2007-10-18: Two Strangers, Same School


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Summary: Cam, still injured, visits the Lair intent on telling Kory what happened at the magic show, only to meet someone from his school.

Date It Happened: October 18th, 2007

Two Strangers, Same School

East Village, NYC - The Secret Lair

It's late Saturday afternoon, and Cam makes his way into the shop. His one arm is moving quite stiff-looking. The boy pauses just inside, looking around, biting his lip. When he doesn't see who or what he's looking for his good shoulder slumps a little, but he makes his way further inside.

Already inside, though, Portia's found a comfortable place to sit and read a comic, this one seeming to be all in French, oddly enough. Occasionally she looks up, really, just seeming like she's hanging out there to be there for the sake of being out of the house than to read the comic itself.

Cam steps over to the box of free-to-read comics they've recently started keeping by the counter, and digs through until he finds one, pulling it out. He makes his way to the more comfortable section of the shop, and on seeing the teenager he gives a cheerful, "Hi."

Portia glances up from the comic, offering a smile as she sees the boy. "Hey." She offers, closing her comic a bit. She notes the way his arm seems a little stiff, and she purses her lip as if wanting to ask but she doesn't.

Cam is a perceptive kid, at least at the moment, and he notices and decides to answer anyway, "I got burned. Thursday in the park." He pulls back the neck of his shirt to show the bandages on his shoulder, then plops down into a seat, and adds, "I'm Cam."

"You okay?" Portia offers, glancing at him before offering a tiny smile. "Park's a dangerous place. Leaves and trees and stuff." Her tone is obviously playful. She's trying to make light of things.

Cam makes a face and says, "It hurts, but I'm ok. Doctors said it didn't get my muscles or anything. And gonna have some awesome scars." To the joke, he grins a bit, but nods quickly too. He changes subjects, though, "What're you reading?"

"Girls like scars." Portia nods knowingly before she giggles. "This? Oh.. it's just something I picked up. Practicing more of my French by reading some stuff I've already read but this time /in/ French."

Cam grins at that and says, "Awesome. I'm taking Spanish, but don't think I'll ever be good 'nough in it to read a comic. Most comics anyway, some where they fight monsters that just go 'ugh' and stuff I could probably do," he jokes.

Portia glances back to Cam and grins. "Well, I kind of have a bit of an advantage.. I lived in France for a year. Exchange program. It was pretty cool."

Cam blinks at that, "Really? Wow. I've never even been outside New York. Well, once, went with my dad to a job in Buffalo, but didn't get to see anything cool." He opens the comic he's holding, but doesn't seem intent to stop the conversation. "What's it like there?"

"It's really cool. But people there can be pretty mean when it comes to teasing. Makes me better prepared for Brubaker." Portia replies, flipping through her own comic.

Cam blinks, looking back up to Portia at that, asking, "You go to Brubaker too?" Then, after a second says, "'Course I didn't see ya, you're like five grades above me I bet."

Portia laughs. "I'm not really that smart. I'm actually in 8th grade. But it's nice to know that I've got that intelligent older look." She grins.

Cam ohs, grinning again and nodding quickly. "I'm in seventh." Though in his case it's probably a lot more obvious. "I really like it there… well, 'cept for some of the teachers. But some are cool, like Mr. Jones."

Portia brightens a bit. "Oh, you've got him too?" She grins again. "I really like him. He's a pretty good teacher and he really tries. Some of my other teachers aren't so great, but I definitely like that class."

Cam nods quickly to that and says, "He talks too… I mean, to me, all of them talk to their classes. He listens, and talks to me, even about stuff not in class, not like some of the teachers. Think some don't even like that I'm in the school." Then he grins, "Joule, that's a friend of Mr Jones, she said he has something big and really fun planned for later in the year. But she wouldn't give me any hints about what it was."

"I know. I feel like I can actually talk to him about things. It's pretty cool." Portia glances at the comic again before looking back. "That's kind of exciting though. I really could use a surprise lately."

Cam nods quickly, grinning, "Can't wait to see what it is." Though, at how she says that she could use a surprise, he looks up curiously. "Something wrong?"

"No, I've just been kind of restless lately. Home is a little.. well, weird." Portia explains, rubbing her neck.

Cam blinks at that, but then nods a little, "Oh." He's quiet for a moment, flipping a page in his comic, and says, "I been getting lotsa surprises lately. Some aren't any fun. Like the magic show in the park."

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