2008-01-10: Unexpected Friends


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Summary: A day spent in the park to exercise, relax, and make some new and very unexpected new friends.

Date It Happened: January 10, 2008

Unexpected Friends

Battery Park

For January, it's a nice day in New York. Which means there isn't heavy snow falling or the feeling your nose will turn to ice the moment you step outside. As such, there are people out, enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the park, because who knows what the next weekend will be like. William has chosen a trail for running along, with AJ along by his side. Will is barely winded as they move along. "I can't wait for spring. I think the winter weather is what I miss most about California." He notes to AJ as they run.

Roselyn walks into the park and takes a seat on the bench looking around at all of the different people. She thinks to herself as she watches the runers, the little kids with their pets, and the parents that are their with their kids. She pulls out her I-Pod and begins to listen to "So What" by Pink.

A chuckle comes from the dancer. "I don't mind it so much. It's colder than the Tennessee weather I grew up with, but it ain't so bad." AJ says, smiling at Will. He's jogging along with the other man, since he didn't have a show today. "I'm glad to be here, enjoying this job though. And you." He chuckles.

Damien cuts through Battery Park, moving down the path as eyes the people that pass close to him as they pass by before he returns his attention ahead of him and onto the next subject. He adjusts the jacket on his shoulders as he walks, looking up at the sky for a moment. "This weather has to go." He says to himself.

William gives AJ a smile. "I'm glad we came out to run together. It's nice." Yes, that's a bit of a sappy look he's giving the other man. "And I'm glad you finally landed a job dancing. That's great. I've got one week down at the academy, and so far, I'm loving it." He says, an eye on the people around him as they run. Won't be long before they'll be coming close to Roselyn's bench.

Roselyn continues to listen to her I-Pod and looks around at everyone again. She considers on getting up and walking around the park, but she decides not to and leans back against the bench her head leaned back as well looking up at the trees and at the sky.

Feet tap in time with Will's. After all, AJ has almost as decent of a fitness as his partner. "I'm loving it. I really am. It's what I've been dreaming of. And once you're out of the academy, I think you'll have a much better job than the teaching thing. You never seemed happy with that."

Damien continues to travel down the path, his eyes moving over the people that continue to pass him as he nears Roselyn's bench. His eyes fall upon the woman for a moment. Hrm. iPod. Nothing much for stealing. His eyes then fall upon the two men jogging.

William shakes his head. "I wasn't. I thought I would be, but well, it didn't end up being what I thought it would. Iraq was easier than the classroom sometimes." He states before he adds. "It's rather funny when we do PT. Some of the other people in the academy are /so/ out of shape." Which to an ex-SEAL is probably different than the defintion others might have.
Hopefully this will be a springboard to other great roles." Will himself isn't really carrying anything worth much. Since he knew he was running with AJ, he didn't even bring his iPod along.

Roselyn lifts her head up and looks around, then sees the two men running. She turns her head just slightly watching them run a moment. She stands up and stretches, her jacket moving a little bit and shower a bit of her tattoos on her ribs. she straightens out her jacket then sits back down, only this time extending her legs across the bench looking around. She sees Damien walking and looks him over for a few seconds before changing the song on her I-Pod to "Master of Puppets" by Apocalyptica.

Damien continues down the path, as he looks back to Roselyn, a smirk forming over his lips before he slows down his pace as he nears her bench and sees her look to him.

William slows his pace as he comes close to the bench as well. "Just a second, AJ. I need to retie this shoe." He remarks, stepping off the trail to bend down and tighten his laces. Damien and Roselyn get a curious look, but really, most of his attention is on his shoe.

Roselyn looks at Damien as he looks at her and smirks. She turns back looking at her boots. Then turns and sees the man bending over to tie his shoe and just looks at him for a second before looking down at her I-Pod.
"No problem, babe." AJ says, slowing and moving steadily in place as William stops. He would offer to stick it together, but there are people around right now. Don't want to do that. Especially since he has to change his practice time and spot now. Stupid tabloids.

Damien comes up to the bench and stops, sitting down next to Roselyn before he leans back on the bench and lets out a sigh softly. He looks at the two as William stops to tie his shoes.

William reties the other running shoe tighter as well, while he's at it giving AJ a grin up before he looks curiously to the others. Maybe he caught one or both looking over. "So, what are your plans for later?" He adds towards his boyfriend as he starts to straighten back up, stretching his back.

Roselyn looks to the man on the bench and gives him a small smile. She turns off her I-Pod and lays it in her lap. She looks back at the man who was tying his shoe but quickly turns back to Damien. "Hi." she states looking at him and moving her feet back towards her some so he was just a tiny bit more room.

