2010-03-29: Updates



Date: March 29, 2010


Jamie and Sydney catch up.


Hallis' Apartment — NYC

It's early afternoon at Hallis' place, and Jamie's looking rather bored as she sits watching TV. Hallis is out, so she can have the volume up past a whisper at least, but the only shows on seem to be soaps (which, with the exception of Afterlife, Jamie has no real interest in), and kids shows aimed at preschoolers. So, Jamie mainly ends up flipping the channels repeatedly, searching for *something*.

The door unlocks before the handle moves, announcing the entrance of the therapist of the house (all homes ought to have one). She's dressing more like herself with every passing day, or, at least she's looking like herself, somewhat. She steps into the apartment and issues Jamie a broad grin. "Hey," she says as she glances at the television and winces just a little. "So… what do you think?" she points her newly reblonded hair "Just had it done. I was getting tired of the brunette and it seems like it was time or something. You know?"

Jamie brightens immediately as Sydney comes in, turning off the TV and hopping to her feet. Careful to step around the zebra rug,she makes her way over closer to Sydney. Looking up at her for a moment, the girl seems to consider, then nods with a smile, "Yeah, *lots* better this way."

"Thanks," Sydney grins as she glances at the zebra rug, idly wondering why Hallis owns a zebra rug and then shrugging the thought away. "Practiced yet today? I got some more books from the library on circuses. I'm sorry, I'm running out of ideas on what you both need to learn." She shrugs a little fleetingly. "So… in the meantime you might as well learn what you want and maybe, just maybe, we can do things you feel like doing. I think the government will have won if we let them keep us all cooped up doing nothing… that's not to say we shouldn't be safe, but… what do you want to be doing? If you could do anything right now? I mean, I dyed my hair blonde again because it makes me feel like me…"

Jamie shakes her head quickly, "Not yet today. I went down before lunch and there were too many people down there, I think it was some class for old people or something, I dunno." Then she brightens again as she looks back up to Sydney, "Really? Anything?" She thinks a moment, and then says, "If I could do *anything* right now, I'd go swimming. Just for fun."

"Hmmm. Swimming," Sydney repeats slowly as she contemplates the activity. "I think there's a pool near here, and definitely one at the University. We can check when there's a public swim and get you both swimsuits and go sometime this week." She says firmly although the idea of a jaunt into public does cause a minor twinge of anxiety, it's quickly dismissed. "Alright. So it's agreed. Swimming." She nods firmly at this before lowering her bag of books to the floor. "And I'm still keeping my eyes open for a circus because I promised we'd go to one if and when the opportunity presents." Or had Fred promised that? Her lips curl downwards into a momentary frown that she once again pushes aside, concealing it with a forced smile before redirecting her attention to her books.

"So. How are things going here? I'm sorry I haven't been around as much as I ought, been researching." Kind of. Sydney's been trying to get a handle on her ability by reading meditation books and still pursuing her topics of choice at the University library.

Jamie lets out a cheer and practically jumps forward to wrap Sydney in a quick hug, "Thankyou!" She grins up to Sydney and says, "Haven't been swimming, for fun anyway, in *ages*!" She pauses, a thoughtful look on her face for a moment, "Hope Trent knows how to." Then to the question she shrugs, "It's ok. Except there's so many rules here I can't even remember them all."

Sydney returns the hug with a smile. "Yes, well. If Trent doesn't want to, he doesn't have to. We'll have to do something he wants too," she says thoughtfully with a grin. "We just can't stop living no matter what. Besides, a pool should be pretty safe for you and I know you can make a quick getaway if you need to." She says with a wink. Calculated risks, that's what this needs to be about, right?

"Rules?" now this perplexes her a bit. She hasn't heard about any rules. "Like what, exactly?" her eyebrows furrow in slight concern. "I'm sorry about all of this. I really am. I know that it's not ideal here, but we had to go somewhere and this just seemed… safest, maybe? One of the few places I won't be considered crazy…?" she shrugs a little before running a hand through her blonde hair. And there it is. Regret.

Jamie nods quickly to the first with a smile, but then nods again to the mention of rules. "No walking on the zebra, no tapping the fish tank, like I'd do that anyway. When her door's closed we're not allowed to make any noise, at all. I can't do any practicing here, gotta go downstairs to the gym. There's a bunch of rules for the bathroom that I think're mostly for Trent. All sorts of stuff." She nods quickly and says, "I know. It's just… when I met her, thought she'd be cool, not scream loud enough to be a train whistle when she sees me doing some practicing. I wasn't even doing anything really cool, the stuff that scares most people."

With a cringe at the rules, Sydney nods slightly. "She's a great person. Very smart. But used to having things her way. And it is her apartment. So for now, we respect the rules until I can figure something else out again." And there it is. This is just another temporary solution to the ultimate problem; until this government stuff is resolved, they are all stuck in temporary solutions. "I'll try to find something different sooner than later, I guess." She forces another smile and takes a few deep breaths, trying to fight her mounting anxiety and regret. "I think we did the right thing though. Moving when we did. I think." A pang of guilt pricks at her consciousness, emitting itself to the rest of the room before Sydney shakes her head, fighting it, and failing this time around.

