2011-02-03: Unapproved Medical Procedure



Date: February 3, 2011


A man suffering a cardiac arrest is fortunate enough to have an EMT present, but the emergency response isn't what one would expect.

"Unapproved Medical Procedure"

Not Starbucks

Big comfy chair? Check. Big, boring looking book? Check. Tall cup of cold, forgotten coffe? Check. Pissed-off looking blonde sitting there in the chair reading and not drinking coffee? Check! There must be something about her that keeps people away, since the coffee table in front of the chair, and in between two more identical chairs and a love seat. A collection of esoteric novels are opened there, some held open by other books, some new, some well-worn, most all of them checked out of the libraries around NYC. Even on her day off, Aurora can't stop reading, and this casual eats, soup, sandwiches, and desserts shop is her little reading nest for the day, after work in the morning and before dinner in the evening.

"Will ya come off it?!"

Comes the loud voice of Noelle Ashford. The former.. err.. recently rehired paramedic enters the place and is talking on a phone. "Mum." She says lightly as she enters and looks around. "I can't talk now, it's improper to argue in public like this.. that's why!" She says with a chuckle before rubbing her forehead and nodding her head as if her mother could see her. "Alright, I love you too." Click.

Dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans that fit nicely into her calf high brown boots. She stuffs her phone and her hands in the pocket of her black leather jacket. Blonde hair pinned back into a bun as she peers at the menu ahead before stepping forward in line to order something.

Just hoping to relax after a grueling shift at the hospital.

Barely audible over the ambiant sounds of the shop comes the sigh of one brown haired woman; louder is the of the book held in one hand shutting forcefully from where she waits for the coffee she's ordered - and when it comes to coffee, Lillian Byrne doesn't mess around.. Apparently it's been a while too, from the expression on her face. Come on, she's a college student, she needs her coffee fix! With the book settled under her arm for the moment, she steps to the counter and leans over, whispering something to the yonger woman on the other side, and is quickly handed her drink. With a smile, she takes it and makes her way over to the chairs, plopping herself down across from the blonde. Looks like it's time for another afternoon of studying!

What is it with people and paper, anyway? It has its place, but honestly, it's seriously overused. Tucked into a back corner of the joe joint, Carl glances up as a louder-than-usual voice cuts through the background hubbub, then shrugs and returns his attention to the laptop in front of him. Boring work compared to much of his career, but at least it pays the rent and doesn't involve lifting heavy things all day.

Ophelia Hunter isn't exactly a stranger to coffee shops. She's the type that comes in and spends some time around in them, chatting and whatnot. In fact, in this particular coffee shop, the employees know her. Unfortunately, her usual spot is taken, which of course leaves the woman looking for a new seat once she gets her coffee (conveniently free from the cute barista).

Look at all the peoples…happy little peoples living their lives. Especially that one, there with the phone. Ugh, she's the kind that comes into the place and makes a big fuss, usually so she can get someone to help her pick something from the kid's fiction section for her spoiled little nephew or something. Maybe that's why Aurora turns her nose up a bit and just holds the book up closer to her face. Today's reading is some generic fantasy drivel or another, the sort of fluff reading that just serves to fill the gaps between big releases and influential titles.

The Englishwoman steps up to order herself some tea and then she's coming to lean against the wall near the counter where you pick your drinks up. She scans the caf but doesn't see anyone she knows. She doesn't really have friends anyway, she's too shy to make them. Or.. too scared is the better way to say it. Noelle hums softly to herself and looks at the counter then at the cute barista.

"He's a looker, ain't he? Noelle says as Phi passes by her with a light grin. Noelle isn't known for her social behavior towards strangers but there are moments when she lets it be known she's a welcoming and friendly person. "Not sure, if I'd shag the hell out of 'im or take him home to meet mum though, hm?"

For her part, Lillian is trying her best not to be distracted by the noise around her as she pulls her book back from under her arm - a thick history book, from the looks of it. But some things can't do noticed, such as the woman who comes in blabbering away on her phone. She'd typically be annoyed, but she can't really help but crack a smile as she hears her comment on the barista. "He's really helpful,: she offers, though quietly and ahrd to ehar over the din of the coffee shop. But that's really all she offers, flipping the book back to where it was and setting it on the table in front of her.

