2007-11-22: Two Wrongs, Two Rights


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Summary: D.L. gets visitors at the rough prison he's been sent to — and decides to stay in.

Date It Happened: November 22nd, 2007

Two Wrongs, Two Rights

Sing Sing Prison

Ossining, New York

Prison Life Sucks. That's pretty much the gist of everything that's going on with Daniel Lawerence Hawkins at this particular juncture in his life. He eats, works, works out, fights people and sometimes gets to go to sleep. But mostly he fights. Being in a prison like this, fighting for survival.

Visitors are few and far in between. And for D.L., he seems to get them in groups and what not. So, as he's chained from wrist to wrist and from wrists to ankles, he's shuffled along by the guards that flank him, with their big ol' guns, and they lead him off to that room with the table and chairs and one-way mirrors to make sure that everyone can see him at the same time.

Sing Sing must -really- suck. Because they don't even unchain him.

The air of dread is hard to shake, surrounded by these walls. There's no hiding the unease around Niki as she makes her way in, leading the family troupe stern-faced. One hand trails just behind her in Micah's. She'd rather he never have to see the inside of this prison, or any prison, ever again — the unwelcoming corridors, the armed guards, the impersonal room they're led to and watched like hawks… the sight of D.L. chained and led, now that the tables are turned. As they arrive, Niki tries to gently lead Micah to go ahead first. Today, this is his time, more than anyone's.

Monica stands next to Niki, her arms folded tight to her chest. This place disturbs her, and well - it's not meant to be comfy, so it's doing its subconscious job on her very well. She too watches as Micah's moved forward, though she lifts her eyes long enough to offer D.L. a sympathetic expression. She knows he doesn't belong in here.

Micah trails along behind his mom and cousin as they enter the room. The expression on his face goes from expected happiness to sheer sadness at the sight of his dad shackled up. "Dad!!" he exclaims, wriggling his hand free of his mother's and breaking into a run for D.L.

Shackled up and in that orange jumpsuit of doom is the man known as D.L. because Prisoner 8473 doesn't seem to fit any better. He has to keep back his own tears as the Micah comes running for him and he's dropping down onto his knees, since he can't do the one knee thing thanks to shackles and uses the extended chain of his wrists to wrap them around his son. "Micah." D.L. sounds tired, worn and beaten. Almost defeated, as he's not quite sure what to do. Eyes are drawn up towards Niki and Monica, but his focus is on the embrace of his son. "You takin' care of your Mom, for me?"

Niki stays behind the chairs that have been set out for them, at first, as father and son have their moment. They bring a smile to her face, tainted though it is by less warm emotions. She looks across to Monica, sharing that same look of sympathy and unspoken understanding when she looks back to D.L. "He's been great," she interjects softly. "My little hero."

Monica remains quiet through all of this. Her hands rest in front of her, wringing just a touch. "Do they let you have pictures?" she asks at last. "Because Micah's school photos came in, and I brought a couple in case it's allowed."

Trying to hold back the tears is like trying to keep snow off the top of Mt. Everest. Not gonna happen. Micah gives his dad as best of a big hug as he can before pulling back and composing himself. "Yeah." he says, allowing a smile to start showing. "She's not too much trouble." he adds with a hint of humor, glancing back and blushing ever so slightly at the 'hero' comment. Monica is tossed a smile as well. He'd forgotten all about the pictures in preparation for coming here today. Glad someone remembered.

It takes him a moment, but D.L. struggles as he tries to get back up to his feet in the chains. He's getting more and more used to it, though, so he manages to pull this off with little embarrassment. He smiles a little bit and reaches out to ruffle the curls of his son, before looking over to Monica. "I don't give a damn if I'm allowed to or not, I'm takin' 'em." They're lucky he's keeping himself in this prison in the first damn place, if that's any consolation to himself, honestly. He looks over towards Niki at this point, "How's Cam?" He's not sure if the kid doesn't want to see him because of the murderousness or maybe he's not -true- family so not allowed.

"They turned out really well," Niki says of the school photos with a small smile with a hint of pride. How couldn't they turn out well, look at Micah. "He's okay," she answers. "I didn't think this was the place for him." She lays a hand on Micah's shoulder, a constant reassuring presence. No tears from Niki. There's a slight waver in those blue eyes of hers that suggests it would be easy to give in, but she takes the harder path. She stays strong. "Are they treating you alright in here?" She regards D.L. seriously, hopefully. Even as she pulls out the middle chair and sits down, her hand slides down to hold onto Micah's.

Monica tugs an envelope out of the jacket, placing it on the table and sliding it toward D.L. with a faint smile. Inside are the aforementioned pictures, including one she sneakingly added herself - a snapshot of Niki at breakfast, standing by the sink, looking out the window.

Starting checklist. Tears. Off. Check. Emotions controlled. Check. Now that that's over with, Micah slides into one of the chairs open next to his mom. "Yeah. But I had to dress up for them." he comments about the pictures, rolling his eyes as he does. "That's probably the best one." he adds, pointing to one minus the suit jacket and tie.

