2007-09-03: Uncle Eric


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Summary: Eric and Elena go back to his apartment to study and catch up. Michelle randomly stops by, and Elena gets her first glimpse of the Lancaster Family's strange dynamic.

Date It Happened: September 3rd, 2007

Uncle Eric

Eric Walker's Apartment, Greenwich Village, New York

The apartment is a wreck. He hasn't cleaned in a few days…well…its as close to a mess as his ever gets. Soda cans, a couple of pizza boxes on the table. A mass of paperwork on the kitchen counter, and this morning's newspaper lying forgotten on the couch. At least the dishes are done. Eric apparently forgot entirely the state of his place when he invited Elena back for study and talk. The sound of the key in the lock hearlds the entrence of the owner of the place, as Eric himself pushes open the door and pauses a moment to wince. "…the place is a bit of a mess. Come on in though…I'll…fix things a bit." He says vaguely.

He looks…well…tired. Drawn out a bit much. Between school, practice, the business, and his IT work he hardly has time to think thease days. Somehow though he manages to keep the pace up. It might have something to do with the overworked and underpaid Expresso machine that sits in the corner of the kitchen. He still has a smile for Elena though as he waves her inside, pulling his black jacket off to reveal a red t-shirt with the Star Trek symbol on it and the words 'Live Long and Prosper' emblazoned across the back. Jeans and those beaten but comfortable pair of shoes round out his clothes for today.

Dropping the jacket on the back of the love seat he grabs some of the cans and waves Elena to a seat.

Busy Elena is busy. She doesn't look all that refreshed herself - in fact, this was the good sort of busy for her. Back to researching, back to labs. Meeting new friends in the school year, working at Evosoft, trying to find an apartment and failing because she's got Dance Corps practice on top of everything else now. But when she walks in, her hair is held up by a pair of chopsticks. Clad in a sleeveless, ruffled blouse, and a pair of hip-hugging jeans, the blouse itself has shrunken enough that her navel ring can be seen glinting from underneath the hem. Her belt is this funky beaded thing she bought at a thrift shop a couple of years back. Jeans are frayed at the bottoms, and she's wearing worn sneakers.

Walking over, she laughs, seeing his place. "It's not like you've had room to breathe these days anyway." She dumps her backpack and her hoodie on the vacated seat. And as always, she moves to the kitchen to open the fridge and see what's in it. Maybe she can make them sandwiches while they study. She doesn't sit down yet. "I'm not gonna find anything living in here, am I?" she jests, looking over one slim shoulder before digging around again. She does manage to find soda. Lots of soda. She pulls out a couple of cans of Pepsi.

Yes. Pepsi. Because Dr Pepper does not exist that far north.

School bag slung over her shoulder, still in her 'uniform', Michelle consults with the sheet of paper in hand. After that ever so exciting dinner and mini-reunion, looks like a certain teen hit up Google, and snooped through papa's home office. (When she should have been using study time, oh well, this was important dammit!) Now why it never ocurred to her before to do this? Who knows. Maybe it was about the way Eric was unafraid of Mark, and took him down a few pegs. That makes Uncle Eric her own personal hero for now. It doesn't matter that she's supposed to be on her way home from school.. or hasn't exactly called to tell her parents where she is. The apartment building she finds gives her pause for surprise and to doublecheck the address. "Huh," she says aloud as she makes her way up to the top floor and the apartment in question. Then…. unaware or uncaring that she's unannounced, probably unwanted and interrupting of something..


"I don't think either of us have," Eric replies with a shake of his head. "What with you working for Jaden and me trying to keep him out of trouble and in business." He ruefully rubs his hand through his hair a moment. "If I had one inkling that my dad would stick me with the job of making sure my little merger idea was a success I…" He pauses before he smirks. "…who am I kidding. I would have gone ahead and done it anyway." He is his father's son. He actually enjoys making money.

A roll of his eyes at Elena before he snorts. "…living no. I clean out my fridge at least once a month." He adds as he watches her a moment. "…you should find all the sandwich stuff in there…um…somewhere…" He pauses a moment before thinking about saying something…

…and then the door distracts him.

A curious look is cast towards Elena. "You expecting anyone? I wasn't…" And then with that he strolls over towards the door and opens it. It takes him a moment or two in order to process just what he sees there. Blink. Blink. "…Michelle?" He asks with an obviously tone of suprise in his voice, and mild shock even. I mean he didn't even tell his brother and his family where he lived.

