2007-02-13: Unsolidly Trebling


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Summary: Jane and Hailien talk about abilities and the need to take care over coffee and cocoa.

Date It Happened: February 13th, 2007

Unsolidly Trebling

Common Grounds coffee shop

Curled up in a comfortable chair on a wet, rainy day, with a glass of hot choocolate in hand, and a book in the other, is Hailien. From the position of everything, she's been here awhile, and shows no penchant to actually get up and go home, thanks to the huge storm overhead.

Coming in out of that rain, with her guitar in case over one shoulder and a backpack across the other, wearing a winter coat and hood to keep dry, is Jane. She lowers the hood as the door closes behind her and takes a moment to check the place out. Eyes don't settle on the reading teen, however, it seems her attention becomes focused as soon as she spots the coffee bar and approaches it. Something tall and hot is ordered there, she pays and stands waiting for its delivery.

The sound of the door opening, and the thunder from outside, makes Hailien look up. She vaguely recognizes Jane, but it's not until she realizes it's a guitar case and she's been staring at the woman for several minutes that she smiles and starts to stand, and wave. "Hey!" She calls out, quietly. "Aren't you the woman who was playing the guitar at Central Park a few days ago?"

Her head turns left, then right, trying to see if someone else responds to being spoken to, before turning toward the voice and facing its source. A moment is taken to check Hailien's face and remember her, she seems stiffer than she was that evening. "That's me," Jane replies finally with a slight smile coming into place to hopefully mask her nervousness. Her eyes close and she murmurs a few times under her breath, voice hushed with the intent only she can hear it. "I hope she didn't see. I hope she didn't see. I hope she didn't see."

Hailien covers a grin, and then she beckons Jane over to her table. "Please, come sit with me." She says, neatly clearing off the table a bit. "You must be freezing, or at least very wet! Good idea to cover the guitar though, that'd be terrible if it got wet at all, huh?"

"Beyond terrible," Jane replies in agreement, as her tall cup is set on the counter. The barista gets her attention, she thanks the person and takes it, then heads over to the teen. "I thought about leaving it behind, but it's comforting to have. Sometimes I feel almost naked without it." Her eyes close for a moment, the woman pausing in her steps to close her eyes and inhale the aroma of fresh coffee briefly.

Hailien takes a sip from her own hot chocolate, even as she settles into her seat, once again curling up to get comfortable. "I think I know what you mean." She admits. "But I don't know what I'm missing. There's something missing. I don't know what, but something's missing, and it's not right. Not right at all."

Her steps resume as the teen speaks, and moments later Jane's settling into an open seat. She sets the guitar and backpack on the floor next to her, the guitar's neck resting against the table's edge, and the tall cup goes on the table itself right in front of the woman as she pulls off wintry gloves. "Missing in what way?" she asks the girl, curiosity and a touch of concern coming to her features.

Hailien shrugs a bit. "I don't know. Emotionally, spiritually, physically…… I don't know. It's like I'm missing my soul mate or something, because there's nothing there, and yet when I talk to myself, it seems like someone or something is listening, and it's not God."

Her gaze goes a bit distant, focusing on something across the room, she perhaps remembering recent events, as Jane replies "Is it like you don't quite know who you are, you find yourself suddenly scared of and excited by the future ahead of you?" Her words are followed by a few silent seconds before she trains eyes on the girl again. "You feel you should have a passion for something, and it isn't there?"

Hailien nods. "Exactly." She says, staring into her getting-cold hot chocolate. "It's not there, and it's weird, and I've had it my whole life." She sighs, sadly, then winces, touching her neck where there's two small bruises. "Ouch."

Her eyebrows raise at the spot of those marks. A moment is taken to study them, then the girl's face. "When did that happen?" Jane's mind seems to be at work, processing what the girl told her in part, the other part focused on the bruises. "What was your passion for?" she asks.

Hailien rubs the bruises carefully, even as the girl shakes her head, eyes troubled. "I don't know.. I don't remember… I know I got them yesterday, but I don't know how, or where, or when they happened. They hurt, though!" Then she shakes her head. "To help, and read, and to learn, mostly."

Jane's own eyes cloud over, one might easily guess something heavy's been on her mind lately too, as she listens to Hailien speak and looks over the marks again briefly. "That they hurt seems strange, hickeys don't usually do that. You might want to have your parents get a doctor to look at them. But, then… that's part of the problem, isn't it?" she asks softly. "All their questions, things you can't or don't want to answer, and parents can be so persistent." Something in the woman's voice suggests she's veryvery familiar with insistent parents. "And now you just… don't feel like anything you had passion for?"

Hailien shakes her head. "I don't have a boyfriend." She remarks softly, wincing a bit more at the press of her fingers to the two bruises. "… Yeah." She watches Jane, intently for a moment. "Not that I ever really had a passion for anything." She laughs softly, thne sharply.

"Sixteen can be a hard age. I was conflicted then, so torn. I just wanted to play music, but the parents insisted I do hardcore academics, so I found a way to do both," Jane remarks. "Oddly enough, they themselves put the music bug in me. All those piano lessons and the dance classes as a kid, so I could be the proper well rounded society belle. And here I am, years later, an Ivy League lawyer who also plays solid axe." Fingers take up the coffee cup, she sips from it slowly.

Hailien shakes her head, again. "Fifteen." She remarks, softly. "Fifteen; I'm younger than most think." She watches Jane carefully, before she drops her head, a silent, singular tear running down one cheek. "I'm just an ordinary girl, with an extraordinary talent, someone out to get me, and parents that aren't around."

