2009-11-26: Unwelcome Guests at Dinner




Date: November 26, 2009


An Unwelcome guest drops by the Bennet home.

"Unwelcome Guests at Dinner"

Bennet House

"Of course, Sandra… I can do that. Just because I can't cook doesn't mean that… Come on now, we all know that the chicken incident is not my fault. I followed the instructions to the… Fine, I'll get your daughter."

Sighing, the man known as Mr. Bennet moves through the Bennet household. It's been months since he or his daughter has walked through these halls, but Sandra wanted Claire to be here and in order to keep Bennet Spirits up, the ex-Company Man agreed to do it. He's been able to evade the government this long… But for some reason, Bennet is either lowering his guard or just letting the female side of his family cloud his judgment just enough to have this family holiday occur 'as it should'.

Moving toward the living room, Noah looks around for his daughter. "Claire? Claire? Your mother's on the phone!" he calls as he continues to walk around the house, hoping that she didn't do anything foolish like sneak out to talk to Zach or something.

As it should? No he should know everything in the Bennett household can /never/ unfold exactly 'as it should' even on a holiday.

A few streets over from the house a black sedan sits in front of a house. Can't have it on the same street, that would be so obvious that Noah might not ever come home. However, parked in front of a house on Thanksgiving? Now that's something he can't find much fault in… especially if it's not in sight of his home.

If he knew the men sitting in the car? He would definitely be moving, all of them would be moving. Out to somewhere else safe. However, he doesn't know them. Not yet at least.

One man raises his head towards his companions. "…confirmed? They are there without the wife?"

"Confirmed sir."

"Alright," The shaven headed man pops open the car door and steps out of the car. "Eyes on the house. If I'm not back in ten then you come in hard and fast." His voice is without remorse as he closes the door and turns to just start walking quickly towards the Benett household.

Pounding her way down the front stairs from the room that is far more familiar than the hotels and short-term lease apartments that have been her and her father's Place of Residence lately, the blonde girl summoned makes her way towards the sound of her father as his voice resounds through the family's New York homestead. At her heels, the bright golden ball of fluff that is fondly known as Mr. Muggles chastises her all the way for the racket with a barrage of yipping.

Claire's brighter and cheerier than she's been in weeks to be certain, and she promptly hops to a halt just in front of him with her hand extended expectantly for the phone, flashing him a brilliant smile as she sways in her denim jeans and wide-striped boat-necked navy and white shirt.

She waits until the inevitable hand-off before she starts chatting away to her mother. "Hey, Mom! …Sure thing! Not a problem. You did get one with a poppy thingy, right? …How much longer 'til you and Lyle are back? …Okay." There's a goofy smile that erupts on her lips as Claire rolls her eyes, making her look more like she's 13 than the college-yeared thing she is. "Love you, too." And then the phone gets jutted back out in the direction of her father. "Mom wants to talk to you again."

That's about when a knock sounds on the door, when Noah is being offered the phone.

The knock comes right as Noah reaches for the phone. He pulls his hand back. "Listen, Claire, just keep Mom on the line…" Noah begins as he moves through the hallway and toward the door. "I'll be right back after I tell these men that I'm not interested in the second book of Jesus."

Moving toward the door, Noah opens it with a large smile… Which swiftly goes away as soon as it opens. "Figures a man like you wouldn't go on holiday," Noah offers with a flat tone, moving to try and get outside of the door and firmly close it behind him. His special bundle of joy does not need to be involved with this if HE can help it.

"Evening Bennet," The dry voice of Emile Danko is quiet, but the smirk on his face says volumes. "You really didn't think you could get away with a normal holiday could you?" He adds as he looks up slightly towards the taller agent. A raised eyebrow at the sudden shutting of the door. "Oh, not going to introduce me to whats her name… Claire, isn't it?" He asks with a quirk of an eyebrow towards Noah. "Seems a shame." A pause. "…you know why I'm here?"

Claire takes the phone and is about to start talking to Sandra when she hears the door close. That draws a very curious glance from the blonde as the pomeranian is now yapping at the front door.

King Muggles is not amused, bitches.

Claire tries her best to talk over him for a few long moments, but eventually she curses mildly and softly and then apologizes to her mother. And then there's sharp hissing and snapping and Claire's whispered admonishments. Because you never want the evangelists to know you're just inside the door. They always want to talk for foreeeeeever. "Mr. Muggles! Mr. Muggles. Shh!"

"I heard some rumors you were assigned to a new hush-hush project… And I know which one if you're here to talk to me." There is the barking at the door, Noah turning around and frowning. No one ever likes trouble on their doorstep… The Family Man is no exception.

"There are a couple of reasons that comes to mind. From what I can gather, though…" Noah turns around, giving a small smile as he tucks his hands into his pockets. The fact that his thumbs are still outside and hitched on his belt let Danko know he isn't reaching for a gun. "I think you'd be best asking for my help and leaving it at that."

"You always were a smart one Bennet," Danko replies with look on his face thats somewhere between a smirk and a sneer. "Yes, though, that's right. I'm here to ask you nicely to work with me on this. Better pay, better benefits, terrible hours. You know the deal. Of course this time I'm here to offer a bit of an incentive…a…family health plan if you want to look at it like that. Wouldn't want that little girl of yours to get sick would you?"

