Divided, We Fall...


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It's a dark night in the dormitories at Columbia University. Unfortunately, the dawn won't be any brighter.

Divided, We Fall

New York City, Columbia University - Dormitories

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pair of individuals make their way into the dorm hall at Columbia. "You sure this is the place?", the taller male one asks quietly. The shorter female nods. "Yes. I checked with my contact in the Student Records office. If we go in through this wall here and enter the apartment from this wall, we should be able to quiet her before she does anything foolish.". The male nods and takes her hand, asking, "Are you ready?", to her while he's looking around to make sure there is nobody in the hallways before they go. "Yes. Let me knock on the door and then we'll come around in behind her.", the female replies. She knocks briskly on the door to Claudine's dorm room and then with the clear, the two individuals move a few feet down the hallway and walk right into the wall.

~I'm breaking dishes up in here, all Night (uh-huh)
I ain't go stop until I see police lights (uh-huh)
I'm a fight a man tonight
I'm a fight a man tonight..~

In the shower, Claudine sings along as well, it's been two weeks or so since her little incident with Max. She's pumped, feeling good, and her stitches will be taken out soon, so all seems to be good. She's just been a student for a while, and is finally caught up with her school work, so it's just a little scrubadubdub before bed time.

Her roommate is out, having gone to her boyfriend's for a little nookie, and that's the only reason she's singing… It's then that she hears the knocking on her door and stops her singing. She was interrupted during her 'me time' and she's a little upset over that, grumbling something under her breath. She grabs a towel and starts to wrap it around herself as she starts heading towards the door before looking into the peephole.

"What do you want?" she calls out during the door. "If it's Erika she's at her boyfriend's."

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The two slowly come out of the wall into the living area, the woman poking her face out first to see the situation in the living room before seeing Claudine at the front door. Rianna communicates silently with her partner and then they both step out of the wall as Claudine is peering through the peephole. Rianna pulls a weapon the moment she's free of the wall and points it at Claudine's head. "Hello, Ms. Salonga.", she says politely. "In the interest of keeping things neat and not involving others who need not be involved, I'd strongly urge you to not use your powers. I really would not like to have to do anything drastic before we have a little conversation, you and I."

Recognizing the voice, Claudine shakes her head and lets out a soft curse in Tagalog as she doesnt move and instead just raises her arms in the air. It's what you do when you have a gun at your head, right? The movement is slow cause well, she isnt fully combat trained, and well, hello. Gun to the head!

"So, this is what you do now huh. Harass college co-eds, Ms. Johanssen?" she says with more than a healthy bit of snark in her tone. "And you claim the Company is evil.." she says disdainfully.

"No, Claudine.", Rianna says as she gestures over towards one of the chairs with the pistol. "In fact, I had every intention of letting you be free with your choice. However, unfortunately, T.C. brought to my attention that you have made a decision recently which I can only assume with your current attitude means that you have embraced Primatech.", she says, moving over to another seat and sitting down carefully, keeping the gun trained on Claudine the entire time.

"I'll leave it to you whether you want to admit to that or not. I haven't decided whether my associate and I are going to have to search your mind for everything you know. Unfortunately, there are multiple students who go here to Columbia that are being sponsored by the Foundation, and some of them are not evolved. I cannot afford to have the Company harass them simply because you know my not-so-public intentions to help Evolved people master their power and you do not agree with it.", she says. "Is it true, Claudine? Have you become Agent Salonga?"

Claudine sighs and takes a deep breath as she rolls her eyes a little. "If you must know, I havent told anyone about T.C. Nor do I have any intentions of giving people up who are completely harmless.." she says matter of factly. She seems to think good of the Company as she keeps her hands where they are.

"At least we dont mindrape people, Ms. Johanssen. The Company has good intentions, they train and help people control their powers, just like they helped me with mine.." she explains, not answering the question directly. "If anything, it's nutters out there who are convinced we're so evil that they go in with guns blazing hurting people who know nothing about what is really going on.." And that's when she thinks back to the raid..yes, she thinks Rianna funded that little operation now.

