2007-03-04: Unnecessary Perving


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Claudine is visited by Mohinder, Anders and Angie. Introductions are made, Anders is a perv and has some relationship drama with Angie.

Date It Happened: March 4th, 2007

Unnecessary Perving

Somewhere in Hartsdale, NY

Dressed as casually as he was the day before, Mohinder approaches Claudine's door. He's going over paperwork in the young woman's file even as he knocks on the door to her room. Technically, he can just go on in, but he's going to be polite and show some respect for her privacy.

She's been up since her books have arrived and so she's currently sitting in her bed, just going over a mixture of what seems to be her notes for classes and her notes on what she's done thus far. Upon hearing the knock on the door, Claudine calls out, "Come in!" she says, not knowing who it is, but she's hoping it's a gregarious metal man at the moment.

Mohinder opens the door and pokes his head in before fully entering, "Good morning Miss Salonga. How are you feeling?" He shuts the door behind him and steps away from it. "I've just been going over your file and the results from yesterday. You did extremely well."

"Um..a lot better. I sort of felt rather crappy after last night, but I think I'm getting acclimated to things here.." Claudine admits ruefully as she puts her books away and closes her notebook with her own notes. Some of that stuff is kinda sorta private..yeah.

Mohinder smiles amiably and nods. "That does tend to happen yes. Have you at least rested well since?" He makes no attempt to steal a peek at what Claudine had been writing in her notebook. It's not his business. "I'm glad to hear that you're adjusting. With your progress, you can go home in no time at all."

Running a little late this morning, Anders arrives at the room a few steps behind Mohinder, a bagel wedged in his mouth and a coffeecup (starbucks!) in his hand, the other clutching a bag full of books and DVDs. He pauses, letting Mohinder have his little chat before he steps through the doorway and puts the bag on a chair.

"Ooooh, more books!" Claudine chirps brightly, rather in chipper spirits as she nods towards the rather intimidating Viking man. "I feel a lot better actually, so I think I'm ready for more tests, if that's what you guys want.." she says while stretching her arms into the air…

Mohinder blinks at Claudine's outburst and looks behind him. He didn't bring any boo… oh. Anders. So much for a one on one with the patient for now. Hopefully the Scandinavian will behave. For a little bit at least. "I don't have any tests planned for you yet. I think it's best to let you have a little longer rest before going again." Unless Anders had anything up his sleeve.

Anders takes the bagel out of his mouth to smile and say "Good Morning, Miss Salonga," take a bite and ask, "Dr. Suresh, I thought she was scheduled for a physical? I emptied the camera memory this morning." Oh, Anders always has something up his sleeve, "For record purposes."

Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Heavy booted footsteps come down the hall. Angie comes into sight soon after, pausing by the doorway to Claudine's room. She's got an unlit cigarette in the corner of her mouth, which at the moment is in a sort of grimace. Anders is eyed in particular.

Waittaminute. Physical she can handle, but why does there need to be a camera. Claudine squints her eyes a little at Anders and is definitely thinking he's a perv now. She then ahhs and nods, idly running her fingers through her hair as she turns her attention backto Mohinder. "Oh,well okay. Though, in all honesty, I was wanting to try some more stuff. I was reading these books, and since that whole diamond thing worked out yesterday, I wanna see..well..I guess if you have nothing planned, I could just relax today.." she admits ruefully.

She then looks back over to Anders and bows her head a little. "Good morning..um.." and then it just hit her. Asides from Mohinder she doesnt know anyone's name, "Um..sorry, but I dont know your name? Is it confidential or something?" It's then that Angie heads on into the room and she looks over towards the girl, who looks not much older than her. "Um..hi.."

Mohinder frowns sharply at Anders. "That commentary is inappropriate Mr. Skaargard." Yes, his tone is quite reprimanding. He turns to Claudine, apology all over his face, "You'll have to pardon Mr. Skaargard, he suffers from a condition in which he can't control what comes out of his mouth." At the additional booted steps, he looks again at the doorway and nods to Angie.

"My name is Anders, Miss Salonga, and I can control what comes out of my mouth," Anders says, frowning at Mohinder, "I fail to see how following orders is inappropriate, Dr. Suresh, but I'll leave her in your most capable hands." Obviously, he doesn't take reprimanding well, especially from newbies, but hey, theres glaring Angie, "Good morning, Agent Alvarez."

