Van Dallas

"I got into this business so I wouldn't have to work."

Casting: Ian Somerhalder
Date of Birth: ♈ April 15, 1985
Age: 26
Place of Birth: Boone, Iowa
Occupation: Rising Star, Celebrity Spokesperson
Ability: Technological Deficit Induction
Power Grade:
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
Theme Song: "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd
Inspiration: Vincent Chase, Entourage & Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries Mash Up
Hooks:NOW Network ✔ Entertainment ✔ Nightlife ✔ Streets ✔ Club Scene ✔ Random Acts of Famous People ✔ Margarita Mondays ✔ Girls, Girls, Girls
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Van Dallas is one of the most recognizable faces on television today. Most notably known for his role on the hit supernatural drama series Nightlife, as bad boy vampire Blaine Carmichael, Van is also one of the key celebrity spokespersons for the "Get Tested" campaign. His rising fame causes tremendous struggles between his new celebrity status and his normal life, as he fights to balance both of them equally.

E! True Hollywood Story

Vanderbilt Dalton Kent hails all the way from Iowa. He grew up on a farm there, under the watchful eye of both of his parents and alongside his younger sister. It was a life that could be considered very rural, in that Vanderbilt was always doing some kind of chores or work around the farm…. whenever he couldn't find a way to weasel out of it. His parents made sure that he learned the value of a hard day's work, whether it was through working the land or doing his schoolwork enough to maintain his C average.

Graduating from high school had Vanderbilt sticking close to home and working on the farm with his father. It wasn't until his best friend introduced him to an opportunity to get the hell out of Iowa and do something he wanted to with his own life. it was a bit of a long shot, but through the combined effort of luck, skill and fate Vanderbilt was given a role on MTV's The Real World. While the show was based in reality, it was still designed for Entertainment and the producers took the liberty of turning Vanderbilt Dalton Kent the farm boy with potential into Van Dallas, the leaning man and heartthrob.

Since his success on The Real World, Van Dallas has dove into the Hollywood lifestyle and gotten a rising star status within a year. Immediately typecast as the 'sexy leading man' due to his issues on the Real World, Van fell under the guidance of one of the industry's most sharky agents. A series of guest roles on hit shows and talk show appearances kept Van in the public eye long enough to garner a fan following and allowed his agent to push for him to star in a new supernatural drama series coming to television: Nightlife.


Scoring one of the leading roles on Nightlife gave Van Dallas a nice paycheck, which he immediately squandered on clothes and materialistic things. His purchasing of a car was also his money, though, the mega apartment in Studio City was worked into his Nightlife contract, thanks to the epic negotiations of his agent. It seemed like Van's life was headed in the right direction, which was up to the top. Van, himself, never looked back. Which is why he didn't see this next blow headed in his direction.

While filming the Series Premiere of Nightlife, bad things started happening to some of the cast and crew. There were never any casualties, but people seemed to be vastly more clumsy than before. Everywhere Van went, things seemed to happen. It was almost as if the set of Nightlife was haunted. The press caught on to all of this nonsense and even started pushing this haunted thing in the press, claiming the Nightlife project to be cursed.

Van's agent shopped Van around overtime, just in case the set was Haunted or something. Van immediately fell in with a group of celebrities that were being asked to lead the Get Tested campaign. Van, of course, wanting to keep in line with being one of the more "real" people in Hollywood, actually went the extra mile and got himself tested. The tests came back Negative. Van got himself tested again and again, each time they came back negative or inconclusive. Finally, though, during the filming of his final test… Van Dallas stepped out of the room with the following results: Ability Positive.

With that test under his belt and viewed live by everyone watching, Van dove headfirst into the life of being A-Positive. They wanted to go deeper. They wanted more PSAs. They wanted to know exactly what Van Dallas was capable of and so did Van. He signed up for more testing and more events to speak at, clearly wanting to promote the Get Tested campaign and urge everyone to do something positive with their time and their lives. Van, himself, was to undergo even more testing… which would, of course, also be filmed.

Much like his first round of testing, Van had a hard time getting an actual lock down on what his ability was. The first time they came back and said it was Inconclusive. The second time they said he had Telekinesis. The third and fourth times both said he could affect the wind. It wasn't until the sixth test did the doctors come back with something they thought had to be it: Technological Deficit Induction. That's why he was so hard to test. He kept affecting the equipment! Van found out about his ability on live television and he found out his ability in time for the Series Premiere of Nightlife to hit the airwaves. Highest Rated Series Premiere Ever.

Van's registration was also a nationwide event, covered by local press and other entertainment shows, due to the fact that it all happened during the first week of Nightlife being on the air. Since then, he's been riding his growing waves of stardom and basking in the glow of materialism and Hollywood.

