2009-11-20: Tzatziki Tete-A-Tete



Date: November 20, 2009


Lunch on the road to nowhere.

(No animals were harmed in the making of this scene)

"Tzatziki Tete-A-Tete"

New York City- Central Park

It's a chilly afternoon in Manhattan, but the natives are all prepared and dressed for the occasion. It is around lunch time for once, Hallis has tumbled out of bed before the crack of noon and actually made herself presentable. Dressed in a chic ensemble, she glides down the street alongside the newest member of her social circle, Alexandra Lambert. It's a lucky day for the two, but lately Hallis has been having a lot of those, there is a falafel cart right in their path.

"Lucky us! Lunch on wheels, how about it Alex?" The young blonde quips, giving her friend a wide smile. "I've never had lunch on a wheelbarrow before." Of course it's not a wheel barrow, but Hallis doesn't know what they're called. Poor sheltered thing. "But I had a taste of a falafel once, they're pretty good. I think…"

Andra has spent most of the morning at the Natral History museum,her dog Zorro had waited outside the building and for once didn't do anything to draw attention to himself while just snoozing in a pocket of warm sun upon a step out of the way. At the moment the two are making there way down the street with Andy humming a faint tune to herself and Zorro sniffing along the ground. Having lived along the east coast Andy is rather use to winters, though at the moment her clothing isn't anything to help keep the cold out. She pulls her thin jacket around her some while checking her pockets for her gloves.

A Friday off…one of the every-other three day weekends that Alex gets as part of her job. "Well, it's not a wheelbarrow exactly. More like a cart…" Alex muses, mostly to herself. Sometimes it's a lost cause trying to clarify things like that to Hallis…either it's lost on her, or she just doesn't care enough to, well…care. "Sure, I think I can manage some falafel today. It's been a while since I've had any!"

She's dressed nowhere near as chic and fashionable as Hallis, but she makes do. A pair of dark blue jeans, a sleeveless black turtlenecked shirt, simple earrings, and a silver watch, with chunky closed-toe black wedge heels. She's gone sleeveless today in an attempt to cling to the last vestiges of summer and fall warmth, even though most of the trees have shed their leaves.

"Cart? Really? That's what they call them, huh…" Hallis glances toward her lesser dressed counterpart and shakes her head. "Seriously Alex, I don't know how you do it. I mean, I know it's a tiny bit warm out, but it's not like it's L.A. or anything. I'm freezing!" And with that, she pulls her white gloves off her hands, finger by finger until they can be safely tugged from her hands. By this time they are well on the cart and Hallis' stomach is being as grumbly as it has been for the past week ago. This is what quitting the diet pills does to a woman. "Don't let me order too much, I'm on a diet." she murmurs to her counterpart before smiling up at the vendor. "I'll have a large falafel, large fries, and a large coke.. make it a diet, I'm trying to lose weight."

Seems Zorro has caught a whiff of the food cart some distance down the street, and while Andra is pulling her fingerless gloves on the dog is trotting towards the cart, the vendor and the girls. THis might not seem like a problem other then Zorro is a American Bulldog and happens to be large, many calling him a pitt before they get the information on what he is or isn't. Seems Andy has figured this out and she erks while running after the dog and snags hold of his leash right when he gets to the cart. Zorro looks up at his owner with a unsure look on his face before he settles back onto his haunches with his tail wagging. "I guess your hungry.. There's a surprise." Andra offers with an amused tone to the dog before peering curiously to see what the cart vendor happens to be selling.

"Yeah…that sounds about right if you're on a diet," Alex jokes to Hallis. "Especially the diet soda!" For herself, Alex puts in an order for a falafel sandwich, one size only, thankfully, and water with lemon. And while Hallis's old clique would've ridiculed her for her choice of food, Alex doesn't really care; she IS a southern girl, used to all the home-cooking and spicy stuff in New Orleans.

With the dog running up, Alex turns to look, but…isn't shocked. It's not like she didn't 'feel' it coming, though, the wedge heels do mute that sense a little bit. Thankfully the dog thunders down the solid concrete path, which seems to help. "Big dog," Alex comments idly to Andra. "He doesn't bite, does he?"

Hallis is busy juggling her food as the large dog lumbers up and causes her to scream, releasing the fries to the canine's greater glory. "What is that?! A monster?" She almost shrieks as the beast begins to vacuum the french fried potatoes from the sidewalk. The small socialite is now reduced to her diet coke and falafel, sad times. When she finally looks up to the owner, and spies her thin jacket and other manner of dress. An expression of pity crosses her features when faced with the sight. We're turning a new leaf, after all. "It's uhm… okay. Your monster can have my fries." Then she gives Alex a sidelong glance, as though trying to communicate telepathically. She did good, right?

