2007-07-20: Unquestioned


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Summary: Tamara allows herself to be found in the place they first met so that Mara can say goodbye.

Date It Happened: July 20, 2007


Central Park Gazebo

According to most people, the day is yet young - but the sun came up quite a while ago. For this off-the-beaten-path gazebo, its height leaves most of the structure's insides in shadow, while illuminating the recently-mown grass with all the bright fervor of summertime. It's within the dark patch that Tamara sits, disregarding the gazebo's benches in favor of its wooden floor, her back against the rail and knees drawn up against her chest. She looks out at a dog and its owner playing frisbee in the distance - apparently the only creatures anywhere nearby, for the moment.

It's hard to track down a girl who doesn't want to be found, but Mara hopes her plan will work. If the girl can see the future, then maybe she'll know she's being sought by someone who means her no harm. Either way, Mara enters the gazebo, hoping for the best. It started here, after all. Maybe this will work out. It's actually a longer moment than the detective would like to admit before she spots the girl she's looking for. "You're a tough kid to find," she remarks with a kind smile, crouching down next to the girl, facing her. "You doing all right?"

With the lighting contrast between out-there and in-here, the details of Tamara's appearance are probably not quickly elucidated. Her hair looks like she's made some attempt to coax it into place, although it could still use a sound brushing. Her current wardrobe, on the other hand, is probably near the end of its useful lifespan. The girl turns her head slightly towards Mara as the woman approaches, but not far enough to look at her directly. "You just had to ask." And maybe the possibility of Mara scouring NYC for Tamara /is/ asking to meet her. "Nothing is all right. Only parts are right. Maybe mostly right. Right is one color, and there's really very many. You don't have to look much for that."

Typical response from Tamara. Although nothing about it is typical, except that it makes very little sense to Mara. "You're right. Nothing is all right. I'm not sure what's right anymore." The red head reaches out to brush an unruly strand of Tamara's hair away from her face. "I'm not sure what you see, or who you watch, but… I may not come around anymore." She pauses and looks away for a moment. "Probably won't."

Sense is overrated, anyway. At the touch from Mara, the girl lifts her face to look at her - and if there's definite shadows beneath blue eyes, her gaze itself is clear. Or clear enough. "Sometimes yes, sometimes not. I know," Tamara says calmly. She falls quiet again, seeming pensive; her gaze flicks back to the dog. "I…" A beat. "Ghosts slip easy. Just the traces left behind, scents in the air. There's only now, and then, but maybe-not doesn't leave much. I don't know what to do."

"I wish I knew how to help you," Mara admits quietly. She's always felt a sort of need to protect Tamara, but she's never been sure how to do it. "I don't know what to do right now, either. I don't have any answers. All I can do is try to do what I think is right. Or will make things better."

"So it goes." Tamara offers the woman a soft smile. "Answers are the questions you didn't ask. And the questions never stop." The teen closes her eyes, hooking stray bits of hair behind her ears. "Better doesn't hold still. It'd be easy if it did. I think. Maybe for a different thread. Something has to be. If everything is hard."

"Maybe so." Mara reaches out to squeeze Tamara's shoulder briefly before climbing to her feet. "I should get going. You probably won't be hearing from me for a while… But look after Jude for me. Make sure he continues to use caution. I love him, you know." She frowns faintly, watching the girl's face. She wants so badly to ask if she ever gets the chance to tell her partner that she's been in love with him for over a year now. But the answer to that is a question unasked. "Be safe." She stands there for a moment, gathering her jumbled thoughts for now.

Another smile, this one a bit more crooked than before. "I know." But the question Mara chooses not to ask is in turn one Tamara chooses not to answer. "The mirror doesn't need to hear from you." Then she tips her head to one side, regarding the woman steadily. "I… He will be fine," the girl says, the words carefully constructed and clearly enunciated. "He's easier to watch," she concludes more normally, smile fleeting. "Be careful," Tamara concludes, nodding to Mara.

"Thank you, Tamara." Mara smiles sadly at the girl one last time, trying to commit her visage to memory before she turns and calmly walks away from the gazebo.

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