D.L. finds himself taking a seat on the other side of the table, because that's where he has to sit for the mirror people to watch him. Not that he's going to be doing anything wrong to anybody in the room with him at this moment, because he loves all of them. Taking the pictures, he has to keep himself from losing control of his own tears as he flips through them. Next time, Monica needs to take one of Nakey Niki. Ahem. "These are great, Micah." He looks up to Monica to give her a silent Thanks, because he's not sure he could make it through this without pictures. "Eh. It's prison. Can't really expect much. I haven't been shanked yet. So I guess that's something." Not for lack of the other inmates trying, though. Cough.

Niki tilts her head to one side ever-so-slightly, straightened blonde hair rumpling against the winter scarf tucked into her coat. Sneaky, sneaky, Monica. That kitchen picture's definitely a new one. One the news that D.L. is as "alright" as he can be, under the circumstances, she lifts her chin and forces a bright smile. "Nobody can touch you anyway." But she can. She reaches out her left hand across the distance, looking for one of D.L.'s shackled ones. "We're getting everything with Child Protective Services all taken care of," she says, because D.L. needs good news. "Everything's going to work out."

Monica nods. "Micah's got a stable home, and Niki's doing what she needs to. There's no problem there." Then, "Cam's likely going to be taken into foster care." Monica's not unsympathetic to the kid's plight, but he's not family.

Cam may not be family, but he's the best friend Micah's had in a while. Well, except for Molly but he doesn't see her much except for school. Micah give Monica a look that expresses his own concern about foster care for the non-family person before glancing back to D.L.. "They're right. It's all going to get better." It'll be even better when his dad gets home. "I'm helping out where I can when I get my schoolwork done."

"Keep me posted." Maybe it doesn't seem like it, but D.L. liked that little white boy. He fit in with their crazy family well. And maybe he wants to make sure that the kid has a good home. Even if it's run by a psychopath hottie and a jailbird that chooses to stay in jail. He sighs a bit, though his fingers wrap with Niki's and he gets to clinging to her hand. At Micah's words, he turns his attention to him, frowning just a bit softly. "You do know I /have/ to stay in here, right? You get why, right?" Eyes go up to Niki and Monica, hoping that one of them explained why.

It'll get better, it is, but without D.L. Niki casts a sympathetic look toward Micah. It's hard to crush his optimism. Both of her hands tighten gently, squeezing the hands of the two men in her life, Micah and D.L. at the same time. She meets the latter's gaze and hers, for an instant, is helpless. She nods all the same, Her attempts to explain to Micah have been … tricky, at best. "Listen to your dad, Micah."

Monica keeps her mouth shut. No, he doesn't have to be here. Which doesn't mean that Niki should be, but…it's complicated. Life is unfair, and her cousin taking the fall for something he didn't do is at the height of it.

Micah offers a warm smile to Niki as he feels the increased pressure on his hand. Dark eyes turn back towards his father as he nods. "I get it. Mom tried to explain it, but I think I understand why." he starts, glancing between them both. The expression on his face clearly conveys it's about D.L.'s ability, but he doesn't want to say it out loud. Never know who might be listening.

"Something very bad happened. And if I don't stay in here, then we can all kiss our family goodbye. You, me, Niki and even Monica." D.L. tries to get this explanation on. Maybe this is what he's supposed to be doing with the rest of his life. Be the best father he can be… from in jail. Which isn't really being a good father or example, but he's got to make due. "So, until things get resolved, the right way," Yes, he knows the little brat may try to work out some techno-magic. "I have to do the time. Okay?"

Words like "until" and "resolved" are sticky in a situation like this. They make things sound easier than they are when that's not the case in any way, shape or form — so Niki leans on the table and looking over at Micah, trying to catch his dark eyes to make sure he meets her gaze. "It's going to be a long time."

Monica frowns a little bit. "The lawyer we got for Micah's social services case was really good." she says. "Maybe he knows someone who can help." She volunteers this without much real expectation of it doing any good. But it doesn't hurt for D.L. to know the intention to help is there.

Micah meets his mom's gaze long enough to assure her that he knows it's going to take some time. "I know." he says, turning back to his dad. "And I know you have to do the time." The suggestion from his cousin is met with a smile and nod. "Maybe he could. We could ask." Mind you, none of this will stop him from at least having a look online to see if he could do anything to help. He might not act, but looking is allowed. Right?

"Hawkins. Time's up."

That would be the voice that comes after the squeaking of the door and it's all opened up and stuff. Yeah, that's right, there's two big ol' meanie guard fools that are standing there. One of them even pumps his gun.

D.L. rolls his eyes and lowers his gaze to the table. "I love you guys." is muttered, before he gets up and shuffles along towards the door. It's a somewhat slow process, but it must annoy one of the guards as they shove D.L. the rest of the way out of the door. As it closes, the sound of a skull being hit by the butt of the gun can also be heard.


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