2007-06-16: Two Teens and a Duck Pond


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Summary: When Gene runs across Evelyn at a duck pond, they share a mostly normal conversation. Mostly. Gene talks about his problems with asthma and ducks. Evelyn listens and indulges her artistic side. The ducks bide their time.

Date It Happened: June 16, 2007

Log Title Two Teens and a Duck Pond

Location NY- Central Park

The sky is still overcast, as it has been most of the day, but that doesn't mean it's dark. Just not as hot as it could be, and slightly more humid. Evelyn had rattled around at home for a while, but then set out for the park, where she habitually does her thinking. On a summer weekday, even late in the day, there are a number of kids about - playing soccer, playing frisbee, or just playing in the grass. Pets, joggers, tourists… Central Park, or at least this portion of it, is far from empty. For once, Evelyn likes it that way. She sits by herself on one of the benches around the duck pond, clipboard in hand but her pencil resting idle against the white paper attached to it. Her backpack sits next to her feet; her attention seems to be somewhere other than here.

This was supposed to be a nice two mile run. Of course, the young man realized he really couldn't run for two miles after barely jogging a quarter of a mile. Having to content himself with a simple walk, Gene makes his way down the walkway in gray sweatpants and a white t-shirt. His usual companion, R2-D2, is following after him, carrying an umbrella over himself just in case it rains. As with the case with most of Gene's jogs, the droid is playing music, this time some random piano piece that sounds tranquil and calm. Deciding he could use a nice view, he walks around the duck pond. He doesn't notice or speak to Evelyn quite yet, contenting himself with the look of the peaceful birds. Unless someone is feeding them bread, in which case they might get a little scary.

At the moment, no one is feeding the ducks - probably why they regard Gene hopefully when he approaches the pond. Evelyn, not absorbed in the sketch she never started, also sees him come near, the sight of R2-D2 with an umbrella evoking a crooked smile. "Hey," she offers in greeting, since he's close by. And maybe a conversation will take her mind off other things.

The young inventor pauses as he sees someone talking with him. Gene runs a hand through his hair and instinctly smells his armpit to see if it… Yeah, it really kinda stinks. He shouldn't get TOO close. Of course, he realizes he is sniffing his pit when the girl is still looking at him. Failing in the social world once again, Gene offers a meek smile. "Hey, enjoying the scenery, I take?" he says, only taking occassional glances at the ducks to ensure they aren't going to attack him. The droid just stops once it gets within ten feet of Gene, some sort of programming controling when and how it follows Gene.

A shrug is the girl's immediate response to Gene's question. "Actually, I have to admit I wasn't paying much attention to it," she replies, shaking her head a bit. Tapping her pencil on the paper, Evelyn glances down at the still-blank surface. "Clearly." Violet eyes lift again, noticing how Gene watches the ducks. "I'm pretty sure they won't bother you - unless you look like you have food. They're lazy."

"People tell me that all the time… But they are just waiting. I don't know why, but ducks don't like me. It's like how some people are good with dogs, but the opposite. With ducks." Gene gives the birds a looooong look. "Don't try nothing, I come on peace," he offers before he moves to the bench, trying to sit on the end that's as far away from Evelyn as possible. After all, Geek BO is not sexy, no matter what the cute girls on G4 TV shows say.

"The last time I saw you, I thought you were drawing as well. You're an artist, right?"

Seems like Gene's enjoying the obvious questions for now.

Looking over at the ducks, in the end Evelyn simply shrugs. "I'll take your word for it," is her conclusion. Her eyes shift back to Gene as he sits down, chuckling slightly at his next question. "Ah… maybe someday. I'm not sure what I want to do, but this is just a hobby now," Evelyn continues, gesturing towards the paper. "It's relaxing, most of the time." Apparently not today.

"Most of the time?" Gene inquires, glancing over toward the paper to try and see what the young woman is working on. Regardless if he sees what she's doing or not, Gene leans back on his seat with a simple command of "Artoo, my side."

The robot gives a "Weeoopp chirrrp" in response before moving to Gene's side. If those ducks come for him, Gene's ready. Science has defeated nature once more!

