off of a water main. There is a momentary pause before…


Orion Nathaniel Granger crashes through the wall of the women's bathroom, spraying plaster dust, wood, and electrical wiring everywhere. A half second later, Orion crashes head first into the toilet in the stall through whose rear wall he plunged. A half-second after that the remains of the wall snap and fall down, crashing into the metal switch that flushes the toilet.

It is at this point that Orion Granger is reminded that The Universe hates him with an abiding passion. It inevitably makes him look the fool… And there is nothing, /NOTHING/ quite so foolish as inadvertently giving yourself a swirlie.

A … what? A tranq gun? Namir is a little surprised to see the flash of the dart when Felix fires at Mandy, but he's soon got a lot bigger things to worry about. The commotion from behind, the random crashing of things nearby, all these things cause Namir to cease his pursuit of the woman (slow as it is) and whip around to level the gun at the approaching Jeremiah. With it goes his auditory attack on Mandy — instead, it switches around to focus on Jeremiah instead. "FREEZE, DROP YOUR WEAPON!" the Israeli bellows, gun leveled at the other man's chest. The arm-swinging is odd, but it does look as though Jeremiah has a weapon, and he won't hesitate to fire.

GAME: Jeremiah has rolled STAMINA and got a result of GOOD.

With Mandy unable to move, the dart hits her squarely in the shoulder, and if she's able, she'll drop as soon as the dart takes effect.

And Claudine is following. She can hear the cracking as she follows, and her eyes widen as he suddenly falls through. "Oh shi…Orion! Are you okay?" she screams worried for him and she chews on her bottom lip. Decisions, decisions. What is the young Filipina going to do?

Seeing that there's not too much space between the hole and the next part of the ceiling, she grabs onto the other end and hops on down, landing next to Orion. Jeremiah be damned, there are others going after him. She needs to check on someone more important.

As such, Claudine offers to help Orion out of the swirlie and smiles warmly,looking over towards him. "Are you okay?"

Kitty ducks as more commotion is made and Jeremiah enters the room, now this is one scary guy as well. Her eyes narrow though as she remembers the dream and the things he does to people. "Seems like all the bad guys came to party tonight," is all Kitty says.

GAME: Jeremiah has rolled SIR CUTSALOT and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Orion has rolled I'M THE JUGGERNAUT and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Orion has rolled STAMINA+TOUGH COOKIE and got a result of SUPERB.

Considering the sudden people are a surprise, one might think Namir's loudness would be worse! It must be Jeremiah's lucky day as he manages to steel himself against the noise, coming up literally just beside Mandy. His hands are empty.

And moving up towards Namir and Felix like twin horizontal blades aimed for their heads and necks, likely also torsos; they are wide, jagged cuts, rather than those of knives.

GAME: Felix has rolled DEXTERITY+QUICK REFLEXES and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Namir has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GREAT.

Granger shakes loose of Claudine's help. He erupts from the water, sending toilet water spraying all over the place as he stands up right once again. The tall man looks at the Filipina, fury in his eyes.


With that, Orion shoulders his way out of the stall and storms out of the women's bathroom. The tall man starts marching toward the stock room since it appears to be in the correct direction of travel for Jeremiah… Unless Jerry went out the front door, but surely there are Company agents here for just such a possibility.

GAME: Claudine has rolled GAIA SPANKS YOU and got a result of SUPERB.

Fel is just stooping to cuff Mandy. But then there's Jeremiah, and he flings himself out of the way, lest he be eviscerated again. "Oh, you fucker," he says, under his breath, bringing up the tranq gun again, and aiming for the Evolved.

She might as well have been slapped in the face. The young Filipina winces a little at being shouted at and watches Orion head out the door. There's shattered toilets everywhere, and she can hear the chaos going on through the walls. Namir's shouting was kinda loud after all.

Claudine takes a deep breath as the ceramic toilets start to form together. It's ceramic, the same chemical structure as regular clay in the earth. Just hardened. It starts to form together until she just punches it through various walls until she has a direct path towards Jeremiah. Or at least she's trying to.