Something in that statement got her attention, not that Hailien didn't already have it, but now it's even more so. Hard to tell which, however. The ordinary girl part, the talent bit, neglectful parents, or someone out to get her. Maybe all of them at the same time. It's only Jane's words, spoken quietly after some moments of studying the girl's face, that shed light on that subject as wheels clearly are turning behind her eyes. "What's your talent?"

Wiping the tear away with a furiously moving hand, Hailien hesitates. It seems that every time she shows her talent, she ends up in trouble; to Paige, she got bagged and tagged by the company, but oh well, they have her, so… she rests her hand on the table, and closing her eyes, she phases, letting the hand move slowly through the wood, until it appears under the table; she does that a few more times just to show it. "See?" she whispers quietly.

Jane's eyes widen at the sight of that, she blinks a few times to clear them, and watches the girl's face intently. Her words take some moments to form, when they're spoken the voice is hushed, volume meant for only Hailien to hear. "Thank you for trusting me. Trust is rewarded with trust." Tentatively she reaches out with a hand, intending to take one of the girl's and guide it to her throat. "I can't show you, at least not here, without drawing too much attention, but… I can let you feel."

Hailien smiles wryly, eyes half-closed as she stops the movement, and then she reaches out, tenatively, eyes flashing all the way closed, to block out the senses, to feel; she's quiet, for now, though.

It starts with a single note, high in pitch, and perfectly audible to the ears. Then another one is sounded, an octave higher. Jane's lips move a third time and hold that position as if she were singing another solitary note and drawing it out, but no sound seems to emerge. Just the same, however, her throat still vibrates. It can be easily felt through the touch.

Her breathing catches, and Hailien opesn her eyes, eyes flashing in surprise and startlement. "You too…" She wihspers, softly, withdrawing the touch. "When'd you learn you could do that?"

"It was the same night you first saw me, in Times Square. Scared me crapless," Jane confides with a quiet chuckle. "Still does, y'know? I was playing, right at that same spot, then my ears began to really hurt. There was this humming noise, so piercingly loud. The person I was talking to couldn't hear it, though. She didn't hear me when I screamed from the pain either, but the streetlamp I was facing at the time shattered."

Hailien shakes her head. "Holy /hell/ lady!" Hailien is a bit astonished, but her voice is still hushed. "That's freaking… awesome, I mean, except weird. I've known about mine since I was eight, when I walked in on my parents, uh…"

Jane chuckles at the girl's halting, her head nods once. "You walked in on a reenactment of your conception and wished you could melt into the floor, vanish into a wall, and you did just that? I feel for you, never had to deal with an image like that stuck in my head. But I do know how scared you must've been, how freaked. I'm still feeling it. All the questions in my mind, y'know? Was I the only one? Is there some agency out there to grab me and make me spend my life in a lab being poked and prodded? How far does it go? What can I do with it?" Her face shows a tide of emotions, as if recalling each of them freshly while talking about it all. "It's the weirdest mix of scared and excited."

Hailien grins, a bit. "Oh, yeah, pretty much." She blushes then, a tinge escaping onto her cheeks. "I try to remember that- not!" She explains, before she listens to Jane. "Yeah, it is- yours is not a power I'm familiar with, however."

"You've probably tested yourself every way you can imagine between then and now, haven't you?" the guitarist quietly asks. "Just like I'm starting to do." And something dawns on her, she doesn't know what to call the girl she just placed so much trust in. A pen and a slip of paper are taken from a pocket, she writes her name (Jane Forrest, J. D.) down on it along with a phone number, one with a Connecticut area code, and slides it across. "I won't ask for yours, you'll share or not of your own accord. I won't ask you to identify or tell me about anyone else like us, and I won't tell you about anyone other than me. I trust you to keep my secret, I won't give up yours."

Hailien chuckles. "I have, my parents have…" She shrugs, idly, then does the same, in big loopy, handwriting: Hailien Hunter, with a cell phone number and her house number. "I'll share; I think there are others out there too. We've got to stay together…"

"You said someone's after you, Hailien?" The voice is subdued, she's looking over the information just received before slipping it into a pocket. There's concern showing on Jane's features as she looks back up and takes another sip from her coffee.

Hailien shakes her head. "I'm not sure, Jane." She says, very quietly, finishing her hot chocolate as it comes to the bottom of the cup. "Just… watch out. If you meet a woman named Paige, beware… the last thing I remember before I got the bruises was talking to her…."

That one draws a slow nod. "Can you describe her, so I'll know if we cross paths? I'm careful. I really don't want to be someone's lab rat or get flashed around the tabloids as some sort of freak. People… people get scared by what they don't understand. And sudden changes, those go over like lead balloons. Just imagine if scores of extraordinary talented people started outing themselves." Jane shudders a bit, and forces her mind elsewhere. "The only thing I want attention for is my guitar. But… if someone were getting taken advantage of, and I could stop it, I might. It'd bug my conscience not to, I think. Have you felt like that?"

Hailien nods. "Oh, yeah." She remarks, explaining Paige as best as she can for Jane. "Oh no!" She suddenly cries out, glancing at the time on her cellphone. "I've got to go, I'm so sorry…" The girl panics as she tries to stuff everything in her backpack and leave.

"It's okay, Hail," Jane answers with a quick nod. "You going to be safe getting home? I'm sorry if I made you forget the time." She adds a playful chuckle. "That's got to be the fun part of your thing. Walk unseen right into your room, act like you were there the entire time. Take care."

Hailien nods. "It is a small bonus." She remarks, winking playfully before heading for the door with a wave, her steps quick, for all she can play the time difference off.

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