"No real plans. Was hopin' ta just spend some time with ya. If that was ok." AJ grins at Will as he glances at the two that are sitting on the bench. He gives them both a pleasant smile. After all, he is southern and does possess the cliche hospitality.

Damien watches the two for a moment, offering AJ a nod in return for the smile. He turns his attention to Roselyn and nods. "Hey." He says back to her as he looks her over for a moment. "Hope you don't mind." He says, turning on the charm.

William gives them a smile as well before his attention is back on AJ. "That sounds great. I thought maybe we could do some cooking together or something. Make supper." He suggests with his usual easy going smile.

Roselyn smiles at the two runners and turns to Damien. "How are you doing?" she asks as she looks him over and grins.
"Oooh, our tastes combined. That could be interesting." AJ grins, giving a sappy look towards the soon-to-be officer. He pops his neck to the side with a chuckle. "Hmm. What type of dinner?"

Damien looks back over to Roselyn and shrugs his shoulders slightly. "Eh. Could be better. You?" He asks before he looks back towards the two. Not trying to eves drop, but kinda just happens.

Roselyn looks at him, "I'm alright I guess, just bored so I came here." she tells him even though she could be out causing quite a bit of trouble. She doesn't look at the runners but she can haer them not wanting to bust in the conversation. She looks to them, "Hello. How is the jogging coming along?" she says to them with a grin.

William considers that. "We could do something really homestyle. I wouldn't be surprised if what I learned from my mom in Iowa is at least semi similar to what you grew up eating." He states before Roselyn gets a smile. "It's going well. Nothing like a good jog." He says politely to the stranger.

"True. Iowa isn't THAT far." AJ grins, impishly before glancing to Roselyn. "Pretty good. Nothing like my normal dancin' though." He chuckles as he tugs his jogging jacket a little tighter.

Damien nods his head as he looks around. "Yeah. I can understand that. It seems like a boring day really." He says before he looks to the two as Roselyn speaks to them. He looks to AJ. "You're a dancer?"

Roselyn smiles, "I love to run myself. Just didn't feel like it today. That's kool. I'm not much of a dancer myself, but when I do dance. I love it." she says looking to the two joggers before turning back to Damien, "Yeah I hate being bored, I would rather be out doing other shit, but I can't think of something I would like to do really." she says with a grin.

William gives Roselyn and Damien as smile. "He does. I spare the world my dancing skills." William jokes with a dry tone before he adds to AJ. "Maybe we should speed up the pace then. Give you a real workout." Yes, that's a bit of a teasing tone.

"Yeah, I'm in 'Desperate Times' over in the Village." AJ says with a grin. "Singing and Dancing." He wrinkles his nose at William. "Yeah? Well, maybe we should go do a double-time class of Capoeira." He says, grinning. "See how you keep up with the rhythm AND speed."

Damien smirks and nods to the two. "I do the same. No dancing for this guy." He says before he looks back to Roselyn as she speaks to him. "Yeah. There are some days when you just can't help but be bored and there is nothing you can do about it."

Roselyn nods, "I know, well there are a couple things I could do but I don't feel like getting into trouble at this very moment." she says with a sly smile then turns to the other two men, "That sounds like it could be painful." she says jokingly.

"Bring it on." Will says challengingly over to AJ. "I'm sure I've done harder." Well, maybe not to rhythm, but Will is rather cocky about his physical abilities. "We should drag Sam and Namir out for laser tag sometime." He adds, rather randomly before he smiles to Damien. "I'm sure there are a lot of us in that club.

"That could be fun." AJ nods quickly as he glances at the other two. "Dancing's fun, though." But hearing Rose, he laughs. "I have a few of those skills myself. But we won't talk about those in public."

Damien nods his head as he looks to the two. "Well, I think I'll leave that at that then." He says as he looks to Will, chuckling softly to himself. "I'd have to see you dance at least once though."

Roselyn giggles, "Yeah, I wouldn't want to talk about that in public either." she says with a grin. "I think I would have to agree with him on that one." she says smiling looking at the two men.

William gives the two on the bench a quick smile. "Dance in public? No thanks." He states before he looks over to AJ. "We really should get back to running before our heart rates fall completely back to normal."

"Sure thing, babe." AJ chuckles, leaning over to bump against his boyfriend. "We'll finish the jog, get some dinner stuffs, and get ready for tomorrow's class." He chuckles, giving a quick wave to the others. "See y'all around."

Roselyn waves, "Bye." she tells them she turns to Damien, "So what do you do to get by?" she asks with a grin.

Damien waves to the others as they head out before he looks back to Roselyn and smirks. "Well. It depends on my mood really." He says to her with a grin.

Roselyn nods, "I know exactly how that is. That's how it is with me. I work when I want to, and where I want to." she says with a sly smile.

