2008-01-16: Two Foxes


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Summary: Fox and Sierra meet, each witnessing what the other can do

Date It Happened: January 16, 2008

Two Foxes

Uptown, NYC - Upper West Side

It's a quiet, late afternoon in the Upper West Side of New York City. People mill about through the cold on there ways from one spot to another. Sierra has decided on a walk today. She's make her way from Queens where she lives over to this part of town, hoping to get a better idea of the city. Being a new comer isn't always easy, but she's loved her time here still.

Fox is out walking as well, with her school knapsack slung over her left shoulder. As she strolls down the sidewalk, she pauses to glance at some chalk-art, undoubtedly left by some local kids, and then continues on her way, stepping aside as someone on a bicycle rides past her. She seems in no particular hurry, her face contemplative.

Sierra stops a bit to look around. "Hmmm…well, seems I have gotten lost again!" She says to herself, he voice speaking with a French accent. "Ah, well. These things will happen, non?" She smiles and starts walking again. She is really quite in an adventurous mood…though, she always is, so it's not too much of a surprise to her, really.

Fox continues walking, and draws close to Sierra from the opposite direction. Glancing down, she notices her shoelace has come untied, and crouches down on the sidewalk to redo the knot. As her knapsack is heavy, she lets it slide down her arm to the ground for the moment.

Sierra doesn't seem to notice as Fox dips down to tie her shoe, nor does she notice the bag on the ground beside Fox. So instead of being prepared…she trips over the bag and falls head over heels. She blinks a few times before slowly pushing herself up with a small little grunt. "What in the world was that?!" She looks around confused and a little annoyed.

Fox grimaces when she realizes someone has tripped over her knapsack, spilling its contents across the sidewalk. She looks behind her, having just finished her knot. "Oh my gosh, I'm sooo sorry!", she says upon seeing the elder girl who is now on her hands and knees. Standing partway, she moves to Sierra's side and extends a hand to help her up. "I'm so careless!", she chides herself. "Are you all right?"

Sierra shakes her head, excepting the girls hand for support. "Oh, mon petite cherie. It is a mistake. It happens." She states, kneeling beside the girls knapsack to start putting stuff away. "I should've been more careful anyway. Should have been looking where I was going!" She shakes her head at herself. "It was my own silly mistake is what it was."

Fox bites her lower lip out of guilt, despite Sierra's own admission of carelessness. One of the items that spilled out of the knapsack is a spiral notebook, the open page sporting an assortment of rather mundane sketches, such as that of an apple, banana, orange, milk carton, cookies, etc. When Sierra begins collecting spilled items, Fox stands up and moves to the other side of the sidewalk, where a pencil and stick of chalk landed. "Well, I have some band-aids if you scraped yourself," she offers.

Sierra smiles at Fox as she picks up the notebook. She looks at the pictures drawn and up to Fox. "Did you draw these? They are very good. I think you might just have some talent." She smiles kindly at the girl, closing the notebook and putting it back in the pack. She rolls up her left pant legs, where she was feeling the most pain, and nods. "Well…seems I do have a little bit of a scratch here. Perhaps a band-aid would be good, just to make sure nothing goes wrong."

GAME: Fox has rolled DRAWING PORTAL and got a result of GREAT.

Fox smiles at the compliment. "Thanks. Yeah, I like to draw." She sits down by her knapsack and glances at the scrape on Sierra's leg. She pulls a pad of sticky-notes out of her sweatshirt pocket, and uses her pencil to draw a three-dimensional box with a cross on it. Then she rips the note off the pad and places it inside her knapsack, and stares into the knapsack for a moment. After ten seconds of concentration, she reaches with her free hand into the knapsack and rummages around. At one point, it looks like her entire arm has disappeared into the knapsack, as if it was far deeper than it looked. "Ah, there it is!", she says, before retracting her hand…and pulling out a large first-aid kit, one that's clearly too big to fit in there. "Oops," she says, biting her lower lip again in embarrassment. 'How am I supposed to explain this?', she wonders. Setting the kit down, she opens it up and pulls out a bandage of suitable size, and offers it to Sierra. "I like to be prepared!", she says with a smirk.

Sierra nods ever so slightly. "You should keep it up. Drawing, that is. Not tripping people." She says with a slight smile. She watches with curiosity as Fox draws a box (that looks to be a first-aid kit) on a sticky-note and sticks that on her backpack. Tilts her head. "What's she up to…" She whispers to herself. She guffaws as the big box is pulls out of the backpack. "How…but…" She eyes Fox suspiciously. "Oh, being prepared is all good and dandy, mon cherie. I shall give you that." She greatfully accepts the band-aid and applies it. "But…how did that fit in there, hmm?" She asks, indicating first-aid kit. "I would think that it's too big to fit."

"Um, I'm not sure how I got that in there. I guess I must've packed it really well," Fox says. She closes the first-aid kit and tries to shove it into her knapsack, but the knapsack bulges grossly and the fabric becomes so taut that it threatens to tear at the seams. Sighing, she gives up and sets the kit aside. "I guess I'll have to carry it home separately," she says with a sheepish grin.

