2010-04-12: Unexpected Guest



Date: April 12, 2010


Janet gets a visitor. It's Erin. She doesn't know.

"Unexpected Guest"

Janet and Parker's Apartment — NYC

There's a method to Erin's madness. She's learned pretty well how to hide in a crowd and avoid attracting attention to herself, but she had practise with that before she was ever captured. Being a star will do that to a person; as much as it's nice to be recognised sometimes, it's just as nice to be able to enjoy a moment out in public without being hounded.

There are a lot of religious groups in a city like New York. While Islam isn't exactly smiled upon in today's day and age thanks to intolerant people, it still provides a decent (and comfortable) outfit for the actress to wear. She's been searching. So far, though, she's come up with nothing.

The search takes her to the apartment of one Janet McCarty… Not because she thinks Max might be here, but because Erin just wants to say hi to her sister. As usual, she just slips into the main apartment door behind someone else, and makes her way to Janet's apartment, knocking on the door. Sure, she's completely wrapped in black cloth, and the only thing visible is her eyes, but that shouldn't be a problem.


Currently looking for a new job — while still having not quit the last one — Janet is off today and thus far, Parker is nowhere to be found. This means that she's dressed comfortably in ridiculously short (too short to go into public in) black shorts, and a low-cut v-neck white lacy tank top over which a chocolate brown house coat is precariously worn.

She's eating breakfast — even though it's too late to be eating breakfast. It's a bowl of Cocoa Crisp cereal with milk. Her eyebrows furrow at the sound of someone knocking at her door. "Mrs. Rodriguez, I told you I live with someone now and am not interested in Jorge~" she virtually sings as she steps towards the door. But then she peers through the keyhole. Blinking, she takes a step back. Who is at her door? With her hand on the deadbolt she calls, "You're not Mrs. Rodriguez. Uh… can I help you?"

It does cross Erin's mind that she could just say who she is and Janet would let her in right away. However, this opportunity is waaaaay too fun to just pass up.

Erin is an actor. Her accent is almost flawless.

"Ms. McCarty, if you will, there's just some questions I need to ask." Of course, Erin isn't heartless. She leans closer to the keyhole so her eyes are clearly visible. Either Janet will recognise them, or… she won't, and this farce can continue.

Janet squints as she tries to peer through the keyhole to inspect Erin further, but the outfit has her more than a little confused. Pursing her lips together she hmmms quietly from her side of the door. "What kind of questions?" she calls back loudly from her side of the door. She isn't going to open it for just anyone. Particularly someone so concealed when she is so exposed.

However, Janet's conversation is interrupted by another voice through the wall. "Jennifer~ You stop yelling through the door, eh? My little Jorge — he can't sleep!" the woman's Spanish accent is thick.

Rolling her eyes, Janet now calls through the wall instead of just the door, "It's Janet. JANET. And Jorge isn't little — he's like thirty!"

Oh, this is too awesome. Erin's only doing it because she doesn't want to say her name while others might be listening! That's all, really. She's just being careful. And having a little fun with her little sister. They missed out on this kind of stuff when they were young because Erin was an ass and Janet … didn't like her so much.

Catching up on good times?

"I'm sorry, the nature is classified," Erin says, maintaining the Middle Eastern accent and leaning back away from the door. "It's of severe import that I speak with you immediately." Erin better be careful, Janet might just call the police on her. Then this little joke will take a bad turn very quickly. "I'm from homeland security. My badge." Erin holds her own driver's license up to the tiny window.

Unfortunately the window is VERY small and Janet's vision isn't the best (she really does need glasses and ought to get them sometime soon. Her vision isn't so bad that she doesn't recognize it as a driver's license. She opens her mouth to yell something back, but is interrupted by Mrs. Rodriguez's voice, "Jorge is little! He needs sleep and Mama take good care of him!"

Muttering Janet shakes her head, "She probably spoons him while he sleeps." She shudders at this thought and then sighs while glancing through the peephole again. Reaching for a large lamp (just in case), she opens the door and steps aside to let the other woman in. "So what do you need to know…"

Erin's eyes glance toward Mrs. Rodriguez's apartment. She can't help smiling under the cowl… Really, Jorge would be the perfect match for her sister! He'd never leave his house, he'd sleep all day, and he'd never bother anyone. Perfect! The less time a guy spends around Janny, the better. Except for Janet's gay roommate. That's okay.

And then Janet says something that makes Erin shudder. Oh god, the thought is profoundly disturbing, and she's never even MET Jorge or his mother. "God, Janny, I didn't even know you thought that way," Erin says, abandoning the accent as soon as the door is open. As she steps inside, she notes the lamp in Janet's hand. "…What, you're gonna hit me with that? Really?"

As the door closes and Erin speaks, Janet rolls her eyes, "I frickin' didn't know it was you." The lamp is abruptly returned to the small end table in the entranceway as she leads the Erin into the depths of her apartment — the couch, namely. "You held up a license and I couldn't read your name, so instead of yelling through the door, I figured I'd knock you out and deal with you after."

She positions herself on the couch and picks up her bowl of cereal from the coffee table. "So… what brings you here? Life of a fugitive or something?" Her eyes sparkle with mischief. "Oh, Parker's not here. He's out — well — I actually don't know where, but he's not here." This is how she can get away with looking like Schlubetta for the better part of the day.

"Well what am I gonna do, shout my name through the door?" Erin sounds irritated, but she's really not. Thankfully, the lamp is placed back on the table.

