Tyrel Michael Anderton
Portrayed By J. August Richards
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 13, 1983
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Tyr
Place of Birth New Rochelle, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation College Student
Known Relatives Jonas Anderton (father; deceased), Yasmine Anderton (mother; deceased)
Significant Other Single
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Genesis

Tyrell is a recent graduate from NYMA (New York Military Academy) and an incomming Freshman at NYU. He was currently accepted into their joint JD Program.

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Our story beging in New Rochelle, New York, where Jonas and Yasmine Anderton welcome the arrival of their son, Tyrell Gabrial Anderton, into the world. Jonas, a established attourney within the Westchester County, fell in love with a talented jeweller from Harlem while visiting relatives within the city. Bother were very old fashioned and courted for some time before finally establishing a life together. Yasmine moved upstate with her husband and opened up a simple (but lucrative) jewelry boutique for many of New Rochelle's well to do. On a warm August morning, they both married. On October 13, 1983 at 7:30pm, the Andertons went from being a newlywed couple to the beginings of a family.

Living in a strong Catholic area, it is no surprise that Tyrel was raised Catholic. While nothing like his grandparents or his parents that observe every Catholic holy day and sacrament, Tyrel still tries to have a solid religious and spiritual foundation. As a child, Tyrel enjoyed a wide variety of interests: reading, writing, painting, playing the piano (his mother's influence). Tyrel also grew into a lean athletic young man, and, having a legacy at NYMA (New York Military Academy), Tyrel sought to follow in his father's footsteps—defending the defenseless and protecting those that needed protection. To him, Jonas was a modern was a modern-day super hero.

Tyrel's academics were always solid and in high regards. His drills were something different. He was average in shooting and his exercises. While he would do well in his drills, he was not the best—and that was what Tyrel wanted. The afternoon of the Eclipse changed all that.

Tyrel quickly developed a keener senses and reflexes. Never once doing well in fencing, he now excelled, able to parry and strike most of the more talented seniors of the NYMA Fencing Team. While rifle practice was something he had to do as part of his drills — now he was scoring perfects on every shot (especially moving targets, which he was dangerously accurate).

He became both highly talked about and highly feared amongst his fellow classmates. How does somone so young have an ability of hitting a target miles away and obstructed by trees (a test that the Drill instructor gave to him to see just how good of a shot Tyrel was). Needless to say, he's asked both his instructors to keep this from his mother—unsure how she would take that her son were a walking savant in weapons. He continued to attend school, trying to downplay his skills and try to lead as normal of a life a military academy student could live.

Graduating from NYMA with honors opened many doors to Tyrel. A promising military career t West Point, a career on the police force (his father had some friends within the NYPD). His test scores and rumors of his physical prowess reached some of the higher ups on the force, but Tyrel is leaning more towards Law at NYU and become like is father.

On November 1, 2007, Tyrel's parents were shot down in cold blood. It was said that it was an armed robery that went wrong. Other talk was that it was a hit placed on Tyrel's father over a criminal case. No one knows why the New Rochelle community lost their most warm, helping and most model of citizens.

His sisters stay in New Rochelle with their grandparents. Tyrel on the other hand has decided to attent NYU. He has no idea what he wants to major in. Plans don't matter to him as they use to. However, Tyrel has a destiny. He may not know what it is, and eventually, he will learn that no one can escape their destiny.


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|| Jonas Anderton. Tyrel's Father; deceased||


Yasmine Anderton Tyrle's mother; deceased

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