Sierra seems slightly suspicious of Fox at that. Especially when she tries to stuff it back in the bag. She stands up and puts on a happy face, "Well, perhaps…ah, I know how you did it!" She chuckles. "A magic trick!" Yeah…that's really what she thinks it was. A magic trick. "You know? I've got a few magic tricks of my own." She says with a coy little smile.

"Yeah, it's a kindof magic trick," Fox admits. "But it takes a lot of practice to put things back where they were." She slings the bag over her shoulder and begins to stand up, picking up the large (and heavy) first-aid kit in the process. She'd really prefer to leave it here, but that might arouse even more suspicion. Once fully standing, she looks at Sierra with curiosity. Remembering something from a couple days prior, her interest is now piqued. "Really? What sort of tricks?", she inquires.

Sierra chuckles lightly. "Ah, but the best magic tricks are the ones that require the most practice, non?" She smiles slightly at Fox. She would have certainly been slightly curious and found it suspicious if Fox had left the kit. "Ah, I've got a very crafty little trick. And it is not one easily mastered." She glances around. "Would you like to see me perform my magic trick?"

"Yeah, I'm really curious," Fox says truthfully. "It's getting kindof chilly out here though, would you like to go to a coffee shop or something and show me there? I think there's one around here somewhere. Oh, my name's Fox, by the way," she thinks to mention as she shifts the stupid first-aid kit in her arms so that she can carry it without her arms getting pinched by the edges.

Sierra smiles a little bit, nodding. "Well, I will show you. But…hmm….I would prefer it someplace where not many can see, but needless, I am fine in a coffee shop. Would you like help carrying the first-aid kit there, Fox?" She says with a tilt of her head. "Ah, I am Sierra."

Fox nods. "Cool, I understand about not wanting to draw attention," she says. "I think they have some secluded booths…if that helps," she quickly adds. "Oh, I think I've got a grip on this now. They should really put a handle on something this size," Fox complains (the kit is supposed to be wall-mounted, thus no handle). She looks this way and that, trying to remember where the coffee shop was. "It's just a bit down the street over there," she says while nodding her head in that direction.

Sierra thinks for a moment. "Well, I suppose…if they have booths. I have non problem." She says with a smile. "Ah, maybe I shall write a complaint to who ever makes those things and say that they most certainly need handles." She says with a grin. "Ah, well, lead the way then, Miss. For I certainly would get lost otherwise."

Fox smirks upon hearing the comment about writing a complaint letter, then turns and begins walking further down the street. "I sometimes come here for hot chocolate," she explains. A minute later and she turns to pause in front of the door to the cafe. People are just starting to get off work now, so there's still some secluded booths to be had as the rush hasn't hit yet. As her hands are full, she waits for Sierra to get the door.

Sierra silently follows Fox along while nodding along to what she says. "I like hot chocolate. It is so yummy and delicious! What would people every do without it, eh?" She smiles happily as they arrive at the coffee shop. When she realizes what Fox is indeed waiting for, she scurries up to the door and opens it up. "Ah, here you are, mon cherie." She is quick to follow.

"Thanks," Fox says as the door is opened for her. She slips inside, and quickly finds a booth to lay claim to, and sets the first-aid kit and her knapsack down in it. Rubbing her slightly-sore arms, she promptly heads over to the counter and orders two grande hot chocolates.

Sierra promptly heads to the same booth as Fox, sitting herself down and looking about. "Ah, what a quaint place." She says while Fox heads up to the counter. She watches the people who come and go, think about how to approach her 'magic trick'.

Fox returns to the booth a minute later, carrying two steaming hot chocolates, topped with whipped cream, with little corrugated cardboard sleeves to keep one's hands from getting scorched, and a pair of napkins. "Here you go, my treat," she says as she sits down and slides one of the drinks toward Sierra. She warms her hands around her own cup for a moment before taking the first, brief sip.

Sierra smiles widely. "How very generous of you. You shouldn't have." Of course she's glad to have the hot chocolate anyway. "Ah, so, I can see why you might like this place. It is very nice. Quaint. I quite like it in here." She smiles with a nod. "Now, if I do remember correctly, I promised you a magic trick, did I not?"

Fox removes the plastic lid from her drink to expose the cream, then licks up some of the cream, but gets a dab on her nose by accident. "I burned my tongue sipping it," she explains. "And yes, you did," she adds, clearly eager to witness the performance of said magic. She picks up her napkin and wipes the cream from her nose with a sheepish grin.

GAME: Sierra has rolled EXACT REPLICA and got a result of GREAT.

Sierra chuckles as she watches Fox. "It happens to the best of us. We all burn our tongues…and get whipped cream on our noses, non?" She laughs. "Ah, now…an example of my magic trick…an example." She stares at Fox intently. "I think I have the perfect example…" She says with a wide smile. She stares at Fox with lots of intent and focus. After a few moments, some changes are evident. First, just her eyes, and then her hair. She begins to shrink and her shape changes and morphs. It's not too long before she looks exactly like Fox. A mirror image, except for the clothing.