"You want to capture this guy. Then I'll fucking capture this guy.."

And with that, Claudine starts stepping through the smalled walls. The young Filipina is pissed.

GAME: Felix has rolled FIREARMS and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Jeremiah has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.

Jeremiah is already making to run. He only gets a few strides before that hornet drives into his back. He knows what's coming, but doesn't really get much of a chance against it when he stumbles to his knees. A few seconds later, he simply gives up and collapses on the floor. The chase is over.

Wait. Really? Yes, really. For Jeremiah and Mandy, it is, unless someone opens a tesseract and they both end up in downtown Manhattan.

Jeremiah isn't putting down his 'weapon', and seeing this (and realizing that the man is cutting things that are far out of range), Namir has the foresight to dodge as well. He drops to the floor quickly, avoiding any major gashing but gaining some bruising. By the time he's brought his own weapon to bear, Felix has come in with the tranq gun. That's about the time the wall comes crashing in, and Namir raises his gun toward the hole. There's some swearing in Arabic. It's not very nice swearing. "How many are there?!" he snaps to Felix as he rises to his feet again, ready to fire on whoever might come in through the holes.

Kitty quickly looks to the hole that is made in the wall and she blinks, "Now what the hell is that?" she asks and gets up from her ducked position. Her hand grips her gun but she still hasn't drawn it. She squints to see who is in the hole.

It's only now that Namir seems to notice that Kitty is there. It was in the back of his mind somewhere, but he had other things to focus on, like getting not-dead. When she speaks up, he snaps, "You. Get out of here. Go for the exits."

GAME: Orion has rolled COLOSSUS' FLESH and got a result of GREAT.

Granger shoves open the door to the stock room about twelve seconds after Claudine plows through the walls with her ceramic fists of fury. The tall man has taken those twelve seconds of mixed travel and concern to completely coat his body in rolling layers of liquid steel. His head, neck, and hands all gleam in the subdued lighting of the stock room once he enters.

"… What. The. F***?"

Yeah. This is just too screwed up for Granger just this moment.

"Three," Fel snaps in return, hastily stooping to cuff Mandy. He holds up a hand. "Cuffs, Dayan," It's not quite a plea. And then there's Claudine, and he stands up. He makes a little phone gesture at her, thumb and forefinger extended. Call it in, hey? He doesn't seem perturbed by her appearance, despite the billowing clouds of dust. "You couldn't use the door?" he wonders, voice oddly mild. "Nice of you to join us."

At this time, Kitty decides to go and get help. "I'll go get more help! Don't die!" she yells as she runs out of the room as flees for help.

She's young and impetuous and her boyfriend just screamed at her. Something that has never happened before. She's still fuming over it as she looks at the downed evolved and hrmms for a few moments. Hopefully she doesn't get shot by Namir.

"They're down..looks like I didn't have to do anything.."

And Claudine's cheeks flush a bright tinge of red, completely embarrassed. Oye. "And crap..I'm never going to make my apartment pretty now.." she says, facepalming as she looks down towards the two.

Felix isn't drawing a bead on the newcomers, and so Namir relaxes some. Obviously these are … well, these are friends. And Namir is not going to be worried about just what sorts of friends they are right now. He recognizes them both, one as Claudine, the other as her friend from many months ago. He glances at Felix and grimaces as he holsters his gun. "I don't have cuffs on me. I am off-duty." Funny how these things always seem to happen while he's off-duty. Sam will be ecstatic. "Why are these two here?" Namir gestures toward Claudine and Orion with one hand.

GAME: Claudine has rolled CHARISMA + INFLUENCE + ATTRACTIVE and got a result of GOOD.

"I'm a superhero, just forgot the costume.." Claudine deadpans as she doesn't even look towards Namir before heading towards to check on Jeremiah. She sighs softly, letting her guard down like the rookie she is as she chews on her bottom lip. "Cuffs wont work by the way..need something stronger.."