Tap tap tap. Carl isn't especially listening to the conversation, getting back into the flow of his work, but he winds up overhearing a bit here and a piece there anyhow. Like Lillian, who's just a table or two away. "I'll bet he is," he murmurs, more to himself than anyone else. Everyone's got a different reason for being where they are today.

"I'd be careful with him. His sister's a friend of mine, and the stories I've heard? He seems innocent enough on the outside. Got those sweet looks going for him, but… he's not the one you take home to mom," Ophelia points out quietly, snagging her coffee before she moves to take a seat… one of the chairs near the glowering Aurora.

"Careful. That can be taken many different ways." Noelle teases lightly in her accent before peering over at the man everyone is commenting on. She grins lightly more to herself and then winks towards Ophelia, "Heartbreaker huh? Can't ever get enough of those." As Noelle says this a loud shout from a table in the middle of the place, closet to Carl takes place and a man falls over onto his side. Apparently, he was by himself reading a magazine and drinking some coffee.

The patrons closer to him yell in shock as the man begins to convulse on the floor of the caf. His light brown hair is sprinkled with bits of gray and his light blue eyes are wide as she tries to speak. "He's having a heart attack!" Somebody yells from in the corner of the place.

"Fuck me.." Noelle says softly to herself before beginning to make her way towards the man.

"What the…do I look like I need the company or something?" Aurora manages to blurt out before slamming the book down on top of the little pile of books she has laid out on the table? "If I wanted the company, I would've sat over there in the middle!" Looking disgruntled, she starts to close up shop, bending corners and sticking scraps of paper in to mark the places, stuffing books into a bookbag, and generally looking run-off by other folks.

That's when the old dude starts to have a coronary or something, and everyone kind of freezes and stares. "Holy shit, I think he's going to die or something," Aurora comments in her finite wisdom. "Do CPR or something!"

The sudden outburst and slamming of the book make Lillian jump, her eyes widening as she looks up at Aurora with surprised. "W-what? I-" she begins to protest, before the second outburst comes and she's quickly drawn over to the collapsing man, looking totally at a loss when someone announces there's a heart attack occuring. "H-Holy shit!" she exclaims, looking around franticly.

Hearing the reactions before he sees what they're reacting to, Carl shuts the lid of the laptop to get it out of the way. "Hell," he grumbles, rising to his feet - but not approaching the victim, not right away. His last formal CPR training was years ago, and a formality. He'll give it a shot if no one else steps up, but there's a risk that he'll wind up making the situation worse instead of better.

"Jesus, I was just looking for somewhere to sit," Ophelia snaps, then her eyes go towards the salt-and-pepper man and his heart attack. "Don't give him CPR unless he's not breathing. You're supposed to keep someone calm." She gets to her feet, setting her coffee down so it won't spill as she slowly makes her way in that direction. "Sir, calm down, help will be on the way." She glances around at gawkers. "Don't scare the shit out of him, give him some space, who's calling the ambulance?"

"You, get ya phone out and call em." Says the voice of Noelle as she passes by Aurora and grabs her gently but firm by the elbow. They have a life to save, afterall. Once Noelle gets the man having the heart attack, she kneels down next to him and looks over her shoulder. "Back away, a little please people. I'm a paramedic." She says this calmly, she's seen.. well worst shit then this.

It's not until Noelle notices that he's stopped moving that she checks his pulse on his neck and her eyes widen, "Holy fucknuts." She whispers for beginning to perform CPR. "Hurry with that ambulance please!" She calls over her shoulder to Aurora. Because the man has stopped breathing.

No matter her efforts.. it doesn't seem to be working.

"You know, not everyone in New York City has a cell phone. If you want me to call, I need to use your phone." Aurora edges closer, still clutching her bag though, over one shoulder. Looks like she hasn't decided whether she just wants to turn her back on all this and leave, or stay and see if this old fart's gonna make it. "You got your phone handy?"

The calls for a cell phone - from someone who just had hers out - would under normaly circumstances have Lillian rolling her eyes and ignoring. Instead, she fumbling through her bag for her own. Which is procured - and promptly droped, the device skitting across the floor towards Aurora. She just stares at it for a moment, before looking up and down between it and the blonde. "Um, there's a phone!" she responds, as if that makes her look less silly.

Carl takes the confusion in stride as well, more or less; there's a lot going on in a hurry, it's understandable that people wouldn't have caught every little thing going on. "Walk me through it?" he asks Noelle, walking quickly over to kneel down on the other side of the old man. "I'm rusty on this but I should be able to cover it."