"Claudine, I do not think badly of the Company in general. When I first became an agent of Primatech, I had many wonderful talks with Bob Bishop, with Thompson and many others. When I was 16, I believed the Company could do no wrong. After all, it was the responsibility of those who had Evolved and learned to control their power to shepherd those who had not, and I believed that the Company who was training me to be responsible with my power was a place where I could do that. To turn around from a childhood where I had been shunned for being able to hear the thoughts of others and become an example for everyone else.", Rianna says. She eases her grip on the pistol, and in turn, her silent associate raises one of his own.

"But to mindrape others? Can I do that? Yes. Have I done it? Yes. But I will tell you truthfully that it was the Company you hold dear who taught me the power to harm others with my powers. To speak into others' minds? To search deeply past their mental barriers and scour their memories? To attack their mind unto the point that they could not live anymore? I learned those as an agent of Primatech. I was ENCOURAGED to learn those skills. They told me it was so I could defend myself from evolved people who would hurt me. Then, they started telling me to defend myself against people who had not done anything wrong, other than say that they did not want to be subjected to test after test.", Rianna says.

She listens to the story, but seems unmoved for the most part. It seems that Bob had duped her well, with all the lies that she was going to be told by different people afterall, and well, she's slightly prepared to listen to a story like this. So far, she hadnt learned how to kill with her ability, in fact,she was trained to control it so that she couldnt do something like that on accident.

"Yes, so you apparently seem to have beef with Primatech because of what they taught you to do. Can I probably kill someone with my powers? Yes? But then again, so can T.C." she says matter of factly as she still doesnt move a muscle. It's just talking afterall. "But you know what I find ironic in the end? You're telling me you dont want me to turn in or harass your scholarship recipients, and I've told you I never had any intention of doing such a thing. And yet, you're still the one in my room, which I still dont know how you got in, with a gun at my head. And you're saying the Company is dangerous.." sighing once more.

"I am dangerous, Claudine. I do things like this that I do not want to do because like I told you that afternoon that we had lunch in Noodle Heaven, I will do anything that I need to do for the welfare of those who rely upon me. It often puts me in a position where I must weigh the needs of the many against the needs of the few.", Rianna says. "Yes. I read your mind that day. I read it because I wanted to know if there was anything that I could do or provide for you and because I knew you were on Primatech's leash and I wanted to spare you from that life if I could. Do you think there was an easy way I could have gone about this?"

"I knew you had power the moment I heard Primatech offered you a scholarship. I didn't need to read your mind to figure that out. When I told you that I wanted to provide you a place where you could use your power freely, it wasn't because I wanted to enslave you, it was because I wanted you to know that you had an option that was not dependent upon your cooperation. That you didn't need to feel ashamed, that you didn't need to hide. Not while you were with me.", Rianna says, her voice regretful. "But I know the life that you lead. I know what the Company is able to do, what they're willing to do to ensure your cooperation. T.C. will be joining me, and I will help him master his power. I cannot be assured that you will not stand in the way. I cannot be assured that your superiors will not tell you to find out the other individuals sponsored by the Foundation by using your relationship with T.C. as a weapon."

"I've hidden enough from them already.." Claudine says matter of factly as she doesnt go and report every single evolved she's met. It seems, that she has her own reasons to be with the Company, including the fact that they offered her a way to use her powers to go around to various third world countries to terraform the land into something more arable. In fact, it seems, just like how many have made up their mind that the Company is evil, she's done the opposite, thinking that it is a good thing.

"I will leave T.C. alone if that's what you want. I wont talk to him or even ask for notes in class. It's of his own free will that he joined you, and so if that's what he wants to do with his life, then so be it. And as for the other scholarship recipients, they are free to do what they want as well. You have your reasons for hating the Company. I have my reasons for being thankful to them. In the end, if you do not want to become what you claim they are, then I would like to you leave my dorm room peacefully and quietly, and I wont mention this happened. You have my word on that.." she says, definitely a woman of her word.