Zorro indeed leans over and snarffs up a few of the fries before Andra is able to stop him. "Naw his harmless.. Unless your a fry." This said while she hehs faintly. "I'm sorry.. I'll buy you some more, really." So much for her getting to eat today. With the money Bert gave her the other night she's been able to stay at a cheap hotel for a few nights, only because the encounter with the dog and Lena didn't cause any lasting effects it seems.

"It's called a dog, dear. Though this one is particularly large and scary looking…" After catching Hallis's eye, Alex looks a little solemn…she'd been the recipient of those same sort of looks from Hallis in the past. For her part though…she just ignores it. She's not such a dressy sort…only for work, really. Her view continues around to the cart owner/operator, and she points at Hallis and her fries…and thankfully, the man seems a little charitable, and fills up a new container for her.

"It's alright, I'm on a diet, I really shouldn't be eating them anyway. They'd probably end up in a garbage can after I had two bites." The young blonde is trying to make the dog's owner feel at ease about the situation. When the cart owner offers the new container of fries, Hallis beams and hands them to the young girl. "Here, you take these, he looks kind of hungry." The cart owner seems a little nonplussed at the dog getting another order of fries but is quickly quieted with a few bills from the blonde's pocket. "He's kind of a neat dog, what kind is it?" She gives Alex a small smile and shrugs, more company for lunch?

Andra glances from Alexandra then to Hallis curious as why one had to explain to the other on what a dog is.. She's about to stay something on regards to the fries before she is offered another box of them. Zorro is making short work of the dropped fries on the ground and a slight smile is offered to Hallis while she nods and takes hold of the box. "Thanks.. His an American Bulldog. His really is harmless." As long no one tries to hurt Andy all is great, he'll be anyone's friend.

For the moment, the three of them hang around the cart while the man standing inside gets the falafels out of the fryer, and begins to put some into a platter with rice and pita and the works for Hallis, and then into a gyro-style sandwich for Alex. The scents waft from the cart on the fall breeze, rich and delicious…no wonder the dog was practically dragging his owner down here! "Hmmm, looks like a pitbull to me. I think I prefer dogs that a little fluffier and a little less mean-looking, you know?," she jokes a little, pushing an elbow into Hallis's upper arm. "I bet you like the kinds you can fit in your purse, huh?" Of cousre, Alex is hardly the one to joke, though Hallis has yet to see her with the massive shoulder bag she normally has with her.

Giving Alex a wide eyed look, Hallis breaks into a grin and shakes her head. "A purse dog? No thank you! I wouldn't want it getting all over my makeup." She holds up her massive Fendi bag and grins. "I could probably fit that dog in this thing. Don't you think?" While the dog and its owner are otherwise occupied with the massive amount of fries, Hallis eyes Alex's sandwich jealously. "How come you ordered something way better than mine? This isn't portable at all." Turning to the cart owner, she holds up her plate and gives him that sweet little expression. "Can you make this into a sandwich like hers? I'll pay for it." Of course, for the money, the vendor is always happy to oblige.

"This isn't the first time I've come down here to the park for lunch, you realize. In fact, I come to the park pretty often…" Alex lets her statement trail off, figuring (hoping) Hallis is at least smart enough after the little show last week to realize why Alex might be a frequent visitor of green places. "So yeah…I pretty much know what's portable and what isn't. Besides, I typically don't stay for lunch…hard to find any sort of tables that aren't being used by other folks." A few years ago they might've been used by druggies or homeless people, but the NYPD and city government did a pretty good job cleaning it up!

After accepting the sandwich, Hallis takes a bite, walking alongside Alex as they meander down the sidewalk. "'Ey.. ishish goo'!" she says with her mouth a little bit full. Such bad manners. After swallowing the large bite, she grins to the petite brunette and laughs, "I mean, this is good!" She glances toward the park and points. "Look! It's a squirrel!" Hallis got it and in turn has veered down one of the pathways of the park, just so Alex feels a little more comfortable with their surroundings. "Did you know that I'm scared of squirrels? True fact. I was playing at my grandmother's when I was little and a squirrel jumped on me and wouldn't get off." Offering Alex a grin, she shrugs and takes another bite of the sandwich.