Phone down on the floor between her feet, Aurora just looks down, then eventually picks it up. Four beeps later, and the thing is ringing through to NYC emergency services. "Need to report a…heart attack I guess. Old guy…I don't know. 50s or something. On the ground. There's…a few people are doing CPR or something." At best, she comes off as mildly annoyed, and at worst, she comes off as mildly flippant. Long story short, there is an ambulance on the way.

It doesn't matter to Noelle now, because she's quickly unbuttoning the man's shirt and shoving his undershirt up to bare his chest, she places her ear to it and then with a sigh. Sits up straighter and looks over her back before staring back down into his face. Whispering softly, "You better be a saint. After this." And with that, something is happening. Noelle's back arches and she grunts as she digs her fingers into his chest. Shuddering and crying out as the man begins to convulse again, whatever she's doing.. he's moving again. Though he seems to be in pain as well.

A thin layer of sweat covers her brow as Noelle holds on for dear life, pressing into the man's body. As Noelle's head jerks up, mouth open. Her eyes widen, the curious thing about them is that now the irises are glowing a faint golden color. Her eyes seem to be looking 'through' Carl, she doesn't answer him.

The man groans loudly and Noelle shrieks as something is hurting her. The older man's eyes huge and bugging out of their sockets.

Expecting a much different respone, Carl was already getting ready to join in the procedure… only to get an up-close look at Noelle's very special approach to first aid, instead. Oddly, he doesn't freak out at the sight— not that Noelle's in any shape to care, or that anyone else would realize just how odd that is.

What he does do is shoot Noelle a much closer look, memorizing the details of her expression, her build… her cry of pain. That's not good. "Cut it out!" he calls out to her, reaching a hand out to her arm and trying to pull it back. This could definitely hurt the guy worse, the way she doesn't seem to be in control of it.

Okay, Ophelia is not really sure what's going on. Vaguely, it reminds her of an ability she once saw, one she knew rather well. She peers towards the guy as well as Noelle, but she takes a step back, more of a defensive position on reflex. Her eyes study the situation, as for now there isn't really much she can do.

"Uh…uh…I don't think that's CPR, exactly. Are you sure you're not, you know, hurting him more or something?" Aurora is giving Noelle the serious stink eye. "I'm pretty sure that's not doing anything," she grumbles. Fat lot that she knows about medicine though! More than once she looks around the place, especially to the door, waiting for the EMTs to show up. "Come on come on, how long do they take?"

What Carl wouldn't understand is that this is how it happens.. this is how it works. And as his hand lays on her arm, he would feel through her jacket sleeve he would feel the impossible heat emitting from her. It isn't a moment later that Noelle finds herself propelled away from the man and crashing into Aurora's legs. Coughing, tears in her eyes. She flails about, not seeming to know where she is.

The older man on the other hand, coughs and springs to an upright position. "What.." he trails off before touching his chest, where his heart is and looking over at Noelle with a shocked expression on his face. "I.." no words can be found for this..

"I'm sorry." Noelle says with a bit of a sob as she looks up at Aurora. "I'm so sorry." As if she's done something wrong. The gold in her eyes still there but quickly fading away. She gasps for breath before something seems to come her. She looks as if she's hungry.

Lillian has fallen quiet again, not even thinking to ask for her phone back as she stands, awtching the scene unfold in front of her. Her book is held close to her chest, grimacing as she watches - and then yelping as Noelle is thrown back and into the blonde who has her phone. "Jesus!" she sputters out as she instinctively back away, her book falling down to the floor at her feet.

Carl winces, drawing his hand back and shaking it vigorously to cool it off again. Serves him right, trying a move like that with someone with a touch-based ability - that sure as hell wasn't standard CPR there at the end, and there was the thing with her eyes - hell, he's lucky he didn't get a handful of severed fingers for his trouble. A moment's discomfort is actually getting off lightly. Still, whatever it was, it seems to have been effective. "I think he's going to be all right," he calls out, "but let the EMTs come take a look anyway. He's probably still in shock. —You're probably still in shock," he echoes, turning his attention back to the old man. "Lie still if you can, all right?"

Ophelia has retreated back a ways, all the way back to her coffee, which has been retrieved. She doesn't turn her back, though, cautiously eying those still sticking around. She's mentally scoping those assembled out, particularly Noelle considering what had just happened.

