2007-07-30: Underground Recon


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Summary: Peter stops into visit the Underground to make sure no tunnels will be put in danger in his newest terrorist scheme and ends up recruiting a second strike team. In case of possible leaks, he keeps them secret.

Dark Future Date: July 30th, 2009

Underground Recon

The Underground

There are very few people who know any of the locations of the various hideouts within the labyrinth that are the underground tunnels. Fortunately, Peter knows of one or two, and it happens that Claudine is resting in one of them. She's laying on a small bed, her eyes closed as she'sjust resting. There's so much to think about these days and everything is just so confusing. She sighs, dressed casually in a pair of denim cut off shorts and a black tanktop. She's barefoot as to provide a better connection to the earth. And yes..she's fallen asleep even if she meant to just rest her eyes..

When Peter comes to call, it's generally without warning. There's no warning this time, either. A day ago he dropped off a handful of non-Evolved children into the other area of the Underground that he knows of and handed them over to someone for safe keeping, before he left without a word. Now he's back again— again without a word. This time, he's holding something in hand, rolled up maps, it looks like. And he's glad to see Claudine is present when he appears out of nowhere— teleporting in fact. "Salonga. I need to know something important."

Good thing she's a light sleeper now a days. She blinks a little, getting started by being woken up, but she recognizes the voice and thus the chamber doesnt collapse. She could survive one collapsing, and perhaps Peter could, but no one else really can. She eases on up slowly, but surely and blinks a few times as she looks over to Peter. "What's up?" she asks curiously.

If it started to collapse, Peter could most likely hold up a majority of the rubble until she had her proof and didn't kill anyone else. After a moment, he remembers to utter whatever code word they agreed on. Whatever is going on with him, he looks dangerous right now, angry. He unrolls the map and it sits at table top length, held up and down at the same time with his own mental powers, "I need to know if you have any tunnels in this area." He puts his hand against the map and runs it along a line going from New York City, to Philadelphia, to Baltimore, and finally to Washington DC itself. Specifically… along the line of the Acela Express Amtrak route.

Claudine is still waking up a bit and she hrmms after listening to the codework. Upon the question of the tunnels, she peers towards the map and looks it over, pursing her lips while stretching her armsin the air. "I have some, not specifically along that route, but I can easily make side paths to it. You know I take people from all over to Canada so they can find someplace better. My work isnt exactly New York specific. Why..who do you need killed?"
Again, she's assuming that someone needs to be killed due to..Orion's affiliation with her.

"No, it's better you don't have any along that route," Peter explains, shaking his head. The dark expression isn't going away. "I would have had to evacuate them and fill them in." The question draws his eyes up again, and he pauses for a moment. They both know what it's like to work for someone who would rather use them for a purpose— "I'm destroying the train route. It's all government santioned use now, transporting their people, or the humans to detention facilities. I'm going to destroy the bridges and rip up as much of the track as I can."

Ooooh! Sounds like fun! Her eyes widen and she perks up a bit, seeming chipper at the thought of mayhem and destruction. If there's one thing the Company taught her how to do well, that would be destroying things with her powers. "Need any help? It'd be easier, and there are faults there. I could totally make it seem natural..unless, you want some volcanos there too, but then that would be a dead giveaway.."
"I want him to know what I'm doing," Peter says, jaw set darkly. However— there seems to be a pause at her offer. As if he hadn't actually considered she would want along on this. There's a narrowing of his eyes, briefly, a hint of suspicion, but that's normal with him these days— and worse now. After a moment, he nods, "I could use you for part of it— you'd make it far more difficult to rebuild afterwards. And two teams will allow us to get more done at once. Lower the chance they'll be able to respond."

"Me? Make things more difficult to rebuild? Puhleeze.." she says with a dismissive wave, rolling her eyes a bit as she wrinkles her nose. "I think you're forgetting you're talking to me..the terrakinator.." a wry grin curling onto her lips at her own clever (at least in her own mind) quip. "I can terraform that place to make it arrable for farming if I wanted to. The earth is always changing, shifting..even if it seems like it's solid and never changing. I just speed things along. If anything, I'd be the one you want to help rebuild in the end." Yes, she's a cocky little shit now.

"I don't want them to be able to rebuild it," Peter explains after a moment, eyes narrowing at her again. Perhaps the cockiness still bothers him, but— that's fine. "I assume your boyfriend will be going with you on this." It's not a question, though it could be structured as one. "I want to handle parts of it personally— the bridges— the area closer to DC— you can take this stretch here…" He points at the longest line of track that doesn't come in close contact with a city— there's major highways nearby, but a good amount of milage there. "If you want to turn it into perfect farmland, go ahead."

"Farmland might be good. The mineral deposits in molten magma could make the place quite arrable to farming later on..and ash is good for that as well.." she says with a wry, almost predatory grin curling onto her lips as she looks over the portion of the map. "You might not want the current government to be able to rebuild it, but anything you do, with your powers..let's not make future generations suffer any more than they have to, okay?" Claudine softens a little, considering she's still partially in mommy mode and nods at the question. "And yes, Orion will be coming. I'm sure he can use a bit of stress relief. But I wont touch the highways. Too many possible chances for innocents to get involved, even innocents who might be part of the current regime. You want me to destroy the railway, fine, but as long as no trains are going through. I dont need more people's lives on my conscience. There are too many already…" and there will be more, but she doesnt want to hurt people needlessly. They have to deserve it first. Claudine quickly adds, "So when do you want it done?"

The grin that she happens to have is mirrored for an instant, lopsided though it may be. Peter's doesn't last long, and is a much darker version. It lessens when she mentions the reluctance to touch the trains themselves. "I'll have to double check the schedules, then. I'll let you know a day in advance— if you're not here, I'll leave a note, so check back often." To this location, since there's so few of her tunnels he actually knows of. "I'll teleport you close to the location, and give a meet up area where I'll teleport you both back, as long as nothing goes wrong." If something goes wrong, though… they might be on their own. But he knows they have ways to travel on their own. With a gesture of his hand, the map rolls up and flies back into his hand. "Keep this between you and Orion."

"Who else is totally going to trust two former agents of the Company?!?!" Claudine asks with an exasperated tone, throwing her hands in the air as she wrinkles her nose and shakes her head a bit. "Besides, you know we were right in the end. All this..cause of evolved who had gone out of control. Too bad you didnt join us when you had the chance. Maybe you could've made things better.." she says with a soft sigh before flopping down onto her bed once more. "And dont worry, I'll check back here often. Just dig a hole and place the note in it. I'll know if there's something new. We sort of have a kid we're keeping an eye on and sometimes he likes to come down here and rest, so yeah. Dont want him involved."

"Actually, it's not you I don't trust, Salonga," Peter says firmly, giving her a look. "There's a leak in my group. I don't think it's you or Orion." There's no explaination about why he knows this, or suspects it, or why he doesn't know exactly who it is yet. Maybe whoever it is did a good job of hiding themselves. "I'm not even going to tell the others you and Orion are involved— us three are the only ones that know, and the only ones that will know when or where. No matter what, part of the tracks are getting destroyed." That's a goal worth trusting. And if they are traitors, they'd give away themselves anyway, right? He doesn't justify her comment about the Company, and doesn't even turn away. All he does is nod to the 'hole digging' and then… disappear.

That's interesting. A leak in the group. Her eyes widen and she hrmms, about to say something about finding out who's the traitor, but he pops out of existence. Claudine sighs a little as she heads back to the bed and lays back down, closing her eyes. "May you live in interesting times. Damnit, I wish I never got that fortune cookie.

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