2007-03-03: Unsolicited Counsel


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Summary: Xander seeks out Benjamin for some questioning on his kidnapping.

Date It Happened: March 3rd, 2007

Log Title Unsolicited Counsel

Anderson and Associates

Early Monday morning and Benjamin's back at work in the office. He's had about three weeks off, but he's not exactly feeling rested. There's been a stream of coworkers in and out of his cubicle/glorified
office welcoming him back. Along with some joking about rescheduling that lunch from Sunday. Right now? He's settling back into the routine, that comfort zone of the familiar as he delves back into his accounts.

Sadly, Mr. Winters, routine doesn't quite want you back quite yet. Through the doors of the departments walk in a man. A tall, suit wearing man, who seems to making his ways through the cubicles of the floor. He pauses every now and then to ask for directions, and invitably gets pointed in the direction of Benjamin Winters. The man, in a coat and carrying a briefcase, soon makes his way to the accountant's cubicle, and looks the guy over, before saying, "Always good to see a man who is busy at his works." Just to get the man's attention, "You're Benjamin Winters, correct?"

Benjamin turns from his computer to face the entrance to his office as Xander walks in. He looks a little surprised, he doesn't have appointments scheduled for a few days as he catches up. "That's correct, can I help you.. ?" The office isn't fully enclosed, the walls are the same as any cubicle, so privacy is minimal really.

Unlike a majority of Benjamin's previous visitors, Xander at least has the decency to be polite, as he extends his hand to shake Benjamin's, and introduces himself, "My name is Alexander Weston Marx, I'm an attorney. I was hoping I could ask you a few questions regarding your prolonged absence. Mr. Ramon Gomez brought it to my attention, and I had been meaning to speak to you about it."

Benjamin rises from his seat and shakes Xander's hand. There isn't any real pleasantry exchanged as Xander gets to the crux of the visit. His blue eyes dart past the attorney and to the office door. ".. I really don't want to answer any questions right now. I've been on a medical leave and I have a lot of work to catch up on.." He should have known his visits might extend into the realm of the legal, because of, oh, kidnapping, assault on his person, the attempt yesterday, and it's just.. can he crawl under the floor now?

Xander bites his lip for a moment, slightly annoyed that this guy doesn't want to talk about this whole thing, and speaks in a lower tone, his voice still calm, "Mr. Winters, I understand that you've probably got work piled up, but Mr. Gomez was very concerned about your sudden absence. All I want is a short chat with you about it, just to make sure you're okay and well."

Benjamin doesn't settle back into his chair, he still darts his gaze between Xander and the door. He keeps his own voice down, "I've.. already talked to Ramon since coming back and.. I don't want to talk about it to anyone else. I don't need or want legal advice or anything. I'm okay, I'm better than okay, everything's peachy." He gives a laugh, there's a slight hysterical note to it.

Xander lets out a breath, his temper being held in check, as he rubs his forehead, once again speaking in hush hush tone, "Mr. Winters, as far as I'm concerned, everything is -not- peachy. It is not peachy that Mr. Gomez witnessed you being carted off against your will, and it is not peachy that the same people may be doing the same to others. You do understand how what you have to say is important, don't you?"

Benjamin steps out from behind his desk, "Look, I'm sorry, I'm not hiring you. I'm not consulting with you, and I know my rights. I don't have to talk to you. I'm really sorry about this." Xander had to go and bring up other kidnapping instances, didn't he? The CPA looks torn for a moment, before trying to brush past Xander and exit the cubicle. He doesn't wany anyone treated like he was, but he's grateful too for being shown how to use his abilities.. and he'd very much not like to do anything to send the Company back after him.

Xander just lets out a breath as the lights on the floor suddenly all start to flicker from a sudden power surge, darkening the floor for a few seconds at a time, and moves to put himself back in front of Benjamin, and grabs for his shoulder, telling him, "Mr. Winters, listen to me. I need you to tell me what happened to you. I work for the District attorney, and I intend to bring those people down, but I need you to help me. If you're worried about them coming after you, the city will provide the best to protect you from them…" He -wants- to help Benjamin, but this was getting rather frustrating.

Two things stop Benjamin in his tracks. The flickering power surge, and Xander blocking his way. The CPA moves as fast as he can to avoid having his shoulder grabbed. (Which does count as assault these days, thanks to overly PC people.) Panic starts to creep its way into Benji as he's cornered. And panic can make him lose control. ".. I'm sorry.. I /don't/ want to talk about it, not anymore, not to legal counsel. Please.. leave my office.." He clearly does not want the attorney's help. "I don't know you, I don't trust you."

Xander bites his lip for a moment, as the lights flicker furiously for a few moments more, taking a breath, before saying, as the lights all stop flickering and stay on, "Alright… I suppose I should have taken the hint when you had told me the first time…" He then chews on his lip for a moment more, "I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do, though… I'm going to reach into my coat pocket, and give you my card." Which he begins to do. He reaches -slowly- so as to reach into his coat. "I'm doing this slowly…" He pulls then a card, just as he said, and offers it to Benjamin, telling him, "I want you to take my card, and keep it. That's all. As much as I want to help you, I won't do so until you ask for it. So, keep the card, and if you feel like talking, just give me a call… If you don't, then I apoligise for upsetting you, and I'll be on my way. I won't bother you again." He's compeltely sincere, just holding the card, hoping the man will take it.

Benjamin hesitantly takes the offered card, while thankful that he didn't accidentally fire off his abilities. (Although two cubicles over, a coworker is taking an impromptu nap!) Card in hand, he backs away from Xander and nods. Ben sincerely doubts he'll call the attorney, but thanks him all the same. "Alright. Thank you.. if I feel like I need legal recourse, I'll call."

Xander nods as he hands the card over, and tells him, "Remember, all I want to do is help. Feel free to call me -anytime-." He then pauses for a moment, in an attempt to lighten things up, "Except if you intend to sue Starbucks for making the coffee too hot, because I'll only hang up on you then."

"No.. nothing like that. If I order coffee, I expect it be hot and handle it accordingly," Benjamin says, still a little too weirded out to properly jest in return. The card remains in his hand as he backs around his desk and sits down in his chair.

Xander gives the accountant a smile, and tells him, "Take care of yourself, Mr. Winters." Before turning about and heading back to the doorway, to the elevator that brought him up here. He was disappointed, very disappointed. He's just glad he hadn't set off his own powers by accident. Killing the power in the building would have been bad.

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