The glance is recognized for what it is - people are always curious. Evelyn tilts the clipboard to show the blank page. "Yeah. I guess my heart's just not in it today." She shrugs one shoulder, smiles ruefully. The girl watches R2-D2 move over, smiling to herself. "What about you? What brings you out this way?"

"I need the exercise… Not exactly the most fit guy around, so I'm doing what I can. Hard to get much jogging done with my breathing problems, but all the good things in life never come easy, right?"

Gene's 'wisdom' is soon followed by a wiping of his brow, which is still sweating. After all, it is a summer day in New York and he just finished his workout for the day.

"That's what they say," Evelyn agrees with a nod. "I guess it's mostly true." She's quiet for a moment, looking down at the clipboard in her hands. Deciding she might as well give up for now, the teen reaches down to replace it and the pencil in her backpack. "You have asthma?" she asks conversationally, looking back to Gene. It's the obvious conclusion, given 'breathing problems'.

Glancing at the stuff Evelyn is putting away, Gene is silent for a second before he realizes there was a question at the end. "Do I have… Oh, yeah. It used to be really bad, but these days it only really flairs up when I'm under a ton of stress, running around, or both. Kicked my butt when I was a kid though."

Evelyn nods slowly. "That's good, at least. That it's not so bad anymore." And that… seems to be the end of that line of conversation. The girl lets her gaze wander over the park around them, and eventually back around to Gene and his robotic companion. Which sparks another question. "Couldn't make him rainproof, huh? Or were you just going for comedic effect with the umbrella?"

Glancing toward his prized creation, Gene gives a shrug. "Actually, he IS waterproof, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Besides, him having the umbrella means I can use it too if need it. Good thing about having a guy like Artoo around is that he doesn't complain much. Right, Artoo?"

As expected, the little Astrodroid gives a couple of beeps in response.

Evelyn chuckles at Gene's reply. "I see. That makes sense." She looks over at the robot as it chirps back at Gene, tilting her head a bit. "So, what all does he do? Aside from follow you around carrying an umbrella and playing music," she amends with a lopsided smile.

"Most what I want it to do. Charge my electronics, look neat… You know, stuff Sharper Image toys do, but I build most of it myself." There is a short pause before he looks over Evelyn for a few moments, frowning faintly. "I don't think I ever got your name before… If I did, I'm sorry, must have forgotten it. I'm Gene."

"You did? That's cool," Evelyn replies, considering the robot for a moment. She looks back to Gene as he continues, smiling faintly. "I think we exchanged names a while ago, but to be honest, I've never had the best head for them either. I'm Evelyn." The girl chuckles a bit. "Pleased to meet you again," she concludes, with a wry smile.

"Evelyn… Evelyn… Right, I think I'll remember this time," Gene replies as he knocks lightly against his head. "I have a lot going on up here some days, so I tend to forget names of people, even if they're nice people like yourself."

Gene is ready to say something else, but there is loud beeping that fills his ears. It's coming from his watch, an alarm going on. Turning it off with a sigh, Gene looks toward the fellow teen. Speaking as he gets up, Gene continues on. "Well, looks like I'm gunna have to go. That was the timer letting me know I need to head back to work. But if you want to talk sometime, there's this Starbucks I hang out at a lot… you know, the one that has that guy with the sandwich board every Friday telling people that the turning all your cash to gold is the best thing to do to survive Doomsday." Considering Gene goes to said Starbucks almost everyday, he tends to know what happens around it on a weekly basis.

Evelyn grins at Gene, and shakes her head. "Don't worry about it." She looks over at the watch as it goes off, and nods, standing up as Gene does. "Fair enough; I should get home myself." The girl chuckles at his description of the coffee shop. "I'll keep an eye out for it, but there's a /lot/ of coffee shops in New York." Leaning down to pick up her backpack, she swings it up onto her shoulders. "Have a good evening, Gene," Evelyn offers.

"Well, I'd give the street names, but I'm horrible with those too. Kinda new to the city still," Gene offers as he runs a hand through his slightly sweat-coated hair. "Either way, I figure I'll see you around… If you find the guy with the board and he's by the coffee shop? That's the place. Either way, take it easy!" With that, Gene begins to jog off. R2-D2 follows after, which is nice so Gene has someone to talk to as he complains about how dorky he was for saying 'Either way' at the end of the conversation.

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