"Hi," Angie says to Claudine, but the girl is promptly ignored otherwise. Mohinder, likewise, gets a nod and then some hot hot ignoring action. Her gaze settles on Anders again. "Andy." Clearly she's defying the use of Agent as a title. "Could I have a moment of your time?" The cigarette is removed from between her lips and she strolls down the hallway a short ways.

An amused chuckle escapes from her lips as she watches the interaction between the agents. At least she's seeing more of a human side, even if most of them have powers similar to hers. "It's all right..I just dont like people unnecessarily perving.." Claudine says light heartedly to just add a little brevity to an already uncomfortable situation. Her gaze then looks over to Angie and Anders, before returning to Mohinder. "So um..are you sure we're not really doing anything today? Even though I passed out, it was pretty neat to just try doing things with my powers.."

Mohinder gives Anders a cool expression, and looks over the man's attitude. He refrains from telling Claudine that's just what he thought Anders was referring to. Turning back to the notes in hand, he gets to Claudine's chart, "There we are, yes. There is another test scheduled this afternoon." It just wasn't on /his/ schedule. An encouraging look is given to Claudine, and about the time he opens his mouth to tell the young woman what's in store, his pager goes off. He pulls it out and eyes the number. "Excuse me a moment Miss Salonga, I must see to this." Apologetic, he smiles at Claudine before edging out of the room quickly.

"Sure," Anders replies to Angie, "If you will both excuse me, we will be outside.." And Anders heads out of the room to talk to Angie, making sure the door is closed behind him. "Whats up, Angie?" Anders asks the girl in the hallway.

"Don't play it like you don't know," Angie says with a snort, shoving at Anders' shoulder in an angry sort of way. "You don't call. I don't see you for days. A little 'hey, I'm still alive' too much to ask for?" She punctuates that with a: "Not that I care or anything." Clearly she doesn't. Clearly. Looking off to the side with a frown (not a pout, a frown!), she disdainfully finishes with: "Whatever."

She was about to say something when Mohinder has to go to attend to something. Aaah, the life of a doctor, maybe one day she'll get paged about stuff too, but for now she's content to just go back to reading her notes once more. Of course, she's writing other little things, but maybe they wont look, right?

Bafflement, thats Anders, right then, "I thought.. Hey, I'm still alive and all moved in to a new apartment, would you like to come visit?" he says, adding, "What the fuck is this, high school?" after some consideration. "I'm throwing a housewarming party and would appreciate a woman's touch.. in setting it up, /not that I care or anything./"

Angie doesn't smile. She's still angry at Anders, see. But that look in her eyes isn't so cold as before. "I know it does. Your taste in everything sucks." Pause. "Except for women." Then, taking a step back towards Claudine's room, "I'll come to your party."

Inside, Claudine is just scribbling a few things down, making a few notes here and there. Partly on things like her powers, what she's observed with the others and other things like that…

He lets the taste comment slide, shrugging and smiling, "Good girl," he says as he too takes steps towards Claudine's room, even holding the door open for Angie, "You should come over tonight too." he says to her as she passes by him. And then its straight into, "Our apologies, Miss Salonga, there was a confidential matter that needed to be dealt with, are you comfortable in this room?"

"Maybe I will," Angie murmurs as she moves past Anders on her way into the room. The cigarette is tucked behind her right ear and she takes a seat in one of the chairs in the room. "So, how are you doing? I'd like to apologize for any discomfort you may have suffered in us bringing you in… clearly we felt your life important enough to do so."

Claudine blinks blankly for a few moments once more as she looks over to Angie, not really sure how to take that last comment. "Um..thanks?" she says sounding rather unsure of herself. Does that mean they kill those who just go out of control? Good thing, she didnt lose that much control..and now the whole MiB/NWO vibe is in the air once again.

She chews on her bottom lip for a few moments, definitely trying to suppress any feelings of discomfort, lest she start shaking things by accident again, and then perhaps her stay would become..extended, and that would just suck. "It's all right..I just fell on my butt, but getting zapped, definitely dont want to experience that again.." she admits ruefully. "So um..you're..Ms. Alvarez?" she asks curiously, not wanting to use the word agent.

"Alvarez, don't scare the girl, Dr. Suresh tells me we are not meant to be scary," Anders says, just slightly sarcastic, "He would have us lure dangerous people with bunny rabbits.." Then the big man goes to sort through the bag, placing Claudine's requested books and DVDs on the bedside table and picking up the now much lighter bag, "We couldn't find the correct edition of the textbook, unfortunately, so they ordered you a new copy." he adds apologetically to the girl, before moving back to stand behind Angie.