Michelle flashes just the brightest smile up at Eric when the door opens. "Hi! Don't worry, I'm not here to sell you girl scout cookies or anything. I never was a girl scout, but I might see if you wanna donate to the soccer team!" She waves the piece of paper in her hand, "I looked up your address on Google maps after I raided dad's office for information." She peeks in the apartment past Eric and looks around, "Not what I expected. I kinda thought you would live in a big house, not an apartment. I like it! Dad'll probably give you a hard time about it. Don't worry, I'm not judging!" *BEAM*

"Yes you would've. Someone has to look after everyone else's trust fund, right?" Elena says rhetorically, looking over at him and smirking just a bit. And look, she actually sees some sandwich making materials. She pulls out a head of lettuce, some tomatoes, sandwich meats - looks like he's got some roast beef and honey mustard too. She sets them aside to get to work. She finds a loaf of bread and carefully checks it for mold. When the door knocks, she looks over at him. "….why would I invite anybody to your place?" Elena asks with a laugh. Because come on, that would be rude. And then, she hears voices. Who's Michelle? She can't help but peer over curiously.

"I…well…" Sudden flood of information…overwhelming. Eric shakes his head slightly. "…you play soccer?" He says with a blink to try to buy him some time after the sudden rush of smiling brightness that his niece brings with her. "And everyone else gives me a hard time over it, so I don't see why Mark would be any different." He adds almost a moment later as he just starts to smile back and laugh softly. "I supose I could have a big house, but its just me..why have something like that." He shrugs before he blinks and steps aside. "Come on in I guess, we were just making sandwiches…" He pauses before he leans around the corner. "Elena, is there enough for another for foods?" He asks before he blinks. "Michelle dropped by!" Pause. "…er…my niece." Yes. Yes he got that right. Niece!

Michelle does have enough manners to not barge past Eric or go into the apartment until invited in. *Gasp* Shocker. "Who's that? You got a girlfriend over? Can I meet her?" Her gaze drifts back up to Eric, "Yup. Don't tell dad. He'll hit the roof and just might remember to tell the school to take me off the team this time." When invited in, she walks in and looks around, hand still gripping the strap of her bag. Her eyes drop onto the plasma tv, okay, that's cool. Could get some killer picture from MTV or Gossip Girl on that. The gaming systems? Bleh. "Dad doesn't need much of an excuse to give anyone a hard time." Just the painful dinner last night should have been a fine example of that. "Hi," she says with a slight wave for Elena, after giving the latina a scrutinizing look. "Are you two together? Y'know.. together? Cause that'll be cool." Maybe she's being forward and displaying bravado to hide her nerves.. Or maybe she's just weird that way. Who knows? "Uhm, I'm okay. I grabbed a hamburger on my way over, and I think Maria's making a big dinner tonight. Uh.. she cleans our house n'stuff."

"I think so, I think you just went shopping." Elena is oblivious to the fact that Eric had witnessed her father's unfortunate spectacle with Lachlan a couple of days ago. She is busy toasting bread when Michelle enters. But when Michelle asks the question, she blinks over at him and she laughs. "Does everybody think that whenever they see us together, Eric? Is Carson spreading rumors again?" she asks, a dry look on her face when she reminds Eric that, yes, his frat buddies tend to be all up on his business. She puts the dishtowel aside and walks over, extending her hand to Michelle for a shake. "I'm Elena, Eric's friend," she says with a laugh. "Nice to meet you, I actually haven't really met any of his family. You're the first." She doesn't count Vidalia Lancaster, Michelle's grandmother, who sniffed at her and told her to get Eric some champagne during an Evosoft benefit. Granted she had been wait-staff them, but still!

"Yeah…saw your dad and Lachlan at the store too," Eric shakes his head. "…I had no idea what the heck got into them though, they were acting like a pair of schoolchildren. Fighting a DVD set. I had to nearly threaten to buy the store so the manager got distracted enough and the pair of them could make off with whatever it was they were buying. I didn't even know Lachlan /liked/ that many power tools." He shrugs slightly, the pair of them could be so strange. They didn't even say hi.

At the questions and more questions from Michelle though he blinks. "…I…er…no not…its complicated!" He answers her quickly enough before shaking his head. Well. Its true. It is complicated. He looks even more embarased for a moment as she addressed Elena direction with the question. "…what Carson? I don't know what that bastard it up too…something that'll get me in trouble most likely." He grumbles a moment before he coughs to hide said embarasement and waves both the girls to go sit. "Go on! Make yourselves at home…I'm…gonna make some coffee if you two want some!" Pause. "…and as for my family, I try to keep them hidden." A smirk. "Michelle is one of the nice ones."

