2007-03-15: Unsavory Liason


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Summary: Lachlan heads to Ling's place after the disaster in Chinatown to discuss a few things, such as soma prices and so forth. The normal thing happens when you cross a sex addict with a pretty lady.

Date It Happened: March 15, 2007

Unsavory Liason

Ling's Apartment

Rumors have spread through the criminal underworld about a shootout in Chinatown — a shootout that has left a certain Hua Yan quite upset; a shootout that has sparked a turf war. However, Lachlan's been doing his dirty little part in pushing soma, and its popularity is booming. This means he's a bit heavier in the pockets than he's been in some time, but is he complaining? Not even the tiniest bit. The Scotsman has made his way to Parkview Estates and currently rides up the elevator on his way to visit the drug lady. Of course, he's absent his dogs, but he looks none the worse for wear and is even whistling softly to himself, hands stuffed in the pockets of his old leather jacket and his back pressed to the elevator wall. Time for a refill of soma and a bit of a chat to ascertain how things are going.

Yes, Ling, or rather Hua Yan is furious. Things just didnt go well, and it seems Boris took the whole having the heads of his men sent to him to heart. She grumbles as she's pacing her penthouse in nothing but a red silk robe while her hair is tied in a bun, just held by chopsticks. «How could you let that happen?!?» she cries out in an angry Cantonese at some of her contacts. «Give Li Hao and Wei the best lawyers..we need them for this one..» she says before hanging up to flop down on her couch. She's angry and pissed. Two of her best, now in police custody. Not a good day.

Ping! announces the elevator and Lachlan steps off when the doors open, still whistling to himself. "Hullo?" he calls out, just in case there was any doubt that he's present. "Special delivery?" This is tacked on as a joking quip, because the Scotsman is oh-so-clever, yes he is. He ambles out of the elevator at an easy pace, staring around the apartment curiously.

Fortunately, her security guards know the Scotsman, and so he was let in without a problem. Since that disaster, she has more of her men surrounding her penthouse now, just in case some idiot tries to mess with her. "Lachlan..it's been a while.." Ling replies as she lays back in her couch with a soft little sigh. "I trust that you havent had any problems with Carmichael?" she asks curiously.

Why /hello/, Ling-and-silk-red-robe. Lachlan balks a bit and grows rather distracted with things that are not talking, and when he /does/ respond, he sounds appropriately distracted: "Yeah, uh. Been busy." Staring ensues, then a smirk. "Nah, I've no' had anymore pro'lems there. Wha'ever ye did, ye did it good." But was there ever any doubt?

"Of course, I am a woman who keeps her word.." Ling replies matter of factly while crossing her legs ever so slowly, ala Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. She has the whole femme fatale thing down afterall. "So..what do I owe the pleasure of this visit? Need more already?"

More legs? No, Ling has plenty, thanks. Oh, wait, she meant something else. Lachlan can't seem to bring his eyes up past chest-level on his pseudo-employer, but then this is natural for him. "Yeah, stuff's been sellin' almost faster'n I can hand it out," he replies, withdrawing a wad of cash from his pocket. It's a very /thick/ wad, all 100s, and it's held up for display as he ambles on toward the couch and tosses it to the woman. He, himself, takes a seat on the arm of the couch, smirking all the while. "There's yer cut." Then, a quirk of the eyebrow. "Heard ye had a bit o' trouble in Chinatown."

Her brows raise as she sees the results of his little business and a wry grin curls onto her lips. "well, feel free to price gauge if you must. It's very addictive afterall.." Ling replies with a wink as she leans forward to grab the wad of cash, while giving Lachlan a little bit of a peep show. "And yes, there was some trouble in Chinatown..seems someone sold out some of my best..but they were taken care of off course. I dont deal well with people not being loyal.."

