2007-11-06: Up in Queens...


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Summary: Tyson is handing out fliers and a little boy comes out in time to get one.

Date It Happened: November 7, 2008

Up in Queens one day…


With all the buzz about election day news, Tyson figured it was a good time to go looking for candidates for the Brawler's HQ. He was loving his job, even walking around looking for potentials was fun, he had never been up to Queens but figured why not now… In his ears were headphones connected to his iPod shuffle blasting 'D.A.N.C.E' by Justice as he stuck flyers in the mailboxes of houses he passed.

Cam comes wandering out of Monica's house. He doesn't seem intent on going far, not stepping any farther than the front step, grinning as the cold air hits him. As he spots the approaching flyer-deliverer, he gives a friendly wave despite it being a stranger.

Noting the boy sitting on the porch of the house he was going to leave a flyer at, Tyson nodded with acknowledgement removing the earphones from his ears. "Excuse me, do you live here? Maybe you could tell me if someone who lives here would be interested in something like this…" He explained handing over a flyer advertising the Brawler's Headquarters. Phrases like: Earn money by fighting! Place Bets on you favorite fighters! Eat, drink, and be merry on our dance floor overlooking the rings.

Cam takes the flyer and looks it over, looking a bit skeptical and says, "I don't *think* so. But, I hardly know Monica. She's the one that owns the house, she might wanna go bet or something. I'll bring it in for her."

Tyson nods, "Thanks…" He frowned, wanting to get a lot of members and turning away from the house defeatedly before stopping and turning around again, "Do you know anybody /around/ that might be interested?"

Cam looks back up to Tyson, and considers a moment. "Um… I dunno, maybe. I know lotsa people. What kinda stuff happens there? And do they let kids in? Bet I know a bunch at school who'd wanna go."

To say the least Tyson is surprised, so much so that he was skeptical, "Really? No yanking?" Taking a breath, Tyson tries to summarize all that went down at the BHQ. "Well, it's a legal fight club in the Bronx. You can fight, place bets, go dancing, and get something to eat. A lot of fun, really." Thinking about what else was asked of him he thought hard, "I guess you can go there… I don't think you'd be allowed to fight, though…" He shrugs, not really familiar with that rule.

Tyson shakes his head, "Only if you're costing money. You don't /need/ money go in, but unless you're just going to watch the fights or dance, it's best to have some money." The boy's logic made sense too, "But do you know anybody that would be up for a fight?"

Cam nods quickly to that and says, "Ok." Then, he grins and says, "I'll put up some flyers for you at my school, for…um.. ten bucks?" Then at the last question he says, "Um..I know someone who's pretty tough and could probably fight good, but dunno if he'd wanna fight. Oh, I know a professional wrestler too, but dunno if she'd wanna do normal fights."

Tyson really wasn't surprised that he was talking to a little hustler. "What school do you go to, anyways? If you end up going ot my school and I see those signs put up, I'll be pissed. Besides," He scoffed, smugly shaking his head with a chuckle before coming back to his self, "it isn't just fighting. It's using your best talent to beat your opponent. Overall you've got to stay up and have nerves. A professional wrestler would be interesting though…"

Cam answers the first question, "I go to Brubaker Secondary. It's a big school, and lotsa rich kids." Then he nods a bit to the last and says, "That's Lachlan for sure. I'll give him a flyer for you, for free. And Rochelle too, that's the wrestler."

"Oh… okay. No, I don't go to Brubaker. I'll pay you for that." Shuffling though his stack of flyers he sorted out a good dozen and handed them to the boy, intending to give the boy his money, of course, but having both hand occupied is tricky work. "Good news about meeting you, then… Networking is hella useful."

Cam takes the flyers, grinning again, "Cool. I'll put them up tomorrow." He waits for the money, though, before doing anything else. He nods again though, smiling, "Yep."

"What's your name, anyway?" Tyson says his hand into a back pocket before pulling out, instead of a ten, a twenty, and handed it to the boy. "I'm Tyson."

Cam's eyes widen slightly as he sees the bill he's handed, but he quickly pockets it before Tyson can realize if he made a mistake. He answers, "I'm Cam."

Tyson nods acknowledgingly, before taking a step back as if he were in a hurry, "Well, it's nice to meet you, Cam. I'll, of course, be checking out Brubaker sometime to make sure you've followed through. Not that I expect you not to, you seem like a good kid. That said, I guess I'll see you some other time…"

Cam nods quickly to that and grins, "Nice meeting you too!" He doesn't seem worried at the prospect of Tyson checking if he put up the flyers. He stands up and says, waving with his free hand, "Bye." He then turns to head back inside.

Walking away from the house, Tyson noticed that the kid had either not noticed or had decided not to mention the fact that he had been slipped a large bill that disclosed. Sure, Tyson noticed, but it didn't matter to him, it was only money. Could what he did to get it even be considered work? That said, he was off ready to pass out more fliers and harass more children…

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