With that said she looks around the store room trying to find something earthen ware based, something she can manipulate. Of course, now would be a good time for bad things to happen. But who knows.

Fel's answer is an eloquent shrug. Now comes the sticky part - the Company cleaning this up before the actual NYPD get here. Since neither Claudine nor Orion seems inclined to, he flips open his own cellphone and dials the Primatech switchboard.

The metal seems to stream off of Orion's body in a steady wave, though no puddle ever forms at his feet. Granger is trying very hard not to scowl. He strides calmly toward Namir and Felix, eyes flicking toward Jeremiah and Mandy for several moments. Only then does Orion flip open his cellphone… which turns out to be superfluous since Felix is already on it.

It doesn't take much to put some pieces together. Namir knows that Felix is working for the same organization that snatched him, and he also knows that these fugitives escaped from an 'undisclosed high-tech facility'. He's got a pretty good idea what is going on and who these people are. It doesn't make him any more thrilled to be in their presence, but the focus is on the bad guys who are currently snoozing on the cement. Namir lifts a lip in a grimace and then moves off to start digging through boxes. After some looking, he comes up with a chain and a padlock, which he uses to secure Jeremiah's wrists. When in a pinch …

He also takes the time to pull aside Jeremiah's collar — discreetly — in search of a telltale mark. "So this is what you do, then, hmm?" he grunts with no small amount of hostility.

Claudine continues to look over Jeremiah and Mandy, making sure they're still alive and all that. She winces a little, burning herself on some leftover acid as she eeeks a little before taking a deep breath. She sighs softly and then looks to Orion, her cheeks flushed bright red before she looks away. Yes, she's embarrassed.

"I catch bad guys," Felix says, gently. "Same as I ever did." He's got that betraying lack of expression on. Not so good with the acting, but he can keep from revealing more than he'd like, perhaps? "Spooks' business," he adds. Not that Namir will buy the juris-my-dic-tion crap, but it's worth a throw.

"You're expecting me to believe that these two— " again, there is an indicative gesture towards Claudine and Orion "— are spooks." It's not even a question. That's how much Namir does not believe that excuse. The Israeli crosses is arms over his chest. "Bad guys, mm? So Bekah is a 'bad guy'? I am a 'bad guy'?" Granted, Namir can believe that these two are bad guys, but it doesn't remove the fact that he and Bekah were abducted, marked, and mind-wiped for no reason except that they apparently had abilities.

"You're alive. You're free," Felix says, still mildly. "I don't see you drugged or in cuffs, nor will you be. I don't have excuses for you, Dayan. I don't."

"No, Mr. Dayan, you are not 'a bad guy'. I do not believe anyone intended to insinuate you were."

Orion is very pointedly not looking at Claudine just this moment. The steel that once covered his body is gone now and the tall man looks tired. He looks at Felix for a moment before looking back to Namir.

Claudine sighs softly and shakes her head as she heads over towards Orion. She mumbles something softly towards him as she places a hand on his arm.

That just gets a shake of the head from Namir. Not the time or place. His brother and his sister-in-law are waiting in the hospital for him to come back with some emergency baby supplies, and he does not have the time to stand here and argue. The threat is neutralized, he's tired, he's bruised and sore, and he's got other things to do for the night. He turns and starts heading for the exit when the sounds of sirens can be heard outside, coming nearer. "We'll talk later, Ivanov," he grumbles. "Have fun with your collar." And with that, he slips out.

Felix just inclines his head to that, politely, and holsters the tranq gun.

Orion grits his teeth at Namir's response. There is very little fun about this. Least of all the part where he is covered in lady's toilet water… And he don't mean perfume. Granger may also be gritting his teeth at Claudine. He's still somewhere in his angry place.

The young Filipina cants her head to the side as she peers up curiously towards Orion. Her lips are trembling just a bit as she chews on her bottom lip nervously for a few moments before trying to take his hand and she whispers a few more things.

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