Damien nods his head as he looks at her. "I know what you mean. I have a job that allows me the same liberties." He says before he looks around the area for a moment.

Roselyn nods, "Nice. Don't you just love that kind of freedom, not having to follow the rules, being able to do whatever the fuck you want." she says with a grin, "My name is Roselyn by the way." she says looking at him.

Damien grins and nods before he stuffs his hands into his coat pockets before he looks to Roselyn and smirks. "I'm Damien." He says as he looks into her eyes. "So, what do you do?"

Roselyn smiles, "Well I take whatever the fuck I want, and walk right into the banks and take all of the money I need, without being caught walking into the buildings really." she says to him, "What about you?"

Damien smirks and looks at her. "Are you serious?" He asks her before he chuckles softly and shrugs. "Well, I just rob whoever I feel like robbing." He says with a grin.

Roselyn smiles, "Yeah. It's easy." she says to him, "That's nice. Sounds like fun." she says with a smirk.
Damien nods his head and looks around. "Yeah. It is." He says before he looks back to her. "So, what do you? Just wait 'til night, break in and take what you want?"

Roselyn shakes her head, "Nope, I can do it anytime I want." she says looking at him, "Well…I can Phase through the walls and go inside, but I can also kill people but…I haven't done that in a really long time." she says looking at him, "So what about you, Do you have anything special you can do?"

Damien smirks as he looks at her, looking around to make sure no one is within earshot before looks back at her. "Yeah, actually. I can make people do what I want them to." He says with a grin. "They are the puppets and I am their master."

Roselyn grins, "Nice. That is pretty awesome." she says looking at him, "That could definitely come in handy if you ask me." she says with a smile.

Damien smirks and nods as he looks at her. "So, you can walk through walls, huh? MInd a demonstration?"

Roselyn grins, "No I don't mind at all. I'll walk through the tree since it's the closest thing to us." she says before standing up. She walks to the tree and concentrates on the tree then puts her hands up on the tree and then walks out on the other side of the tree. "There you go." she says with a smile.

Damien nods his head and grins. "Not bad at all." He says as he looks at her. "I think you and I should team up sometime. I think we could pull off a big job."

Roselyn nods, "Yeah, that would be fun." she says looking at him. "We could cause some major damage." she says taking a seat on the bench again and then looks at him. "So have you ever killed anyone?" she asks him, "I mean with your ability that is."

Damien shakes his head and chuckles. "No. No one has bothered to play the hero, so I haven't had to." He says as he looks at her. "What about you?"

Roselyn nods, "Yeah, in prison I did." she says looking at him, "No one knew how they died so I was good to go." she says with a grin, "I actually had some fun with it." she says looking at him, "They shouldn't have pissed me off, or did shit they shouldn't have and I wouldn't have had to end their lives." she says to him. "I haven't done it in a while now, but sometimes

I get that itch to kill someone, But I avoid it and just go do something destructive." she says with a smile. Damien looks up at her. "Well, that is useful. I'll be sure not to piss you off. Not unless you're my puppet and then you may still remember." He says with a grin.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Yeah, wouldn't want to have to kill you. It would be a shame. But then again, I could just torture the hell outta you and make you regret pissing me off." she says still smiling, "But I don't think I would kill you or torture you unless you absolutely deserved it." she says with a grin.

Damien grins and chuckles softly. "That is good to know." He says as he looks at her. "I think we need to get together and figure out a job for us to do." He says as he looks at

Roselyn nods, "Yeah, it's 283-1990." she says with a smile, "Call me whenever, don't sleep much so you can call anytime you want." she says with a grin. "So.."

Damien smiles and nods as he stands from the bench. "I will definately be sure to call." He says as he looks at her. "I think we'll do good by each other."

Roselyn smiles, "Okay, I'll be waiting for it." she says with a grin then stands up herself, "Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more." she says looking at him then stretching, with one hand holding her shirt down, well what there is of her shirt.

Damien can't help but look over her body as she stretches and grin slowly forming over his lips. "You will definately be hearing from me." He says before he looks back up to her eyes. "I'm glad I met you, Roselyn." He says to her.

Roselyn smiles, "Good." she says looking into his eyes also. "I'm glad I met you too Damien, just don't wait too long to call me." she says with a wink.

Damien grins and nods. "I won't." He offer her a nod in farewell before he turns and continues down the path in the direction that he was originally traveling, his hands stuffed in his pockets. He gives her one final glance over his should before looking back and shaking his head. "Damn she's got a nice ass." He says outloud to himself.

Roselyn smiles, "Don't get into too much trouble." she says before she turns and walks in the other direction cutting across the park, with a grin on her face after that interesting conversation.

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