Angie smiles faintly and says, "Angie. Please." She extends a hand to the other girl for a shake. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm hoping we can be of assistance in helping you to learn how to control what it is that you do. That's what we do here." A look complete with skewed eyebrow is sent over her shoulder at Anders, "Of course, what Anders means by dangerous could be applied to anyone driving a car, for instance. If you don't know how to use one, trying to use one is pretty damned dangerous."

"Um..it might be better than saying that we won some prize we never signed up for.." Claudine says matter of factly as she reaches out to give Angie a firm handshake. "And likewise..I..well I understand what you guys are trying to do. At least I think so, but perhaps making it somewhat more..ya know..voluntary instead of compulsory would be good." sighing a little in the end. It was totally celebrity rehab style until what she heard recently. Now it's definitely one flew out of the cuckoo's nest.

"It is one of the reasons I cycle to work," Anders deadpans, before asking Claudine, "Really, would you have came along quietly if we had asked?" To say the man is dubious is an understatement, "What about dangerous people who have already decided that they are better than everyone else? I'm mostly sure some of them would eat the rabbits."

"And… Anders has so very eloquently answered your question. It's because of the truly dangerous ones that we do this the way we do it," Angie says, canting her head to the side. "You don't strike me as one of those, however. You don't want to hurt anybody. I'm the same way. I know that if this place didn't exist? And these people hadn't helped me? I could have hurt a lot of people."

"Probably..I dunno, maybe I'm just a freak. I know that my powers are dangerous..I know what happens when I freak out, get angry or generally have any really strong emotions. But at the same time I have a conscience. That's why I'd always run away when things would start..so I would make sure no one got really hurt. I'm sure if you just went to me saying you guys knew about my powers and wanted to help me control them, I would've willing come.." Claudine says matter of factly, and she sounds rather sincere about that. She's been wanting to learn control ever since she realized what she can do afterall. "But as for others..well, you gave me that questionnaire. I dont want to hurt anyone if I can help it..so I guess..I dunno. It's hard to say since things were done the way they were ya know. And well..those people who think they're better than others..just..well..what do you guys do to people like that? Any Magneto's around?" she asks curiously.

She then pauses for a few moments, "I know he has neat ice tricks..what do you do?" she asks curiously to Angie.

"She makes things go stiff," Another deadpan Anders comment, then a smile at Angie, "As to Magnetos, I believe there is one on file at the moment, but that he is mostly harmless. Bad people, we deal with, that is all you need to know." And then, to change the subject, "I have put the security request forward to clear your friend, Marcus, we will arrange a visit as soon as we can."

"Poisons," Angie answers honestly. Of course she mentions that -after- the handshake. "I had to work really hard at it, but its under control." She eyes Anders again, "This guy, he's a charmer, isn't he?" A smirk to Claudine. "Seriously though, the meglomaniacs? They get held indefinitely. There's no cure for what we are, Miss. And those people are too dangerous to leave on the street where they could hurt people."

Claudine's eyes widen a little as she looks at her hand a bit dubiously, but she nods and wrinkles her nose once again. "I could see why people would definitely want that ability under control.." she says matter of factly. Then at Anders, she lets out a slight little oye and shakes her head. Perv indeed. "No..I dont think I'd want to 'cure' myself of what I can do. I mean..I sort of have this wierd connection to the earth. It's wierd..hard to explain it really, but with what I've done so far..it just feels..right, ya know? But..I really do want to go back to classes and stuff..there's no way I can go huh..even if one of you guys escorts me and whatnot? Or perhaps I could get internet access? Or is that a no-no a well?"

Anders looks to Angie then, falling back into non-talky mode since his sense of humour is obviously unappreciated.

"That would really need to be run by our superiors. I can't make that call." Angie adds, jerking a thumb in Anders' direction, "He's really not that bad. Once you get to know him. Underneath all the machismo and male-centric jokes is a heart of gold. Truly." She pats Anders' chest. "I'll tell you what. I'll contact our manager about your request and let you know what he says, alright?"

Claudine nods as she lets out a sigh of relief. She is starting to get a tad bit restless doing experiments every now and then and then just sort of bumming around the rest of the time. "Okay..that sounds good.." she says with a bright smile..

Anders smiles at that, but remains silent, waiting to leave and go deliver the other contents of the bag.

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