Alex goes along with Hallis down the path, letting her lead the way down the park path. Her own tinfoil wrapped sandwich is exposed at the top, just enough for her to take a few bites at a time before having to peel some more of the tinfoil down. "Squirrels, huh? Really?" With a sly grin, Alex looks at Hallis, and gives her a sort of 'watch this' glare. Looking around carefully, Alex holds up her free hand, palm down, and starts to push it up and down, gently. At first, the squirrel just…stops, in place, looking around a little terrified. Then the reason is clear…as Hallis and Alex can both feel a little earthquake starting up. Eventually, the squirrel bolts, and Alex lets her teensy, localized little quake come to an end.

The small quake almost has Hallis rocked off her stilettos, "Holy! Alex!" And she laughs as the squirrel makes a tear for the nearest tree, scared out of its little gray booties. "That is the funniest thing I've ever seen!" Unfortunately in the commotion, some of her tzatziki sauce has spilled down the front of her jacket. "Oh my goodness! Ugh, this is an Anna Sui… do you think the dry cleaner will be able to get it out?"

"I…guess? Or I guess you could just buy a new one if all else fails, right?" Alex gives Hallis a wink…and seems to be suggesting shopping as well, as a solution for the problem of having sauce spilled down the front of her outfit. Alex herself however seems unphased by the quake…clearly part of her ability. "Though, really, it's my fault. I guess I'm so used to what I do that it doesn't bother me…I didn't keep the ground around us from shaking. So, yeah…my bad."

"It just means I'll have to wear thicker heels when we go to lunch, huh?" The petite blonde quips in return. She seems much more comfortable with the brunette's ability than the last time they were together. Therapy must be working. "I don't need a new shirt, I'll just get this one cleaned. I have a ton of clothes at home, I just bought a bunch more in Washington for my visits there… you know, trying to be respectable for George and everything." Then Hallis gives Alex a sidelong glance and grimaces just a little. "We had our first fight last night, it was horrible."

Once again, Hallis's conversations begin to take a turn into territory that Alex is extremely unfamiliar with. "Well..uh…I'm sorry? Did you win at least?" she says, grinning sheepishly and rubbing the back of her head, even scrunching her nose a bit to try and hide how unfamiliar she is with that sort of romantic deal, and making a terrible, horrible joke in the process.

Shaking her head, Hallis looks down and takes another bite of her sandwich. She has a pensive expression on her face as she chews and once she swallows, she bunches up the remainder and dumps it into a wastebasket. "No, not really. I mean, I was wrong, I know that. I kind of threw a little bit of a fit when waiter asked me for ID at this restaurant." She gives Alex a sheepish shrug and then places her hands in her pockets. "The horrible part was how much he sounded like Daddy after it was over."

"Wait…h-how old are you? Why would showing your ID at a restaurant like that be a problem?" Clearly, Alex seems to be thinking that Hallis is at least 21, if not a little older. "And you mean George sounding like your father? Isn't he like…a politician? Isn't that his job, really? To look out for the people?" Alex sticks with her sandwich for a few more bites, a few more steps, and one extra wastebasket down the path, until there's too much sauce and juice soaking everything in the bottom of the foil to make it worthwhile, so she crumples it up and chucks it too.

Giving Alex a surprised look, Hallis's lips tug into a little smile. "I'm 20, I thought everyone knew that. But that's not the point. I never get ID'd anywhere. That's not really the point either, but…" It's easy to see why Alex thought that Hallis was a little older than she actually is. The way she lives and the fact that she gets served pretty much anywhere in the city makes it a little difficult to tell right off the bat. "He just sounded so much like my father instead of my boyfriend, you know? And don't worry, I apologized to the waiter and everything. It was a momentary lapse of niceness." The whole karma gathering quest is relatively new, a few slip ups along the way should be expected.

Alex looks…well, it's something that borders mortified, with a little bit of disgust in there. "Wow…I, uh, I had no idea. I definitely thought you were like 23 or something." Then, at least, their age difference would be on the lower side of the decade mark. Of course, if Hallis seeing George is any indication, age isn't a big thing to her. "And…a momentary lapse of niceness?" Alex raises a brow at Hallis, curiously. Shouldn't the niceness be all the time?

"Well, yes, you know what I'm like." Hallis is obviously referring to the period of time before they were friends, the incident with Trenton and the coffee shop. Her behavior before is a far cry from what it is now, but it's all baby steps. Thanks to the therapy, and George. "I'm doing my absolute best to be good to other people now though. I'm even thinking about starting a charity for the homeless!" She gives the brunette a rather apologetic look and shrugs, "I just, it was a really hard day and all I wanted was one drink. Just one. And Sydney was worried about some ivory poacher or something… I don't know what got into me, I just snapped."