Behind The Scenes


Van Dallas is a hard working individual when he wants to be. He's got the morals and hard work ethic of his father, whom he worked on the farm for from a young age. Thus, he knows how to get things done when he actually feels up to making sure they get done. Otherwise, though, he's pretty much a slacker that relies on his charm, good looks and natural acting talents to get him through life. He will try every trick up his sleeve to get the upper hand to not have to actually do some functional work before just -doing the work- in the first place. Van is a firm believer in Play Hard, Play Harder, Work If You Have To.

In terms of being Ability Positive, though, Van embraces everything that his gift is. He doesn't feel awkward about being Evolved in the least and he will often just admit to anyone that asks that he is A-Positive and proud of it. While he may not believe in all of the different angles of being Pro-Registration or Pro-Ability… he believes that his own gift was given to him for a purpose and he will use it for everything from trivial matters to showing off to actually helping or harming others. His ability is an extension of himself and he will not hesitate to use it to get the upper hand in any situation that calls for it.

Van lives the lifestyle that probably any farm boy turned rising star would be living. He's very flashy and showboaty, spending his money frivolously and just throwing it around as if there's no tomorrow or that there's no way he won't ever be making some more. To Van, money really does grow on trees. He embraces everything that the Hollywood lifestyle throws his way. Sex, drugs, rock, roll… it call comes with being a star and he doesn't want to miss out on any of it. He strives to make sure that he's at every awards show he can be at. Every premiere, every guest starring role… it all gives him the spotlight that he craves so much. He even opens his arms up wide for the paparazzi and the press, welcoming them into his life. Most of the time, anyway.

Van clings to his heartthrob status, using it to just be playful and aloof with women and relationships, rather than actually becoming some dangerous and well known womanizer. He's completely honest and up front about his needs and his inability to fully settled down or anything along those lines. He's not a player, he just dates a lot. A lot of people wonder if there's anything deeper to Van than what he displays on the surface and that's something that even he doesn't really know. All that matters is that life is too short to not grab it by the horns and ride it.

Especially These Horns…


Industrial Light & Magic

Registration Date: September 17, 2010

Registered Ability: Technological Deficit Induction

Registered Ability Parameters: Technological Deficit Induction, or TDI, is the ability create a break down or malfunction in any kind of machine or technological device. It is unknown how the exact process works, but TDI affects the inner workings of machinery and technological devices, shorting them out or creating malfunctions within more advanced equipment. The results of these imposed hinderances can either render the subject useless, stopping it from working completely or just cause the subject to function differently. Those with TDI have no control over how they affect anything, they just do.


As a working actor, Van Dallas is always featured in something or other. He's a rising star and he will not stop until he is known as one of the hardest working men in Hollywood. Even if it turns out to be a big lie.

Heroes: Los Angeles

  • Van Dallas stars as Himself in these crazy adventures that follow his personal life.


  • Van Dallas takes it upon himself to endorse a number of very excellent products.


Cast List

The World According to Van Dallas


"Take A Number…"

$#!^ That Van Says…

"Besides, don't you know cleavage is like the best conversation opener in the history of conversation openers that don't involve cleavage?" - That Time Of The Month

"Listen. Everybody is what they is. Be yourself. Don't do drugs without experienced supervision and most importantly, don't drink and drive. Pick one." - That Time Of The Month

"Shhhh. Don't even tell me your name. We can blow this popsicle stand, skip the drinks and get right to the getting to know each other… biblically. - Crack Is Wack



  • Van's character, Blaine Carmichael, has been in a constant war with his immortal enemy Edward Cullen all throughout the Internets. While the actors have nothing against each other, they play up this constant battle for the hilarity and the fans.
  • Team Blaine merchandise has been a hot ticket for a year now. Sold exclusively on or
  • Van's Finishing Move: The Smolder
  • Van is obnoxiously materialistic and has been known to blow his money on anything and everything he wants in sight. Or just giving it away for no other reason than he can afford to.
  • Van Dallas happens to be very close friends with Justin Bieber. Seriously. Look.


  • Maino (featuring Swizz Beats), "A Million Bucks"
  • Studio B, "I See Girls"
  • Jackie Moon, "Love Me Sexy"
  • Madam Adam, "Sex Ain't Love"
  • Shinedown, "Junkies For Fame"
  • Hinder, "All American Nightmare"
  • Jamie Foxx (featuring Justin Timberlake & T.I.), "Winner"
  • Atom Smash, "Do Her Wrong"
  • Enrique Iglesias, "Tonight"
  • Saving Abel, "Addicted"
  • Maroon 5, "Moves Like Jagger"
  • Kevin Rudolf (featuring Lil Wayne), "Let It Rock"
  • Divide The Day, "One Night Stand"
  • Black Stone Cherry, "Blame It On The Boom Boom"
  • Burn Halo, "Dirty Little Girl"
  • Bad Meets Evil, "Fast Lane"
  • OutKast, "So Fresh, So Clean"
  • My Darkest Days, "Move Your Body"
  • Kevin McHale (Glee), "P.Y.T."
  • Breathe Carolina, "Blackout"

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