Fox takes a sip from her hot chocolate, but as Sierra begins to morph she nearly spills the cup. Managing to catch it in time, her eyes grow wide as saucers as more of Sierra's changes become evident. Once she finds herself staring at a mirror image of herself, she swallows the bit of drink that she'd sipped, and her lips part in astonishment. "Oh my gosh!", she says softly. "That's amazing! You…you're special like I am…" Her free hand trembles on the table. "Wow!"

Sierra raises an eyebrow and shrugs, sipping her hot chocolate. Looking at Fox, she says, "Like I said, a magic trick." Even her voice sounds the same as Fox's. "But, if you wanna call it special, I guess that's another word for it, eh?" She shrugs again, sipping more of her hot chocolate.

"I didn't realize how cute I was," Fox teases before leaning back and shaking her head in disbelief. "That's so amazing, like something out of a science fiction movie. Can you change just part of yourself, instead of your whole body? What about parts of other people?" Her mind is racing now, and coming up with all manner of questions. "Sorry, it's just…that's so amazing…I'm really curious about what you can do."

Sierra giggles. "Well, of course you're a cutie. I certainly didn't want to turn into that guy over there!" She points to a guy with some very obvious skin problems. "It isn't all that much like science fiction, if ya think about it…okay, maybe it is. Like…the X-Men, ya know? Mystique? She could do exactly the same thing that I can. Now…I figure I can change just a part of my body if I chose to, but where's the fun in that?" She grins widely. "Other people…I've never tried to change other people. I don't know that I can do that. But…maybe."

Fox absently bites her lower lip as she gets a silly idea into her head, her prominent front teeth visible as she does so. After a moment of thought, she asks, "Do you think…it would be possible for you to make my tongue longer?" Immediately afterward, she looks down and giggles at the off-the-wall nature of her request. "Sorry, but I had to ask," she says with a smirk.

Sierra shakes her head, giggling. "Why would you ever want your tongue longer? You'd look like Kiss…and that's not good. I don't know /why/ kiss made their own tongues longer!" She sighs and shakes her head. "But…I mean, with practice and all…I might be able to? But, I can't make any promises or anything, you understand? But…we could make a pinky swear that if I find out how, I'd help ya out?"

Fox can't help but giggle at Sierra's reaction. "On the playground we sometimes have longest-tongue contests…but I can't reach past the tip of my nose with mine. And besides, it would be more impressive when I wanted to stick my tongue out at someone." Smirking, she reaches across the table with her pinky. "You're awesome!", she declares. "We should stay in contact! Can I get your phone number?"

Sierra grins widely. "Well, I think that's something I can support one hundred and ten percent!" She giggles again. "It's always important, those longest-tongue contests, I suppose. And when you see your nemesis, you deserve to stick an intimidating tongue out at them!" She reaches out with her hand, still identical to Fox, locking pinkies. "Of course we should stay in contact! I'd be more than happy to give you my number!"

Fox smiles broadly at her new friend, and digs in her sweatshirt pocket for a moment, retrieving her block of sticky notes. She writes her name and number down. "My cell phone number spells out 'FOX-FIRE' on the keypad," she explains as she tears off the note and hands it to Sierra. "What's your number?", she asks as she digs her cell phone out of the same pocket.

Sierra grins, taking the sticky note. "That is totally cool." She nods. "My number? 283-1176." She lists off. "It may not spell out anything as cool as 'FOX-FIRE', but it'll get ya in touch with me." She smiles, slowly morphing back into her regular self.

Fox fights with her cell phone as she tries to program the number in. "S…E…no, S…" She sighs. "Sorry, I can't spell. Could you write your name and number down on the sticky-note? Then I can program it later." She slides the block of sticky notes across the table to Sierra, and watches the morphing with amazement. "That's soooo cool. I wish I could do what you do."

Sierra smiles and chuckles softly. "Ah, do not fret it, mon cherie. It is of no matter." She says, once fully transformed back into herself. She writes her name, 'Sierra', along with the number she stated. "It is a pretty neat ability to have, non? Very useful. From what I might be able to guess…yours is just as cool. Just different is all." She slides the sticky-note pad back across to Fox.

Fox smiles as she takes the sticky-note, and folds up her phone, stuffing both in her pocket. "It's useful. And fun to play with." She glances down at the first-aid kit. "I don't know who that belongs to, but I think I'll leave it here, since it's heavy and I don't have any use for it." She picks up her hot chocolate and begins drinking it easily, as it's cooled down some.

Sierra tilts her head a little. "So…do you actually take these from someplace else or are the items created from nothing?" She asks, curiously. She yawns. "Ah, it seems to me time to head back to my home…if I can find my way. I have much work to do before the night it through. But it was certainly a pleasure to meet you today, Fox."

"At first, I thought I was making the objects, but I soon realized that they were coming from random places," Fox explains. "Yeah, it's getting dark, I need to run home too. Thanks…for sharing that with me, Sierra." She finishes her hot chocolate and wipes her lips with her napkin. "Let's get together again sometime."

Sierra smiles softly, deciding not to ask quite yet how she found out she was taking things from random places. "Ah, non, thank you for sharing with me. Not many can appreciate out gifts." She nods. "I hope we meet again soon, Fox."

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