At the mention of Sydney, Alex starts to look a little more serious. "Wait…Sydney you said? And therapy? Is Sydney your therapist?" Alex has come to a complete stop in the middle of the path, holding Hallis up with the way she stands and looks at the woman. The topic of age is totally forgotten for the moment. "Like…Sydney who also works in a police station and has a tattoo like this?" With that, Alex spins around, holds up her hair with one hand and yanks down the collar of her turtleneck with the other to show the kanji tattoo.

"Yeah, Sydney Falkland, my therapist…" Peering closely at the tattoo, Hallis just shrugs and steps back. She looks more than a little confused at this point but puts it off. "I don't know if she has a tattoo, that's never really come up in our sessions. Seriously? She has a tattoo?" This causes the blonde to grin and then a giggle bursts from her small frame. "Wow, I always thought she was so good… but a tattoo! Wild side! You too! But I already knew you had a little bit of one. No one without a wild side gets into a dress like you did when Trenton tried to hook up with you." It's a compliment, the part about the wild side and the dress, her tone of voice is light and teasing, even the smile on her face reaches her eyes.

"Yeah! Sydney Falkland, that's her! She's like…my first BFF ever in New York! You know…we met when we were mugged here in the park…not too too far from this spot, I guess. But it was night…heck, it could've been on the total other side of the place!" That night was wild, to say the least, but at least the bullet wound on her arm has totally healed up…just a little bitty scar. "And yeah, that dress is…well, it's a real rarity. I just felt like a nice dinner and all that night, uptown. But we both know how that turned out…" Alex trails off, letting go of the neck of the sweater and letting her hair back down.

"Seriously? Well, after she gets done fixing me we should all go out somewhere sometime. IF she ever gets done fixing me." Hallis manages, her wide smile fading into one that is somewhat subdued. She pivots on her heel and turns in the direction Alex mentions and squints into the sunlight. "You know, I never ever thought I was acting terrible, you know? I just thought because I had money and I'm pretty that people should just give me things. It always worked that way too… until I met George, that is. Now it's just hard all the time because I'm trying my best to not want everything my way."

"Well…for the most part I can't say that's…not normal, but there are a lot of girls out there like you, Hallis. Not to say anything bad or whatever, but I think there's too many girls out there that have cash and expect everything to just fall into their laps. And frankly…I think it makes them cookie-cutter, identity-less such-and-suches. Like the kind you see on MTV or whatever. They let the rest of the world tell them who they are. It's so boring." The tirade isn't…mean-spirited, but it is a little bit soul-cleansing. Especially since Alex has gotten where she is now by virtue of her own smarts and work, not her looks, and certainly not her money.

Giving Alex a surprised look, Hallis opens her mouth to protest but ends up looking quite pitiable. "I know! I'm trying to change Alex, but sometimes I just slip. It's like… It'd be like you learning how to be just like Olivia, or Chelsea, or Mitsy, or even me. You'd slip too." She pushes her hands down further into her pockets and sighs deeply, licking her lips. "I mean, you're a huge help to me. That's why I like hanging around with you. It's not hard to be nice when you're around."

"Uh…well, thanks. I didn't mean to sound…mean, but sometimes it is frustrating. It is rather nice being able to talk to you without having to worry about being ambushed by your tabloid-fodder clique," Alex replies with a bit of a guilty blush. "You have to understand…I'm not used to all the sorts of attention, all the big city stuff. I'm pretty much only here because of work, not like you and your clique, who are here to shop and party."

"That's not really fair. I'm here because I've lived here all my life." Hallis counters, not in a callous or mean way, just matter of factly. "Well except when I was really little, we lived in Westchester then, but still… it's New York." She shrugs. Her eyes slide side ward to catch Alex's profile as they trudge along the pavement and she smiles a little bit. "Listen, I don't really want to fight. I know I'm a bad person and I am trying to change, it just gets a little bit hard sometimes. I was actually trying to say thank you for being a good influence on me." Then she turns her head to actually give Alex a smile.

Conveniently for Alex, she doesn't have to look up, or down, but rather, pretty much right at Hallis…advantages of conversing with a woman just as short as you! "Well…you're really welcome, you know! I guess…maybe, that's what I do, you know? I guess it's because I'm pretty patient, huh?" She smiles back at Hallis, looking a bit sheepish, once again scritching at the back of her head, nervously.

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