2008-08-09: DF: Value of Human Life pt 1


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Summary: Cyprus begins to make a move. He enlists the assistance of Claudine, and pays her with the promise of five humans for her to rescue. It's the sixth that has everyone worried.

Dark Future Date: August 9th, 2009

The Value of Human Life part 1

New York City

Court Street Station. It's been out of use since 1946, and the world has moved on without it, long time passing. Still, it's on the electric grid, at least, and the few remaining electric lights have been turned on today. Weak yellow light streams down from the ceiling, and standing on the platform, as if waiting for a train that will never arrive, is Cyprus Donovan, dressed in his street clothes. He glances down at his watch once, and looks around.

There's the faint rumbling sound as if a train will come by, but Donovan should know better than that, considering who he's asked to meet here. Soon enough, a tunnel opens from behind him, and he'll be immediately able to sense her presence as she steps out of her little tunnel. "So..whatcha need?" she asks curiously, running her fingers through her hair.

"Ms. Salonga," the aide greets, giving a smile that is polite, but far from kind. "I thought it might be good to check in on your progress, firstly. After all, you have been given a week. I'd like to know what you've uncovered about our little bug problem." There is a briefcase next to him but he hasn't moved to pick it up quite yet.

"No one's willing to talk. Like I said before, I'm not exactly the best insider when it comes to more sensitive issues such as that. I'm ex-Company. Everyone who fights your regime hated the Company.." Claudine explains matter of factly as she wrinkles her nose and takes a deep breath, sighing softly in the end.

Nodding slowly, Cyprus sighs slightly. "I had hoped that I would have good news to report to the President, Ms. Salonga," he offers simply. "You understand, of course, that I must bring him some /positive/ results from time to time? Well, then…" With that, he reaches down, and opens his briefcase. He pulls out a small folder, and holds it out to Claudine. "I believe this might be something closer to your field of expertise."

"My contacts say they dont know who did it. I honestly think they're lying, but as my expertise isnt in mental intrusion, as is Rockford Johanssen's, I cant give you much unless I use a different means of intelligence gathering.." she's obviously alluding to torture, but will she actually do a thing? Not bloody likely. At the file though, she hrmms and takes it, flipping through the pages, hrmming as she reads. "Positive results from time to time? Just kill Kate Petrelli. She's annoying. Surely it'll bring joy to Nathan."

Lifting a brow slowly, Cyprus comments "Not without good reason, Ms. Salonga. Never without good reason." Well, isn't that creepy. There's an itinerary, and a roadmap in there. And a great deal of details, and several photographs. Most are of a truck, but one is of a person. "There will be a detainee transport from a New Jersey holding facility to one closer to Albany. In there is the itinerary of its stops, its travel plan, and information on its drivers. There will be six unEvolved detainees on the transport. You are to attack it, Ms. Salonga. Free the detainees, and do with them as you see fit… save for the one who's picture is in there. He must escape on foot." It's a young man, who looks more scared than anything else in that picture.

Blink. Blink. This smellsof setup, especially since a government agent is the one giving it to her. "You think I'm stupid enough to take down a government transport with information given from you?" Claudine starts laughing heartily as she shakes her head and wrinkles her nose a bit. "And then, for some reason have one person escape on foot? I'm sure the agents on the transport will just let him get away. What's the catch, Mr. Donovan? Who are you trying to setup? What are you trying to accomplish?"

"Those are not matters you should concern yourself with, Ms. Salonga," says Cyprus evenly. "As for the two guards, they have been selling information to terrorists, independently. They've also been known to take their pleasure from detainees from time to time as well. They are, in a word, expendable." He picks up his briefcase and shrugs. "It serves the interests of the government that this one person is freed. I'm willing to pay you with the lives of the other five. And if you were the person we were trying to capture, Ms. Salonga… do you really think I would have come here alone?"

"I would've sensed more people and not have come.." Claudine replies matter of factly hrmming for a few moments as she flips through the pages once more, not quite sure what to do. "The two guards with no moral backbone, are they human or evolved?" she asks.

"Both are Evolved," Cyprus replies easily. "One is capable of very short teleports, blinking more than anything. The other is an electrokinetic. I believe he has taken to enjoying the act of low ampage control." And he smiles. "Five human lives in exchange for helping us, Ms. Salonga. All you have to do is let the sixth run away in the confusion. Do we have a deal?"

An electrokinetic. Do they know about Orion's weaknesses? Well, he's metal so it's kind of obvious in a way, and she hrmms. "We have a deal. Shall I trust that you men wont try to recapture the sixth or do I need to smuggle him out as well?" She knows it's a setup, but five lives would be worth it in the end.

Cyprus shakes his head. "There will be no need for you to smuggle him out, but the greater the distraction you create, the better," he says. "The guards are as unaware as to what will be happening as the detainees. You have all the information you need to make the attack. I trust that you will be ready when the time comes?"

"I'll be ready. I wont necessarily kill your agents, even if they are dispensable. At least, I wont come with that intention.." Claudine says matter of factly, as she has been known to avoid killing if at all possible. "I do not want more blood on my hands."

"It matters little to me," says Cyprus openly. And that is how the government views such people, apparently. Expendable assets. He nods to Claudine, and smiles. "Have a good day, Ms. Salonga. And… good luck." With that, he turns towards the stairs leading to the street, and begins to walk that way.

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