"Got a call from Cody last night… I can't stay long, but I wanted to stop by and see how you were doing," she says, unwrapping the black cloth from her face. Her hair's pulled back; the shadows under her eyes are far less obvious now, and it looks like she's been taking care of herself a little more. She's even taken the time to put in a few blonde highlights. It's easier to take care of yourself and feel better about yourself when you have a purpose.

In her case, it's taking care of the people in the safehouse while Cody's gone, and also getting to Max before he gets to her. "You know, it's not all bad," Erin goes on. "I mean, I'm actually doing stuff now to help… And no one knows I'm …" Alive. Except one person. Maybe. "Parker's out with his buddies?" Erin seems to insinuate that 'buddies' is more than just 'friends.' She doesn't say it, though.

"Yeah. Cody and her friend — that Mark fellow — they were in rough shape last night," Janet replies with a nod as she shovels a spoonful of cereal into her mouth. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. "You look good," she remarks after swallowing. Better, at least. But that part Janet conveniently forgets to mention.

"Her friend. The guy. He's… kind of cute if you're into that whole crazy-around-the-edges type. You know?" her eyes narrow into hazel slits. "I always like my men to be… well men. Someone who could punch someone out if they needed to." She hmms. "Well I guess Mark could do that. He just seems… different somehow." Pensively she shovels another spoonful of cereal into her mouth. "He has smoldering eyes. And a nice chin. Do you notice chins? I notice chins. Probably because mine is so pointed. I mean look at it!" she points to her own chin.

Regarding Parker — "I dunno. Parker could be with friends. Or teaching yoga." Yup, he teaches yoga. "Or something else."

Draping the black wrap around her shoulders where she won't forget it, Erin takes a seat on the couch. "Cody okay?" Erin asks. She doesn't know Mark, so she really doesn't care if he's okay, though she does ask, as an afterthought, "Mark, too?" Since she's heard of the man.

"Oh, thanks. I keep thinkin' that maybe I'll get to go back to Afterlife on day, so I'm tryin' to get rid of the dark circles." It's nice that someone notices! "It'll be awhile b'fore I'm happy, though. You know, it's funny what just a little time in a cell can do to a person."

Quickly, Erin changes the subject. "Cody really likes him. I just…" Erin wants to like him, too, except for the fact that Cody also liked Max. Erin can't use Cody as a meter for how good someone's character is, unfortunately. "I'm reserving judgment. Was he nice? Did you like him?" When did Erin become a watchful parent!? "…I don't really notice chins. Unless they're hideous."

"Yeah. Cody will be fine; they both will be. I stitched both her and Mark up — no idea what they'd gotten into. Almost looked like they'd been clawed by some beast. Like a wolverine!" Normal people might have said wolf or bear, but Janet chooses the lesser known wolverine. "It's like it went up to them all 'Hey buddy, Imma take out your chin' and Cody was all 'No you ain't — I got moves like b-witch and you ain't gonna touch this'. And the wolverine was all like, 'Course I am you b-witch.' And then he cut them up bad." She sagenods before adding a quiet hmmm, "But then I guess I didn't see the wolverine. Maybe they beat him up worse."

Her eyes sparkle with something truly mischievous, "Oh. Well he seems nice. And friendly enough. But he's wealthy… yet he didn't act like a rich snob… I don't know if he liked me very much though. Not everyone does, which really is a shocker considering, well, I like almost everyone. Except… not everyone. But most people." She nods again.

"Stitched?" Erin asks, eyes narrowing. That doesn't sound good at all. Of course, Erin's mind goes right to the first chapter of Jurassic Park where that Mexican worker guy was clawed to hell by a velociraptor and they said he was dragged by a back hoe.

No. There are no velociraptors in the world.

Or are there!?

"You can say 'bitch,' Janny. You're a big girl now." Smiling, Erin leans back on the couch, abandoning her thoughts of velociraptors. She's worried, but it isn't immediately apparent. Cody at least called and said she was all right.

"Reason I'm asking…" Invasion of privacy? Maybe. "The last guy Cody was with…" There's a long silence, uncomfortable, and then Erin just abandons the line of thought. "Nevermind. I'm sure he's okay."

She hopes.

"I think you should know, though…" Erin says as she sits forward, as if ready to leave. "The guy that tortured me in lockup… He thinks I'm still alive. His name is Max Swan. I'm trying to get to him before he gets to me, but… You should be careful, too. He might come looking for you."

"Huh," Janet manages as her eyes narrow. "I… will be on the lookout for him then." She hmmms quietly. "I'll talk to Morris about, maybe he can look into his personnel file and get me a picture so I know what I'm watching out for." She nods knowingly at this like somehow this will make everything better.

"If I see him should I like… call you or something? Or do I run away?" her cheeks flush a little with worry about what the plan should be.

To Erin's skewed perception, there is no one in the world more dangerous than Maxwell Swan.

Cody told her the location of the weapons stored in the warehouse. Without knowing Max's ability, Erin can only assume that a firearm would do the trick, should things get that far.

She pulls a small one out of the thick black cloth she's wearing, and sets it on the table. "If you see him, you shoot to kill."

Erin would rather do it herself, but if he goes after Janet…

"I have to go."

Janet blinks. "Shoot?" which begs the question if Janet has ever even held a gun let alone fired one. Swallowing she nods just a little. "I'll… I'll … okay…" her face pales now. She now has a real enemy in the world (it's not just soap scum anymore); it's Maxwell Swan.

"Erin…" she manages as she stands to see her sister to the door. "…be safe…" her voice drips with worry.

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