Given enough cash and enough /incentive/, Lachlan's as loyal as a dog, pardon the pun. He grins, though it's hard to tell if it's in response to Ling's statement, or to Ling's cleavage. Cass? Who's Cass? "Ye keep this up, ye'll no' have ta worry 'bout tha' from me," he replies. It takes him a moment to pull his head out of wherever it is, but then he adds, "So wha's this mean fer us? 'S gonna be harder ta get away with sellin' the stuff if the cops're breathin' down our necks." And speaking of necks, Ling's is ogled in a fashion that would indicate Lachlan wouldn't mind breathing down /it/.

"Then we'll have to be more subtle about it, Lachlan. You should know discretion afterall. I know I do.." Ling says with a wry grin as she pats down the spot in her couch next to her. "Why dont you have a seat and relax, and we can plan things out?" she asks curiously. "And feel free to help yourself to whatever you want.." motioning to the liquor cabinet, but maybe she means more than that. Who knows.

Well! It's hard to say "no" to the offer of liquor /or/ more than that, but the latter has a stronger pull at the moment. He foregoes the liquor for now and slides himself off the arm of the couch to drop down next to Ling, grinning. "'Ve got a system in place tha' makes it easy fer me ta deal without gettin' busted fer it." It's so easy to make the hand-off with stray dogs. Heavily addicted druggies are as easy to train as dogs; pay the dog, get your drugs, simple as that. "Dunna think ye'll have much worry here."

"As long as no one can trace it back, that is all I want to know. Just how much are you charging per pill, out of curiosity?" Ling asks with raised brows as she leans forward and rests her head on his shoulders once he settles down next to her. "I just want to make sure I'm not being ripped off and all.."

"Ye dunna have ta worry 'bout tha'." Lachlan reflexively drapes his arm over Ling's shoulders when she leans up against him, grinning all the while. "'Ve been chargin' $30 a pill. Figure I could raise it ta $50, now tha' demand's gone up." Hell, he could probably charge $100 for it and people would rob banks to get a fix. Wouldn't /that/ be fun? "Dunna wanna charge too much, though. Ye've gotta stay reasonable so people can still pay ye." Even if it's a major chunk of their income.

"Well, as long as you dont rip anyone off. I hear some people have slipped into a coma if they didnt get their fix, so do be somewhat reasonable. The more people go into a coma, the worse we look.." Ling says with a wry grin as she lets out a content little coo. "I'm sure you understand that, right?"

Right. Lachlan can't purr, but if he could, he might be doing so now. The hand that currently dangles near Ling's upper arm starts to lightly stroke over the sleeve of her robe. Silk feels nice, mm-hmm. Nevermind that her /arm/ is there. "Sure, sure," he rumbles, nodding his head lightly and casting a glance over toward the door, as though half-expecting someone to come bursting through it demanding that he get out. Hmm. Nobody! Muaha.

Nope. Her men know when she's in business mode and this would be one of those time. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she watches him stroke her arm up and down, "You like silk dont you, Lachlan.." Ling whispers softly as she continues to peer up at him. "What else do you like?"

The thought doesn't even cross Lachlan's mind that maybe doing this sort of thing will not be good for his pseudo-relationship with Cass. Nope. What she doesn't know won't hurt her, right? Right. The Scotsman smirks as he returns his attention to Ling, that hand continuing to rub over her arm. "Could think o' a few things," he rumbles. "Money, dogs, whiskey— " and the last one is left to the imagination when he moves in for a hungry kiss.

She was about to say something when all of a sudden she's kissed. And to think, she was going to ask him if he's hungry, but apparently he is..but it seems like the answer isnt food. Ling closes her eyes and melts into the kiss, letting out a little giggle in the end.

But there'll be more than a kiss, if Lachlan gets his way. Scarcely has the first kiss ended when he attempts to initiate another. Food? Who needs food? He didn't come here for /food/. /This/ is what he came for — oh, and more soma. That too. But that can come later.

Horny little bugger. But Ling's mind wanders to Scottie for a few moments..and she would feel bad, that is, if he ever found out. Either way, she's stressed and here's an outlet, more than willing to relieve her stress, so she starts to lean back and pull him on top of her.

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