"What the…what are you doing? Come on, stop that, get off my legs and get up!" Aurora's reaching down to help Noelle up off her lower legs with hands that are just a teeny bit chilly. "Stop like…acting like that. Come on, seriously, get up. You're going to drool on my jeans or something," Aurora comments to Noelle as she hooks the girl under the arm and pulls…mostly to keep her from wiping eye boogers or tears or snot or something on the legs of her own jeans.

"I'm sorry."

Is whispered as Noelle takes the hand of the blonde and holds on tight. Her eyes grown dark, soon all black is what Aurora would see. The veins in Noelle's hands grow dark and more visible as she inhales and exhales deeply. Baring her teeth as whatever she is doing, happens. A sinister look is what everyone would see.

Noelle's mouth opens and her back arches as she twists and throws her head back, dragging Aurora down to the floor next to her. Eyes black as night and veins popping out everywhere.

If someone doesn't stop her soon..

Confused and scared are the words that best describe how Lillian feels in that moment, her heart racing as she takes in the entire scene. And things only get worse when Noelle takes head of Aurora, dragging her to teh ground and looking just positively unnatural as she does so. Instinct takes over as the pair tumble to the ground, Lillian stumbling forward as she attempts to catch them, but only able to grab Noelle's black veined wrist and the collar of her keather jacket, fingers curling underneath as she tries to pull as least weaken the fall.

But the sudden white sparks from both her hands instead cause her eyes to widen more, a moment of lingering before she lets go, breathing heavily. She feels tired all of a sudden.

Oh, this is so not Carl's day. He could really use some backup at a time like this. For a second, it looks like Lillian might wind up serving the purpose— only for her to stagger backward as well. "Are you all right?" he asks, shooting a brief narrow glance back over at Noelle and Aurora.

It's like sludge is being pumped through her veins. That's what it feels like as well as what it looks like, as all of the veins - most of the visible ones are the jugular and carotid sticking up from her sweater, and the ones on her temples, the backs of her hands - they all stand out unnaturally. Books and all spill out as Aurora tumbles down with Noelle howling out in pain, quite unable to move, as it feels like she's been put in a field draining her of all energy.

Noelle gasps as Lillian touches her and whatever she's doing gets more intense before Noelle wrenches her hand free from Aurora and she's bouncing to het feet quickly and looking around the caf as her black eyes fade back to their hazel color. The Brit gasps and looks down at Aurora before a sneer forms from her lips and she straightens her jacket. "I said," is directed at Carl. "I'm a fucking paramedic.. didn't I?" she growls out before stepping over Aurora and glaring at the cute barista. "I couldn't get my god damn drink, could I?"

Throwing her hands up, her glowers at the older man on the floor. Whose being helped to a nearby seat. He seems to be okay though, "Don't waste it." She says before quickly banging the door open and beginning to exit, a brief moment if anyone is watching. Noelle's expression turns to one of horror before she rushes out the door and is stalking down the street. She wraps her arms around herself.


"I- um-" Lillian's hands have been thrust into the pockets of her jeans, the young woman still looking startled and confused, both as the woman who sparked when she touched her jumps back up and stalks off, and at the man who wasn't doing well just moments before is pulled up into a seat, seemingly okay now. She shakes a little exhaling sharply. "W-what in the world just happened?" she inquires, looking over at Aurora as se pulls a hand out of her pocket, producing a pair glasses case.

As much as Carl might like to chase after the paramedic and get her answer to that question, she's clearly in no shape to be questioned right now. Turning to Lillian, he offers a shrug. "No idea," he half-lies, "I'm just hoping the guy doesn't have a relapse." He's still keeping one eye on the old man, watching for just such a reaction— and the other on the entranceway. How long will it take that ambulance to show up, anyway?

It doesn't matter to Ophelia how long the ambulance is going to take. The woman isn't sure what happened, but she's not sticking around. Whatever happened, there was definitely an ability and definitely something… dark. She moves, slipping out the door as she glances down the street to try and spot Noelle, but to no avail. Shrugging, she takes the opportunity to continue on her way.

If nothing else, whatever it was she was doing seems to end when she lets go. Not long after Noelle gets up and dashes out, the darkened veins and darkened eyes and all on Aurora fade back to normal. A minute passes, then two, then finally, she starts to stir. "Ugh…ungh…what the heck?" she groans. Slowly, she's sliding to her knees and forearms on the floor there, hair hanging over her face. It obscures her face, which looks pale and drained.

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