Tyson James Harris
Portrayed By Corbin Bleu
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 9, 1990
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Ty
Place of Birth Detroit, MI, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Brawler/Junior Boxer, Student, Son
Known Relatives Sarah Keller (Mother, assumed deceased), Alexander Harris (Father)
Significant Other None
Phone Number 283-2785
Known Abilities Spatiakinesis
First Appearance Not Just for Nerds

As rough and tumble as they come, Tyson Harris is a boy with a good head on his shoulders and a fist to knock someone else's off if they get in his way or try to start something. Not the type to leave injustices unsettled, if Tyson can work something out to better suit the situations of himself or those of those he cares about.


An update chronicle of recorded interactions can be found here:
Tyson's IC Timeline


Time spent between family and friends is often best described as chaotic; it doesn't help when even people you know are trying to actually trying to destroy it…

Tyson's Relationships

Fight Record

This is an adequate record of fights Tyson has logged since his November 4th induction in 2007.


However unaware of his talents at spatiakinesis, Tyson is capable of truly perceiving a space and manipulating elements within it to the extent that they continue to exist in constancy. The essentials of this ability is that space is constantly progressing down an extremely long mobius strip construct of time, that being the case, people with this power can hold onto the space presented to them while altering perceivable aspects about it.


  • "Who needs school when you make good money fighting?"
  • "You're this close to being hurt…"


  • "Slidin'" - Me, Him, & Charlie Miller
  • "Stand Out" - Tevin Campbell


  • Tyson has collectively earned upwards of $38,000 in fights.
  • Screw losses! Tyson rarely gets hit.
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