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"I know that you want me to believe that you mean well, and perhaps you do.", Rianna says after a moment of silent consideration. "But in the end, you always sacrifice what you love for the good of the Company. There are agents who can get you to do whatever they want simply by speaking it. Others who are telepaths like myself and will search your mind. I'm unable to fool with your memories like they have. If I know them, they have probably violated you in a way that you'll never remember… that's why you believe what you believe. You may see the truly bad side of the Company, but they do not allow you to remember it.", she says softly, remembering. "That's how they ensure that you are compliant…"

She takes a deep breath and lets it out a moment later, establishing a hallucination for Claudine's mind to see everything except the movement of the taller male standing near Rianna. He turns towards Rianna as she says something silently to him and then he begins to step carefully towards Claudine, moving to get behind her.

Her hands are still up in the air, and she wasnt planning on moving anyway, so the illusion well..it's there, and she's completely unaware that someone's coming up to grab her from behind. "Ms. Johanssen, I understand that you're jaded, cynical, and pissed with the Company..okay, fine, that's your opinion. But you see, unlike all the seeming psychopaths out there, I have this wonderful little thing that makes me human, in fact, it keeps me human. And that's my conscience. You have one?" she asks curiously as she continues to face the door, not having moved an inch since she knew she had a gun pointed at her.

"But..well, that doesnt matter, cause obviously, you broke into my room and are threatening me, someone who cant even do jack shit to anyone.." she says, getting frustrated with the whole thing, really. "I know the difference between right and wrong ya see, and I know better than to make someone go to our facilities for help when they dont want it. That's why I dont like you, or other telepaths. You guys take away this thing called free will, and in the end, it makes you just as bad. Isnt it ironic? You're fighting against the Company, but you really arent that different from what you claim them to be.."

"If I searched your mind right now, would I find out that since you have affiliated yourself with the Company, you have not forced the hand of one single Evolved human being, Claudine?", Rianna asks.

"Do it.." Claudine says in a challenge, as she knows she hasnt made anyone go in. Stefanie came willingly after Anders mentioned how destructive her powers could be. And she brought Maya who was searching for Dr. Suresh, and then with Sakura and Sean. She decided to just let them be and just observe them until the time that their powers made them dangerous. And Rochelle, well, Claudine's scared of Rochelle, so she doesnt want to bring her in forcefully. Besides, the woman seems nice.

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Rianna looks at her for a moment. "Very well.", and then she goes searching. Her eyes seem to focus on something just past Claudine for a moment before she blinks and retrains them upon Claudine. "And what about Nakamura-san? Though I told him that it would be foolish, it appears that he did attempt to enter your facilities and was unsuccessful. You don't feel at all responsible for holding him there against his will and drugging him when you and yours could have turned him into the authorities?"

"I wasnt the one who held him against his will. That was the decision of people above me, and I dont question their orders. And he's a terrorist. He came in with a gun to try to release a man who came in willingly so he wouldnt blow up New York.." Claudine says firmly and resolutely, as she sincerely believes that she was doing the right thing. Again, good and evil are a matter of perspective.

"And here we come to the heart of the matter, Claudine. You do not question the decision of those above you. You are as blind to right and wrong as the others that you work with. I am still not convinced that, were you ordered to, you would hold to your word and leave T.C. alone. That you would leave the others alone.", Rianna says. "Was Hiro Nakamura wrong? Yes. He should be turned into the authorities, and needs a small lesson in the realities of life, like you do. But you did nothing while he was drugged, endured testing, and everything that the Company does to EVERY Evolved individual. Including you and I. For what it's worth, Claudine… I am sorry."

She gives a short nod to the man who is now behind Claudine and ventures through their established connection, she begins to assault her mind while the man comes up places his hand over her mouth.

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Claudine sighs and shakes her head a little, "And who are you to judge who's right and wrong? Only God can do.." but before she can finish, she's grabbed from behind. She tries to struggle a little, but then her eyes roll back as the psychic assault begins, wincing in pain the entire time…

Frowning, Rianna turns away and goes toward the window of the dorm, continuing to assault the girl's mind until she goes unconscious.

And Claudine's out..unconscious.

GAME: Melatonin has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Melatonin has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.
<OOC> Melatonin says, "First was RAs/campus people, second was roommate."

From the New York Daily News second page…

Police Investigating Apparent Columbia Suicide

The police are currently investigating the death of a young freshman co-ed at Columbia University, recently having come to America from the Philippines. The police are withholding information at the moment, but have told the Daily News that the young woman's roommate woke up in the morning to find her on the dead on the couch, with no note…

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