Jamie shakes her head quickly, "No, it's ok! It's not *that* bad, except the whole rule about not making any noise when her door's closed. Wouldn't've been doing most of the rest of the stuff anyway. And it *was* the right thing. Fred knows we're ok, been calling him every few days."

Sydney blinks a few times as her head tilts just a little. This is new information. Her eyebrows furrow some as she takes a few more deep breaths and attempts to be casual. Once again, the attempt fails somewhat. "I…" her brows knit even tighter together "…I didn't know you were… well. I'm… glad(?)…" she pauses to search for a measure of tact, this she manages to find "…he's not worried unnecessarily." She nods at this, "He's good, then? I mean, he must be. Life is probably getting back to normal without all of us around complicating it."

Jamie bites her lip, and then says, "Don't worry, I've been careful. Only call him from payphones, and never said where we were, just that we're ok." Then she shrugs a bit, "I guess… sounded kinda sad to me, really."

"Oh," Sydney says with the makings of a frown that she tries to push passed once again with another deep breath, concentrating on the meditation methods she'd read about. She desperately needs to get back to yoga except, the last time she went to yoga the teacher ended up yelling at Alex and had a rage fit. Right. Sydney's power's doing. That was counterproductive. She manages a very small smile for Jamie, "But I bet he was glad to hear fro you. Is glad to hear from you…"

Jamie smiles again and nods quickly, "Yeah, I *think* so." She shrugs a bit and says, "Sorry for leaving like that, but… kinda had to. He's safe now. Least, safe from us being a problem. Wish he could quit, then he could come with us."

"You don't need to apologize to me. I know what we had to do," Sydney smiles weakly as she picks up her bag of books. "Yes." Beat. "Well, he doesn't want to talk about any of it. And that's his perogative. My point is, I think he feels quitting is out of the question." She shrugs. "I just hope he knows what he's doing." She presses her lips together into a straight line. "And we're doing well, anyways. Not ideal, but well." She takes another deep breath to clear her thoughts, feelings, and notions.

Jamie steps to wrap another hug around Sydney, this time one of reassurance rather than excitement, and she holds it for a time. "Yeah, we're fine. Can deal with some stupid rules. I don't wanna be walking on a rug that used to be a real animal anyway."

And the embrace is appreciated as Sydney can almost feel herself losing her anxiety as stoicism takes hold of her own emotions — erasing them and leaving her a semi-blank slate. "Yes. Walking on the rug doesn't seem ideal anyways," her tone has change substantially. In fact, it's almost empty, void of all expression or emotion, nearly robotic in a way. She releases the girl and nods. "This is the most logical decision. It makes the most sense."

Jamie looks up to Sydney in confusion then, "You ok? You sound weird. Kinda… Spockish." Yes, she's seen Star Trek. (That'd be the new movie, rather than the old show.) then, though, she nods and says, "It does make sense. And we can go back, when everything's over."

"I am fine," comes the neutral response. Not good, not bad, just fine. When there's nothing to feel, in a way it's the simplest response, yet the only response that's possible. Sydney glances at Jamie and then nods. "Everything will end eventually." It's not really optimistic, it's just an observation. "It has to. All things end one way or another." Her face is neutral. Her tone is neutral. Everything is neutral. Which in a way, almost makes the therapist seem lifeless.

Jamie frowns a little more, and steps back a bit from Sydney, "Stop that, it's creepy." Then, suddenly it dawns on her, "Oh! You messed up with your power, didn't you? Think that might be worse than turning into water by accident. Hope it wears out fast."

"Stop what?" is the neutral question posed back to Jamie. Not curious, really. It just wants information, but the questioner tilts her slightl as Jamie steps away — it's the first sign of any emotive response. Sydney, however continues to look entirely different from herself. "I am just thinking clearly," she says in a monotone voice.

Jamie wrinkles her nose a little, and says, "Yeah, but nobody's supposed to think that clearly. You're a person, not a computer." She looks up to Sydney a moment more, and then without any warning whatsoever, a portion of her forehead becomes liquid and shoots out like a squirt gun, attempting to hit Sydney's face. (Her forehead resolidifies after.)

"Logic needs to have its time," Sydney says simply before getting water to the face, effectively snapping her out of her stoic state. "Hey!" she shoots Jamie a look before using her sleeve to wipe her face. "What was that for?" she sighs heavily.

Jamie grins as Sydney snaps out of it, "That's better!" Rocking on the balls of her feet she says, "To make you mad, just for a minute. You were acting all psycho-creepy-Spock-like. That isn't right. Had to snap you out of it."

"What?" Sydney narrows her eyes in moderate confusion. "Huh." It was a moment of clarity, giving her what she needed at that moment. "That's… different." She doesn't remember feeling different, but then, that's because she didn't feel at all. "Thanks. I guess." A little unsure, she hmmms before shaking her head a bit, "Alright. We need to go to a busy mall and get you a swimsuit. Get yourself ready and then we'll head out."

Jamie nods quickly and smiles, "Ok!" She turns to run to the room she's sharing with Trent. She's already dressed, so it won't take long. Just has to get shoes and socks on, mainly, and get her coat.

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