"Mom, he said he was gonna be right back, I promise. No, he— Mom. Mom, it's… Okay! Okay." With a sigh, Claire makes her way down the hall in her sock-clad feet. On the way, she scoops the now-indignant Mr. Muggles into her arm and settles him — still yapping — in the crook of it. Then, with the phone pinned between her ear and her shoulder, she throws the door open. "Dad, Mom says she needs to talk to you righ—," the blonde stops short as she sees the unexpected form of Danko on the family doorstep. He doesn't really look like most of the guys that the Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses or Baptists (or anyone who cares anything about their PR, really) typically send door-to-door. Her blue eyes fix on him briefly, and then her attention hesitantly moves to her father although its clear from her voice that she remains distracted and mentally off-balance. "Uh. Right now. She said she needed to talk to you right now. She's driving and doesn't wanna stay on the cellphone."

Mr. Bennet is about to tell Danko something when he finds that the young woman has made her appearance. There is a brief look of concern as his eyes flash from Danko to Claire and back again. He doesn't say anything to Danko for the time being, merely speaking to his daughter. "Claire? Please tell her that I'll call her back." Using one hand, he tries to usher her in and close the door again.

Danko doesn't look anything like any church goer…he looks much more like one of her father's old friends. From when he was working…he almost screams military or something to that effect. He smiles though as he just steps to the side of Bennet for a moment and looks towards Claire. "Evening," He greets the blonde young woman with nice and pleasant smile on his face for a moment. "Sorry to interrupt Thanksgiving. Just need to borrow your father here for a little bit."

Claire tries to paste on a smile, but really it does very little to mask the sudden wariness that has seized control of the rest of her expression. To say that she's distrusting is a gross understatement. And the fact that Mr. Muggles is now snarling in her arms is not helping. Slowly, she pulls the phone back to her lips. "Mom… Dad's gonna have to call you back. …No, no. Everything's fine. Just he got hung up with someone at the door. He'll call right back. See you soon." There's a last glance to Danko, but the blonde Bennet doesn't give him anything more than a simple and non-committal "Hi." Then her attention goes back to Noah as she turns and starts heading inside. "Mom says she and Lyle will be here in twenty minutes. I'm gonna just… go put the turkey in the oven." Then her sapphire gaze shifts back to Danko. Yeah, definitely got the Creepo Vibe going. She takes her time in turning back to retreat back into the house.

"Thank you, honey," Noah replies, waiting until the door is closed before turning his attention back toward Danko.

Just in case Claire is listening by the door, HRG's tone becomes a harsh whisper. "I suggest you save your threats for the people that are actually threatening. You have Evolved threatening to make this all public, increased hostilities from Evolveds… You have ANY idea what could happen if they decided to make this a race war? How many would die?"'

Danko's smile remains on his face just as long as the door remains open. Its an unnatural expression, and one that never touches his hard eyes. Those eyes snap back towards Noah as soon as the door clicks shut and his eyes narrow slightly. "I know exactly what's at stake Bennet. I had to write letters to the men killed by some of those Evolved. That's why I want you to help me bring them under control, you are one of the best and you are…" Here a slight sneer curls up his lips. "…friends with some of them."

"Friends? You referring to the 'one of them, one of us' policy? I don't see anything wrong with that. If the goal is really to keep people safe, you turn away a lot of powerful help when you decide every Evolved's a threat," Noah replies as he takes a few steps forward, moving to pass Danko and move toward the front of the lawn. He looks around as he walks, making sure there are no passing people that shouldn't be listening in.

"Oh is that your policy? With all of the Evolved?" Danko replies as he seems to think a moment and then turns to follow the man in a slow and easy pace. Unhurried and unworried he seems, not bothered in the least by the abruptness of Noah's words. "Evolved are loose cannons. No training, no loyalty." He says shortly towards the taller man. "They all are threats, Bennet, and I'll treat them that way until they prove to me otherwise. This isn't about them, though; this is about you."

"Last I checked, this was about them… Because it's them that brings you to me," Noah replies with a faint smirk.

"What brings me to you is hunting them down. Unless you would just me rather do it all my way." Danko growls back towards the taller man. "So, Bennet, whats the answer? Should I send you a few files to help you get started?" He asks with a smirk.

"We'll TALK about the files, over lunch," Noah states firmly. He slows his wording down, making each word clear and crisp in order to ensure there is NO misunderstand between the two men. "If you want my help, then we'll do this differently. While your men might be used to failure, I'm used to results. We clear on this?"

"The only reason there have been screw ups now," Danko growls as he rounds on Noah. "Is because the man running the operation has no spine and no sense. I've had my hands tied from square one. Fine, Bennet, we'll talk over lunch. Hell, I'll even take your advice on the latest operation."

"Sounds good," Noah answers with a small and surprisingly cheery smile. "I'll be in Washington in a couple of days. In the meantime, get me a list of the Evolved prepared. I need to know locations if any, as well as any recent altercations between them and the strike teams. In the meanwhile, I have a Thanksgiving to enjoy. If you need me, my phone line will be open for calls tomorrow. Thank you." With that said, Noah turns around to make his way back toward the door unless Danko wishes to stop him.

Danko doesn't, he stands and watches as the taller man starts to stroll off. "See you around, Bennet. I'll be in touch." Which of course means don't try to screw him on this, or he'll personally put a hole in the back of Claire's skull. Right in the sweet spot. However, he doesn't say it, Bennet understands how it all works. Instead he simply turns on his heel and starts to stroll back off of the lawn and towards his own car.

With not-so-friendly exchange over, Noah finally makes his way back into the house. After the door closes, Noah peeks through the windows to the left of the door, making sure that Danko gets into a car and leaves. Not that it really provides much relief to Noah, but it's a start. "Claire, did Sandra leave a message for me? I'm ready to help make this is the best Thanksgiving ever…"

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