Michelle looks between Eric and Elena a few moments. Hey, girl hanging with a guy, obviously there has to be something going on right? At least in her world view. "Hi Elena. Funny, I guess it does run in the family. Dad didn't even tell his that we moved to New York. Saw Uncle Eric last night by accident." Elena's hand is eyed briefly before she shakes it. "Dad's kind of a jerk that way. I've never even met my grandparents. Up until yesterday I was sure dad was just kicked out of Hell one day." She accents her words by miming a kick. Tilting her head a little to the side, she looks up at Eric questioningly. Oookay.. Funny.. She could hear something like that coming from dad. Buying up a place that is. Pulling her bag off her shoulder, she settles down on the loveseat, hugging the bag to herself. "He's exaggerating. He doesn't know that much about me!" For all Eric knows, she's the terrorizing little brat her dad would have everyone believe.

"…so….you're…Mark's daughter, yeah?" Elena wonders, sliding her hands in her pockets. Because Mark seems to be the only one who would be old enough to have actual, legitimate children. Eric had another brother, Brett, and something tells her he's not the sort to claim any children as his own. So it had to be Mark. But Eric seems to like Mark, so when Michelle calls her own father a jerk, she's a little confused. She thought the oldest Lancaster son was a nice guy? Then again she's never met him, all she knows about him was that he was a lawyer, much older than Eric, and he collected flashlights for some reason. "I'm sure he can change that now that he knows you actually exist," Elena says teasingly, flashing Eric a confused look over the kid's head. How could he NOT KNOW he's got nieces?

When Eric mentions her father and Lachlan, she groans. "Oh god. They didn't get into a….are you serious?" Ramon and Lachlan's relationship can't be considered TOO friendly but she hoped they'd be at the very least cordial. Not to the point where they're fighting over a DVD boxed set. When he mentions that he threatened to buy the whole store, she can't help but laugh. "You know that won't always work," she tells Eric.

"Well it has so far! Why knock it?" Eric replies with a smirk. "…and yes. Serious. Your dad was using some BBQ tongs to grab it…it was…" Pause. "…yeah. It just was." Thats about all he can say to that. "…and no Michelle. I'm sorry but he does have parents just like everyone else. I'm really his brother, and…well he's the only brother I like to actually claim." He says with a sour look crossing his face. Brett isn't one that he likes. "…hey now, I know you don't call me a son of a bitch or trip me at formal dinners. That is two points above my other family members." He says with a wink. "And now that I know all my nieces are in New York I can actually get to know them a bit."

"Yeah, lucky me," Michelle says in a flat and sarcastic tone. She has no idea of how her family gets along.. other than seeing how FREAKY Mark was acting with Eric. That's the stuff nightmares are made of. She shrugs her shoulders, "I don't really think dad'll make any effort even now. I'll probably just look up my grandparents and go over there one day. For serious. Hey, I got uncles and aunts too right? What are they like?" Blinking, she says in a matter of fact tone, "Dad's always threatening to buy places. Mostly cause he's bitching about the service. Like last night. Cause nothing's ever good enough. It's embarrassing." When Eric mentions Mark being the only brother he likes to claim, Michelle looks at him like he just grew a second head. "What? No way, you just seem too…" Does she embarrass herself now by admitting something or.. well.. nevermind it blurts out, "too nice and cool to like dad!" Horrified almost, she stares at Eric. "Uhm, about the nieces bit.. just so you know. My older sister Mae, not dad's. He likes people to know that." *shrug* "No.. I don't.. but I haven't had the chance yet." The way she says it, she could be serious about the last statement. Lapsing into silence, she looks again between the two, maybe digesting their conversation, or just studying them.

"God. You rich people," Elena says, rolling her eyes playfully at Eric with a hint of a laugh on her voice. She looks over at Michelle, and says, sympathetically. "Sounds complicated. From what Eric tells me you might really like your grandpa." Eric speaks of his father in a way most little boys speak of their fathers when they're still young and impressionable. Laurence Lancaster was a dynamo in Wall Street, but as a person he seems cool and if Eric respects him, there's gotta be something he sees that's awesome in the old man, right? She refrains from saying anything about Vidalia though. "And yeah, Eric's surprisingly a nice guy." She grins teasingly at him, though she furrows her brows when he mentions that Brett trips him in family dinners and calls him a son of a bitch. "……..he knows you and he have the same mother, right? Does he actually say that in front of your mom?" she asks.

Michelle's eyes widen just a little at Elena, but she quickly puts on a mask of indifference. "I dunno. Only one way to find out I guess. I'll probably be out of college if I wait for dad to take me to see them." The initial burst of curiousity out of her system, now she's just feeling awkward about being here. Having essentially barged in and all. In a slighty twitchy/huffy manner, she gets up from her seat and shoulders her bag. "So.. I was just in the area n'all on my way home. Wanted to say hi. I did, so bye Uncle Eric! Bye Elena, it was nice meeting you!" Nevermind the fact that she used her lunch cash to ride public transpo to get here, and here happens to be out of her way. Then hopefully before anyone can stop her, she's out the door and taking off.

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